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Item 153329    
China c.1930 Old Postcard Chaoyang National SHEEP FARM Shepherd Chinchou Jinzhou

Vintage Chinese picture post card. c.1930 Japanese Occupation of China. National SHEEP FARM of Chaoyang, Shepherd, Cattle Cow, Chinchou Jinzhou Province. Pasturage. Animals. Mountains. Manchukuo, Manchuria. 錦洲省 朝陽 國立朝陽緬羊改良場.

Item 153116    
Andorra Old Postcard SHEEP, Port de Fray-Miquel Cirque Lacustre des Pessons Puig

Vintage Old Postcard. c.1930. Les Pyrenees 3e Serie. Andorre-La-Vielle - Vallee d'Andorre - Andorra - Pentes Occidentales du Port de Fray-Miquel (2450m) De Gauche a Droite : Chainon des Sources du Valira del Orien et du Cirque Lacustre des Pessons. Puig del Pes ons (2865m). Alto del Grio (2870m). Puig de Cuvil (2839m). Mountains. Animals. Flock of SHEEP grazing. Published by Phot. Labouche Fr. Toulouse LF

Item 153111    
Andorra c.1930 Old Postcard Canillo Sheep Grazing Church Tower Mountain Panorama

Vintage Old Postcard. c.1930 Les Pyrenees. Andorre-La-Vielle - Vallee d'Andorre. Canillo, Church Tower, Mountains, Flock of Sheep Grazing. Animals. Panorama. Canillo is one of the parishes of Andorra. Canillo is also the name of the main town of the parish. Canillo has a gondola link to the main ski resort of Grandvalira.
Published by Edicion La Maravilla Seu d'Urgell

Item 152905    
Native North American Red Indian Children Riding Large Sheep Cattle Old Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Embossed Undivided Back Old Picture Postcard. Artist Signed. Canada, Ethnic Life. Native North American Red Indian Children Riding a Large Animal, Sheep or Cattle. Costumes. Humour. This Strenuous Life is Telling on Me.

Item 152384    
SHEEP EVENTIDE Animals Sunset Lake Mountains & Panorama 110. Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. Animals, EVENTIDE & SHEEP, Sunset Lake Mountain. Panorama.

Item 152373    
Mountain Goats Sheep Cattle Cow Trough, Swiss Little Boys 1929 Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Swiss Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Switzerland. Animals. Mountain Goat Goats Sheep Cattle Cow Trough, Little Boys. Mountains. Postally Used in 1929. Sent from Grindelwald to Sussex Hastings. 20c
Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.)

Item 152370    
Flock of Sheep Grazing - Animals - Pasture Lands Panorama Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Flock of Sheep Grazing, Animals, Pasture Lands. Panorama.

Item 152169    
Israel, Judean Desert near The Well, Sheep Donkey Camels & Trough 1976 Postcard

Larger Colour Picture Postcard. Israel. Middle East. Holy Land. Sand Dunes. Animals. Sheep Donkey Camels drinking from the Trough. Judean Desert, near The Well in the Desert. Postally Used with 1976 0.80 & 0.30 stamps. Par Avion Airmail Label. Sent from Jerusalem to England. 0.30 0.80
Published by Star Cards

Item 146185    
SHEEP Grazing, A Spring Morning in Sussex, Animals Old Real Photograph Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. SHEEP Grazing, A Spring Morning in Sussex, Animals.

Item 146161    
Wiltshire Flock of Sheep and Shepherd, Artist Signed Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Tuck's Oilette Postcard. Countryside Road. Artist Signed. Picturesque Counties. Wiltshire. Flock of Sheep and Shepherd. Sent from Norwich to Norwich. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Picturesque Counties Wiltshire

Item 145094    
Egypt Old Postcard Village avec Palmier Le Caire Cairo Palm Trees SHEEP Shepherd

Vintage Egyptian Colour Postcard, Africa Egypte Egypt, Village avec Palmier pres du Caire. Cairo Palm village near Cairo, SHEEP Shepherd. Man, Women & Children. Sunset. Published by Edition Egyptienne A & M B

Item 143626    
Herd of SHEEP in Pasture, Environs de St-Claude Moutons au Paturage Old Postcard

Vintage French Postcard. France. Herd of SHEEP in Pasture, Grazing. Environs de St-Claude, Saint Claude. Moutons au Paturage. Published by Negatif A. Regad Ed. J. Mermet libraire

Item 143621    
Herd of Sheep Grazing, Animals, Pasture, British Countryside Scene Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Herd of Sheep Grazing, Animals, Pasture, British Countryside Scene.

Item 140201    
Algeria Alger Old Postcard Sheep Market Maison Carree Le Marche de Lamb Shepherd

Vintage Colour Postcard. Africa Algeria. Algiers, Alger - Le Marche de Maison Carree - Sheep Market. Ethnic Life. Lamb, Shepherds. Animals. L.L. No. 44. Published by LL

Item 139931    
Sheep Animals Egypt Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Bedouin Shepherds nr Cairo Palms

Vintage Egyptian Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Colour Picture Post card. Le Caire - Cairo, Bedouin Shepherds, near Cairo. Palm Trees and a Herd of Sheep. / This picture of a shepherd and his flock is typical of Egypt. The first kings of early Egypt sprang from shepherds, who no doubt tended their flocks at that far distant date much as the humble Bedouin does today. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons OILETTE Picturesque Egypt

Item 138136    
Hold To The Light Novelty 1899 Old Postcard Osteroruss, Lamb Sheep Boy Bells Sun

Vintage Novelty Post Card. Undivided Back. U.B. Hold to the Light. H.T.L. Hold this Postcard to a very Bright Light, You'll see light around Boy Child's Head, 2 Bells at top left corner & Sun at upper right. Children. Little Boy or Girl Holding Flowers. Sheep, Lamb. Postally Used in 1899 31st March with 5pf stamp. Bitte gegen das Licht zu halten. Ostergruss. ("Easter greetings"). Sent from Bretten to Floha Flöha Floeha (Sachsen). 5pf
Published by Meteor D.R.G.M. 88690

Item 136786    
Egypt Assouan 1907 Old Postcard Femille du Fellah Family, Camel Donkey Sheep Men

Vintage Egyptian Picture Card. Africa, Egypt. Ethnic Life. La Femille du Fellah, Fellah Family, Animals, Camel, Donkey, Sheep & Native Men. Postally Used with 4m Sphinx & Pyramid stamp, tied Assouan. Sent from Assouan to England. 4m
Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Cairo

Item 132795    
Italy Old Postcard Roma Foro Romano, Animals Carvings, Sheep Horse, Bassorilievo

Italy Vintage Italian Postcard. Rom, Roma, Rome. Foro Romano Bassorilievo animali uccisi nei sacrifizi. Published by Ernesto Richter Roma

Item 131779    
Herd of SHEEP Shepherdess Stick Sunset Art Artist Drawn 1906 Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Herd of SHEEP & Shepherdess with Stick. Sunset. Animals. Sent from Blackpool to Yorks. KEVII 1/2d
Published by N.K.G.

Item 131117    
Algeria Old Postcard BOU SAADA Flock Sheep Shepherd Sand Dunes Desert Native Boy

Vintage Postcard. Africa Algeria Bou-Saada - Flock of Sheep & Shepherd. Native Little Boy. Ethnic Life. Troupeaux dans les dunes de Sable. Herds in the dunes of sand. Published by Cliche Prouho Phot. Combier Macon

Item 130992    
France Calais, Route de Sangatte-les-Salines Sheep Shepherd L.L. 62 Old Postcard

France Vintage French Postcard. Calais, Route de Sangatte-les-Salines, Sheep & Shepherd. Panorama. Pond. L.L. No. 62. Published by LL

Item 130780    
Anvers Antwerp Zoo Animals Camel Sheep Bridge Zoological Gdns. 1923 Old Postcard

Belgium Vintage Postcard. Dierentuin Dieren tuin - Antwerpen. Jardin Zoologique - Anvers. Zoological Gardens. Sheep, Camel. Rocks & Bridge. Postally Used. Sent from Antwerpen to Belgique. Published by M. Marcovici Editeur Bruxelles

Item 130626    
Canada BIG HORN SHEEP Old Real Photo Postcard Canadian Sheep with Horns, Animals

Vintage Canadian Real Photograph Photographic Post Card. Canada Big Horn Sheep, Animals. Along the Line of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Published by Byron Harmon Banff Canada

Item 129461    
MOUNTAIN SHEEP on HIGHWAY - Canadian Pacific Railway Old Real Photo Postcard 586

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Mountain Sheep on Highway. Canada Canadian Pacific Railway.

Item 128479    
SHEEP Shepherd Cottage Duck Pond Lake Birds Sunset Old Artist Drawn Postcard ART

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Herd of Sheep and Shepherd, Sunset. Cottage, Duck Pond Lake, Birds. KGV 1d

Item 127826    
NEW ZEALAND Old Postcard SHEPHERD SHEEP DROVING Home of Finest Lamb in The World

Vintage Postcard. Sheep droving in New Zealand. The home of the finest lamb in the world. Shepherd. Mountains.

Item 126627    
Mongolia China Old Postcard 2 SHEEP Killed by American Father De Wilde Residence

Vintage Picture Postcard, China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Animals. Missionary. Missionaries. Deux mouflons (argall) tues par un americain pres de la residence du R.P. De Wilde (Mongolie). Two sheep (Argall) killed by an American near the residence of Father De Wilde (Mongolia). Mongolian Sheep. Published by Missions de Scheut Nels

Item 124576    
A.R. QUINTON St. Catherine's Chapel GUILDFORD SHEEP Surrey Old Postcard ARQ Art

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, Surrey, St. Catherine's Chapel, Guildford. Sheep. Artist Signed by A.R. Quinton. ARQ. Published by J. Salmon

Item 124116    
Richard Cordingley Artist Signed Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard SHEPHERD, Sheep Dog

Vintage Tuck's Oilette Connoisseur Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Artist Signed by Richard Cordingley. THE SHEPHERD. Herd of Sheep & Dog. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Connoisseur

Item 123586    

Vintage Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. Native Arab Arabe Man. An Eastern Shepherd carrying a Sheep, Lamb. Published by Missionary Film Committee. 59 New Oxford Street, W.C. I