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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 13320    
Germany RP Photo Postcard LINDERHOF CASTLE Mirror Room

Real Photograph PPC,Koenigsschloss Linderhof. Royal Castle Linderhof. Published by Alpiner Kunstverlag Hans Huber, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Item 13319    
Austria RP Postcard VIENNA CASTLE Schloss Schoenbrunn

Real Photo PPC, Flowers, Wien, Schloss Schoenbrunn.

Item 13317    
Germany Real Photo Postcard ROTTACH-EGERN Lake & Church

RP PPC, Mountains, Rottach-Egern mit Wallberg. Rottach-Egern (früher Rottach) ist eine kreisangehörige Gemeinde in Bayern mit 5.174 Einwohnern im Landkreis Miesbach im Tegernseer Tal.
Published by Kunstverlag Bayernland Hans Geissler OHG, Rottach am Tegernsee.

Item 13314    
Austria 1958 Postcard IGLS-PATSCHERKOFEL Aerial Tramway

Real Photo Multiview PPC, Aerial Tramway, Snowy Mountains, Igls-Patscherkofel. Sent from Innsbruck, Austria to Essex, England. 1.45s woman
Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 13306    
Austria Tyrol 1959 RP Postcard ZILLERTAL Bad Hintertux

Real Photo PPC, Mountains, Bad Hintertux 1500 m. Zillertal. Sent from Hintertux Tirol to England. 1.45s woman
Published by Foto Seeboeck.

Item 13304    
Austria Tyrol RP Photo Postcard ZILLERTAL Bad Hintertux

Real Photo PPC, Bad Hintertux 1500 m. Zillertal. Published by Foto Seeboeck.

Item 13302    
Austria Photo Postcard Adolf Pichlerhuette Riepenwand

Real Photograph PPC, Mountains. Glacier, Mountain Road. Published by Much Heiss Nachf. Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 13294    
Austria Postcard Alpengasthaus Frohneben mit Kalkkoegel

Real Photo PPC, Mountains, Alpengasthaus Frohneben mit Kalkkoegel. Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 13251    

Real Photo PPC, Dancing. innsbruck Published by Foto-Hofer, Innsbruck.

Item 13249    
Germany 1958 RP PPC Camping at LAKE WALCHENSEE Jochberg

Coloured Real Photo Picture Postcard used in Austria, Mountains, Walchensee gegen Jochberg - Camping am Walchensee. Sent from Innsbruck to England. 1.50s Woman dressing in front of mirror
Der Walchensee ist einer der tiefsten und zugleich mit 16,4 km² auch einer der größten Alpenseen Deutschlands . Er liegt 75 km südlich von München inmitten der Bayerischen Alpen.
Published by Hans Huber

Item 13244    
Germany Early Real Photo Postcard BAD HARZBURG Panorama

Bad Harzburg. O.A.S. On Active Service. Bad Harzburg ist eine Stadt im Landkreis Goslar im Süden Niedersachsens (Deutschland), am Nordrand des Harzes. Die Stadt ist auch als Soleheilbad und Heilklimatischer Kurort bekannt.
Published by Ernst Stopp, Hannover.

Item 13243    
Austria 1958 RP Postcard Pension See B. Solden I. Tirol

Real Photo PPC, Pension "See" B. Solden I. Tirol 1362 m. Mountains. Sent from OETZ to England. 1.45s Woman
Published by Much Heiss Nachf. Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 13237    
Germany Old R.P. Postcard HOTEL, Winterberg Dewdrop Inn

Real Photograsph PPC, Dinning Room, Restaurant, Winterberg, Dewdrop Inn. (Hotel). Published by Agfa Win 0420

Item 13236    
Austria Photo Postcard VIENNA CASTLE Schloss Belvedere

Real Photo PPC, Wien, Schloss Belvedere.

Item 13206    
South Africa Old Real Photograph Postcard A.C. Trandmar

Old RP Picture Postcard. Mountains, Coast. Published by A. C. Trandmar

Item 13092    
Austria Early Cosy Real Photo Postcard LAKE & CHURCH

Old RP PPC. Published by Cosy Verlag.

Item 13085    
Switzerland Colour Postcard GRINDELWALD Lake Mountains

Multiview Coloured PPC, Grindelwald. Mountains, lake. Published by A. Boss & Co., Schoenbuehl bei Bern.

Item 13076    
Switzerland Photo Postcard ISELTWALD Lake Brienzersee

Early Multiview PPC, Iseltwald am Brienzersee. Iseltwald is a small municipality in the district of Interlaken in the Canton of Berne, Switzerland with approximately 400 inhabitants.
Published by Verlag: H. Steinhauer, Interlaken

Item 13047    
Somerset Old Frith's Colour Postcard CHEDDAR Pinnacles

Early Coloured Tinted PPC, Cheddar. The Pinnacles. Cheddar is a village in Somerset, England, situated on the edge of the Mendip Hills nine miles north west of Wells.
Published by Frith's Series.

Item 13029    
IFFLEY CHURCH Norman Door - South Old Frith's Postcard

Oxfordshire Iffley Church, Norman Door, South Side. Iffley is a small village within the boundaries of the city of Oxford, located between the estates of Rose Hill, Cowley, and Donnington, and in close proximity to the River Thames (Isis). Its most notable feature is its Norman church, St. Mary the Virgin, which is home to the modern stained glass "Nativity Window" designed by John Piper.
Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd. Reigate

Item 13012    
Wiltshire Old Frith Postcard SALISBURY St Thomas Church

Early Frith's PPC, Salisbury, St. Thomas Church. Stained Glass Window. Published by F. Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate.

Item 12982    
Jersey L.L. 229 Old Postcard Women Ladies at Vinchelez Lane Street Scene Gate

Channel Islands Early Black and White Picture post card. L.L. No. 229. Published by Louis Levy, Printed in France

Item 12980    
Devon Old Frith's Postcard AXMOUTH Panorama show Church

Vintage Picture Postcard, Axmouth. General View, Panorama showing church & houses. Published by F. Frith & Co., Ltd. Reigate.

Item 12934    
Children Old Clifton Postcard LITTLE GIRL IN RED DRESS

Early PPC. Published by A Clifton Bromogravure Postcard, E. W. Savory Ltd. Bristol England

Item 12922    
PVB Artist Signed Old Comic Postcard SMOKING Very Loud!

Fortissimo (ff.) - Very Loud! P.V.B. Musical Terms up to date. MAN IN SUIT. Published by Henri Moss & Co. London. Printed in Germany.

Item 12918    
Artist Signed Postcard CHIC LADY 1917 Italy Postcard

Old Italian PPC, A fashionable woman. Published by Uff. Rev.Stampa Milano 23-3-17

Item 12906    
Alfred James Newey Old Postcard MOTHER & CHILD BEDTIME

Early Coloured Artist Signed Art Drawn PPC, Bedtime. With signature Alfred James Newey printed on bottom right. Published by Reinthal & Newman Pubs N.Y.

Item 12905    
Children Boy & Crying Baby - Old Postcard Comic Humour

"Atmospherics", PPC, used to make a sound like baby crys when pressed it in the centre, but not working anymore, it only blows out air. Artist Signed Drawing by Madge Williams.

Item 12871    
WW1 Old Photo Postcard Weeping woman & Leaving soldier

Neath the Hawthorns (1). At the cottage door they linger'd long as the sun was sinking low. She as fair a maid, he as brave a youth, as any land did know. He was going far o'er the distant hills to win wealth and fame or a grave. So to cheer his love some sweet words he spoke, as the parting kiss he gave. Sent from Dundee. GB 1/2d KE7
Published by rotary Photographic Series

Item 12860    
England Wales 1957 Old Frith PPC RIVER WYE Double View

Early Frith's Picture Postcard, River Wye, Double View. Sent from Malvern to Grimsby, Lincs. QEII 2d
Hereford (Welsh: Henffordd) is an historic city in the west of England, close to the border with Wales and on the River Wye it is the county town of Herefordshire. In 2001, Hereford had a population of 50,154.
Published by F. Frith & Co.

Item 12831    
Devon Old Colour Tinted Postcard DARTMOOR Fingle Bridge

Early Frith's PPC, Fingle Bridge, Dartmoor. Published by F. Frith & Co.

Item 12724    
France Old LL PPC St-Etienne Monument Combatlants 1871

Old French Picture Post card, Saint - Etienne, Monument des Combattants de 1870-1871. L.L. Published by Louis Levy

Item 12720    
Belgium Old Postcard Beloeil Le Chateau Castle Entrance

Vintage Picture Postcard. Beloeil Le Chateau Castle Entrance. Published by Edit. Fl. Dubar & Fils.

Item 12713    
France Old PPC - Monument Freres Joseph Xavier CHAMBERY

Early French PPC. Savoie Tourisme. Monument des Freres Joseph et Xavier de Maistre et entree du Chateau. Castle. Published by L. Blanc, Phot. Edit Montmelian

Item 12700    
Belgium Old Tinted Postcard Tournai Porte Mantile Steps

Early Coloured PPC. Published by Ser. MBP

Item 12699    
France Old Postcard - Bretagne GUIMILIAU Le Baptistere

La Douce France, Finistere, Interieur de l'Eglise, chene sculpte XVIIe siecle. Published by Yvon

Item 12695    
Greetings from Gibraltar Multiview Postcard Aerial View

Mountains. Coast, Fountain. Published by Rock Photographic Studio Gibraltar. Jos Pe Series

Item 12683    
Gibraltar Undivided Back Old Colour Postcard The Rock from La Pedrera

Vintage Old Colour Picture Postcard. The Rock from La Pedrera. Village Scene, Panorama showing houses & Well. Published by V. B. Cumbo Gibraltar

Item 12681    
Gibraltar Undivided Back Old Vintage Postcard Rock from Queen of Spain's Chair

Undivided Back Early Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Gibraltar - Rock from Queen of Spain's Chair. Published by V.B. Cumbo - Gibraltar

Item 12649    
Switzerland Old PPC Tellskapelle Gitachen & Urirotstock

Early Swiss Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Lake, Snowy Mountains. Sent from Switzerland to England. removed
Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 12640    
France Undivided LL Postcard ROUEN L'Eglise Saint-Ouen

Undivided Back Old PPC. Church Cathedral, Portail Lateral. Lateral Gate. L.L. Rouen (population 110,000) is a city situated on the Seine river in Normandy, northern France. Population of the metropolitan area (in French: aire urbaine) at the 1999 census was 518,316.
Published by Louis Levy

Item 12639    
Switzerland Undivided Back Postcard GENEVE Tour De L'le

Early Swiss Picture Post card. Clock Tower. Sent from Reigate to Horsham. KE7 1/2d yellow green

Item 12632    
France 1906 Old Postcard PAU Palais d'Hiver la Terrasse

Pau - Le Palais d'Hiver, la Terrasse. 5c Blanc type
Pau is a city of southwestern France, préfecture (capital) of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département. Population (1999): 78,732.

Item 12622    

Early French Colour Tinted Picture Postcard, Dauphine - Environs de Briancon - La Vallee de Maravoise. Photographer. Mountains. Sent from Grenoble isere to Essex. 10c Red Sower
Dauphiné is a former province in southeastern France, roughly corresponding to the present départements of the Isère, Drôme, and Hautes-Alpes.
Published by Papeterie des Alpes Eug. Robert, Grenoble.

Item 12616    
France 1920 Old Postcard RATHSAMHAUSEN Chateau d'Ottrot

Chateau d'Ottrot. Rathsamhausen. Luetzelbourg. 15c Sower
Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France
Published by Mont Ste Gdile St. Odilienberg 763m Bergeret Marche Neuf Strasbourg

Item 12615    
France 1927 Old Postcard PYRENEES Pau Chateau Henri IV

Les Basses Pyrenees. Pau - Chateau d'Henri IV. Sent from PAU to Dorset, England. removed

Item 12614    
France c1931 Old Postcard MARSEILLE CATHEDRAL - SHIPS

Marseille - La Cathedrale et N.D. de la Garde. Sent to Strasbourg. 40c Woman of the Fachi tribe

Item 12611    
France 1969 Real Photo Postcard Aerial View of House

Garden. Sent to Wales, Great Britain. Published by J. Cellard

Item 12610    
France 1954 Old Postcard CANNES Beach Bathing Children

Cannes - La plage, la Croisette et les grands hotels. Real Photo. Palm Tree Postmark. Pier, Boats. Sent from Cannes to Leeds. 18f Hernani de Victor Hugo
Published by S.E.P.T. 2 rue Alexis Mossa Nice

Item 12606    
France 90c 1935 Old Postcard - DIEPPE Church St-Jacques

Dieppe - L'Eglise St-Jacques. Sent from Dieppe to Sussex, England. 90c mauve - Views - Le Puy en Velay
Dieppe is a town and commune in the Seine-Maritime département of Haute-Normandie (eastern Normandy), France.
Published by ND