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Item 160922    
TIBET China Old Postcard A LEPCHA Native Tibetan Sikkim, Ke-tri Sword Darjeeling

Vintage Old Postcard. Tibet China India. Native Tibetan Man. Thibetan. Traditional Costumes. A Lepcha (Original Inhabitant of Sikhim Sikkim). / Tibetan sword ke-tri . These very rare fighting sword were still used by the Tibetan warriors in the turn of the 20th century. The 29 inches long, heavy single edge blade is forged from laminated steel folded at the tip in the style known as hair pin folding. The Lepcha people, or RĂ³ng people, is the aboriginal people of Sikkim, who have a population of 50,000. They are the aboriginal inhabitants of present day Sikkim. Many Lepcha are also found in western and southwestern Bhutan, Tibet, Darjeeling, the Ilam District of eastern Nepal and in the hills of West Bengal.

Item 147830    
India N.W. Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Native Street Scene Men, Art Artist Drawn

Vintage Indian Colour Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. Boy. Native Street Scene, N.W. India. Although many buildings in India are solid, substantial structures of considerable architectural interest, most of the villages and towns are made up of houses built entirely of wood. This is especially so in districts where wood is plentiful and in such cases considerable risk is run of total destruction by fire - by no means unusual event. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Wide Wide World Native Life in India

Item 143825    
USA 1977 Early Postcard U.S. CAPITOL by NIGHT Washington DC Washington Monument

Early Colour Postcard, USA, U.S. Capitol by Night. This unusual view depicts the picturesque setting of the U.S. Capitol with the Washington Monument in the background. Postally Used with USA 21c Air Mail Stamp. (District of Colombia National Guard Month Gain Skills by Serving), First, Fast and Reliable Airmail Par Avion label. Sent from Washington D.C. to Leicester England. 21c

Item 136850    
Netherlands Scheveningen GRAND HOTEL Coca Cola Ruton Deck Chairs Old RP Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Netherlands - Scheveningen, Grand Hotel. Beach, Seaside, Ruton, Cinzang, Coca Cola. Holland. Unusual Deck Chairs.

Item 131556    
USA Old Postcard Rockefeller Plaza Outdoor Ice Skating Rink New York City Street

Vintage Colour Postcard. The Rockefeller Plaza Outdoor Ice Skating Rink, New York City Street Scene. Cars. Sport, Sports. Located in the shadows of the Rockefeller Center Skyscrapers, the Rockefeller Plaza Outdoor Ice Skating Rink provides an unusual oasis for city sport enthusiasts six months of the year. In summer months it becomes an outdoor restaurant. Published by Alfred Mainzer C.T. Art-Colortone

Item 127493    
Cats Kittens, Pretty Pussies-Blossoms Rare 1911 Old Postcard Many Happy Returns

Vintage Real Photo Embossed & Framed Postcard. Cats Cat, Kittens Kitten, Pets. Pet Animals. Many Happy Returns. Greetings. Pretty Pussies-Blossoms Rare. Sent from Peckham to Currie. KEVII 1/2d

Item 116455    
Capped Langur, Baby Colobinae Monkey Assam Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Zoo Animals. The Capped Langur and Baby Colobinae, Rare Sacred Monkey from Assam, India. Published by Wildt & Kray W & K 9

Item 93059    
Cats Kittens, Pretty Pussies Blossoms 1911 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Embossed Real Photo Postcard. Pussy Cats, Kittens. Greetings. Many Happy Returns. Pretty Pussies Blossoms rare, bear a wish both fond and kind. A Birthday filled with happiness love and gladness peace of mind. KGV 1/2d Downey Head

Item 12905    
Children Boy & Crying Baby - Old Postcard Comic Humour

"Atmospherics", PPC, used to make a sound like baby crys when pressed it in the centre, but not working anymore, it only blows out air. Artist Signed Drawing by Madge Williams.