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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 15234    

Early Coloured PPC, Bells, Campanario and Sacred Garden, USA. Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded 1776. The Sacred Garden with fountain back of the Campanario or bell wall between the great Stone Church and the original rectory. The two larger bells are dated 1796 and the smaller ones 1804. Published by Artchrom

Item 15229    
USA Old Colour Postcard ST LOUIS New Catholic Cathedral

Early Coloured PPC, New Catholic Cathedral, St. Louis, Mo. USA. Cars. Lindell and Newstead Aves. One of the greatest examples of ecclesiastical architecture. 365 feet long by 212 feet wide, designed by Geo. D. Barnett, cost over $2,750,000 Published by Beacon Series.

Item 15228    
USA Old Postcard Colorado Echo Lake and Mt. Evans

Echo Lake and Mt. Evans, Elevation 14260 Feet Denver Mountain Parks, Colorado. Couple, Lovers. Highest mountains in Colorado. The Highway is the higest automobile road in North America.

Item 15224    
USA Old Postcard - CALIFORNIA Walk among the Palm Trees

A Walk among the Palm Trees, California. Published by Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif.

Item 15219    

Old Coloured PPC, Washington's Mansion, Mt. Vernon, Va. Virginia, USA. The second story end window is of the room in which Washington died. The window above is of the attic room occupied by Mrs. Washington after her husband's death and chosen because this window overlooked his tomb. Sent from London to Herts. Great Britain KG6 2c orange
Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington. Built of wood in neoclassical Georgian style, the estate is located near Mount Vernon, Virginia in Fairfax County, on the banks of the Potomac River.
Published by Scenic Art Series B.S. Reynolds Co. Washington DC

Item 15214    
USA 1948 Postcard VIRGINIA - Royal Terrace Motor Court

Old PPC Royal Terrace Motor Court, Front Royal, Virginia (USA). Sent from Portsmouth, USA to Oxford, England. 3c

Item 15196    
USA Postcard CALIFORNIA Bell Tower, San Gabriel Mission

Old Coloured US PPC, Bell Tower, San Gabriel Mission, California. Published by Phostint Card / Detroit Publishing Co.

Item 15195    
USA Old Postcard Saint Paul's Chapel The British Crest

Saint Paul's Chapel, Trinity Parish New York. Feathers of the Prince of Wales is the only emblem of royalty in NY still surviving in its ancient place, recalling our debt to the Mother Country through Mother Church. Published by Photo Cleveland Jersey City

Item 15194    
USA 1957 PPC WILLIAMSBURG Garden Ludwell-Paradise House

Old Coloured PPC, Flowers, Garden of Ludwell-Paradise House, Williamsburg, Virginia. Jamestown Birthplace of The Nation. Sent to N Y. 3c Statue of Liberty

Item 15168    
Geneve Zurich 1967 SWISSAIR 20 years First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope 20 years across the North Atlantic. Embossed Airplane, Flag of the United States. Sent from Geneve to New York USA (Kenney International Air Mail Facility). 5+5, 20+10, 50+10 animals / Pro Juventute 1966

Item 15156    
CALIFORNIA Pasadena Christian Science Church - Postcard

Old Coloured USA PPC, Christian Science Church, Pasadena, California. Published by M. Kashower Co., Los Angeles, Cal.

Item 15076    
Germany 1948 Reaper 24pf - Cover Kellinghusen - Itzehoe

German Cover. Elise Vollertsen, Lornsenstr. 28. Kreiswirtschaftsamt. Bricklayer and Reaper. Sent from Kellinghusen to Itzehoe. 24pf

Item 15074    
Germany 1934 Postcard BELCHEN Mountains Grazing Cattle

Old Real Photo PPC, Animals. German Postcard, Belchen 1415 m ueber M. Bad. Schwarzw., Gasthof Belchenhaus. Eigentuemer Stiefvater. Cattle grazing. Sent from Titisee Seebad. 6pf

Item 15057    
Germany Old Postcard LUEBECK The Castle Gate - Burgtor

Luebeck - The Castle Gate Burgtor. Published by Ludwig Moller Lubeck Nr.359

Item 15040    
Belgium c1930 Old Postcard - KNOCKE-ZOUTE - Binnenhof

Knocke-Zoute. "Binnenhof" (Belgium). Published by Ern. Thill, Bruxelles.

Item 15027    
Belgium Old Postcard - DINANT ROCK - Rocher Bayard

Dinant - Rocher Bayard.

Item 15013    
Germany Old Postcard LUEBECK Holsten Gate Boats Winter

Early German PPC, Luebeck - The Holsten-Gate and the Haven - Holstentor mit Hafen. In Winter. Snowy landscape. Published by Ludwig Moeller, Kunstverlag, Luebeck.

Item 15007    
Cattle Cow Animals Old Real Photo British Made Postcard

Real Photograph PPC.

Item 15005    
Germany Old Postcard BAD WILDBAD Kurplatz Music Concert

Wildbad, Kurplatz. Hotel Klumpp. Band Stand, Musician.

Item 14986    
Belgium Houx Old Postcard RUINS POILVACHE Bridge River

Houx, Ruines de Poilvache. Vue prise de la Tour du Sud vers Anhee. Bridge, River, Rocks. Published by Ern. Thill, Bruxelles. NELS

Item 14968    
Netherlands Old Postcard AMSTERDAM Pr. Hendrikkade

Early Holland Coloured PPC, Amsterdam, Pr. Hendrikkade. Boats & Ships, Church. Published by Dr. Trenkler Co., Leipzig.

Item 14967    
Germany Old Postcard - BAD WILDBAD Trinkhalle PUMP ROOM

Early German "FRAMED" Picture Post Card, Wildbad Trinkhalle. Published by DRGM

Item 14901    
Germany 1966 Austrian Airlines AUA - First FLIGHT Cover

Airmail envelope. (Mit DLH eingelangt) Sent from Munich Munchen to Wien Flughafen with arrival on back. 15+5pf & 20+10pf Fairy Tales

Item 14872    
Great Britain Early Old Real Photo Postcard IMPOSING HOUSE

A British House.

Item 14868    
Religious Old Postcard Church Cathedral Autel des Grecs Altar of Greeks, Greece

XII et XIII St. (Autel des Grecs). Religious Postcard. Cathedral Altar of the Greeks. Greece.

Item 14860    
Old Real Photo Postcard Unidentified Imposing Building Dome

Old B/W Photo Postcard.

Item 14854    
France Pas-de-Calais Old Postcard ARRAS Hotel de Ville

Arras - Hotel de Ville. Grilles du premier etage. Ferronnerie de Subes. Gate. Arras is a city and commune in northern France, préfecture (capital) of the Pas-de-Calais département. In 1999, its population was 43,567.
Published by Laflutte-Legentil. 19, Grand' Place, Arras.

Item 14845    
Kent Old Postcard - CANTERBURY St. Martins - The Font

The Font. St. Martins. Canterbury.

Item 14844    
Old Real Photo Postcard Unidentified Church and Palm Tree Street Corner Scene

Unidentified B/W Old Photo Postcard. Church.

Item 14824    
Sweden Old Postcard - STOCKHOLM Town Hall Gyllene Salen

Stockholm Stadshus. Gyllene Salen. Interior. Published by Ensamraett: Konstfoerlaget Fram, Stockholm.

Item 14793    
Yachting Tuvalu 1988 Olympic Game Sport First Day Cover

XXIV Olympiad. Olympic Games. FDC. The Events Masterfile. With introduction, history & best records of the sport. To qualify for an Olympic berth on one of these fast ships, a sailor must compete internationally. Tuvalu 80c Sailing Yacht Boat

Item 14788    
LONG JUMP St. Vincent 50c 1988 Olympics First Day Cover

XXIV Olympiad. Olympic Games. First Day Cover. The Events Masterfile. With introduction, history & best records of the sport. In ancient Greece, the jumpers used weights to hurl themselves forward. A valid jump must be taken from, or behind a 20cm long take off board. St. vincent 50c First Participation Seoul 1988

Item 14785    
RELAY Running Samoa 1988 Olympics Sport First Day Cover

XXIV Olympiad. Olympic Games. FDC. The Events Masterfile. With introduction, history & best records of the sport. The runner passes the baton to his teammate, who sprints for the finish line. A smooth interchange of the light, hollow baton is essential for a fast time, and the best teams are usually those who perfect this technique. Samoa 15s Seoul Olympics 1988

Item 14781    
STEEPLECHASE Penrhyn Cook Islands 1988 Olympic Game First Day Cover FDC F.D.C.

XXIV Olympiad. Olympic Games. First Day Cover. The Events Masterfile. With introduction, history & best records of the sport. The athletes cross 7 water jumps and 28 hurdles. One of the most gruelling track events and at the moment is confined to the men's competition . Papua New Guinea 45t weight lifting (Port Moresby P.N.G.)

Item 14776    
DISCUS Montserrat 90c 1988 Olympic Game First Day Cover

XXIV Olympiad. Olympic Games. FDC. The Events Masterfile. With introduction, history & best records of the sport. Strength and technique enable an athlete to hurl the discus across the field. The discus, like the Javelin, is of classical origin. The word "discus" means "thing for throwing" and discoi from 1-4kg have been unearthed by archaeologists. Montserrat 90c Seoul Korea 1988

Item 14746    
Ireland 1979 Postcard - Seaside with Beach & Mountains

Ireland of the welcomes - Land of the golden beaches. Published by Killarney Printing Works. MacMonagle, Killarney. Mac Series

Item 14701    
Kent Judges' RP Postcard CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL Martyrdom

Old Real Photo PPC, Martyrdom. Canterbury Cathedral. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14698    
North Wales Judges' Old Postcard ABERGLASLYN PASS River

Early Real Photo PPC, Aberglaslyn Pass, North Wales. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14693    
Wiltshire Judges Old Photo Postcard SALISBURY Cloisters

Early Judges' Real Photograph PPC, Cloisters, Salisbury. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14689    
Hampshire Judges' Old RP Postcard WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL

Nave Winchester Cathedral.

Item 14686    
Devon Judges' Old Postcard EXETER CATHEDRAL Choir East

Real Photo PPC, Exeter Cathedral, Choir looking East. Stained Glass Window. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14679    
England Judges Postcard YORK MINSTER Choir looking West

Old Real Photo Judges' PPC, York Minster Choir looking West. Actual Photograph. York Minster is an imposing Gothic cathedral in York, northern England.
Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14674    
England Judges' Old Postcard WORCESTER CATHEDRAL Crypt

Worcestershire Early Real Photo PPC, Crypt. Worcester. The city of Worcester is the county town of Worcestershire in England; the river Severn runs through the middle, with the city's large Worcester Cathedral overlooking the river.
Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14671    
Wiltshire Old Judges Photo Postcard SALISBURY Cloisters

Early Real Photo Judges' PPC, Cloisters. Salisbury. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings.

Item 14650    
Ireland Old Postcard KILLARNEY Lake from Dinas Cottage

Lake from Dinas Cottage, Killarney. Sent to England. Killarney is a town in Co. Kerry, south-western Ireland.
Published by Valentine

Item 14634    
Oxford Postcard Multiview including The Summer Eights

England, Oxfordshire. Oxford. Five Views - St. Giles Street, The Sumer Eights, Queen's and High Street, The Martyrs Memorial & View from Magdalen Tower. Published by AURORA - Postcards of Old Oxford

Item 14626    
Oxford Postcard Christ Church Collage completed in 1682

England, Oxfordshire. Oxford. College founded by Thomas Wolsey but Tom Tower, centre, was not completed until 1682. Published by AURORA - Postcards of Old Oxford

Item 14625    
Oxford Aurora Pub Postcard Taylor Buildings Early 1900s

England, Oxfordshire. Oxford. Published by AURORA - Postcards of Old Oxford

Item 14541    
Devon Old Postcard - ILFRACOMBE Torrs Walk - Mountains

Ilfracombe, Torrs Walk.

Item 14510    
Essex Early Postcard CLACTON-ON-SEA The Promenade, East

Clacton-on-Sea, The Promenade, East. Sent to Suffolk. Clacton-on-Sea is the largest town on the Tendring Peninsula, in Essex, England. It is a seaside resort which attracts many tourists in the summer.