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Item 73996    
Zurich Malaga Spain 1978 DC SWISSAIR First Flight Cover

llustrated Airmail First Flight Envelope, DC - 9, Switzerland Zurich - Malaga Erste Post 1. April 1978. Registered with Registration label 8058 Zuerich 58 Flughafen 980. Malaga postmark on back. With 1977 Swiss stamps Children's Fund Roses, 40c+20c Pair of 2 Parfum de l'Hay, 70c+30c R. foetida persiana. 40c+20c x 2, 70c+30c

Item 73712    
Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd Flowers Vase 1941 Old Postcard

Vintage Greetings Picture Postcard, Roses Flower in Vase. Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd. Greeting. Netherlands. Sent from Amsterdam Central Statioin to Amsterdam. 2c x 2

Item 68942    
To Greet Your 21st BIRTHDAY 1936 Old Postcard Flowers

Vintage Colour Embossed Real Photo Postcard. To Greet your 21st Birthday Wishes. Roses. Rose Flower. Here I send a fervent greeting, just to add unto your sum, that great joy you will be meeting, now that you are twenty-one, nothing from Good Luck divide you, and through life. True friends beside you. Sent from Catford to Eltham. KGV 1d
Published by Real Photograph

Item 65987    
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar 1925 Old Postcard HAPPY NEW YEAR Roses Rose Flowers Romance

Netherlands Old Greetings Colour Dutch Artist Drawn Postcard. Gelukkig NieuwJaar. Rose Flowers. Man & Woman. Romance. Sent to Amsterdam. Nederland 2c

Item 65244    
Many Happy Returns BIRTHDAY Old Postcard Flower in Vase

Vintage Colour Embossed Postcard. Greetings. Many Happy returns. Flowers in vase. Roses. Sincerest, happy greeting, A Birthday wish as well, come with this cheery message, my kindest thoughts to tell. Published by W. & K. Real Photograph

Item 65236    
Young Woman Girl & Flowers Old Hand Tinted RP Postcard

Vintage Hand Tinted Real Photo Colour French Picture Postcard, Pretty Glamorous Lady smiling. Smile. Roses. To my own darling wife with Love from George. Published by Fabrication Francaise NOX

Item 65233    
Children GIRL & BOY & Flowers Old Hand Tinted Postcard

Vintage Hand Coloured Real Photo Postcard. Little Girl and Boy with flowers. Roses.

Item 65076    
Actress MISS LILY BRAYTON & Flowers Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. Beautiful Edwardian Stage Actress Miss Lily Brayton. Costume. Roses. Flowers. Lily Brayton (1876-1953), British Actress. Made her first stage appearance in 1896 at Manchester in a walk-on part in a production of "Richard II". Married actor/playwrite Oscar Asche.

Item 63141    
With Loving BIRTHDAY Wishes 1910 Postcard Roses in Vase Greetings

Vintage Colour Postcard. Rose Flowers in clear vase. A birthday wish, a kindly thought, a greeting with all blessing fraught, a Happy Year be this indeed, and many happy years succeed. With Loving Birthday Wishes. Sent from Ipswich. KEVII 1/2d
Published by H. Vertigen & Co.

Item 62004    
Cute Little Girl & Flower Basket 1912 Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photo Picture Postcard, Children. Beautiful Little girl holding a basket full of roses, rose flowers. Sent from Tullamore Ireland King's County AU 6 12 to Co. Dublin. KGV 1/2d Downey Head
Published by JV

Item 51929    
N.Z. Hastings Old RP Postcard Rose Garden Cornwall Park

Early Real Photo Hand Coloured Picture Postcard, Rose Gardens, Roses Flowers. Cornwall Park, Hastings. New Zealand. Published by A.B. Hurst & Son Photo

Item 51725    
Germany Old Colour Postcard NATURE SCENE Roses Flowers

Vintage German Colour Postcard. Nature, Rose.

Item 49994    
GET WELL QUICK 1937 KE8 1d Postcard Grapes Roses Apples

Old Vintage Greetings Colour Postcard. Get Well Quick! Grapes, Roses, Apples. Sent to Surrey. KE8 1d
Published by Art Photo

Item 49993    
BIRTHDAY Castle Ruins & Roses - Old Greetings Postcard

Early Real Photo Colour Postcard. To Wish You Birthday Happiness. Ruins, Rose Flowers. May this Birthday brighter be.

Item 46247    
RED ROSES Boat LOVING WISHES to Grandchild Old Postcard

Vitnage Real Photo Embossed Colour Postcard. Sailing Boat, Red Roses. Loving Wishes To My Grandchild. Greetings. My grandchild's birthday morn to greet a loving wish I send, may blessings spring like blossoms sweet around the way you wend.

Item 46246    
BIRTHDAY Greeting Old Postcard RED ROSES To My Dear Son

Vintage Embossed Real Photo Colour Postcard. To my Dear Son Birthday. Red Roses. Flowers. Al formal greeting send to say I wish you happiness today, a written line can still impart the inner wishes of my heart.

Item 46240    
Birthday Greetings Old Postcard ROSES & Pearl Necklace

Vintage Real Photo Colour Postcard. Red Roses, Best of Birthday Wishes. Flowers in Butterfly Vase, Pearl Necklaces. The rose is just the sweetest flower that ever grew in garden gay, because it has the magic power of telling all that love would say. Published by Rotary Photo T 320-3

Item 35799    
Greetings KE8 Old Postcard BIRTHDAY HAPPINESS Red Roses

Early Embossed Colour Postcard. Wishing you Birthday Happiness. Red Rose Flowers. Real Photograph. May good Fortune walk beside you, and keep in step alway, and grant you all you most desire, upon your glad Birthday. Sent from Selly Oak Birmingham to Selly Oak. King Edward 8th 1d

Item 35740    
Flowers 1913 Old Greetings Postcard ROSES Happy Returns

Early Colour Embossed Postcard. Many Happy Returns. Bell & Roses. May this day for you unfold all that life holds dear hours of love and happiness that lasts throughout the year. Rose. Sent to Guernsey. KG5 1/2d Downey Head

Item 17762    
Children 1903 Tuck's Postcard GIRL BOYS PLAY NEAR RIVER

Illustrated Songs - "Gather ye Rosebuds while ye may." "Gather ye roses while ye may, old Time is still a flying". Flowers, Children, Girl. River, Natual Landscape. Sent from Stockwell. KE7 1/2d blue green
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons. Illustrated Songs

Item 13380    
Italy Artist Signed Old Postcard Woman Rose Butterflies

Early Coloured Art Drawn PPC, Roses Flowers, Butterfly. Published by art riser Uff Rev. Stampa N. 2548 Milano / 924-2

Item 11479    
Rose Flowers Bunch Old Hand Coloured Postcard - Sunset

Early Handcoloured Photographic PPC, Greetings, Roses. Published by A S R

Item 7362    
Australia Flowers Roses Carnation 1982 First Day Cover

Australia Post Envelope FDC. Sent from First Day of Issue 19 May 1982 Everton Park Q. 1053 postmark. Marjorie Atherton Yellow Rose, Imp, Minnie Watson, Satellite.
Published by Stamps & Cover Designer : Brian Clinton

Item 4704    
Norway Old Photo Postcard FLOWER ARRANGEMENT Gardens

Roses, Trees, Unused PPC.