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Item 76181    
VERULAMIUM Building IV 8 hypocaust Room 4 Old Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Verulamium, Building IV 8 : hypocaust 2 1/2 feet high, under Room 4. Roman Ruins. (hypocaust : ancient Roman system of central heating). Verulamium was the 3rd city in Roman Britain. It was sited in the southwest of St. Albans in Hertfordshire. A large portion of the Roman city remains unexcavated, being now park and agricultural land, though much has been built upon.
Published by Guaranteed Real Photo

Item 75936    
BYLAND ABBEY Tiled Floors Chapel, Transept Old Postcard

Yorkshire Early Real Photo Postcard. Yorkshire. Byland Abbey, Tiled Floors of Chapels in the South Transept. Ruins. Published by Ministry of Works

Item 74888    
Italy Old Postcard Roma II Palatino Casa dei Cesari ROM

Vintage B/W Postcard. Rome - Palatino Casa dei Cesari. Ruins. Published by D.M. Roma

Item 73214    
AMIENS Ruins Old Postcard Rue Saint-Germain Street View

France Vintage B/W French Postcard. Amiens - Rue Saint-Germain. Ruins. Street Scene. Amiens is city in the north of France, 120km north of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital city) of the Somme département. Population: 120,000.
Published by Prud'homme Editeur Vise Paris

Item 73213    
France AMIENS Ruins Old Vintage Postcard Ancien Eveche

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Amiens - Ancien Eveche. Amiens is city in the north of France, 120km north of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital city) of the Somme département. Population: 120,000.
Published by Vise Paris Prud'homme, editeur

Item 73212    
AMIENS Ruins Old Postcard Eglise Saint-Germain Interior

France Vintage B/W French Postcard. Amiens - Eglise Saint-Germain Interior, Church. Ruins. Amiens is city in the north of France, 120km north of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital city) of the Somme département. Population: 120,000.
Published by Prud'homme Editeur Vise Paris

Item 73064    
Tunisia Old Postcard CARTHAGE Amphitheatre Ruin Theatre

Vintage Postcard. Africa. Carthage - L' Amphitheatre. Ruins. Woman. Amphi Theatre. Published by LL Edition speciale du Musee Lavigerie

Item 71005    
KAPERNAUM Capharnaum Women Ruins Lake Old U.B. Postcard

c.1900 Vintage Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Middle East, Holy Land, Palestine / Israel. KAPERNAUM Capharnaum. Die Ruinen am See. Ruines de Capharnaum. Native Women, Girls. Ethnic. The Town of Jesus. Capharnaum is frequently mentioned in the Gospels. There are splendid ruins there. According to some archaeologists the site of Capharnaum is not at Tell-Houm, but in the vicinity, on the way to Tiberias.

Item 70817    
Greece 1917 Postcard SALONICA FIRE General Post Office

Old Vintage B/W Postcard. Salonique Incendie des 18-19-20 Aout 1917 - La suele Maison epargnee Place de la Liberte transformee en Hotel des Postes et Telegraphes. / Salonica Fire of 18 19-20 August 1917 The only saved building, Libertee Square transformed in GENERAL POST OFFICE, G.P.O. GPO. Street Scene ruins. Published by Edition Parisiana Paris, Ds Etablissements Ch. Collas & Cie Cognac

Item 69757    
ROSS CASTLE Doing the Lakes Old Postcard Horse Carriage

Ireland Vintage Colour Irish Picture Post card. KILLARNEY County Co. Kerry. Ruins. Man greeting Ladies & gentlemen on Horse Drawn Cart / Wagon, Carriage. Doing the Lakes. ROSS CASTLE. Published by Lawrence Publisher Dublin

Item 69665    
PADDLE STEAMER Mauseturm & Rhein EHRENFELS Old Postcard

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Am Rhein - Maeuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels Castle Ruins. Paddle Steamer. Steam Ship. River. Castle. Panorama. Shipping. Hills. Published by Conrad Jacobi Leipzig

Item 69416    
Germany MARIENTHAL mit Klosterruine Ruins Old Postcard

German Vintage Postcard. Marienthal mit Klosterruine, welches seit dem 12. Jahr-hundert bestand, wurde im 30 jaehrigen kriege von den Franzosen zerstoert. Panorama. General view. Chuch Ruins. Published by Fritz Gutmann Coblenz

Item 66405    
Isle of Man 1906 Old Postcard - ST. GERMAIN'S CATHEDRAL

Vintage Colour Tinted Postcard. Men standing in the ruins of St. Germain's Cathedral. Isle of Man. Peel Castle. Sent from Douglas. KE7 1/2d
Published by Valentine

Item 65998    
C. Fiebiger Auf Felsiger Hoh Old Artist Drawn Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Picture Postcard, Germany. Boat. Ruins. C. Fiebiger, Auf Felsiger Hoeh. Published by G.K.V.B.

Item 65343    
Mexico 1953 Old Postcard Palacio Principal MITLA Ruins

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Fachada del Palacio. Ruinas de Mitla, Mitla Oax. Mexico. 15/8/53. Published by A.C.M.

Item 64505    
Ruine EHRENFELS Rhein River Old Artist Signed Postcard

Germany Vintage Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Castle Ruins. Am Rhein - Ruine Ehrenfels. Senkrecht uber dem gefurchteten Binger Loch, da wo der Rhein die scharfe Biegung nach Norden ausfuehrt, erheben sich kuehn und altersgrau die Ruinen der Burg Ehrenfels, umgeben von jenen schier unabsehbaren Rebengelaenden, in denen sich die beruehmten Lagen der Gemarkung von Ruedesheim und Assmannshausen beruehren. N. Astullir. Published by Astudin-Karten vom Rhein

Item 64106    
Mauseturm & Rhein EHRENFELS Old Postcard Paddle Steamer

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Am Rhein - Maeuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels. Paddle Steamer. Steam Ship. River. Castle. Panorama. Published by Original Photographie

Item 55402    
Yugoslavia Old Postcard Diocletien Palais Porte Ferree

Early Artist Drawn Postcard. Croatia. The Palace of Diocletian Ruins. Palais de Diocletien, Porte Ferree (Lavallee-Cassas 1802) Split-Jugoslavija. Dioklecijanova Palaca Lavallee-Cassas 1802. Diokletianpalast, Eisernes Tor. Street Scene.

Item 53651    
WW1 Ruins 1914 Old Postcard L'Epine near Chalons Church

Vintage Military B/W Postcard. Guerre de 1914 - Village de L'Epine pres Chalons entierement detruit sauf l'Eglise. L'Epine near Chalons, destructed en totality. First World War. Horse. Church. Published by Photo Express

Item 53231    
Germany Old Postcard MAYSCHOSS Ruins Ruine Saffenburg

Vintage Postcard. Ruine Saffenburg bei Mayschoss. Mountains. Aelteste Ruine im Ahrtal, deren Ursprung unbekannt, wurde 1632 von den Schweden und 1702 von den Franzosen erobert und gespregt. Published by Fritz Gutmann Coblenz

Item 51919    
WW1 Ruins Old Postcard CHARTEVES Eglise Church E. Side

Vintage B/W Postcard. Charteves - L'Eglise (Cote Est). The Church (East Side). France. WW1. War ruins. Published by Edit Cotte Chateau Thierry

Item 51809    
WW1 War Ruins Old Postcard MERCIN AISNE Church L'Eglise

Old B/W Postcard. Mercin (Aisne) - L'Eglise. France, Church. First World War. Clock. Published by Vise Paris B. Nougarede Soissons

Item 51801    
WW1 Ruins 1924 Postcard SOISSONS - Belfrey Street Scene

France Aisne Vintage Old B/W Postcard. Soissons - Bombardment. La Rue du Beffroi. The Belfry Street. Published by LL

Item 51793    
WW1 France Old Postcard SAINT-QUENTIN Collegiale RUINS

Vintage B/W Postcard. La Grande Guerre - Saint-Quentin - La Collegiale, Le Choeur - The Collegiale church - The Choir. Interior. Published by LL

Item 51779    
WW1 France 1914 Old Postcard OISE Etavigny War Ruins

Old B/W Postcard. La Grande Guerre - Etavigny (Oise) - Combats du 6 au 10 septembre 1914 - Chemin du Cimetiere. WW1. Published by Vise Paris

Item 50229    
Reims Old Postcard Royal Square et Rue Ceres - BICYCLE

France Vintage B/W Postcard. Rheims dans les Ruines apres la Retraite des Allemands - Place Royale et Rue Ceres - Royal Square and Ceres street. Street Scene. Bicycle. Reims (English traditionally Rheims) is a city of northern France, 144 km.(89 miles) east-northeast of Paris.
Published by G. Graff et Lambert

Item 49993    
BIRTHDAY Castle Ruins & Roses - Old Greetings Postcard

Early Real Photo Colour Postcard. To Wish You Birthday Happiness. Ruins, Rose Flowers. May this Birthday brighter be.

Item 49637    
RUINS IN PARK or Garden - Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Unidentified B/W Postcard. Ruins.

Item 45036    
Belgium Old Postcard YPRES WW1 RUINS Tour Saint-Martin

Vintage B/W Postcard. Campagne de 1914 - Ruines d'Ypres. Interieur des Halles d'Ypres et Tour Saint-Martin. The area around Ypres was site of three major battles in World War I. Because of the fighting the town was all but obliterated with much shelling from the Germans.
Published by Photo Antony

Item 42894    
Luxembourg Old Postcard VIANDEN - Salle des Chevaliers

Vintage B/W Postcard. Vianden - Les Ruines - Salle des Chevaliers. Published by E. A. Schaack, Luxembourg