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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 23898    
France Old B/W Postcard Le Palais du LUXEMBOURG PALACE

Old B/W Postcard. Paris - Le Palais du Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Palace in Paris, north of the Luxembourg Garden, is where the French Senate meets.

Item 23884    
France L.L. 49 Old Coloured Postcard PARIS Le Caroussel

Old Colour Postcard. Paris - Le Caroussel. Published by Levy LL

Item 23840    
Algeria Old Real Photo Postcard - TIMGAD - General View

Africa Early Real Photograph PPC, Ruines Romaines de TIMGAD. Vue generale. Timgad (called Thamugas by the Romans) was a Roman colonial town in North Africa founded by the Emperor Trajan around 100 CE. The ruins are noteworthy for being one of the best extant examples of the grid plan as used in Roman city planning. The ruins of the town are located in modern-day Algeria, about 35 km from the town of Batna.
Published by La Cigogne Alger

Item 23822    
Belgium Old Postcard NAMUR Caserne du 1 er Rgmt Lancier

Early Colour Tinted PPC, Namur, Street Scene. Military Barracks of the First Regiment Lancer. Published by Ser Lux MB CP

Item 23811    
Belgium Old BW Postcard HEYST Vue D'ensemble Beach Huts

Early Black and White Picture Postcard. HEYST.

Item 23747    
Germany 1961 RP Postcard SAXON SWITZERLAND Pfaffenstein

Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Pfaffenstein (Saechsische Schweiz). Blick aus dem Nadeloehr zum Lilienstein. Sent from Strufpen Pirna. 10pf
Saxon Switzerland is an alpine rather low oversea climbing area and national park very near the cultural and technological center of Dresden in the state of Saxony, Germany. It continues as Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic where it meets the Giant Mountains.
Published by Dr. A. Weyhmann

Item 23617    
Canada Old Colour Postcard ONTARIO - Blue Water Bridge

Early Colour Postcard. River. Aerial View of International Blue Water Bridge at Point Edward near Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Published by PECo

Item 23593    
Canada Old Colour Postcard CONVENT Redemptoristine Nuns

Early Colour Tinted Postcard. S. Anne de Beaupre. Couvent des Soeurs Redemptoristines. Convent of the Redemptoristine Nuns, Canada.

Item 23591    
Canada Old Postcard TORONTO School of Practical Science

Canadian Souvenir Early Colour Tinted Postcard. School of Practical Science, Toronto. Published by Warwick Bro's & Rutter Limited Printer Toronto

Item 23588    
Canada Old RP Postcard QUEBEC from Parliament Buildings

Old B/W Postcard. Quebec from Parliament Buildings.

Item 23583    
Canada Old Postcard Women's Residence Victoria College

Canadian Souvenir Early Colour Postcard. Annesley Hall, Women's Residence, Victoria College, Toronto. Winter Snowy Scene. Published by Warwick Bro's & Rutter Limited Printers Toronto

Item 23578    
ACTRESS Old Coloured Postcard Glamourous WOMAN Girl Hat

Old Colour Postcard. Pretty Woman, Actress. Published by Roemmler & Jonas, Dresden

Item 23563    
Actor - W. FILTERS Signed Old B/W Real Photo Postcard

Old B/W Postcard. Actor Signed W. FILTERS.

Item 23562    
Actor MORRELL Signed Old B/W Real Photo Postcard

Old B/W Postcard. Actor Morrell. Published by E. Poynder & Son, Caversham, Oxon

Item 23559    
Actor Religious Old B/W Photo Postcard PRIEST Clergyman

Old Religious B/W Postcard. Priest, Reverend. Religious.

Item 23528    

Funny Colour Postcard. "S' Funny, I always sleepwalk towards the larder". Child. Jam. Clock. . Published by H. B. Ltd.

Item 23510    
Humor Comc Artist Signed Old Postcard - ENJOY DAILY DIP

Early humorous Colour Postcard. "Having a lovely time - am enjoying my daily dip". Beach. Published by H. B. Ltd.

Item 23502    
K.S. Artist Signed Old Colour Postcard FEMALE STUDENT

Funny Colour Postcard. Girl in graduation dress. "She had passed ever College exam! And could weigh up the Earth to a drachm! When the Parson Miss, you should teach this & this - she shut him up sharp with a slam". Published by G. D. & D., London. The Star Series

Item 23497    
Artist Drawn Sketch Old Postcard GOUGER CELEBRITY GUEST

Early Framed Comic Postcard. Glamourous Women & gentlemen. Wine bottle & glasses. - Mrs. Katcham prides herself on always having the latest celebrity at her house. To night it is no less a personage than "Gouger". funny. Published by Pictorial Comedy Post Cards. James Henderson & Sons, London

Item 23453    
Isle of Man 1912 Old Postcard DOUGLAS Victoria Pier

Old oval Colour Postcard. Victoria Pier, Douglas, Isle of Man. Lighthouse, Ships, Boats, Tram. . Sent from Douglas I.O.M. to Manchester. King George 5th Downey Head

Item 23395    
Italy Palermo Religious Old B/W Postcard Palazzo Reale MOSAIC Animals

Old Religious B/W Postcard. Italy Palermo - Palazzo Reale, Cappella Palatina - Abramo si appresta a sacrificare il Figlio, Mosaico nella parete a sinistra (XII secolo). Published by Edizione Francesco Verderosa - Palermo

Item 23394    
Artist Drawn Old B/W Postcard PRETTY WOMAN France Paris

Old Artist Drawn B/W Postcard. Sevigne de qui les attraits me servirent de modeles pour que les boites fussent belles et dignes de ses portraits. La Marquise de Sevigne a Paris. Pretty Woman. Published by Draeger

Item 23389    
France Old UB B/W Postcard LOUVRE MUSEUM J.-J. Lagrenee

Early Undivided Back B/W Postcard. J.-J. Lagrenee dit le Jeune (1740 - 1821). La Melancolie (Musee du Louvre). Sad Woman. The Louvre Museum (Musée du Louvre) in Paris, France, is one of the largest and most famous museums in the world.

Item 23385    
Artist Drawn LL Old Postcard GREUZE Accordee du Village

Old Artist Drawn B/W Postcard. Greuze - L'Accordee du Village. Musee du Louvre, Paris. Published by LL

Item 23384    
Romantic WOMAN & Man Flowers Handcoloured Old Postcard

Early Colour Postcard. Man & Woman flirting, Flowers.

Item 23375    
Art Drawn Old PPC - PINTURICCHIO jeune garcon Young Man

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Pinturicchio Bernardino. Portrait de jeune garcon. Dresde Staatliches Musee. Edite par le Comite National de L'Enfance. 51, Avenue Franklin-D.-Roosevelt, Paris-VIII. Imp. Blanchard - 1968. Photo Giraudon. Pinturicchio (Perugia, 1454–1513) was an Italian painter of the Renaissance. His full name was Bernardino di Betti, born in Perugia, son of Benedetto or Betto di Blagio. He may habe trained under lesser known Perugian painters such as Bonfigli and Fiorenzo di Lorenzo. According to Vasari, Pinturrichio was a paid assistant of Perugino.

Item 23369    
Artist Signed Old Postcard M.Q. De La Tour L'abbe Huber

Old Artist Signed B/W Postcard. M. Q. De La Tour (1704-1788). L'Abbe Huber, pastel. Reading Books by candle light. Published by Edition Ville de Geneve

Item 23367    
Turner 1935 Old Postcard SUN RISING IN VAPOUR Painting

Old Artist Drawn B/W Postcard. Turner, Sun Rising in Vapour. National Gallery. Sailing Boats. Published by B. Matthews Bradford

Item 23366    
J.F. MILLET Artist Drawn Old Postcard Cows drinking

Old Artist Drawn B/W Postcard. J.-F. Millet - Vaches A L'Abreuvoir. Drinking Cattle. Published by Maison Braun & Cie

Item 23361    
C PISSARRO La Brouette Artist Drawn Postcard Woman Cart

Old B/W Postcard. Musee du Luxembourg. C. Pissarro - La Brouette. Published by Braun & Cie. Edit. Paris

Item 23350    
Artist Drawn Old Colour Postcard COUNTRYSIDE Corn Field

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard.

Item 23349    
Religious 1935 Old Postcard PRAYING MAN Yves Nicolazic

Old Religious B/W Postcard. Sainte-Anne D'Auray - Vitrail de la Chapelle Nicolazic. Yves Nicolazic. Le Pieux Voyant de Keranna (1623-1625). Au fond, a droite, la Maison de Nicolazic. A gauche, l'Eglise batie par Nicolazic. 20c

Item 23336    
Artist Drawn 1904 Old Postcard CRYING GIRL BABY Trumpet

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Man on bench with boy (playing trumpet), crying girl and baby. Sent to Paris. 5c

Item 23270    
SLEDGE First Vehicle used by man Dug-out Canoes Ethnic Life Old R Photo Postcard

Early Real Photo Art Drawn Picture Postcard. Transport Through the ages (2). The first vehicle used by man was undoubtedly the sledge. This is a conjectural scene of transport in the Neolithic age, perhaps 5,000 years ago. On the lake are 2 large dug-out canoes. Executed by R. T. Roussel. (hunters, boats, animals.). Published by The Science Museum London / B. Matthews Photo Printers Ltd. Bradford

Item 23261    
Italy Old Postcard FIRENZE Palazzo dell Arte della Lana

Old B/W Postcard. Firenze. Palazzo dell' Arte della Lana - Tabernacolo. Published by Ed. A. Traldi Milano

Item 23260    
Italy Old B/W Postcard DUOMO DI COMO Battistero

Old B/W Italian Postcard. Duomo di Como - Battistero. Como is a city in Lombardy, Italy, 45 km north of Milan; the capital of the province of Como, it borders Lake Como.
Published by Edit. Brunner & C., Como

Item 23256    
Italy Old B/W Postcard Chiostro di S. Mercuriale

Old Italian B/W Postcard. Chiostro di S. Mercuriale dopo i restauri. Published by Ed. A. Righini

Item 23250    
Italy Old B/W Postcard FLORENCE Baptistry Main Entrance

Old B/W Postcard. Firenze - Battistero. La porta Principale (Lorenzo Ghiberti).

Item 23239    
Italy Old B/W Postcard GENOA Interior of Church

Old B/W Postcard. Genova - Interno della Chiesa dell' Annunziata. Genoa is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of Liguria. It has a population of ca. 700,000.
Published by A. P. Zurich

Item 23233    
Italy Old UB Postcard MILAN Monumento Vittorio Emanuele

Undivided Back Early B/W Postcard. Milano - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Horse Rider. Statue.

Item 23232    
Italy Old Postcard PISA S Maria della Spina Tabernacolo

Old B/W Postcard. Pisa - S. Maria della Spina Tabernacolo di Stagio Stagi. Published by Fratelli Diena - Torino

Item 23221    
Italy Old B/W Postcard TIVOLI Panorama - Waterfalls

Old B/W Postcard. Tivoli - Panorama. Tivoli (population 55,000), the classical Tibur, is an ancient Italian town some 20 km from Rome (Latium), at the falls of the Aniene, where it issues from the Sabine hills. There are spectacular views out over the Roman Campagna.
Published by Ed. Papini Augusto - Tivoli

Item 23207    
Italy Old Postcard PISA Battistero o S. Giovanni D 1153

Old B/W Postcard. Pisa - Il Battistero o S. Giovanni (Diotisalvi 1153). Published by Ediz. Stab. Vallerini - Pisa

Item 23184    
Italy Old Colour Postcard FLORENCE Street Boys Cyclist

Undivided Back Early c1900 Colour Postcard. Firenze - Il Pante Vecchio da Via Guicciardini. Children, horse drawn cart. ShopFronts Advertisement. Published by G.P.M.

Item 23183    
Italy Old Artist Drawn Postcard MILAN Piazza Camposanto

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Milano - Piazza Camposanto.

Item 23182    
Artist Drawn Old Colour Postcard Italy VENICE S Barbera

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Palma Il Vecchio. S. Barbera. Venezia, Chiesa di S. Maria Formosa. Published by Fratelli Alinari - I.D.E.A. - Firenze

Item 23163    
Italy Old Colour Postcard FLORENCE Church Orsanmichele

Old Colour Art drawn Postcard. Firenze - La Chiesa di Orsanmichele.

Item 23162    
Italy Old Postcard FLORENCE Palazzo del Arte della Lana

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Firenze - Palazzo dell' Arte della Lana.

Item 23158    
Italy Old Coloured Postcard VENICE Porta della Carta

Old Colour Postcard. Venezia - Porta della Carta.

Item 23132    
Scotland Old RP Photo Postcard VIEW FROM ADAM'S COTTAGE

Early B/W Real Photograph Postcard. The View from Adam's Cottage. Scotland. Published by Mayons, Keswick