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Item 198748    
Juvenile Navigator Children Toy C. Morland Artist Signed Model Boat Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Artist Drawn Old Postcard. Juvenile Navigator, Children, Toys, C. Morland Artist Signed. Model Sailing Boat. Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd

Item 198635    
Japan Old Hand Painted Christmas Greeting Card Mt. Fuji Geisha Girl Woman, Gnome

Vintage Hand Painted Artist Drawn Xmas Greeting card. Mountain Mount Mt. FUJI, River or Lake Scene, Pine Trees, Sailing Boat, Small Hand Tinted Card attached inside, Ukiyo-e Art, Artist Signed, showing a Geisha Girl Lady Woman holding an Umbrella. Traditional Costumes. Gnome. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Daddy to Sheila. Ukiyo-e (浮世絵, 浮世繪 Ukiyo-e), pictures of the floating world, is a genre of Japanese woodblock prints (or woodcuts) and paintings produced between the 17th and the 20th centuries.

Item 198615    
Dartmouth Old Postcard Mill Bay Cove RN College Torcross Slapton Sand River Dart

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Devon. Greetings from Dartmouth. Mill Bay Cove, The River & R.N. College, The River Dart, Torcross & Slapton Sands. Beach. Seaside Panorama. Looking Up River Dart. Steamer, Steam Ship. Ferry. Sailing Boats. Yachts. Harbour. Shipping.

Item 198427    
Japan Old Colour Postcard A Rickshaw Coolie, Geisha Girls Ladies Women, Umbrella

Vintage Colour Old Post card. Japan. Ethnic Life. Native Coolie. A Rickshaw, Japanese Geisha Girls Women Ladies carrying Umbrella. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Mountain. Sailing Boats. Flowers. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 198331    
India Old Postcard Riverside Landscape Calcutta, Native Sailing Boat Canoe Palms

Vintage Indian Old Colour Postcard, India, Riverside Landscape, Calcutta, Native Sailing Boat, Boats, Canoe. Palm Trees. Panorama. Published by D. Mordecai

Item 198310    
Egypt Old Postcard Canal of Suez Chantier No. VI Sailing Boat Steam Ship Steamer

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard, Shipping. Africa Egypte Egypt. Canal de Suez - Chantier N.o VI. N. VI. Steamer, Steam Ship & Sailing Boat. Published by L.C.

Item 198309    
Egypt Old Postcard Canal de Suez El-Guersh Curve Courbe d'el-Guerche Ship & Boat

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Shipping. Canal of Suez, Courbe d'el-Guerche. Canal de Suez, The Curve of El-Guersh. Steamer Steam Ship, Native Sailing Boat. Panorama. Published by L.C.

Item 198303    
Egypt, Ayoub A. Bishai Old Postcard Sailing Boats on Nile River Scene at Sunset

Vintage Old Art Drawn Egyptian Colour Post card. Africa Egypte Egypt. From Water Colour Painting by the Famous Egyptian by Ayoub Bishai. Artist Signed A. Bishai. Native Sailing Boats on Nile River Scene at Sunset. Palm Trees. Panorama. Published by Eastern Publishing Company POB 261 Cairo

Item 198298    
Egypt F. Perlberg Old Postcard Suez, Beach Harbour Boats, Camel Resting Panorama

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard, Africa, Egypte Egypt. Panorama, Beach, Ships, Sailing Boats. Palm Trees. Natives and Camel resting. Panorama. SUEZ. Artist Signed by F. Perlberg. A beautiful card. Published by CA & Co. Serie 744 Levante

Item 198216    
St. Michael's Mount Cara Cowze in Clowze Cornwall Boats Frith's Old ART Postcard

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Frith's Series. Cornwall. St. Michael's Mount, Cara Cowze in Clowze, Sailing Boats, Schooners. St. Michael's Mount at one time, in old Cornish, was called "Cara Cowze in Clowze", which means "The hoar rock in the wood. Published by F. Frith & Co. Ltd

Item 198204    
Egypt Old Postcard Suez Canal Dutch Steamer El-Girch Curve Steam Ship Sail Boat

Vintage Egyptian Colour Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Canal de Suez - Bateau Hollandais traversant la courbe d'El-Girch. Suez Canal, Native Sailing Boat & Steam Ship, Dutch Steamer Passing El-Girch Curve. SIPHON. Published by C. Andreopoulos Port-Said

Item 197917    
Pakistan Old Postcard Kotri Bridge over Indus River Sailing Boat Hyderabad India

Vintage Old Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Kotri, The Bridge over the Indus River Scene. Hyderabad Sind, Sailing Boat. Kotri Bridge is situated between Kotri and Hyderabad on Indus river in Pakistan. It was opened to traffic on 25 May 1900 and was reconstructed in 1931. It stretches over six spans and the total length of the bridge is 1,948 feet.
Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 197898    
Hong Kong Greetings from The East China Old Postcard Harbour Ships Boats Flowers

Vintage Colour Old Picture Post Card, China, Hong Kong, Hongkong, China Harbour, Boats. Mountain. Flowers. Sailing Boat. The Peak, Mountain. Greetings from the East. (Kismas chop chop come Massa cumshao large sum. Year luck, myshamse drink. New Near good pidgin bring. This time blong jolly day China cussum good thing say. My chin joss alla long Makee you happy and strong. large chance make dollar too much. Alla true talk no blong jokee.). Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 197896    
Middle Ages 13th Century Sailing Ship Horses Transport Through Ages Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Transport Through The Ages (6) 13th Century. Executed by Ernest Whatley. The Science Museum, London. No. 155. This is a scene in the Middle Ages when the Roman Roads had fallen into disrepair and pack animals were the principal means of transport on land. The sailing ship is inferior to the Roman ship illustrated in a previous scene in that it has only one sail and could only sail before a fair wind. Sailing Boats. Horses. Published by B. Matthews Bradford Engladn

Item 197882    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL Old Postcard Someone's Happy -- If It's Only Me! Boats 6125

Vintage Old Colour Art Drawn Valentine's Picture Post card. Artist Signed. Comic Humour. Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Little Girl. Seaside, Sailing Boats, Yachts. Someone's Happy .. If it's only me!. No. 6125. Published by Valentine & Son Ltd. ATTWELL Post Cards

Item 197799    
Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. S.S. Mona's Paddle Steamer, Steam Ship Old Postcard

Vintage Old SHIPPING Colour Postcard. Isle of Man. Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Flag. IOM SP Co. S.S. Mona's Isle, Paddle Steamer, Steam Ship. Sailing Boat.

Item 197605    
Egypt Ayoub A. Bishai Old Postcard Sailing Boat FELUKAS on Nile River, Moonlight

Vintage Old Colour Art Drawn Egyptian Old Post card. Ayoub A. Bishai Artist Signed. Africa Egypte Egypt. Sailing Felukas on the Nile River in the moonlight. Full Moon. Palm Trees. River Scene. Night. Published by Eastern Publishing Company POB 261 Cairo

Item 197594    
Egypt Old UB Postcard Port Said Boat Quay Lighthouse Lemonade Seller Woman Pears

Vintage Old Egyptian Colour Undivided Back Multiview Picture Post Card, c.1900. Africa Egypte Egypt, Ethnic Life. Port-Said, Quai et Phare de Port-Said. Port Said, Boat Quay, Sailing Boat, Boats, Harbour, Lighthouse. Canal Company Offices in distance. Native Lemonade Seller Vendor, Veiled Woman Traditional Costumes. Pears. Pear Flowers. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal.

Item 197350    
R.M.S. Berengaria Cunard Line Royal Mail Steamer Ship Sailing Boats Old Postcard

Vintage Old Shipping Art Drawn Colour Postcard, R.M.S. Berengaria, Royal Mail Steamer, Cunard Line, Steam Ship, Sailing Boats. Gross Tonnage 52,700. Artist Signed.

Item 197347    
R.M.S. Aquitania Cunard Line Royal Mail Steamer Steam Ship, Harbour Old Postcard

Vintage Shipping Colour Art Artist Drawn Old Postcard. R.M.S. Aquitania. Royal Mail Steamer Steam Ship, Length 901 ft, Breadth 97 ft, Tonnage 47,000, Speed 23 knots. Aquitania was the longest serving ship in the Cunard fleet and was a favorite among transatlantic passengers. - The ship beautiful. Art Artist Drawn. Harbour. Sailing Boats in background.

Item 197130    
Malta Old Colour UB Postcard Fort St. Angelo Fortress Schooner Warships Panorama

Vintage Maltese Colour Undivided Back Old Postcard. Malta - Fort St. Angelo Fortress, Schooner, Sailing Ship, Harbour, Ships Boats, Military Vessels, Warships Battleships. Published by Vincenzo Galea di Antonio

Item 197113    
Malta Old U.B. Postcard Greasy Pole, Gzira, DGHAISA Native Fishing Boats Harbour

Vintage Old Maltese Colour Undivided Back Post card. Malta, Greasy Pole - Gzira. Native Fishing Boats Dghaisa in Harbour. Shipping. Sailing Boat, Hills, Panorama. / DGHAISA is a Maltese native boat of a peculiar type seldom seen elsewhere. Gżira (Maltese: Il-Gżira) is a town in the Central Region of Malta. It is located between Msida and Sliema, also bordering on Ta' Xbiex. The word Gżira means "island" in Maltese, and the town is named after Manoel Island which lies just adjacent to the town. The seafront of Gżira is famed for its views of the walled city of Valletta, which are illuminated at night, forming a picturesque backdrop to Manoel Island, the yacht marina and a seafront public garden. Kappara is located close to Gżira.
Published by Vincenzo Galea Antonio

Item 197108    
Malta Old UB Postcard Gozo Boat Grand Harbour Maltese Sailing Vessel Valletta 26

Vintage Maltese Old Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Malta - Gozo Boat, Grand Harbour, Valletta, Maltese Sailing Vessel. Panorama. Shipping. Published by Vincenzo Galea Antonio

Item 197025    
Ilfracombe Old Postcard Lantern Hill Hillsborough Capstone Parade Victoria Pavil

Vintage Multiview Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Devon, Ilfracombe. Lantern Hill and Hillsborough, View from Capstone Parade, Capstone Hill and Parace. Lynmouth. Victoria Pavilion and Pleasure Grounds. Sailing Boat Schooner, Beach, Seaside Panorama. Waterfalls, Water Falls. Bandstand. Seaside panorama.

Item 197016    
Japan Old Postcard Miyajima, Pine Trees on Rocks, Native Sailing Boat 安藝嚴島 聖崎之佳景

Vintage Old Post card, Japan, Miyajima, Pine Trees on Rocks. Native Sailing Boat. Panorama. 安藝嚴島 聖崎之佳景.

Item 196966    
Ireland 1913 Old Postcard Co. Cork Coat of Arms, Patrick Street Scene TRAM Harps

Vintage Irish Colour Old Postcard. Ireland. County Co. Cork. Towers and Sailing Boat Schooner Coat of Arms (Statio Bene Fida Carinis). Patrick Street Scene, TRAM Tramway. Horse Carts. Harp. Published by B. & R's Camera Series

Item 196919    
Egypt Old Hand Tinted Postcard Cairo, Sailing Boat on The Nile River at Sunset

Vintage Egyptian Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Native Sailing boat on the Nile at Sunset. Cairo. River Scene. Le Caire, Voilier sur le Nil au coucher du soleil. Published by L.C.

Item 196916    
India Artist Drawn Old Postcard Naini Tal Nainital, Lake, Sailing Boats Panorama

Vintage British Indian Colour Art Artist Drawn Old Picture Postcard. India, Nainital Naini Tal Nannital Naini-Tal. Mountains, Lake, Sailing Boats and Panorama. Nainital is a district of the state of Uttaranchal, India.
Published by The Calcutta Phototype Co.

Item 196777    
China Old Hand Tinted Postcard Shameen Canton Native Sampans Sailing Boats River

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China Chinese. Shameen Canton, Native Sampans Boats, River Scene. Shipping. Sailing Boat. Panorama. Published by S.S. Picture

Item 196602    
Ceylon Old Postcard Fishing Canoe Native Sailing Boat, Colombo, Fishermen, Beach

Vintage Old Postcard. Sri Lanka Ceylon. Fishing Canoe, Native Sailing Boat. Colombo, Beach. Fishing Boat, Fishermen. Fishery. Ethnic Life. Published by Skeen-Photo