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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 11121    
Italy Old PPC ROME Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano

Early Italian Picture Postcard, Rom, Roma - Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano. Published by E V R

Item 11120    
Italy Old PPC - ROME Basilica di S. Paolo fuori le Mura

Roma - Basilica di S. Paolo fuori le Mura. rom. Clock. Tram. Published by E V R

Item 11110    
Italy Old Real Photo Postcard RAPALLO Aerial View Mount

Rapallo. Mountains.

Item 11055    
Italy 1926 Old Postcard Boat Racing GONDOLAS and HORSE

Early Italian Photographic PPC, Boats.

Item 11033    
London Old Colour Tinted Postcard of THE MANSION HOUSE

The Mansion House (London). Published by Printed at the works in Germany.

Item 11016    
Italy Old Postcard ROM Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Roma - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Rome. Published by Fototipia Alterocca - Terni.

Item 10993    
KENT Old Photo Postcard Kingsnorth Gardens FOLKESTONE

Early RP PPC. Fountain, birds. Clock Tower. Published by A Real Bromide Photograph

Item 10985    
London Old Postcard Horse Guards Clock Cyclist Bicycle

Clock Tower, Horses. Clock Tower. Horse Guards Parade is London's largest single open space, built in 1745 to house the old palace guards. The clock tower dates from the 18th century, built by William Kent and John Vardy. The low arch, guarded by two dismounted sentries, leads to Horse Guards Parade which is fringed by government offices and the Prime Minister's official Downing Street residence.

Item 10961    
Canada 1932 Old Postcard Admiral Beatty HOTEL St. John

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Post card. The Admiral Beatty Hotel, Saint John, N.B. Vintage Cars. Sent from Saint John NB to USA. King George 5th 2c
Published by Valentine Black Co. Ltd Toronto

Item 10940    
Somerset Old Judges Real Photo Postcard WELLS CATHEDRAL

Wells. West Front. Wells is a small city in the Mendip district of Somerset. It is England's smallest city with a population of only 10,000.
Published by Judges' Ltd. Hastings

Item 10933    
Canada Old Tinted Postcard The Lachine Rapids Montreal

Early c1900 Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Published by International Fine Art Co. Ltd. Montreal Printed in Saxony

Item 10929    
Canada Old Postcard Canadian Falls from below - Rocks

Early c1900 Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Waterfall. Niagara Falls may be viewed from 100 different positions and yet each one will show some point of advantage, for the cataract and Rapids are so immense that they may not be comprehended in an hour's study, nor by a hasty view. The camera has caught in this picture an expanse of perspective that extends far beyond what are known the Upper Rappids, and on the right shows how the waters are drawn to the crotch to make their plunge in greatest volume.
Made in USA

Item 10923    
Canada PC Princes Gate Fleet Street National Exhibition

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Flags. Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto. Published by Valentine - Black Co. Ltd. Toronto Printed in USA

Item 10920    
Canada Old Postcard - Alberta College Edmonton Alberta

Early Canadian Colour tinted Picture Postcard. School. Published by Valentine Toronto & Winnipeg Printed in USA

Item 10828    
Japan UK 1908 Old Tinted Postcard - Coolie Pulling Cart

Early Japanese Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Mountains. Sent from UK to West Hartlepool. King Edward 7th 1/2d yellow green

Item 10821    
Japan Old Postcard Pier Motohakone Gongen Shrine HAKONE

Early Sepia Japanese Picture Postcard. Mountains. The View of the Pier of Motohakone looking from the front of Gongen Shrine. Hakone. Boat. Made in Japan Tree trademark

Item 10820    
Japan Old Postcard Suma Pleasure Ground KOBE Boats Big Black Grape Wine Adverts.

Early Japanese Picture Postcard. Lake, Boats. Suma Pleasure Ground noted for its Beauty through four seasons. Kobe. Boats. Women in Kimono. Big Black Grape Wine Adverts. 大黑葡萄酒. Made in Japan Kobe B. Bird & lion trademark

Item 10800    
Japan Undivided Back Old Postcard Garden Steam Rocks

Early Photographic Japanese Picture Postcard.

Item 10743    

Shipping. Artist Painting. Sent from Remscheid. Germania 7 1/2pf Orange
Published by Printed in Germany.

Item 10742    
Germany 1915 Old ART PPC BOAT Am Strande Wilhelm Schulz

Early German Picture Postcard, Artist's Drawing, Wilhelm Schulz "Am Strande". Verkleinerte Wiedergabe eines Bildes aus dem Kalender "Kunst und Leben". Published by Verlag Fritz Heyder / Berlin-Zehlendorf.

Item 10735    
Germany 1913 Old Postcard - Bad Koesen RUDELSBURG Boat

Motorbootverkehr, Bad Koesen - Rudelsburg. Sent from Saal.. Kn Nau. 5pf green Germania
Published by Verlag von Karl Friedrich, Bad Koesen.

Item 10724    

Early Coloured PPC, Ship with US flag. Amerikan. Frachtdampfer "Pfadfinder" auf den grossen Seen in Amerika. "Marine-Galerie" Ausgabe von 300 verschiedenen Karten. Shipping.

Item 10716    
Italy Old Brunner Postcard trees Plant BOTANICAL GARDEN

Early Italian PPC. Published by Brunner

Item 10704    
Switzerland Old Postcard 1925 ZUERICH - New University

Zuerich, Neue Universitaet. Sent from Zurich to England. 20c
Published by Edition Photoglob, Zuerich.

Item 10694    
Switzerland Old Postcard MOUNTAINS - ALTMANN Meglisalp

Swiss Colour Tinted PPC, Altmann 2436 m. Meglisalp mit "Altmann". Published by Paul Bender, Zollikon-Zuerich.

Item 10684    
Italy Old Coloured Postcard Flowers Plants Sempre Cosi

Sempre Cosi. Published by Sogg. Depos.

Item 10682    
Switzerland / Italy Old Postcard SNOWY LANDSCAPE

Mountains, Tree. Published by Brunner & Co., Zuerich u. Como.

Item 10672    
France Old L.L. Postcard Clock ROUEN La Grosse Horloge

Rouen - La Grosse Horloge. Rouen (population 110,000) is a city situated on the Seine river in Normandy, northern France. Population of the metropolitan area (in French: aire urbaine) at the 1999 census was 518,316.
Published by LL Louis Levy

Item 10639    
Scotland Old Postcard - LOCH KATRINE The Silver Strand

Early Coloured PPC, The Silver Strand, Loch Katrine. Mountains. Loch Katrine is a freshwater loch in the district of Stirling, Scotland. It is roughly 13 kilometres long by 1 kilometre wide. Loch Katrine is the primary water reservoir for much of the city of Glasgow and its surrounding areas.
Published by Reliable Series. WR & S

Item 10632    
BRIDGWATER Somerset Old Valentine PPC In Blake Gardens

Early Picture Postcard. England. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 10629    
USA New York Boat Leaving Dock Providence Line RI Flags

Early c1900 Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Providence R. I. Cruise Liner. Published by UN CO

Item 10628    
BRIDGWATER Old Photo Postcard ST. MARYS CHURCH Interior

Early PPC St. Mary's Church. Painting. Alter. Interior View. Altarpiece. Published by S. A. Huggins

Item 10551    
Congo Zaire Africa Old Photo Postcard KATANGA Framework

Katanga. Flag. Katanga is the southern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, regional capital Lubumbashi (formerly Elizabethville).

Item 10459    
Japan Old Postcard Palace - KOBE - Suma Mukorigu GATE

Kobe, Suma Mukorigu. 須磨武庫離宮 Published by Kobe, Anchor trademark

Item 10442    
Japan Old Postcard KOBE Kiyomarizuka to Biwazuka Pagoda

Kobe, Kiyomarizuka to Biwazuka. Pee Pa Tomb, Shrine. Tramways. Tramlines. Published by Anchor Trademark

Item 10431    
Austria Old PPC INNSBRUCK Maria-Theresien-Strasse TRAM

Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien-Strasse. Snowy Mountains. Bicycles & Cyclists, Clock Tower, Shop Front, Cables above street. Sent to Perth, Scotland. Published by F.G.J.

Item 10424    
France Old RP Photo Postcard SAINT-CAST Beach Promenade

Saint-Cast (C-du-N) - Boulevard de la Mer vers la Pointe de I'Isle. Slogan Postmark Saint-Cast. Sites - Yacht. Plages. Sent from SAINT - CAST to Perth, Scotland. Published by Gaby

Item 10394    
Switzerland Old PPC Graubuenden Postcard RADONS Piz Mez

Early Swiss Picture Postcard, Mountains, Radons i. Val Nandro (Oberhalbsteir.) Blick gegen Piz Mez 2720 m. Published by J. Gaberell. Photograph. Anstalt, Thalwil.

Item 10388    
Wien Old Postcard VIENNA Kahlenberg Hotel and Panorama

Austria Vintage Picture Postcard, Kahlenberg, Hotel Terrace and Panorama. Wien, Vienna.

Item 10381    
Germany 1921 Germania Stationery Card KOHLBERG - AMBERG

Old German Postal Stationery Card 40pf Red Germania. Sent from Kohlberg to Amberg.

Item 10377    
Germany 1920 Stationery Card 15p Coburg Deutsches Reich

Postal Statioinery Card 15pf Tree. with AB in oval. Sent to Coburg.

Item 10371    
England Old Colour Tinted Postcard LAKE & MOUNTAINS

Photographic PPC, Trees. Published by Rotary Photo, London. Printed in England A 1017

Item 10337    
Wales Colour Tinted Old Postcard LLANDUDNO Town and Bay

Early Real Photo PPC, Llandudno, Town and Bay. Sent to Essex. King George 5th 1d

Item 10336    
ELY CATHEDRAL & SHEEP Old U.B. Postcard - Ely City Arms

Undivided Back Early PPC, Ely Cathedral. Cambridgeshire. Published by C.W. Faulkner & Co.

Item 10298    
Ireland Old Postcard GLENDALOUGH Wicklow The Upper Lake

The Upper Lake, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. Glendalough is a village located at the site of an ancient monastery located in County Wicklow, Ireland. It was founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, a hermit priest, and destroyed in 1398 by English troops.

Item 10297    
Ireland Old Postcard KILLARNEY Lake from Dinas Cottage

Lake from Dinas Cottage, Killarney. Horse Cart. Boat, Boating. Killarney is a town in Co. Kerry, south-western Ireland.
Published by Valentine's Bromotone Postcards.

Item 10251    
Italy Old PPC NAPLES Citta Visto da S. Martino VOLCANO

Early Italian Coloured Tinted Picture Postcard, mountains, pier, Panorama della Citta Visto da S. Martino. Napoli. Published by G. Bluemlein & Co.

Item 10206    
Switzerland Old Photo Postcard 7818 - Territet MONTREUX

Territet-Montreux. Montreux is a resort town in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland, on Lake Geneva with a population of about 20'000. Montreux holds several noteworthy festivals.
Published by Phototypie Co., Montreux.

Item 10195    
MONACO Old Postcard Courtyard Palace - Palais du Prince

Monaco - Cour d'honneur, Palais du Prince. Published by Giletta, Nice.

Item 10194    
German Old Postcard BAD WILDBAD Kurgarten-Grotte GROTTO

Early Germany PPC, Kurgarten-Grotte in Wildbad. Grot. Cave. Published by Wilh. Weber, Promenade.