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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 9517    
Spain Old PPC Catedral ALTAR del Sagrado Corazon MALAGA

Early C1900 Spanish Picture Postcard. Published by Editor Rafael Toval Malaga

Item 9514    
Spain Old Postcard Puerta Sacristia Cartuja de GRANADA

Early c1900 Spanish Picture Postcard. Puerta de la Sacristia la brada en cedro, eincrustaciones de plata, marfil, ebano, concha, carey, caoba y palo santo. Published by Grafos Madrid

Item 9512    
Spain Old Postcard Painting by Sanchez Cotan - Granada

Early c1900 Spanish Picture Postcard. Coro de legos y altares, cuadros pintados por Sanchez Cotan. Choir of legos and altars, pictures painted by Sanchez Cotan. Published by Casa Reyes Granada

Item 9485    
Spain Old Postcard Hispano Americana Exhibition SEVILLA American Exposicion

Early c1900 Spanish Picture Postcard. Horse rider statue. Spanish - American Exposicion. Glorieta de Cervantes. SEVILLA. Published by Abelardo Linares Triunfo 4 Sevilla

Item 9484    
Spain Old Postcard La Catedral Interior View - SEVILLA

Early c1900 Spanish Picture Postcard. Vista Interior General. Published by Abelardo Linares Triunfo 4 Sevilla

Item 9462    
Sussex 1912 Old Postcard - Redoubt Gardens Royal Parade

England, Early Coloured Picture Postcard. Eastbourne. Sent from Brighton to Aston. King George 5th Downy Head 1/2d Green

Item 9438    
Sussex Old Postcard Coast Beachy Head Cliffs Eastbourne

Sussex, Early Photographic PPC. Published by Printed in England

Item 9428    
Sussex DAINTY Old Postcard Arundel Castle from Meadows

Sussex England, Early Photographic PPC. Published by FLapworth & Son, Printers Arundel, The DAINTY series

Item 9392    
Algeria Africa Old Coloured Postcard HORSE Coutumes

Coutumes. Street Scene. Made in Italy. IPA CT. Fotocolor.

Item 9382    
Algeria Old Postcard ALGIERS HARBOUR General View Boats

Alger - Vue Generale. Ships. Published by Coll. A.F. - Alger

Item 9372    
Sussex Old Postcard Pencil Sketch - The Land Gate RYE

Sussex England, Early PPC. The Landgate. Published by S & E. Shoesmith & Etheridge Ltd Hastings Norman trademark

Item 9364    
Scotland Old Judges' Postcard DUNBLANE ABBEY West Door No. 11322

Dunblane Abbey. West Door. Dunblane is a small town in Perthshire, Scotland, near Stirling.
Published by Judges' Ltd., Hastings England

Item 9363    
Hampshire Old Judges' Postcard - BEAULIEU CHURCH Pulpit

Beaulieu Church, Pulpit. Beaulieu is a small village located on the south eastern edge of the New Forest national park in Hampshire, England.
Published by Judges' Ltd., Hastings England

Item 9345    
Devon Old Judges Postcard Mountain Teign Gorge DARTMEET

Early PPC In Photogravure. Sent from Devon Chagford to South Croydon Surrey. King George 5th 1d Red
Dartmeet is a popular tourist spot in the centre of Dartmoor, Devon, in the United Kingdom.
Published by Judges' Ltd., Hastings

Item 9342    
Cumberland Old Judges' Postcard Mount Lake Derwentwater

Early PPC mountains. Photogravure. Greetings and Good Wishes. Derwent water. Published by By Judges' Ltd. Hastings England

Item 9334    
Worcestershire Worcester CLOISTERS Old Judges' Postcard

Early Picture Post card. Published by Judges' Ltd Hastings, England.

Item 9329    
Wales Old JUDGES Postcard BRIDGE Happy Valley LLANDUDNO

Coast. Beach. Mountains. The Happy Valley. Published by By Judges' Ltd. Hastings England

Item 9324    
Dorset Old JUDGES' Postcard Priory Church Christchurch

England, River. In Photogravure. Published by By Judges' Ltd. Hastings England

Item 9307    
Canada 1911 PPC Mt. Rundle Vermilion Lake Ranff Alberta

Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Mountain Rundle and Vermillion Lake. Boats Boating. Published by Valentine & Sons Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain

Item 9288    
Canada 1902 Old Postcard Mountains & Lake Louis Alberta

Undivided Back Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Boating. Snowy mountain. Published by Detroit Photographic Co.

Item 9278    
Canada Old Coloured Postcard - Fraser Canyon Hells Gate

Early Canadian Picture Postcard. Mountains, River. Published by Thompson's Studio Vancouver B.C. Anchor trademark printed in Saxony

Item 9201    
Algeria Old Postcard ALGIERS General View HARBOUR BOATS

Alger - Vue Generale. Ships. Mountains. Published by A.F.

Item 9189    
Germany Old PPC - Lake Constance REICHENAU ISLAND Hotel

Restaurant-Hotel "Mohren". Besitzer Rolf Kunkel. Insel Reichenau im Bodensee. Old Photo Postcard. The Reichenau Island in Lake Constance in southern Germany was declared a world heritage site in 2001 because of its monastery. Three churches were built on the island - St. Georg, St. Peter and Paul, and the Münster St. Maria and Markus. The most famous artworks include the murals in St. Georg.
Published by A 3745 Bodenseeverlag Aubert Ulrich, Ravensburg.

Item 9139    
Artist Signed PPC PAOLO CALIARI The Marriage Feast CANA

Paolo Caliari - Les Noces de Cana. The Marriage feast at Cana. Paul Veronese. dit. Paul Veronese 1528-1588. Old Coloured Picture Postcard of famous Painting.

Item 9131    
Czechoslovakia Old Postcard - ARNAUER RIESEN City Hall

Published by Aufnahme von A. Heinze in Arnau a E.

Item 9121    
Germany 1904 Undivided Back PPC MUNICH Karlsplatz TRAM

Early German Old Picture Postcard, Coloured, Muenchen, Karlsplatz. Tramways, Tramlines. Sent from Muen... to Nottingham, England, with arrival postmark July 13th 1904. removed
Published by Wilhelm Hoffmann A.-G. Dresden

Item 9029    
USA Canada Old PC Niagara Falls Whirlpool Rapids BRIDGE

Early Picture Postcard. N.Y. Published by H. A. Fox Niagara Falls N.Y. (Germany)

Item 9021    
Ireland Old Postcard General View - GLENDALOUGH Wicklow

Irish Coloured Hand tinted Picture Post Card, Mountains, Co. Wicklow. Glendalough is a village located at the site of an ancient monastery located in County Wicklow, Ireland. It was founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, a hermit priest, and destroyed in 1398 by English troops.
Published by CHAS. L Reis & Co. Dublin

Item 9009    

Early French PPC, L.L. Iles de Lerins. Ile Sainte-Marguerite - Le Fort. Isles of Lerins and Ste-Marguerite. - The Fort. Published by Louis Levy Fils of cie Paris

Item 8990    

Rattle Snake swallowing a rabbit. This picture is an actual scene of one of the tragedies of the great Southwest. It is from an actual photograph by a Franciscan Priest who happened upon the snake making his breakfast. Published by Curt Teich

Item 8980    
Ceylon Old Postcard COAST Boats from MT. LAVINIA HOTEL

Early Sri Lanka PPC, View along coast from Mt. Lavinia Hotel (Ceylon). Beach. Published by Plate & Co., Ceylan.

Item 8962    
Cumberland Postcard WATERFALL Taylor Gill Force STYHEAD

Old PPC of waterfalls, mountains, Taylors Gill Force, Styhead (Cumberland).

Item 8952    
Sweden 1951 Postcard STOCKHOLM - Utsikt fran Mosebacke

Early Picture Postcard River, Bridge. Sent from Katrineholm to Bromley Kent England. 20c
Published by Sago Konst A.B. Stockholm

Item 8923    
France 1906 Postcard - CAMBRAI Interieur de Notre-Dame

Old French PPC, Cambrai - Interieur de Notre-Dame. Sent from Paris to Paris. Cambrai is a French city and commune, in the Nord département, of which it is a sous-préfecture.

Item 8918    
Germany 1922 PPC MUNICH FOUNTAIN Wittelsbacher Brunnen

Old German PPC, Munich (Muenchen) - Wittelsbacher Brunnen. Sent to Innsbruck. removed
Published by Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen. 1922

Item 8912    
Netherlands Old Postcard AMSTERDAM Oudemanhuis - Poort

Early Hand tinted Coloured PPC, Gate. Published by Uitgave Brouwer & De Veer, Amst.

Item 8908    
France Old LL PPC NEVERS Inside Cathedral Partie Romane

Old French Picture Postcard, Nevers - Interieur de la Cathedrale - Partie Romane - L.L. 5c French Sower
Nevers is a commune of central France, the préfecture (capital) of the Nièvre département, in the former province of Nivernais.
Published by Louis Levy

Item 8901    
France Old Postcard GISORS Eure - La Tour du Gouverneur

Early French PPC, Gisors (Eure) - La Tour du Gouverneur (XIIe siecle). Gisors is a commune and the chief-town of a canton of the Eure département, in the Haute-Normandie région, in France.

Item 8899    
France Old Postcard ISLES OF LERINS Monastery Saint-Honorat

Old French PPC, Ile St-Honorat - Abbaye de Lerins, ABBAYE DE LERINS. The Isles of Lérins are two small islands near Cannes, France: The Île de Sainte-Marguerite and the Île de Saint-Honorat. The monastery of Lérins, built in 410, is on the smaller island, Saint-Honorat.
Published by J. Gilletta et Cie, Edit.-Phot., Nice

Item 8893    
Beautiful Rose Flowers Old Postcard Pink ROSES Unused

Artist Signed Art Painting. Watercolour. Published by Pittius

Item 8885    
Austria Photo Postcard INNSBRUCK Snowy Landscape RIVER

Old PPC Innsbruck Innquaj. Published by Richard Mueller Innsbruck. Verlag Tyrolia 1919

Item 8874    
Canada Old Tinted Postcard - Mount Royal HOTEL Montreal

Early Canadian Coloured Picture Post card. Hand Tinted. The Mount Royal Hotel. Published by Printed in Germany

Item 8867    
England Old Hand tinted Postcard - WARWICK MILL STREET

Early Coloured, Framed PPC, Mill Street, Warwick. Published by Fine Art Series

Item 8864    
Italy - South Tyrol SPRING IN MERANO Blooming Landscape

Old Italian Coloured, Hand tinted Picture Postcard, Fruehling in Meran (Merano). Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 8861    
Canada Old Postcard Mountain Mt Sir Donald Byron Harmon

Vintage Canadian Real Photo Photographic Picture Post card. Mt. Sir Donald by Byron Harmon. Published by Along the line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Photographed by Byron Harmon, Banff, Canada

Item 8859    
Canada Old Postcard Rural Architecture Old House Quebec

Early Canadian Photographic Picture Post card, Old Rural House near Quebec. Published by Artcraft Editions Quebec Canada

Item 8858    
Canada Old Postcard Snow Mountains Animal CARIBOO MOOSE

Early Canadian Photographic Picture Post card. Snowy Scene. Published by P.G.E.D.T.

Item 8854    
Germany Postcard Lake Constance REICHENAU ISLAND Church

Old PPC, Insel Reichenau - Niederzell, Inneres. The Reichenau Island in Lake Constance in southern Germany was declared a world heritage site in 2001 because of its monastery. Three churches were built on the island - St. Georg, St. Peter and Paul, and the Münster St. Maria and Markus. The most famous artworks include the murals in St. Georg.
Published by Jos. Keller, Reichenau

Item 8847    
Canada Old Hand Tinted Postcard Queen's Ave LONDON Ont.

Early Canadian Picture Postcard, Coloured, Queen's Avenue from W.A. Reid's Residence, London, Ontario. Horses cart. Published by Valentine & Sons Co. Ltd. Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain

Item 8846    
Canada Old Hand Tinted Postcard Dominion Square - TRAM

Early Canadian Picture Postcard, Coloured, Montreal. Tramways, Tramlines. Published by Valentine & Sons Co. Ltd. Montreal & Toronto Printed in Great Britain