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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 7834    
Ireland Old Postcard Co. KILLARNEY Serpent Lake BRIDGE

Early Irish Hand Tinted Picture Post Card, Coloured, Mountains, Serpent Lake, Killarney. Killarney is a town in Co. Kerry, south-western Ireland.
Published by W. Lawrence Publisher Dublin.

Item 7765    
Ceylon c.1900 Old U.B. Postcard YORK STREET The Colombo Apothecary Co. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Ceylon Ceylan Vintage Undivided Back Picture Post card, Street Scene, Trams, Tramlines, Tramways, Dog, Bullock Carts, Coolie & Rickshaw, Shop Advert - View of Ceylon The Colombo Apothecary Co. Published by A. W. A. Plate & Co.

Item 7757    
Japan Old Postcard Paintings Shrine Miniature Scenery

Early Japanese Picture Postcard, Temple, Trees, Mountains Paintings. 日本三景之一嚴島神社摸型.

Item 7750    
Aden Yemen Old Coloured Postcard ADEN PANORAMA Mountain

Early Picture Post Card, Aden Panorama. Aden is a city in Yemen. It is a natural port, built on an old volcanic site and first used by the ancient Kingdom of Awsan between the 5th and 7th centuries BC.
Published by Hotel de l'Europe. Turkish Shop. I. Benghiat Son, Aden.

Item 7716    
Japan Old Postcard Temple Mountain Avenue Maple Trees

Early japanese Picture Post card. Published by Y.S.

Item 7673    
India Old Real Photo Postcard PEOPLE GATHERING Street

Early Indian Photograph PPC, Tramlines.

Item 7659    
India 3np 6as on 1958 Old Real Photo Postcard Kabularkhana Bombay, Pigeons Birds

Early Indian Photographic Picture Postcard, Kabularkhana, Bombay, Busy Street with shops, people & Birds Pegions. Postally Used with 3np & 6as stamps. Sent from India by Airmail to Clapham, London, England. Map of India 3np & Gol Gumbad Bijapur 6as
Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located on an island off the west coast of India.
Published by Thomas of Fleet St. Ltd. London. Printed in England.

Item 7634    
France Old Photo PPC Le Luisin et col d'Emaney GLACIER

Early French Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Le Luisin et col d'Emaney. vue prise du Col de Barberine. Cabane Restaurant Barberians Commemorative Cachet. Published by Edition Phot. Perrochet, Lausanne.

Item 7633    
France Old PPC CHURCH Eglise St - Germain - L'Auxerrois

Early French Picture Postcard, Eglise St-Germain-L'Auxerrois. Vue generale. General View. Stained Glass windows. Shop advert - Samarina. Published by Editions Estel, 63, rue de la Mare, Blois (L.-et-C.).

Item 7630    
France Estel PPC CHURCH Eglise St-Germain-L'Auxerrois

Old Picture Postcard, Eglise St-Germain-L'Auxerrois. Vue generale. General View. Shop - Samarina. Published by Editions Estel, 63, rue de la Mare, Blois (L.-et-C.).

Item 7629    
Austria Photo Postcard MAYRHOFEN TYROL Steinerkogelhaus

Old PPC, Steinerkogelhaus 1263 m bei Mayrhofen i. Tirol. Snowy mountains. Published by Much Heiss, Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 7621    
France Old Postcard NICE La Grotte et les Jardins Swans

Nice - La Grotte et les Jardins. Park, Garden, Lake & Birds. Published by A la Riviera - Nice

Item 7614    
PARIS Old Postcard Touquet-Paris-Plage Casino de Foret

France Early Picture Postcard, Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. Le Casino de la Foret. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg-Schiltigheim

Item 7613    
France Old PPC PARIS CHURCH Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois

Early Real Photo Picture Postcard, Cathedral, Paris - Eglise Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois illuminee by NIGHT.

Item 7607    
France Old BW Postcard Touquet-Paris-Plage VINTAGE CARS

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage. Le nouveau marche couvert (H. L. Bloch, arch.). Photo Pecceu. Clock. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg-Schiltigheim

Item 7606    
France Old PPC LES AVANCHERS Savoie Centre de Vacances

Early Picture Postcard, Les Avanchers (Savoie), alt. 1050 m. - Le Centre de Vacances. Swings. Mountains. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg-Schiltigheim

Item 7594    
France Old Postcard - ORSAY Le Canal SWANS & REED Birds

Orsay - Le Canal. Lake. Sent to Folkestone, England. 10c red French Sower
Published by Edit. Trianon

Item 7593    
BAYONNE Old Postcard - Pont St-Esprit Hotel Ville Adour

France Early Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Bayonne - Le Pont St-Esprit. L'Hotel de Ville et l'Adour. BRIDGE, River. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques, 44, rue Letellier, Paris 15e.

Item 7530    
USA 1921 PPC CALIFORNIA A Garden Wall, Midwinter Scene

A Garden Wall, Midwinter Scene, California. Sent from San Francisco to Leamington Spa, England. Published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Cal. Made in U.S.A. Theo Sohmer.

Item 7507    
Old Real Photo Card STREET SCENE Golden Gate Restaurant

Velox. Golden Gate.

Item 7467    
WINDMILL & BOAT Artist Signed J. RYNDERS Artist Signed

Beautiful Paintings. Boats. Sent to London. Published by Stehli. Printed in Switzerland.

Item 7399    
Germany 1899 Postal Stationery Card NAUMBURG - BERLIN

Hanstruck 1 on PSC. Sent from Naumburg (Saale) to Berlin. 5 Pf green

Item 7389    
Germany 1927 Stationery Card MEININGEN v.Schiller Stamp

German Postal Stationery Card 5pf Green. Sent from Meiningen. 5 Pf green Friedrich von Schiller

Item 7387    
Germany 1900 Reichspost Stationery Card NAUMBURG, SAALE

143. German PSC. Sent from Naumburg (Saale). Reichspost 5 Pf green

Item 7381    
Germany 1893 Post Card 5 Pf Reichspost GOERLITZ - HALLE

With arrival postmark. Gebr. Naumann, Gorlitz Louisenstrasse 3. Deutsche Reichspost Postkarte. Sent from Goerlitz to Halle / Saale. Reichspost 5 Pf green

Item 7362    
Australia Flowers Roses Carnation 1982 First Day Cover

Australia Post Envelope FDC. Sent from First Day of Issue 19 May 1982 Everton Park Q. 1053 postmark. Marjorie Atherton Yellow Rose, Imp, Minnie Watson, Satellite.
Published by Stamps & Cover Designer : Brian Clinton

Item 7356    
Germany 1931 Post Stationery Card HEINRICH VON STEPHAN

Postal Stationery Card of Heinrich von Stephan 1931-1931 Sent from Leipzig. 8pf

Item 7316    
Switzerland 1958 PPC DAVOS Pischahorn Mountain Village

Early Old Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Davos (1560 m), mit Pischahorn. Sent from Davos-Platz, Switzerland to Norfolk, England. Helvetia 10c Train Railway
Published by Photohaus M. Meerkaemper, Davos-Platz

Item 7310    
Swiss 1950 Old RP Postcard ZUERICH Lake & Sailing Boats

Switzerland Early Real Photograph PPC of Zuerich. Clock Tower. Sent to Channel Islands. 25c Helvetia mountains trees
Published by Photoglob-Wehrli AG, Zuerich

Item 7306    
Swiss 1958 Old Postcard LUCERNE Parsenn-Bahn Piz d'Aela

Switzerland Early PPC Snowy Mountains, Davos - Parsenn-Bahn mit Piz d'Aela, Tinzenhorn und Piz Michel. "Luzern - 20 Jahre Musik Festwochen". Boxed Advet Cachet 20 Years Music Festival Week 13.Aug-10.Sept.1958 Sent from Lucerne Briefversand to Norwich Norfolk, England. Helvetia 25c EUROPA
Published by Verlag Otto Furter, Davos-Platz

Item 7283    
Swiss 1956 Old PPC LUCERNE Seebucht mit Rigi BOAT LAKE

Switzerland Early Coloured Picture Postcard, snowy mountains, Ships, Luzern - Seebucht mit Rigi. Internat. Boxed slogan Musik Festwochen 15.Aug.-6.Sept.1956. Music Festival. Sent from Switzerland to Finchley, London, England. removed
Published by Edition Stehle.

Item 7280    
Swiss Old RP Real Photo Postcard BRUENIGSTRASSE GIEBEL

Switzerland Real Photograph, Bruenigstrasse (Bruenigstrasse), Blick auf Giebel. Published by Kunstverlag E. Goetz, Luzern

Item 7268    
Switzerland Old Postcard - DAVOS Deutsche Heilstaette

c.1930 Early Swiss PPC, Davos, Deutsche Heilstaette. Snowy Mountains, Lake. Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich

Item 7264    
LAKE BLAUSEE Trout Breeding FISH BREEDING Old Postcard

Switzerland Early Real Photo Photographic Swiss Picture Postcard, Blausee, Alpine Forellenzucht (Trout Breeding). Forest, Trees. Published by Photoglob-Wehrli AG, Zuerich

Item 7258    
Germany Old Photo Postcard STUTTGART View of Birkenkopf

Early German Real Photograph PPC, Mountains, Stuttgart - Blick zum Birkenkopf. Published by Verlag Schwaeb. K.V. Stgt. Konrad Wittwer, Bahnhofbuchhandlung.

Item 7253    
Austria Old PPC SALZBURG Thermalbad Hofgaststein TAUERN

Early Austrian Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Thermalbad Hofgaststein 869m gegen die Tauern (Salzburg). Published by Julie Kostler, Tabakhauptverlag Thermalbad Hofgaststein

Item 7240    
Switzerland Old Photo Postcard FLUELEN BRISTENSTOCK

Swiss Early Real Photograph PPC, Lake, Snowy Mountains, Fluelen mit Bristenstock. Published by Photoglob Zuerich

Item 7231    
Swiss Old RP Postcard Vaud D'OUCHY LAUSANNE Boats Quay

Switzerland Real Photograph Multiview Picture Postcard, Souvenir d'Ouchy-Lausanne. Les Quais, Le Port et les Alpes, Beau-Rivage-Palace,Le Chateaux. Published by Jaeger Geneve GJG

Item 7227    
Denmark Old PPC ARHUS Fra den Gamle By WINDMILL HOUSES

Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Arhus. Fra den gamle By. Wheel, S. A. Bang, Advert. Århus, also spelled Aarhus, is the principal port and bishop's seat of its area of Denmark, on the east coast of Jutland. It is the second largest city in the kingdom, and capital of the amt (county) of Aarhus. The municipality of Århus has 291,258 inhabitants (2003).
Published by Stenders Forlag - Farvefoto

Item 7219    
Swiss Old Photo Postcard Bridge TRUEMMELBACH WATERFALL

Switzerland Real Photograph PPC, Truemmelbach Waterfall, unterster Teil (bottom part). Published by Kunstverlag Schild-Bichsel, Brienz

Item 7214    
Swiss Old Postcard TERRITET GLION CAUX Rochers de Naye

Switzerland Early Picture Postcard, Boat, Ship on lake, Mountains, Territet, Glion, Caux, Rochers de Naye. Published by Louis Burgy, editeur, Lausanne

Item 7194    
Italy Dolomites Old Postcard CRISTALLO Popena Tre Croci

Snowy Mountains, Cristallo und Popena mit Tre Croci. Published by A. Figl & Co., Bozen 1907. Lichtdruck Ed. Strache, Warnsdorf.

Item 7191    
Switzerland Old Postcard - INTERLAKEN Mountain Jungfrau

Snowy Mountains, Interlaken, Jungfrau. Published by Photoglob Co., Zuerich

Item 7184    
Austria 1955 Old RP PPC INNSBRUCK Mountainous Backdrop

Real Photograph Picture Postcard, snowy mountains, Innsbruck gegen Nordkette. PPC used in the UK. Sent from Farnham, Surrey to Surrey, England. Great Britain 1d Blue QE2 Pair of 2
Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 7170    
Switzerland Old RP PPC Valais AROLLA Lac Bleu de Lucel

Early Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Lac Bleu de Lucel, pres Arolla. Lake, Snowy Mountains. Arolla is a French-speaking tourist resort in Valais, Switzerland. Near mountains are Mont Collon and Mont Blanc de Cheilon.
Published by Perrochet. Phot. Lausanne

Item 7156    
Germany Old Coloured Postcard OBERSTDORF Spielmannsau

Oberstdorf, Spielmannsau. Snowy Mountains. Violet Boxed Taxe Oberstdorf Spielmannsau. 1071m. Published by Kuenstler-Serie

Item 7155    
Swiss Undivided Back PPC Valais GLACIER Rhonegletscher

Old Picture Postcard, Rhonegletscher. Snowy Mountains. Published by Illustrato Luzern

Item 7069    
Switzerland Old Postcard Trees SCENIC SNOWY LANDSCAPE

Swiss Coloured PPC, Mountains. Published by Verlag A. Ruegg, Editeurs, Wallisellen-Zuerich.

Item 7068    
Swiss Old Real Photo Postcard BADEN River Church Trees

Switzerland Early RP PPC, Baden. Published by Photoglob-Wehrli A.G.

Item 7061    

Switzerland Early Real Photograph Picture Postcard, Les Hauderes et la Dt. Blanche. Les Hauderes, Wallis. Published by PP Perrochet. Phot. Lausanne