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Postcards > Europe > Austria > Salzburg State

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Item 205980    
Austrian Airlines Swissair 5020 Salzburg Zurich DC-9 1972 First Flight Cover 4s.

Austria 4s 200 Jahre Wiener Boerse stamp, Austrian Airlines Swissair 5020 Salzburg - Zurich Erstflug mit DC-9. 2.1. 1972 First Flight Cover Envelope. Via Aerea label.

Item 205979    
Austria Austrian Airlines Swissair 8020 Graz Zurich DC-9 1972 First Flight Cover

Austria 4s 200 Jahre Wiener Boerse stamp, Austrian Airlines Swissair 8020 Graz - Salzburg - Zurich Erstflug mit DC-9. 2.1. 1972 First Flight Cover Envelope. Via Aerea label. Retour.

Item 144670    
Children Little Girls Auf 'm Bergli bin ich gefellen Dolfsied Art Drawn Postcard

Larger Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, Children Little Girls, Auf'm Bergli bin ich gesessen, hab den Voegle zugeschaut, Isst ein Federle abgeflogen, hab'n Haeusle draus baut! Volkslied. HOlzschnitt von Ernst Dombrowski. Akademischer Gemeinschaftsverlag. Salzburg.

Item 109601    
Austria 1959 Old Postcard St. Wolfgang u Schafberg Lake

Austria Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. St. Wolfgang u. Schafberg Mountain. Mountains & Lake. Commemorative cachet Weltkurort St. Wolfgang am See. Horse. 28.8.59. Published by Cosy

Item 101000    
Lichtensteinklamm bei St. Johann I Pongau 1935 Postcard

Austria Vintage Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Lichtensteinklamm bei St. Johann im Pongau. Schiffers Restauration Zur Lichtensteinklamm. St. Johann I. Pong. Published by Echt Foto

Item 97114    
SALZBURG Old Postcard Residenzbrunnen und Glockenspiel

Austria Vintage Colour Postcard. Salzburg, Residenzbrunnen und Glockenspiel. Clock Tower. Fountain. Published by J. Huttegger

Item 81126    
GROSSVENEDIGER Hafelekarbahn bei Innsbruck Old Real Photo Postcard Austria

Austria Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Grossvenediger. Mountains, Panorama in Snow. Hafelekarbahn bei Innsbruck, Tirol. Cachet on back Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahn. Gro├čvenediger is generally considered to be Austria's third highest mountain (although it can be up to sixteenth if every subsidiary summit is counted). It is located in the Hohe Tauern National Park on the border of Salzburg and East Tyrol, and is covered by glaciers.
Published by Photo-Ateller Richard mueller

Item 79624    
SALZBURG 1930 Old Postcard Residenzburnnen Glockenspiel

Austria Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Salzburg, Residenzburnnen Glockenspiel. Clock Tower. Fountain. Sent from Salzburg to Genova Italy. 70g

Item 77246    
Austria Old Postcard SALZBURG - Dom mit Gaisberg Church

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Salzburg, Dom mit GAisberg. Mountains. Cathedral. Published by MAKART

Item 71561    
Austria Old Postcard SALZBURG St Peter Crucifixus Halle

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Salzburg, St. Peter, Crucifixus in der Halle des Benediktiner kollegs St. Peter in Salzburg. (von Adlhart in Hallein). Published by F. Morawetz 1927

Item 58231    
Austria Old RP Postcard SALZBURG Maria Plain Hoher Goll

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Salzburg - Panorama. Mountains. General View. Die Sta dt gesehen von Maria Plain dahinter Hoher Goell 2522. Published by Cosy Verlag, Salzburg, Getreideg 22

Item 48518    
Austria 1928 Old Postcard SALZBURG - St. Peter Cemetery

Vintage B/W Postcard. Salzburg - St. Peter Friedhof mit Maximus Kapelle. Published by U. Druck von J. Huttegger

Item 48488    
Austria Old Postcard FORTRESS HOHENSALZBURG Train Rails

Vintage B/W Postcard. Drahtseilbahn auf die Festung Hohensalzburg. Street Scene. Train. Steep Railway. The Hohensalzburg Fortress, the main landmark of Mozart's city, is the largest fortress in central Europe.
Published by C. Jurischek

Item 42546    
Austria Old Real Phot Postcard BAD GASTEIN Gamskarkogel

Vintage Real PHoto B/W Postcard. Badgastein m. Gamskarkogel. Church, Panorama. Sent from Badgastein to Suffolk England. Bad Gastein is city in Austria, situated in the middle of the National Park Hohe Tauern, at 1,000 metres above sea level. The small city of Bad Gastein once was a very famous resort, visited by Kings and the Rich and Famous. Some of the persons who frequented Bad Gastein in the past are the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (Sissi) and German Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia Wilhelm.
Published by Foto E. Wolkersdorfer Bad Hofgastein

Item 37711    
LAKE WOLFGANGSEE Old R.P. Postcard Pension Gasthof Lueg

Austria Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Gasthof Lueg - Wolfgangsee. Hotel. Mountains. Published by Photohaus Fritz Gasiberger

Item 35108    
Austria Old Real Photo Postcard ST. WOLFGANG Schwarzsee

Early B/W Postcard. Schwarzsee 711m, bei St. Wolfgang. Mountains. Lake. Published by Cosy S420

Item 32109    
Salzkammergut Old Postcard Weisses Roessl HOTEL Pension

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. St. Wolfgang. Wolfgangsee "Weisses Roessl". Austria. Boating. Canoeing. Published by Cosy Verlag

Item 31652    
Austria Old RP Postcard PINZGAU Sulzbachtal CHURCH Wald

Early Austrian Real Photo B/W Postcard. Wald im Pinzgau g. d. Sulzbachtal. Mountains.

Item 22959    
Austria Old B/W Multiview Postcard SALZBURG Hellbrunn

Old B/W Multiview Real Photo Postcard. Salzburg, Hellbrunn, Leopoldskron, Gaisbergstrasse, Maria-Plain, Berchtesgaden. Skiing Club Cachet Ski-Klub Gaisberg spitze 1286m Salzburg on back. Published by Cosy Verlag

Item 22956    
Austria Old PPC SALZBURG Wolken Meer Gaisberg Cloud Sea

Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Wolken-Meer ueber Salzburg vom Gaisberg 1286 m. Sea of Cloud. . Published by Cosy Verlag

Item 20572    
Austria Old Postcard Cachet & LIECHTENSTEINKLAMM Gorge

Early lightly colour tinted Postcard. Liechtensteinklamm. M. Uray, St. Johann i. P. Cachet on back LIECHTENSTEIN. Liechtensteinklamm (Liechtenstein Gorge) is a particularly narrow gorge with walls up to 300m high, located in the Austrian Alps 50km south of Salzburg. It is around 4km long and named after Johann II of Liechtenstein who had walkways built in 1875.
Published by Wuerthle & Sohn, Wien, Salzburg, Muenchen

Item 8590    
Austria 1964 Postcard FORTRESS HOHENSALZBURG Gaisberg

Old PPC, Festung Hohensalzburg mit Gaisberg. Postmark "Schiparadies Zwoelferhorn 1520m cable car". Sent from St. Gilen to London, England. Muenzturm Hall i.T. 1.80s
The Hohensalzburg Fortress, the main landmark of Mozart's city, is the largest fortress in central Europe.
Published by Bergwelt Verlag. C. Jurischek Salzburg.

Item 7253    
Austria Old PPC SALZBURG Thermalbad Hofgaststein TAUERN

Early Austrian Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Thermalbad Hofgaststein 869m gegen die Tauern (Salzburg). Published by Julie Kostler, Tabakhauptverlag Thermalbad Hofgaststein