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Item 66722    
Vierwaldstattersee VITZNAU u. Buergenstock Old Postcard

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo B/W Swiss Postcard. Vierwaldstattersee VITZNAU u. Buergenstock. Lake, Mountain, Panorama. Vitznau (2000 pop. 1,076) is a village on the shores of Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. A community in the Canton of Lucerne, it occupies a narrow strip between the lake and the Rigi looming behind; one of the mountain railways to the summit starts in Vitznau.
Published by Fredi Alfredo Finzi Lugano.

Item 66714    
Swiss Old R.P. Postcard Weissfluhgipfel - PARSENN DAVOS

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Weissfluhgipfel 2846m, Parsenn Davos, Mountains. gegen Piz Kesch u. Berninagruppe. Weissfluh-Gipfel 2846 m.u.M. Berghaus K. Caviezel. Published by Otto Furter Davos-Platz

Item 66710    

Vintage Switzerland Real Photo B/W Postcard. Buergenstock Honeggkaenzeli. Mountains. Lake. Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.)

Item 66707    
Swiss Old R.P. Postcard Kussnacht mit Pilatus Panorama

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Kussnacht Kuessnacht mit Pilatus, Mountains, Lake, Panorama, General View. Cachet - Tells-Kapelle b. Kussnacht, a.b. hohlenGasse. Published by Photoglob

Item 66697    
Swiss Old Postcard LUGANO II Campanile della Cattedrale

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Lugano - II campanile della Cattedrale. Cathedral. Street Scene. BIRRARIA CAFFE. Cafe. AGALIATI CORRIERE. Published by Ditts G. Mayr Lugano

Item 65988    
Amsterdam Dam Palais u. Kerk TRAM Old Embossed Postcard

Holland Netherlands Vintage Real Photo Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Amsterdam. Street Scene. Embossed Novelty. Monument. Groetr uit Holland. Published by TAZET

Item 65736    
Greece Athens Old RP Postcard HOSIOS LUCAS La NATIVITE

Greece Athenes, Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. La Nativite. HOSIOS LUCAS.

Item 65713    
BEAR on Rocks - Zoo Animal Old Real Photograph Postcard

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Bears. Zoo Animals.

Item 65641    
Margate Kent Old Postcard Winter Gardens Paviion JETTY

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Seaside of Pavilion & Winter Gardens, Cliftonville. Margate. Pier, Jetty. Beach, Sands. Promenade.

Item 65638    
Kent Old R.P. Postcard CANTERBURY St. Martins THE FONT

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, Kent. The Font. St. Martins. Canterbury.

Item 65608    
Canterbury Cathedral Old Postcard Martyrdom, Choir, etc

Vintage Real Photo Multiview picture postcard, Canterbury Cathedral from S.W. Scene of Martyrdom, Archbishop's Chair, The Choir, Trinity Chapel. Published by Valentine

Item 65524    
FRIBOURG 1954 Postcard Pont Suspendu Gotteron ANGEL INN

Switzerland B/W Real Photo Old Swiss Postcard. Bridge. Pont couvert et pont Suspendu du Gotteron. Covered bridge and Suspension bridge of Gotteron. AUBERGE de L'ANGE. Hotel, INN of the ANGEL. Sent from FRIBOURG to London. 20c
Published by Edition Phot. Perrochet Lausanne

Item 65402    
Algeria Old Real Photo Postcard - ALGER - LA PREFECTURE

Vintage B/W Real Photographic Postcard. ALGIERS Alger - La Prefecture Building. Published by JOMONE

Item 65359    
Mexico 1953 Old Postcard Catedral de OAXACA Cathedral

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Catedral de Oaxaca, Mexico. 13/8/53. Published by La Primavera La Casa de Ud. Oaxaca

Item 65343    
Mexico 1953 Old Postcard Palacio Principal MITLA Ruins

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Fachada del Palacio. Ruinas de Mitla, Mitla Oax. Mexico. 15/8/53. Published by A.C.M.

Item 65236    
Young Woman Girl & Flowers Old Hand Tinted RP Postcard

Vintage Hand Tinted Real Photo Colour French Picture Postcard, Pretty Glamorous Lady smiling. Smile. Roses. To my own darling wife with Love from George. Published by Fabrication Francaise NOX

Item 65233    
Children GIRL & BOY & Flowers Old Hand Tinted Postcard

Vintage Hand Coloured Real Photo Postcard. Little Girl and Boy with flowers. Roses.

Item 65223    
HAPPY RETURNS of the day Birthday DEAR SON Old Postcard

Greetings Vintage Real Photo Colour Postcard. To Wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day Dear Son. Pansy Flowers. May all your passing Birthday hours Dear Son, be bright indeed, may real good friends be ever nigh, and fortune never pass you by, but bring you all you need. Published by Rotary Photo

Item 65064    
Edwardian Actress Mrs BROWN POTTER 1909 Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard, Mrs. Brown Potter, Actress, Costume. Hat. Necklace of Cross. Sent from Blackburn to Blackburn. KE7 1/2d
Published by Rotary Photographic Series /Johnston & Hoffmann

Item 64681    
MONTE SAN SALVATORE Old RP Postcard Castagnola Mte. Bre

Switzerland Early B/W Swiss Real Photo Postcard. Vista dal Monte San Salvatore su Castagnola e Mte. Bre. Mountains. Published by Rud. Suter Oberrieden Zch. RS

Item 64670    
Swiss Old RP Postcard Lago di Lugano Mte. San Salvatore

Switzerland Old Real Photo Postcard. Lago di Lugano. Lake, Mountains. Monte S. Salvatore. Panorama. Published by Rud. Suter Oberrieden Zch. RS

Item 64520    
Villingen Schwarzwald 1958 Old Postcard Partie Muenster

Germany Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Villingen i. Schwarzwald - Black Forest. Partie am Munster. Street Scene, Church. Sent from York to Sunderland. QEII 2d
Published by Emil Hartmann Mannheim

Item 64217    
View across Derwentwater from the Grounds 1953 Postcard

Early Real Photo Old Picture Postcard, mountains, lake, Panorama, View across Derwentwater from the ground. Sent from Keswick Cumberland to Manchester. QEII 2d
Published by Real Photograph J. C. Series

Item 64106    
Mauseturm & Rhein EHRENFELS Old Postcard Paddle Steamer

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Am Rhein - Maeuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels. Paddle Steamer. Steam Ship. River. Castle. Panorama. Published by Original Photographie

Item 64093    
Swiss Old Real Photo Postcard Lake Mts. LUZERN mit RIGI

Switzerland Early Real Photographic Postcard. Lucerne Luzern mit Rigi (1800 m) General View. Panorama. Rigi is a mountain in central Switzerland and part of the Alps. It's also known as the "Queen of the Mountains."
Published by Photoglob Wehrli

Item 64080    
France 1940 Postcard GRENOBLE General View, Teleferique

Old Real Photo French Picture Postcard, Grenoble - River, Bridge, Snowy Mountains. Vue Generale et le teleferique. Sent from Grenoble to Yorkshire Doncaster. 1f50
Published by Cap Real-Photo C.A.P.

Item 64073    
Swiss PARSENN 1947 Old Postcard Weissfluhjoch Wolfgang

Switzerland Early Real Photo Old Swiss Photographic Picture Postcard, Parsenn, Auf der Route, Winter Snowy mountains landscape. Panorama. Weissfluhjoch Wolfgang u. Meierhofertaeli. Sent from DAvos to England. 20c
Published by Otto Furter Davos-Platz

Item 63908    
Luxembourg 1956 Old Postcard PLACE DES MARTYRS et ARBED

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Luxembourg - Place des Martyrs et Arbed. Gardens. (Telegramme Felicitation Souvenir Durable). Published by Nic. Sibenaler

Item 63905    
LUXEMBOURG Old Postcard Faubourg du Grund Rochers BOCK

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Luxembourg - Faubourg du Grund et Rochers du BOCK. Panorama. Bridges. Luxembourg is an independent Grand Duchy lying between Belgium and the Saar District. Under German Occupation from 1940 to 1944
Published by E.A. Schaack

Item 63899    
Luxembourg Old Postcard Chemin de la Corniche Panorama

Early Real Photo Postcard. Luxembourg - Faubourg du Grund et Ville haute. River. Chemin de la Corniche. Published by E. A. Schaack