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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 18092    
Italy Old Postcard PISA Interior of Duomo / Altro Punto

Pisa - Duomo interno per alto presa da altro punto. Published by G. Barsanti e figli, Pisa.

Item 18076    
Switzerland Old Postcard MOUNTAIN ALTMANN Faehlenseeli

Early Coloured Swiss PPC, Auf dem Stauberengrat, Blick auf Faehlenseeli, Altmann und Saentis. Published by Paul Bender, Zollikon-Zuerich.

Item 18068    
France Old Postcard PARIS L'Eglise Ste-Madeleine Street

Paris - L'Eglise Ste-Madeleine. Published by C.M.

Item 18058    
France L.L. Postcard ROUEN Place Carnot Pont Boieldieu

Old PPC, Rouen - Place Carnot. Rouen (population 110,000) is a city situated on the Seine river in Normandy, northern France. Population of the metropolitan area (in French: aire urbaine) at the 1999 census was 518,316.
Published by Levy & Neurdein Reunis, Paris.

Item 18050    
France Old Postcard PARIS Place du Carrousel et Louvre

Paris - La Place du Carrousel et le Louvre. Published by C. M.

Item 18049    
France Old Postcard Somme Picardy MERS-LES-BAINS - Pier

Mers-les-Bains. Vue sur le Treport. View on the Treport. Lighthosue.

Item 18047    
AMIENS Old L.L. Postcard Cathedral Fish Market Fishery

Amiens - La Cathedrale et le Marche sur l'eau. - The cathedral and the River-Market. Amiens is city in the north of France, 120km north of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital city) of the Somme département. Population: 120,000.
Published by LL

Item 18037    
Switzerland PPC MOUNT UETLIBERG Fallaetsche Glaernisch

Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Uetliberg. Fallaetsche. Glecksteinhuette mit Glaernischkette. Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 18020    
Switzerland Old Colour Postcard BADEN River Bridge 1124

Undivided Back Early Coloured PPC, Baden - Panorama, Switzerland.

Item 18015    
Switzerland Old Color Card RIVER MOUNTAINS General View

Coloured PPC.

Item 18014    
France - Hamburg Friendship 1960 Lufthansa Flight Cover

Freundschaft uber Grabern, Brucke der Freundschaft, Bridge of Friendship, Abbeville / Somme - Paris - Hamburg. 20.7.1960. With stamp of Chateau de Blois Castle 30c Pair of 2 & 10c. Sent from Abbeville (France) to Hamburg (Germany).

Item 18011    
Finland Germany 1984 Lufthansa LH029 First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 029, Boeing 737, Helsinki - Duesseldorf. With stamps from 1982 Europa. Sent from Helsinki to Dusseldorf. 1m.20 Cover of "Abckiria" and sculpture of M. Agricola by O. Juahiainen & 60p

Item 17968    
Switzerland Old Postcard SAILING BOAT Mountains Lake

Early Undivided Back PPC, Sailing Boat, Lake, Snowy Mountain.

Item 17953    
Switzerland Postcard GRAND-SAINT-BERNARD Lake, Hospice

Old Real Photo Swiss PPC, L'Hospice du Gd St Bernard, Switzerland. Gd-St-Bernard. Published by Perrochet, Lausanne

Item 17949    
Germany Old RP Postcard ST. BLASIEN & ALPS Aerial View

Early Real Photo German PPC, St. Blasien mit Blick auf die Alpen, Germany. Published by Josef Weissenberger, St. Blasien

Item 17948    
Germany Old Coloured Postcard - FRANKFURT / MAIN Garden

Frankfurt a.M. - Palmengarten.

Item 17921    
France Indre-et-Loire Postcard AZAY-LE-RIDEAU Chateau

Azay-le-Rideau (I.-et-L.) - Le Chateau Renaissance - Le Chambre du Roi.

Item 17885    
Artist Drawn Old Postcard BLOOMING TREES, HOUSE, BENCH

Artist drawn postcard, Vesete Velikonoce. Flowers.

Item 17877    
Italy Postcard FLORENCE Uffizi Gallery FILIPPINO LIPPI

Undivided Back Old PPC, Firenze - Galleria Uffizi - Filippino Lippi.

Item 17874    
Italy Old Postcard FLORENCE Uffizi Gallery La Fornarina

Firenze - Gall. Uffizi - La Fornarina (Sebastiano dal Piombo). Woman with fur. Published by Francesco Pineider, Firenze.

Item 17868    
Belgium Old Postcard DINANT Roche a Bayard / Boat Rocks

Dinant. Published by Ern. Thill, Bruxelles. NELS

Item 17865    
Belgium Old Postcard YPRES Belle Hospital Hospice Belle

Ypres - Belle Hospital. Hospice Belle. The area around Ypres was site of three major battles in World War I. Because of the fighting the town was all but obliterated with much shelling from the Germans.
Published by Ern. Thill, Bruxelles. NELS

Item 17862    
Belgium Old Postcard YPRES St. Martin's Church Entrance

Ypres - Eglise St. Martin, St. Martin's Church. Side Entrance. The area around Ypres was site of three major battles in World War I. Because of the fighting the town was all but obliterated with much shelling from the Germans.

Item 17860    
Artist Signed Old Postcard Couple Romantic Scene Flower

Artist drawn painting postcard, Man & Woman. Published by S. & G. S. i. B.

Item 17854    
Switzerland Old Real Photo Postcard BERN CHURCH Munster

Bern, Muenster. Church. Published by Photoglob Co. Zurich

Item 17843    
Argentina CHILE 1980 Lufthansa LH502 First Flight Cover

South America Map illustrated Airmail Envelope, LH 509 Boeing 747 SL, Frankfurt - Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo - Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile. Stamp of 1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill. Sent from Buenos Aires to Santiago de Chile. Rowland Hill 300p

Item 17835    
USA Undivided Back Postcard UNIVERSITY CHICAGO Illinois

Old Coloured PPC, University of Chicago. Published by Curt Teich & Co.

Item 17826    
Austria 1906 Postcard INNSBRUCK Knight Philipp der Gute

Hofkirche-Gruppe IV. Innsbruck. Philipp der Gute, Herzog von Burgund, Vater Karl der Kuehne. Sent from Innsbruck. 5 heller

Item 17762    
Children 1903 Tuck's Postcard GIRL BOYS PLAY NEAR RIVER

Illustrated Songs - "Gather ye Rosebuds while ye may." "Gather ye roses while ye may, old Time is still a flying". Flowers, Children, Girl. River, Natual Landscape. Sent from Stockwell. KE7 1/2d blue green
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Illustrated Songs

Item 17761    

Old Framed Art Drawn PPC, "Peace seemed to reign upon earth, all sounds were in harmony blended" Longfellow. Artist drawn postcard. Feeding the Ducks, Natural Landscape. Sent from Portpatrick to Woodchurch, Kent. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. / In the Country Platemarked

Item 17752    
Austria Old Coloured Postcard VIENNA Town Hall Fountain

Early Real Photo PPC, Vienna - Town Hall. Clock tower.

Item 17749    
Austria Old Photo Postcard VIENNA St. Charles Church

RP PPC, Vienna, St. Charles Church. By Night.

Item 17744    
South Africa Old Postcard - RUSTENBURG KLOOF Waterfall

Rustenburg Kloof, South Africa. Published by B.P. Alter, Rustenburg

Item 17743    
Switzerland Old Postcard - LUZERN Bruenigbahn Jungfrau

Bruenigbahn, Luzern. MAP. Mountains. Published by Wehrli AG, Kilchberg, Zuerich.

Item 17652    
Algeria Postcard ALGIERS La Mosquee de Sidi Abderhaman

Old PPC, Alger - La Mosquee de Sidi Abderhaman.

Item 17632    
Algeria Old Coloured Postcard ALGIERS La Prefecture

Alger - La Prefecture. Published by Collection Ideale P.S.

Item 17616    
Switzerland Old Postcard LUCERNE Town Hall Clock Tower

Early Coloured PPC, Bridge. Gasthaus. Luzern, Rathaus. Published by E. Goetz Phot. Luzern.

Item 17607    
Sweden Old Pencil Sketch Postcard - The KALMAR HOUSE

Kalmar Kalmar Municipality (population 59,308) is a municipality in southeastern Sweden, where Kalmar is the seat. It is located in the district Smalandia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It played an important part in the history of Sweden in the medieval age.

Item 17605    
Sweden Old Pencil Sketch Postcard - The KALMAR Canon

Kalmar, Canon. Kalmar Municipality (population 59,308) is a municipality in southeastern Sweden, where Kalmar is the seat. It is located in the district Smalandia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It played an important part in the history of Sweden in the medieval age.

Item 17604    
Spain RP Postcard PAMPLONA Provincial Deputation Saloon

Old Real Photo PPC, Pamplona, Provincial Deputation. The Sesions Saloon. Panelled-ceiling in Gold.

Item 17593    
Italy Old Postcard LAKE MAGGIORE Pallanza Varese - MAP

Lago Maggiore. Mountains, River, Lake. Published by Brunner

Item 17592    
Italy Old Photo RP Postcard LA MENDOLA Caldaro Penegal

Early Real Photograph PPC, La Mendola: Vista sul lago di Caldaro dal M. Penegal m. 1738. Lake. Snowy Mountains. General View.

Item 17590    
Germany Postcard Castle - BURG RHEINSTEIN Steamer, Flag

Rheinstein, German Flag. River & Boat.

Item 17587    
German Old Postcard CASTLE EHRENFELS Maeuseturm STEAMER

Germany Coloured PPC, Ships, Maeuseturm und Ruin Ehrenfels, Steamer Boat, Castle.

Item 17584    
Germany Old Postcard FRANKFURT/MAIN Fountain Bird Swan

Frankfurt am Main, Swan, Fountain. Friedberger Anlage.

Item 17573    
Germany Bavaria 1923 Old RP Postcard TEGERNSEE Mountain

Early Real Photo PPC, Tegernsee. Published by J. Reitmayer, Hof-Photograph, Tegernsee.

Item 17568    
Switzerland Old Postcard BASEL Church Interior Muenster

Basel, Munster. Church. Stained Glass window.

Item 17566    
Switzerland Old Postcard RIVER - WETTERHORN Luetschine

Luetschine mit Wetterhorn. Rocks. Mountains. Trees. The Wetterhorn is a mountain in the Swiss Alps close to the village of Grindelwald. Sir Winston Churchill climbed the Wetterhorn in 1894. Its peak was also the intended terminal for the world's first people-carrying aerial tramway, but only the first quarter section of the lift was built and in operation until the beginning of World War 1.

Item 17559    
Austria Old Real Photo Postcard MOUNTAINS LAKE & CHURCH

Austria, Lake, Church. Published by Cosy Verlag, Alfred Gruendler, Salzburg.

Item 17547    
Switzerland Postcard MOUNT PILATUS Pilatusbahn ESELWAND

Old Swiss PPC, Steep Mountain Railways, Train, Pilatusbahn, Eselwand. Mountains Pilatus. Mount Pilatus is a mountain near Lucerne, Switzerland. The top can be reached with the world’s steepest cog railway from Alpnachstad, operating from May to November (depending on snow conditions), and the whole year with the aerial tramway from Kriens. It was named after a local legend that Pontius Pilate was buried there.
Published by E. Goetz, Luzern.