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Item 69955    
NUREMBERG Old Real Photo Postcard Fleischbruecke BRIDGE

Germany Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Nuernberg - Fleischbruecke 1596-98 erbaut. Falls. River Scene and Bridge. Published by S. Soldan'sche

Item 69948    
Wien 1958 Old Postcard Staatsoper OPERA Festbeleuchtung

Austria Early Austrian B/W Real Photo Postcard. VIENNA Wien, Opera Theatre. Staatsoper mit Festbeleuchtung. Illuminated Street Scene. Fountains. Horse Rider Statues. At Night. Sent from Wien to Surrey Englnd Croydon. 1.45s
Published by PAG Wien I.

Item 69665    
PADDLE STEAMER Mauseturm & Rhein EHRENFELS Old Postcard

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Postcard. Am Rhein - Maeuseturm und Ruine Ehrenfels Castle Ruins. Paddle Steamer. Steam Ship. River. Castle. Panorama. Shipping. Hills. Published by Conrad Jacobi Leipzig

Item 69476    
Helsingborg Old Postcard Predikstolen - Sta Maria Kyrka

Sweden Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Hälsingborg, Helsingborg Predikstolen - Sta Maria Kyrka, Church Interior. Published by Killberg Hbg

Item 69475    
Helsingborg Old Postcard Predikstolen - Sta Maria Kyrka

Sweden Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Hälsingborg, Helsingborg Predikstolen - Sta Maria Kyrka, Church Interior. Published by Killberg Hbg

Item 69417    
Austria FREYSTADT O.Oe Panorama Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Panorama. General View. Oberösterreich.Freystadt. Published by A. Luger Freistadt O. Oe.

Item 69250    
New Zealand Old Postcard TOAKA BUSH Gum Trees Gumtrees

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard, New Zealand. View at Toaka. BUSH. Gum Trees, some are White Gums which have no bark or barely white trunks.

Item 69228    
WALMER THE GLEN Road Panorama Kent 1934 Old RP Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. General View, Panorama showing Church & Rural Streets. Road Scene. Walmer - The Glen. KENT. Sent from Deal to London Leigh Road. KGV 1d
Walmer is in Dover District, Kent in England: located on the coast, the parish of Walmer is 6 miles (10 km) north-east of Dover. Largely residential, its coastline and castle attract many visitors.
Published by F. A. NUMPHREY

Item 68973    
Cornwall Ranch Old Real Photograph Postcard Cow Cattle

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Animals. Cattles, Cows. Cornwall Ranch.

Item 68942    
To Greet Your 21st BIRTHDAY 1936 Old Postcard Flowers

Vintage Colour Embossed Real Photo Postcard. To Greet your 21st Birthday Wishes. Roses. Rose Flower. Here I send a fervent greeting, just to add unto your sum, that great joy you will be meeting, now that you are twenty-one, nothing from Good Luck divide you, and through life. True friends beside you. Sent from Catford to Eltham. KGV 1d
Published by Real Photograph

Item 68899    
Interlaken Old RP Postcard Tell-Freilicht-Spiele HORSES

Switzerland Vintage Real Photo Swiss Postcard. Animals. Horse Riders. Knights. Traditional Costumes. Play. TELL-FREILICHT-SPIELE Interlaken. Published by Bruegger A.G. Meiringen

Item 68816    
GREINER Mother's Joy Woman Mother Child Old Real Photo Postcard Statue Sculpture

Vintage B/W Real Photo Picture Postcard. Woman. Mother and Child. Greiner Mother's Joy. Statue. Sculpture. Published by Alpha Alphalsa Publishing Co.

Item 68806    
Rudolf Kaesbach - Die Badende Bather Old Postcard Girl German Fine Art Sculpture

Vintage real photo B/W Postcard. German Fine Art Sculpture Rudolf Kaesbach (1873-1955), Woman, Girl Statue. Die Badende. Bathing. Bather.

Item 68792    
Mountaineer Zugspitzbesteigung HOELLENTAL Old Postcard

Vintage German Real Photo Picture Postcard, Mountain Climbing, Mountaineering. Zugspitzbesteigung d. Hoellental a. Brett. (Schwarzwald). Germany. Published by Buecheler Phot.

Item 68733    
France Old Postcard BRIDGE & RIVER Photo Lucarelli Nice

Vintage French Real Photo Picture Postcard, Panorama. Bridges. River. Photo Lucarelli Nice.

Item 68651    
BERLIN STADIUM Aerial View Old Postcard Reichssportfeld

Germany Vintage B/W Real Photo Photographic Old Picture Postcard. Sports, Sport. Reichssportfeld, Stadium. Panorama. General View from the Air, Aerial View. Streets. Published by Klinte & Co.

Item 68559    
THE HUNTED STAG Lardseer Artist Drawn Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage B/W Real Photo Art Drawn Postcard. The Hunted Stag. Animals. Published by Photochrom

Item 68426    
LAVAL MAYENNE Old Postcard Square Strasbourg & Monument

France Early Real Photo Postcard. LAVAL Mayenne - Le Square de Strasbourg et le Monument aux Morts. Monument, Statue. Vintage Bus. Mayenne is a département in northwest France named after the Mayenne River.
Published by GIN

Item 68424    
LAVAL Vue du Chateau sur la MAYENNE Old R.P. Postcard

France Early Real Photo Postcard. LAVAL Mayenne - LAVAL Vue du Chateau sur la MAYENNE. Castle. Steps. Bridge, River. Mayenne is a département in northwest France named after the Mayenne River.
Published by La Cigogne

Item 68423    
LAVAL MAYENNE Old R.P. Postcard Vue prise de la PERRINE

France Early Real Photo Postcard. LAVAL Mayenne - Vue prise de la PERRINE. Bridge. river, Gardens. Park. Mayenne is a département in northwest France named after the Mayenne River.
Published by R. Gallois

Item 68355    
TORQUAY 1930 Postcard PIER Harbour Illuminated by Night

Devon Vintage Colour Real Photo Hand tinted Old Postcard. Torquay, The Pier & Harbour. Illuminations by Night. Boats. Sent from Torquay Devon to Hants. KGV 1d

Item 68093    
Port Said Old RP Postcard EUGENI STREET El Yassaki Club

Egypt Vintage black and white Real Photo Photographic Egyptian Picture Post card. Port-Said, Eugeni Street, Street Scene, Carriages. EL YASSAKI. TONIGHT TO NIGHT DANCE. Dancing Club. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal, with an approx. population of 500,000.
Published by FORTE

Item 67690    
Germany Old RP Postcard Trechtingshausen a. Rh RHEINTAL

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard, Luftkurort Trechtingshausen a Rh. River. Steamers, Ships, Rafts, Panorama, General View. Total Blick in's Rheintal. Published by Fritz Gutmann Koblenz

Item 67676    
Wien Old R.P. Postcard Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain TRAM

Austria Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Wien, Fountains, Street Scene, Gardens, Tramways. Published by Donauland Wien III

Item 67628    
Austria Wien Old Postcard RINGSTRASSE Tram Street Scene

Austrian Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard. Vienna Wien, Ringstrasse, Street Scene, Tramways, Statue.

Item 67584    

Germany Real Photo B/W Postcard. Ehrenbreitstein, Steamer, Ships, Boats. Harbour, Panorama.

Item 67444    
Germany Old Poscard Sanssouci Potsdam Muehle - WINDMILL

Vintage German Real Photo Photographic Picture Postcard of Windmill - The Historical Mill (Historische Windmühle) is located very close to the Sanssouci Castle. It is famous because of an argument between the miller and Frederick II of Prussia (Friedrich der Grosse). Published by I.W.B.

Item 67387    
Germany Old RP Postcard HEIDELBERG Heilig-Geist-Kirche

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Heidelberg Church. Street Scene. Clock tower. Market. HOTEL. Bicycle. Tramlines. Heilig-Geist-Kirche. Aufnahme von Rolf Kellner, Karsruhe i.B. Published by J. Velten Verlag Karlsruhe i.B.

Item 67107    
Bruxelles Old Postcard Flower Market Town Hall, Streets

Belgium Early colour real photo hand tinted Multiview picture Postcard. Souvenir de Bruxelles Goeden dag uit Brussel, Greetings from BRUSSELS. Published by Albert A. Dohmen

Item 67106    
Bruxelles Old Postcard Corporation Houses Flower Market

Belgium Early colour real photo hand tinted picture Postcard. Brussel BRUSSELS Bruxelles - Maisons des Corporations et Marche aux Fleurs, Gildenhuizen en Bloemenmarkt. Corporations Houses and Flowers Market. Vintage Cars. Street Scene. Published by Albert A. Dohmen