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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 19896    
Switzerland 1921 Old Postcard - Xmas - Solitude d'hiver

Early Postcard. Winter Landscape, Heureux Noel, Solitude d'hiver. Mountains. Sent from AIGLE to Scotland. 10c & 5c
Published by Perrochet Matile

Item 19883    
Austria 1954 Old RP Postcard Igls TYROL Church Mountain

Early Real Photo Postcard. Igls in Tirol. Sent from Kurort Gls to London, England. 1.45s
Published by Tirolex / chizzali Innsbruck

Item 19881    

Early Postcard. Unterer Reichenbachfall. Waterfall, Real Photo. Published by Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 19854    
Switzerland Old Postcard - ALETSCH GLACIER Jungfraujoch

Early Postcard. Jungfraujoch, Aletschgletscher. Mountains, Real Photo. Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Alps, covers more than 120 square kilometres (more than 45 square miles) in southern Switzerland. It descends round the south of the Jungfrau into the valley of the Upper Rhône; at its eastern extremity lies a glacier lake, Lake Märjelen (Gr. Märjelensee) (2,350 meters/7,711 feet above sea level). To the west rises Aletschhorn (4,195 meters/13,763 feet), which was first climbed in 1859. The Rhône River flows along the southern flank of the mountains.
Published by Schild-Bichsel, Brienz.

Item 19852    
Switzerland Old Real Photo Postcard MOUNT PILATUS, LAKE

Early Postcard. Pilatus. Mount Pilatus is a mountain near Lucerne, Switzerland. The top can be reached with the world’s steepest cog railway from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions), and the whole year with the aerial tramway from Kriens. It was named after a local legend that Pontius Pilate was buried there.
Published by Wehrli

Item 19849    
Swiss Graubuenden Old RP Postcard GLACIER ROSEGGLETSCH

Switzerland Early Postcard. Weg zum Roseggletscher. Mountain, river, cyclists cycling, Real Photo. Published by Wehrli

Item 19837    
Switzerland Old R.P. Postcard JUNGFRAUJOCH & SWISS FLAG

Early Postcard. Jungfraujoch 3457 m. Real Photo. The Jungfraujoch is a col or saddle between the Mönch and the Jungfrau in the Bernese Alps, on the boundary between the cantons of Bern and Valais. Strictly, the Jungfraujoch is the lowest point on the mountain ridge between Mönch and Jungfrau, at 3 471 m. It is just above this location that the mountain station of the Jungfraubahn is located, which at an elevation of 3454 m is the highest railway station in Europe. The Jungfraujoch is often called the "Top of Europe" in tourist literature.
Published by Schild-Bichsel, Brienz.

Item 19835    
Switzerland Old R.P. Postcard LAKE LUCERNE Buergenstock

Early Postcard. Buergenstock. Blick vom Felsenweg auf Vierwaldstaettersee. Real Photo. Lake Lucerne (German: Vierwaldstättersee, lit. "Lake of the Four Forest Cantons", sometimes Lake Luzern) is a lake in central Switzerland, the fourth-largest in the country.

Item 19819    
France Old Real Photo Postcard - GOURDON Gorges du Loup

Early Postcard. Gourdon (A.-M.) Les Lacets des Gorges du Loup. Mountains winding Road. Published by Mar. 4 Bd de Cimiez Nice

Item 19815    
Switzerland Old RP Multiview Postcard BASEL Harbour etc

Early Real Photo Multiview Postcard. Basel, Kleinhueninger-Rheinhafen, Die 3 Rheinbruecken, Kunstmuseum Brunnen, Muenster, St. Jakob-Denkmal. Bridges. Statue, Fountains. Ships Boats. Published by Wehrli

Item 19806    
Switzerland Old Postcard CHATEAU DE CHILLON Souterrain

Early Real Photo Postcard. Chateau de Chillon, le Souterrain.

Item 19791    
Switzerland 1921 Old Postcard BLUEMLISALP THUN JUNGFRAU

Early Real Photo Postcard. Thun, Jungfrau, Bluemlisalp, Niesen. Church, Lake, Mountains. Published by Wehrli

Item 19784    
Switzerland Old Postcard RUETLI Mountains Lake Cottage

Early Swiss Real Photo Postcard. Ruetli. Published by Wehrli

Item 19775    
Swiss Old RP Postcard Rhonegletscher Belvedere GLACIER

Belvedere mit Rhonegletscher. Early Switzerland Black and White Real Photo Picture Postcard. Published by E. Goetz, Kunstanstalt, Luzern.

Item 19771    
Austria Old Postcard INNSBRUCK Nordkettenbahn Aerial Tramway Mountains

Vintage Postcard. Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahn. Station Seegrube und Bergstation. Glacier. Published by Karl Redlich, Innsbruck

Item 19756    
Swiss Old Coloured Postcard - SPRING IN SWITZERLAND

Early Colour Postcard. Fruehling in der Schweiz, Printemps en Suisse. Published by Wehrli

Item 19736    
Switzerland 1921 Old Colour Postcard Mountain JUNGFRAU

Early Swiss Colour Postcard. Die Jungfrau (4166 m). Snowy Mountains.

Item 19735    
Swiss 1905 Undivided Back Postcard SHEPHERD DOG & SHEEP

Early Undivided Back Coloured Switzerland Picture Postcard. Sheep, Dog, Shepherd. Sent from Ipswich. KE7 1/2d yellow green
Published by Serie 220 6 Dess

Item 19727    
Swiss Old Coloured Postcard BUERGENSTOCK Hammetschwand

Early Switzerland Colour Postcard. Buergenstock, 170 m hoher Lift auf den Hammetschwand 1131 m. Published by Wehrli AG Zuerich.

Item 19724    
Austria QANTAS Airmail PC VIENNA Schonbrunn Castle POOL

Coloured By Air Mail Picture Postcard. Quiet, tree-lined walk and tranquil pool in the grounds of Schonbrunn Castle, Vienna, another port of call on the Qantas world-wide network. / Fly Quantas - There's a world of difference. Published by Printed in Australia

Item 19723    
Switzerland Old Colour Postcard RIGI KAENZELI Cloud Sea

Early Swiss Colour Postcard. Rigi, Kaenzeli. Sea of Clouds. Cachet - Bazar Th. Hofmann Rigi-Kanze.

Item 19720    
Switzerland Old Color Postcard MOUNT PILATUS Meggenhorn

Early Colour Tinted Postcard. Meggenhorn mit Pilatus (2132 m). Statue. Mount Pilatus is a mountain near Lucerne, Switzerland. The top can be reached with the world’s steepest cog railway from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions), and the whole year with the aerial tramway from Kriens. It was named after a local legend that Pontius Pilate was buried there.
Published by Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 19717    
Switzerland Swiss Old Postcard Der Bristenstock 3074m vom Ruetli, Lake Mountains

Vintage Swiss Old colour Postcard. Switzerland Lake, Mountains. Der Bristenstock (3074 m) vom Ruetli aus. Sent to England, Kent. 30c Dam
Published by Photoglob - Wehrli AG Zuerich.

Item 19716    
Swiss Old Colour Postcard SILVAPLANA Campfer Chasellas

Early Switzerland Coloured Picture Postcard. Campfer und Silvaplana von Chasellas. Lake, Mountains. Beautiful View. Published by Engadin Press Co., Samaden.

Item 19714    
Switzerland Old Color Postcard URIROTSTOCK Tellskapelle

Early Colour Tinted Postcard. Tellskapelle and Urirotstock. Lake, Mountains. Published by Wehrli

Item 19711    
Yugoslavia ART Vase 1973 Lufthansa Voloder Flight Card

Airmail Flight Card, Voloderska Jesen Voloder 23.9.1973, Deutsche Lufthansa / Jugoslav Airlines. With stamp from 1972 Yugoslav Art, Still Life. 50p. Painting Flowers, Fruit Dish and Broken Majolica Vase (Milos Tenkovic). Sent to Zagreb Jugoslavija / Hotel Esplanade Intercontinental.

Item 19709    
Switzerland Olympic HQ 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Card

illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 221, Boeing 737, Geneve - Munich Germany. 30.3.86. With stamps from 1984 Publicity Issue Olympic rings and Lausanne 80c, Permanent headquarters of International Olympic Committee at Lausanne.. Sent from Geneva to Munchen.

Item 19708    
Switzerland Munich 1986 Reg Lufthansa First Flight Card

illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 221, Boeing 737, Registered from Geneve - Munich Germany. 30.3.86. With stamps from 1981 Pro Patria Postal Signs 70c+30c Gordola Post Office Sign (Ticino Cantonal Post), 1982 Publicity Issue Retort Centenary of Swiss Society of Chemical Industries. SGCI SSIC 1882-1982, Signs of the Zodiac and Landscapes Aquarius and Old Berne 1f. Sent from Geneva to Munchen.

Item 19700    
France Nizza - Hamburg 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Beach, Coast IllustratedAirmail Flight Card, Erstflug, LH 155, Boeing 737. 30.3.1986. With stamp from 1985 Trees Scotch Elm 2f. Ulmus montana. Sent from Nice-Marche-Aux-Fleurs Alpes-Mmes to Hamburg.

Item 19695    
Baby Girl Women Bridge c1920 Old Real Photo 4 Postcards

Group of 4 Real Photograph Picture Postcards, including a beautiful baby girl sitting on a wooden pushchair, 2 lovely young girls with parasol near a bridge, and a family photo. (Jerome Ltd.)

Item 19684    
Switzerland Old Postcard LAKE BLAUSEE Blausee Kandertal

Blausee (900 m) Kandertal. Early Colour Postcard. Boating.

Item 19683    
Switzerland Old Postcard LUZERN Hergiswald Kaplanei DOG

Early Swiss Coloured Postcard. Hergiswald bei Luzern "Wallfahrtsort Kaplanei". Dog, Mountains, beautiful house. Published by J. Hoeltschi, Luzern.

Item 19676    
Switzerland Old Coloured Postcard - WEGGIS Lucerne LAKE

Early Colour Postcard. Weggis mit Niederbauen und Oberbauen. Published by Wehrli

Item 19671    
Switzerland Old Postcard AXENSTRASSE / Horse Carriage

Old Colour Postcard. Axenstrasse bei den Gallerien. Die berühmte Axenstrasse verbindet die Schweizer Dörfer Brunnen und Flüelen entlang des Ostufers des Urnersee genannten südlichen Abschnittes des Vierwaldstättersees. Sie führt durch das kleine Urner Dorf Sisikon.
Published by W. Zimmermann-Straessler, Luzern.

Item 19613    
Belgium Old Postcard LA ROCHE Vallee des Tombes, Bridge

Early Postcard. La Roche, Vallee des Tombes, Belgium. Published by Ed. Nels, Bruxelles

Item 19592    
Italy Old Postcard ROME Basilica di S. Paolo Chiostro

Old B/W Postcard. Roma - Basilica di S. Paolo - Chiostro.

Item 19582    
Italy Old Postcard TRENTO Church S.Apollinae / Redenta

Early Postcard. La Nuova Italia Redenta, Trento - Chiesa S. Apollinare e Doss Trento. Coat of Arms. Trento, in English sometimes called Trent, Italian Trento, German Trient, Latin Tridentum (the Latin form is the source of the adjective Tridentine) is located in the Adige river valley in the Italy region of Trentino-Alto Adige. It is the capital of the region and of the autonomous province of Trento.

Item 19580    
Italy Old Postcard Firenze Cappelle Medicee Statue x 3

Early Postcard. ART. FLORENCE - Cappelle Medicee. La Vergine col Bambino Gesu (Michelangiolo) - S. Cosimo (G. A. Montorsoli). S. Damiano (Raffaello da Montelupo). Published by STA

Item 19561    
Italy Old Postcard PISA Camposanto Cortile Parte Orient

Pisa - Camposanto - Cortile - Parte orientale (Giov. Pisano). Early B/W Postcard. Published by G. Barsanti e figli Grandi gallerie di sculture Pisa

Item 19533    
Germany Holstein Old Postcard GROEMITZ Beach Flags Pier

Old B/W Postcard. Groemitz in Holstein - Strandburgen. Flags, Beach, Sailing Boat. Published by Fr. Wessel, Luebeck.

Item 19504    
Germany Undivided Back Old Postcard COLOGNE Salierring

Early Colour Tinted U.B. Postcard. Koln Koeln, Salierring, Fountain, Avenue. Published by Carl M. Becker, Koeln.

Item 19473    
Italy Old PPC Firenze Cappelle Medicee / Michelangiolo

Early Real Photo Picture Postcard. Sculpture Art, Florence Firenze - Cappelle Medicee - Tomba di Giuliano de Medici. Published by NPG

Item 19468    
Italy Old Postcard FLORENCE Cappelle Medicee ART STATUE

Old B/W Postcard. Sculpture, Firenze - Cappelle Medicee - Madonna col Bambino - Michelangiolo. Published by STA

Item 19465    
Italy Old Postcard PISA Cattedrale Door Porta laterale

Old B/W Postcard. Pisa - Cattedrale - Porta laterale a destra (Gian Bologna). Bologna is the capital city of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy, between the Po River and the Apennines.
Published by Libreria Bemporad Pisa Sottoborgo

Item 19458    
Italy Old Postcard Interior PISA CATHEDRAL Pulpit Lion

Early Postcard. Pisa - Cattedrale - Pulpito (Giovanni Pisano). 1302. Published by G. Barsanti e figli Grandi gallerie di sculture Pisa

Item 19457    
Italy Old Postcard PISA Camposanto Benozzo Gozzoli BIRD

Early Postcard. Pisa - Camposanto. La partenza di Cam (Benozzo Gozzoli). Children, little girls. Animals. Published by G. Barsanti e figli Grandi gallerie di sculture Pisa

Item 19456    
Italy Old Postcard Cappelle Medicee / Lorenzo de Medici

Early Postcard. Florence, Firenze - Cappelle Medicee - Lorenzo de' Medici. Sculpture. Statue. Published by STA

Item 19448    
Italy Old Colour Tinted Postcard POZZUOLI La Solfatara

Undivided Back, La Solfatara, Pozzuoli. Old Colour Postcard. Pozzuoli (pop. almost 80,000) is a city of the province of Napoli, in the Italian region of Campania. It's the main city of the Phlegrean peninsula.
Published by E. Ragozino Galleria Umberto Napoli

Item 19442    
Italy Old Postcard GENOA / Chiesa della SS. Annunziata

Old Colour Postcard. Genova - Chiesa della SS. Annunziata. Genoa is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of Liguria. It has a population of ca. 700,000.
Published by F. Cali Genova / Esare Capello Milano

Item 19440    
Italy Old Postcard GENOVA A Cristoforo Colombo Monument

Genova - Monum. a C. Colombo. Cristoforo Colombo Statue. La Patria. Genoa is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of Liguria. It has a population of ca. 700,000.
Published by F. Cali - Genova. / Esare Capello Milano