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Item 149832    
Algeria Old Postcard Oran La Promenade de l'Etang et le Port Harbour Steam Ships

Vintage Postcard. Africa Oran - Promenade de l'Etang et le Port. Mountains. Harbour. Steam Ships, Steamers, Boats. Panorama. Gardens. Lady with Parasol Umbrella. Little Girls. Oran (population 700,000) is a city in northwest Algeria, situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast.
Published by Levy Fils et Cie Paris

Item 149528    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas Onchan Head Derby Castle Loch Promenade Gardens

Vintage Multiview Picture Postcard. Isle of Man I.O.M. 3. Douglas, Onchan Head and Derby Castle, Loch Promenade Gardens, The Bay, Panorama, Pier, Jetty, Breakwater, Sunken Gardens. Published by The Norris Modern Press Ltd Douglas

Item 149438    
Llandudno Old Postcard Promenade Great Orme, Welsh Lady Mostyn Street Marine Dr.

Vintage Multiview Postcard. Welsh Greetings from Llandudno. Promenade and Great Orme, Welsh Lady Woman Traditional Costumes. Mostyn Street Scene, Garden, Marine Drive, Childrens Pool and Little Orme. Boat, Boating. (Lively Lovely, Llandudno).

Item 149412    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas Loch Promenade and Gardens Tramcar 44 Bandstand

Vintage Old Postcard. Douglas, Isle of Man. Loch Promenade and Gardens, Garden, Street Scene. Tramcar No. 44. Beach, Seaside Panorama. Bandstand, Band Stand. Published by The Norris Modern Press Ltd Douglas

Item 149221    
Isle of Man Old Tuck's Postcard Storm off Loch Promenade, Douglas, Rough Sea ART

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Isle of Man I.O.M. Douglas, Storm off Loch Promenade, Street scene, Douglas, Rough Sea. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Isle of Man Series II

Item 146775    
Isle of Man 1960 Old Postcard Sands Promenade from Falcon Cliff Villa Marina Gdn

Vintage Multiview Picture Postcard. I.O.M. Greetings from Isle of Man. The Sands and Promenade from Falcon Cliff, Villa Marina Gardens, Douglas from Douglas Head Steamers Steam Ships, Loch Promenade Street Scene, Garden, Rocks Gardens. Sent from Douglas IOM to Lancs. QEII 2 1/2d
Published by J. Salmon

Item 146527    
Southport Promenade Looking N. North Street Scene, Royal Hotel 1912 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Lancashire, Southport, Promenade Looking N. North. Street Scene, Royal Hotel. Refreshment Bars. Sent from Southport to Huddersfield. KGV 1/2d downey head
Published by Aldwych Series

Item 145632    
Guernsey Old RP Postcard La Valletta Bathing Pools Street Scene Harbour Panorama

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, Guernsey, Channel Islands. La Valletta Bathing Pools, Promenade Street Scene, Ships, Boats, Harbour, Seaside Coast Panorama. Published by Valentine's

Item 145354    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Harris Promenade Douglas Tram 39 Cyclist Soldier Statue

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Isle of Man, Harris Promenade, Douglas, I.O.M. Street Scene, Tram Tramcar No. 39, Cyclist, Soldier Statue Monument Memorial. Panorama. Published by J. Salmon Ltd

Item 145347    
New Zealand Old RP Postcard ORIENTAL BAY Wellington Bandstand Street Scene Beach

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard, New Zealand. Wellington, Wgton. Oriental Bay Panorama. Promenade Street Scene. Bandstand. Hills.

Item 144317    
India Old Tuck's Postcard Curzon Garden Esplanade East Calcutta Gardens Panorama

Vintage British Indian Tuck's Postcard, India, Curzon Garden and Esplanade East, Calcutta, Gardens, Panorama. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Photographic Glosso Calcutta Series II

Item 143826    
Weston-Super-Mare 1958 Postcard Promenade, Grand Pier, Madeira Cove, Marine Lake

Vintage Multiview Postcard. Somerset, Weston-Super-Mare. The Promenade, Grand Pier, Fountain, Madeira Cove & Marine Lake, In the Winter Gardens. Seaside Panorama. No food to cook, no washing up, no daily chores to do! Enjoying myself? I'll say I am - I ask you - wouldn't you!. Sent from Weston-Super-Mare to Man.. QEII 2 1/2d
Weston-super-Mare is an English seaside resort town in North Somerset.
Published by Valentine & Sons Silveresque

Item 143504    
Turkey Old Postcard Constantinople Turkish Women Dames Turques en Promenade Tree

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Turkey, Istanbul Constantinople, Ethnic Life. Turkish Women Ladies, Dames Turques en Promenade. Tree. Panorama. Obtenu sur plague Hauff. Published by E.F. Rochat Constantinople Editions d'Art de l'Orient 10529

Item 143281    
Isle of Man Old Colour Postcard Harris Promenade Street Scene Tramlines Carriage

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Douglas, I.O.M. Harris Promenade Street Scene, Tramlines Horse Cart & Carriage. Isle of Man.

Item 142578    
Southport 1936 Old Postcard Lord Street Scene Promenade Rose Garden Hesketh Park

Vintage Real Photo Multiview Picture Postcard, Lancashire, Southport, Lord Street Scene bus, Monument Memorial, The Promenade, Rotten Row, Floral Display, Rose Garden, Hesketh Park. Sent from Southport Lancs to Balham London. KGV 1d
Published by Valentine's Photo Brown

Item 142466    
Ramsgate St. Laurence Bandstand Winterstock Garden Black Cat Kitten Old Postcard

Vintage Multiview Postcard, Good Luck from Ramsgate, St. Laurence Bandstand Band Stand, Winterstock Gardens Garden, Ellington Park, Undercliff Promenade, Bathing Pool, Ramsgate from Zion Hill, Harbour, Boats. Bus, Street Scene, Good Luck Black Cat Kitten. Published by Valentine's Phototype

Item 141980    
Isle of Man 1954 Postcard Black Cat Kitten, Loch Queens Harris Central Promenade

Vintage Old Multiview Picture Postcard, I.O.M. Isle of Man, Good Luck from Douglas. Black Cat, Kitten. Central Promenade, Bus, Street Scene, Loch Promenade, Queens Promenade, Harris Promenade, Gardens. Sent from Douglas to Manchester. QEII 2d
Published by Valentine's Phototype

Item 141963    
Isle of Man 1928 Old Postcard Harris Promenade, Douglas, Boats, Seaside Panorama

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard. Douglas, I.O.M. Harris Promenade, Seaside Panorama. Douglas. Isle of Man. Sent from Douglas to Fleetwood. KGV 1d

Item 141700    
Scottish Terrier Dog Puppy Rothesay Victoria Street Esplanade, Bute Old Postcard

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Pets. Pet Animal. Scottish Terrier Dog Puppy. A Small Scotch from Rothesay. The Esplanade Harbour Boats, West Promenade, Victoria Street Scene and Gardens. Early Buses. Pier. Panorama. Published by Valentine's Silveresque

Item 141418    
Llandudno, Promenade & Great Orme, Street Scene Beach Seaside Hills Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. The Promenade and Great Orme, Llandudno. Street Scene. Vintage Cars. Pier. Beach. Seaside Panorama. Hills. Published by J. Salmon

Item 141417    
Blackpool 1918 Old Postcard Princess Parade, Hotel Metropole, National War Bonds

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Lancashire, Princess Parade, N.S. Blackpool. Hotel Metropole. Promenade, Flag. Seaside Panorama. Buy National War Bonds Now. Sent from Blackpool. KGV 1d
Blackpool is a seaside town in England, on the coast of the Irish Sea. It is traditionally part of Lancashire but on April 1, 1998 was made into an independent unitary authority.

Item 141396    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard The Esplanade Tree-Lined Street Scene, Malaya

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Malay Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Trees, Tree-lined Street Scene, The Esplanade.

Item 140153    
POODLE DOG Puppy Gt Yarmouth Wellington Pier Pavilion Aquarium Pool Old Postcard

Vintage Multiview Picture Postcard. POODLE DOG Puppy, Pet Animals, Pets. Gt Yarmouth, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Wellington Pier and Pavilion, Street Scene, Royal Aquarium Gardens, Boating Pool Boats. Marina and Promenade Harbour. (Great Yarmouth & Gorlestdn on Sea for Fine Holidays). Sent from Great Yarmouth to Middx. QEII 3d

Item 139749    
Isle of Man 1936 Old Postcard Douglas Head Lighthouse, Bay Breakwater Promenades

Vintage Real Photo Multiview Postcard. Isle of Man, Douglas Head Lighthouses. Steamer, Steam Ship. Panorama. I.O.M. Queen's Promenade, Tramcars, Tramway, Trams. Douglas Bay & Breakwater, Harbour, Loch Promenade, Clock Tower, Loch Promenade and Pier. Sent from Douglas. Published by Valentine's

Item 139747    
Isle of Man 1954 Old Postcard Douglas Loch Promenade Gardens Steamer Clock Tower

Vintage Old Postcard. Douglas, Isle of Man. Loch Promenade Gardens, Garden, Street Scene. Steamers, Steam ships, Clock Tower. Flag. Sent from Douglas to Liverpool. Published by J. Salmon

Item 139743    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas New Promenade Victoria Pier Steamer Clock Tower

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Isle of Man, Douglas, New Promenade and Victoria Pier, Steam Ship Steamer, Clock Tower, Flags. Published by Excel Series

Item 139523    
ADEN Loaded Camels Promenade Street Scene Yemen 1921 Old Postcard GB KGV 1 1/2d.

Vintage Postcard. Middle East. Yemen. Aden. Loaded Camels, Promenade Street Scene, Seaside Panorama. Postally Used with Great Britain King George 5th 1 1/2d stamp. KGV 1 1/2d

Item 138917    
Egypt Old Postcard Alexandria, The Strand Promenade, Street Scene Alexandrie 120

Vintage Egyptian Postcard. Africa. Egypt Alexandria - Alexandrie. The Strand Promenade, Street Scene. Panorama. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, Alexandria (in Arabic, الإسكندرية — al-Iskandariyah) is the chief seaport in Egypt, and that country's second largest city, and the capital of the Al Iskandariyah governate.
Published by The Oriental Commercial Bureau

Item 137827    
Singapore Old Hand Tinted Postcard ESPLANADE Street Scene Rickshaw Coolies Girls

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Malay Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Street Scene, Rickshaw & Coolie, Children, Little Girls. The Esplanade.

Item 137826    
Singapore c.1910 Old Hand Tinted Postcard The Esplanade, Tree-Lined Street Scene

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Malay Straits Settlements Malaya Singapore. Trees, Tree-lined Street Scene, The Esplanade.