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Newly added Stamps & Postcards    

Item 11562    
Vintage Old Real Photo Postcard An OLD LADY IN the FIELD Embossed Medway Studios

Embossed Medway Studios Ld. 43 High Str. Chatham. Old Lady. Published by Medway Studies, Ltd.

Item 11556    
Signed Old Photo Postcard SMILING WOMAN Love to Dorothy

Early Photograph PPC. Beautiful Girl.

Item 11509    
BRITISH MUSEUM - Grave-Relief Xanthippos Old Postcard

Early Picture Postcard of British Museum. Grave-Relief of Xanthippos. The Fine Arts Pubg Co. Ltd. Sculpture. London.

Item 11501    
Palestine Israel Old Postcard THE GOLDEN GATE Exterior

The Golden Gate, exterior. Porte doree, exterieur. (Israel). Published by The Cairo Postcard Trust - Cairo.

Item 11481    
Little Girl Flowers Old Hand Coloured Postcard Merry Christmas Greetings Xmas

Early Handcoloured Photographic PPC, Greetings Card. Wishing You a Merry Christmas. A very happy Christmas Time! I send you wish anew, That long bright hours all pleasure-filled, Make glad the time for you, And may the year that lies ahead. Hold many joys in store, To bless you more abundantly. Than any year before. Published by Rotary Photo London EC

Item 11479    
Rose Flowers Bunch Old Hand Coloured Postcard - Sunset

Early Handcoloured Photographic PPC, Greetings, Roses. Published by A S R

Item 11385    
Bermuda Old Tinted Postcard St. Peters - Oldest Church

Early Coloured PPC. St. Peter's Church, St. George's. Steps. The Oldest Church. Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Published by Wm. Weiss & Co. Photographers and Kodak dealers. Made in Germany

Item 11374    
Bermuda Old Tinted Postcard - Banana Tree Bud and Fruit

Early Coloured PPC. Banana Tree showing Bud and Fruit. Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Published by Yankee Store Bermuda

Item 11363    
Bermuda Old Tinted Postcard Cathedral Church of England

Early Coloured PPC. Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Published by Yankee Store Bermuda

Item 11338    
A.R. Quinton Old Postcard NEWQUAY Beacon Cove Tea Caves

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, Artist Signed, Cross, Cliffs, Beacon Cove & Tea Caves, Newquay. From an original Water Colour Drawing by A. R. Quinton. Published by J. Salmon, Sevenoaks, England. Fish Trademark.

Item 11325    
London Old Tinted Postcard HALL OF CHARTER HOUSE 1816

Coloured PPC.

Item 11321    
ART Old Postcard Dr Fisher's Apartments CHARTER HOUSE 1816 British Museum London

London Dr. Fisher's Apartments, Charter House, 1816. Paintings. British Museum London.

Item 11319    
Old Postcard Dr. Fisher's Apartments CHARTER HOUSE 1816 British Museum London

Coloured PPC, Dr. Fisher's Apartments, Charter House, 1816.

Item 11306    
Sculpture Old Real Photo Postcard MEMORIAL WOMAN & BABY

Item 11305    
Old Photographic Postcard Church Interior Kara Flowers

Item 11298    
Postcard MUNICH 1952 Maximilianeum Bavarian Parliament

Munich / Das Maximilianeum, Sitz des Bayerischen Landtages. Bavarian Parliament. Amtliches Postgebuhrenheff bei allen Postamtern. Sent from Munich to London, England. 20pf Red
Published by Ludwig Simon Munchen Pullach

Item 11294    
France Aisne Old Real Photo Postcard SOISSONS Cathedral

Soissons (Aisne). La Cathedrale (XIIIe s.), Les Portails et la Tour (XIVe s.), The Cathedral (13th century): the porches and the towers (14th century). The city of Soissons in the Aisne d├ępartement, Picardie, France on the Aisne River is about 60 miles northeast of Paris and is one of the most ancient cities of France, and is probably the ancient capital of the Suessiones. Population (1999): 30,672.

Item 11288    
Germany Postcard BAD WOERISHOFEN Park Lake Kneipp Kur

German Multiview PPC, Photograph, Boating, Boat, Bad Woerishofen. Kneippdenkmal, Wassertreten, Waldsee, Im Kurpark. Published by Altmann & Osswald, Buchhandlung, Bad Woerishofen.

Item 11284    
Austria Tyrol Real Photo Postcard WOERGL Bahnhofstrasse

Woergl, Bahnhofstrasse, Tirol. Gasthof Rose. Gasthof Hauser. A. Wastl Moebel. Clock, Flag. Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck. KTV.

Item 11281    
Serbia Real Photo Postcard HOTEL MILOCER Sveli Stefan

Original Photograph PPC, Coast, Ugostiteljsko preduzece "Sv. Stefan - Milocer" Sveli Stefan. Hotel Milocer.

Item 11274    
Austria Tyrol Postcard WOERGL Cafe Central & Restaurant

Woergl, Cafe Central, Tirol. Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 11271    
Germany Postcard POTSDAM In Neues Palais Jaspisgalerie

Potsdam, Neues Palais, Jaspisgalerie.

Item 11269    
Sweden Old Photo Postcard OEREBRO Nikolaikyrkan Bicycle

Oerebro Nikolaikyrkan. Clock Tower, Bicycles, Vintage Cars. Published by Pressbyran.

Item 11268    
Germany 1947 Old Postcard - CHURCH ON HILL Bergesfriede

Bergesfriede. Published by Deutsche Erde Verlag Werner Klotz, Zittau

Item 11267    
Switzerland Old Postcard - MOUNTAIN SAENTIS Observatory

Undivided Back Early Swiss PPC, Observatorium auf dem Saentis. Observatory. Published by Gebr. Wehrli, Kilchberg, Zuerich.

Item 11264    
Switzerland 1948 Old Postcard GIORNICO Chiesa S Nicolao

Giornico. Portale laterale della Chiesa S. Nicolao. Published by Fot. A. & W. Borelli, Airolo.

Item 11262    
Greece Old Real Photo Postcard CHURCH & FOUNTAIN

Children, Boys.

Item 11261    
Germany Neustadt Old PPC of BLACK FOREST Hirschbrunnen

Old Colour Tinted PPC, Neustadt i. Schwarzwald. Der Hirschbrunnen. Deer. Published by Fotoprint Verlag A. Mauthe, Balingen/Wuertt.

Item 11256    
Germany 1953 RP Postcard NUREMBERG Hans Sachs Memorial

Nuernberg - Hans-Sachs Denkmal. Exhibition 20 June - 11 October Deutsche Verkehrs Austellung Munchen 1953 Commemorative cachet postmark. Sent from Nurnberg to England, London. 20pf Posthorn
Published by Ansichtskartenfabrik Schoening & Co., Luebeck.

Item 11251    
Spain Montserrat Old Postcard Abside de la Basilica Peak Rocks Mountains Spanish

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Spain, Montserrat. Abside de la Basilica. Rocks. Published by Fot. Artigues

Item 11228    
Netherlands Photo Postcard ANIMAL CARE HOUSE Dierenzorg

Real Photograph PPC, Dierentehuis Vereniging. Nationale Dierenzorg. Zijdeweg 56, Wassenaar.

Item 11218    
Norway 1964 Postcard Edvard Grieg's House TROLDHAUGEN

Griegs hjem, Troldhaugen, Norge. Photos from the home of the famous composer Edvard Grieg. Sent to England. removed
Published by Enerett: Djupdraets Kortforlag Box 214, Nesttun.

Item 11192    
Kent 1912 KGV Old Postcard - RAMSGATE Ornamental Water

Ornamental Water, Ramsgate. Rocks, Bridge. Sent from Margate to Leyton. KGV Downey Head 1/2d

Item 11148    
Vatican City Old Postcard ROME Vatican Museum Sculpture Museo Vaticano

Undivided Back Early PPC, Roma - Museo Vaticano - Venere accovacciata. Woman Statue. Art. Published by A. Lamprechts - Roma.

Item 11133    
Italy Old Postcard FLORENCE Door - Porta del Battistero

Early Italian PPC, Firenze - Porta del Battistero. Carving. Published by U.M.F.

Item 11121    
Italy Old PPC ROME Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano

Early Italian Picture Postcard, Rom, Roma - Basilica di S. Giovanni in Laterano. Published by E V R

Item 11120    
Italy Old PPC - ROME Basilica di S. Paolo fuori le Mura

Roma - Basilica di S. Paolo fuori le Mura. rom. Clock. Tram. Published by E V R

Item 11110    
Italy Old Real Photo Postcard RAPALLO Aerial View Mount

Rapallo. Mountains.

Item 11055    
Italy 1926 Old Postcard Boat Racing GONDOLAS and HORSE

Early Italian Photographic PPC, Boats.

Item 11033    
London Old Colour Tinted Postcard of THE MANSION HOUSE

The Mansion House (London). Published by Printed at the works in Germany.

Item 11016    
Italy Old Postcard ROM Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Roma - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Rome. Published by Fototipia Alterocca - Terni.

Item 10993    
KENT Old Photo Postcard Kingsnorth Gardens FOLKESTONE

Early RP PPC. Fountain, birds. Clock Tower. Published by A Real Bromide Photograph

Item 10985    
London Old Postcard Horse Guards Clock Cyclist Bicycle

Clock Tower, Horses. Clock Tower. Horse Guards Parade is London's largest single open space, built in 1745 to house the old palace guards. The clock tower dates from the 18th century, built by William Kent and John Vardy. The low arch, guarded by two dismounted sentries, leads to Horse Guards Parade which is fringed by government offices and the Prime Minister's official Downing Street residence.

Item 10961    
Canada 1932 Old Postcard Admiral Beatty HOTEL St. John

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Post card. The Admiral Beatty Hotel, Saint John, N.B. Vintage Cars. Sent from Saint John NB to USA. King George 5th 2c
Published by Valentine Black Co. Ltd Toronto

Item 10940    
Somerset Old Judges Real Photo Postcard WELLS CATHEDRAL

Wells. West Front. Wells is a small city in the Mendip district of Somerset. It is England's smallest city with a population of only 10,000.
Published by Judges' Ltd. Hastings

Item 10933    
Canada Old Tinted Postcard The Lachine Rapids Montreal

Early c1900 Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. Published by International Fine Art Co. Ltd. Montreal Printed in Saxony

Item 10929    
Canada Old Postcard Canadian Falls from below - Rocks

Early c1900 Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Waterfall. Niagara Falls may be viewed from 100 different positions and yet each one will show some point of advantage, for the cataract and Rapids are so immense that they may not be comprehended in an hour's study, nor by a hasty view. The camera has caught in this picture an expanse of perspective that extends far beyond what are known the Upper Rappids, and on the right shows how the waters are drawn to the crotch to make their plunge in greatest volume.
Made in USA

Item 10923    
Canada PC Princes Gate Fleet Street National Exhibition

Early Canadian Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Flags. Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto. Published by Valentine - Black Co. Ltd. Toronto Printed in USA

Item 10920    
Canada Old Postcard - Alberta College Edmonton Alberta

Early Canadian Colour tinted Picture Postcard. School. Published by Valentine Toronto & Winnipeg Printed in USA

Item 10828    
Japan UK 1908 Old Tinted Postcard - Coolie Pulling Cart

Early Japanese Colour Tinted Picture Postcard. Mountains. Sent from UK to West Hartlepool. King Edward 7th 1/2d yellow green