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Item ID: 208336  

R.M.S Ivernia, Hands Across The Sea Woven in SILK Postage Due 1907 Old Postcard

Vintage Embossed Old Postcard. 1907. Woven in Silk. Novelty. R.M.S. Ivernia Royal Mail Steamer Steam Ship. British and US Flags. Flag of Great Britain, United States. Hands Across The Sea. Postally Used in 1907 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp, tied Queenstown OC 30. (Ireland Cobh, Co. Cork) Postage Due 1d / 11 handstruck on back. Addressed to Keighley Yorks. Eng.

Faults: Minor wear, marks and spots
Sent from: Queenstown
Addressed to: Keighley Yorks
Condition: Used
Background: Ivernia, launched in 1899, was built for Cunard by C.S. Swan & Hunter of Newcastle, England. She made her maiden voyage, from Liverpool to New York, on 14 April 1900. Two months later she was placed on the Liverpool-Boston route for which she was intended, and remained on that route until December 1911. Ivernia was then placed on a Trieste-New York route and remained there until World War I, except for the winter of 1912-13, when she returned to the Boston-Liverpool route. Taken over as a troopship in September 1914, Ivernia was torpedoed and sunk on New Year's Day 1917 by UB-47 off Cape Matapan, Greece, with 2,400 Scottish soldiers on board. Eighty-five soldiers and 36 crew members were killed. At 106 feet (32.31 m) above the main deck, Ivernia's funnels (and those of her sister, Saxonia) were the tallest single funnels ever installed on an ocean liner.


R.M.S Ivernia, Hands Across The Sea Woven in SILK Postage Due 1907 Old Postcard

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