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Item 143685    
Japan Old Postcard Hokkaido Shiraoi Customs Large Pencil Youth Street Procession

Vintage Japanese Picture post card. Japan. Ethnic Life. Customs. Hokkaido Shiraoi, Native Men Women Children, Boy, wearing Traditional Costumes, School, Group of Youth, Young Peope, Street Procession Scene. Man carrying a Large Pencil. 北海道白老 風俗 青年團. Shiraoi is a town located in Shiraoi District, Iburi, Hokkaido, Japan. The town was established in 1867 by the feudal lords of Sendai.
Published by 白老 武田勇一商店特製 電話一八番 Swan Bird trademark on back

Item 139259    
Glamour Lady What Offers? For Sale! Vacant Procession, Re-Decorated Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Colour Comic Humour Old Picture Postcard. Glamour Lady. What Offers? For Sale! With Vacant Procession, Re-Decorated from Top to Bottom. Sent to Kent. Published by W.B.

Item 139133    
China Funeral Procession Shanghai Dragon Hearse Coolie Old Small Real Photograph

Vintage Small Real Photo Photograph Photographic Card. China, Funeral Procession, Shanghai, Native Chinese Coolies Carrying Dragon Hearse. Ethnic Life. Architect Advertisement. Scaffolding. 趙深陳植建築師.

Item 138843    
Ceylon Old Postcard KANDY PERAHARA Decorated Elephants Procession on Street View

Vintage Old Picture Post card, Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon. Ethnic Life. KANDY PERAHARA, Decorated Elephants. Elephant Procession. Street Scene. Festival. Costumes. Published by Plate & Co. Ceylon

Item 138000    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Chinese Wedding Procession Bridal Chair & Coolies Canton

Vintage Undivided Back Picture Postcard. China Hong Kong Hongkong H.K. HK. Ethnic Life. Chinese Wedding Procession. Street Scene. Native Coolies carrying Bridal Sedan Chair. Canton. Published by The Hongkong Pictoria Postcard Co. P.O. Box No.4

Item 137620    
American Red Cross Procession Parade Street Scene, Flags Paris 1920 Old Postcard

Vintage Old French Postcard. France. Red Cross. Paris - II November 1920 - Les Fetes du Cinquantenaire de la Republique. La Delegation de la Croix Rouge Americane. The Delegation of the American Red Cross, Procession Parade on Street Scene. US Flags. Soldiers. Nurse, Nun. Published by A.P.

Item 133411    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Chinese Funeral Procession, Bicycle Palm Trees

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. Straits Settlements Singapore Malaya Malay - Ethnic Life - China Chinese Funeral Procession. Bicycle. Bicycles. Music Band. Palm Trees.

Item 132282    
India Old ART Postcard An Indian Procession Native Men Women Children E.S. Hardy

Vintage British Indian Art Drawn Colour Picture Post Card, E.S. Hardy Artist Signed. Ethnic Life. Native Indian Procession. Women, Men, Children. Published by A.B. Shaw & Co. London Series Two

Item 131738    
Korea Old Postcard WONSAN, Religious Procession du Saint Sacrement, Ethnic Coree

Vintage Picture Postcard, Korea, WONSAN - Ethnic Life, Procession du Saint Sacrement, Holy Sacrament, Religious Ceremony, Coree. 元山 L'CEuvre de Saint-Pierre-Apotre construit des Seminaires et entretient les Seminariestes en pays de Mission. Published by CEuvre de Saint-Pierre-Apotre

Item 129895    
Ceylon Old R.P. Postcard Indian Vel Festival Procession on Street Colombo Police

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Post card. Ceylon Ceylan Sri Lanka. Ethnic Life. India Indian Vel Festival Procession on Street Scene, Colombo. Police, Soldiers. Bullock Cart. Cattle. Published by Plate Ltd

Item 129044    
Hong Kong China Old Postcard Chinese Procession, Long Dragon Dance, Street Scene

Vintage Colour Postcard, China Hongkong Hong Kong. Long dragon. Ethnic Life. Dragon Dance Festival, New Year Celebration. Qing Dynasty Costumes. Chinese Procession in Hong Kong, Note the Long Dragon. Shops Advert - Kwan Tye, Chong Tai, TY Sing, Ah Toung, Shoe Shop Shoes, Birds Bird Shop, Pharmacy, Herbal Shop. Hat Shop. Crowded Street Scene. 泰均 泰昌 恒芳維鳥 家用時式鞋 藥材 美芳家用鞋帽. Published by Lau Ping Kee

Item 127129    
China c.1910 Old UB Postcard THE DEAD'S CHAIR Chinese Funerals Street Procession

c.1910 Vintage Undivided Back Picture Postcard. French China. Chine. Chinese. Ethnic Life. Enterrement Chinois, La Chaise du Defunt. Street Procession. Native Coolies Carrying The Deads Chair. Qing Dynasty. Funeral. Chinese Funerals - The Dead's Chair. Published by M.M.

Item 127019    
India INDORE Old Postcard TAZIA PROCESSION, Street Festival Malwa British Indian

Vintage British Indian Postcard. Indore Indor. Natives. Native People. Ethnic Life. The Tazia Procession. Street Festival, Pagodas, Towers. Malwa. Indore (Hindi:इन्दौर ,Marathi:इंदूर) is a city in the Malwa region of Central India, the commercial capital of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The ancestors of the founders of Indore were hereditary Zamindars and indigenous landholders (Jehangirdars) of Malwa.

Item 124606    
Coronation Procession Royal Carriage Royalty Old R.P. Postcard Buckingham Palace

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Coronation Procession, Royal Carriage, British Royalty, Buckingham Palace. Street Procession. Horses. Horse Riders. Published by Composite Photo

Item 123269    
India Old Postcard Mohurrum Procession Flags Calcutta Ethnic Life British Indian

Vintage British Indian Picture Postcard. Mohurrum Procession. Flags, Ethnic Life. Crowd. Calcutta. Published by S.D.M.

Item 123140    
Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Chinese Funeral Procession Bikes Bicycle Band

Vintage Singapore Malaya Malay Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. Straits Settlements - Ethnic Life - China Chinese Funeral Procession. Bicycle. Bicycles. Music Band. Palm Trees.

Item 121636    
INDIAN PROCESSION Mission Etrangeres Paris Old Postcard

Vintage British Indian Picture Post card. Ethnic Life - Festival. An Indian PROCESSION. Missions Etrangeres de Paris. Procession aux Indes. Elephant. Elephants. Published by Missions Etrangeres

Item 115650    
Coronation KGV. New Zealand Arch Whitehall Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Coronation of King George 5th V. British Royalty. Street Scene. Procession. State Coach with King and Queen. Their Majestics passing under the New Zealand Arch in Whitehall on the return journey. Published by Valentine's Series L.N.P. Photo

Item 115645    
King George V. 5th CORONATION, State Coach Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. Coronation of King George 5th V. British Royalty. Street Scene. Procession. State Coach with King and Queen leaving Abbey after ceremony. Westminster. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 115642    
Coronation 1902 Postcard King Edward 7th Royal Carriage

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Undivided Back Old Postcard. British Royalty. Coronation 1902. The Royal Carriage Going to Abbey. Horses. Guards. Street Procession. Rugby. Published by Rotary Photo London E.C.

Item 115394    
Paris 1920 Postcard Fetes Cinquantenaire Place Pantheon

France Military Vintage Old Postcard. Soldiers. Street Procession. Paris - 11 Novembre November 1920 - Fetes du Cinquantenaire de la Republique, Le Soldat Inconnu et le Coeur de Gambetta sur leur Char Place du Pantheon. 25c
Published by A.P.

Item 115354    
FETES de la VICTOIRE - Infantry Flags 1919 Old Postcard

France WW1 Vintage French Postcard. Les Fetes de la Victoire - 14 Juillet 1919. Drapeaux d'Infanterie. Infantry Flags. Soldiers. Street Procession. L.L. No. 13. Published by LL

Item 110341    
India Old Postcard Imperial Procession Fort, Camp Delhi

Vintage Colour British Indian Picture Post Card, Horses Drawn Coach, Carriage, Horse Riders. Imperial Procession from Fort to Camp. Delhi. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons, Ambala

Item 107720    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Wedding Procession & Sedan Chair

Vintage Colour Undivided Back Picture Postcard. China Hong Kong Hongkong. Ethnic Life. Children, Chinese Wedding Procession. Street Scene. Coolies carrying Bridal Sedan Chair. Published by M. Sternberg & Co. Hongkong

Item 105575    
India Old Colour Postcard Review of NATIVE RETAINERS Bull Cart

Vintage Colour British Indian Postcard. Review of Native Retainers (India). Decorated Double Bullock Cart. Soldiers. Procession. Published by Shurey's

Item 102280    
FUNERAL King Edward VII Royal Carriages Old RP Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. British Royalty. Funeral Procession of The Late King Edward VII 7th KEVII. London. The Royal Carriages. Horses. Horse Rider. Published by Rotary Photo E.C.

Item 102276    
FUNERAL King Edward VII Coffin Marble Arch Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. British Royalty. Funeral Procession of The Late King Edward VII 7th KEVII, Daily Mirror Photograph. London. The Coffin at the Marble Arch. Horses. Horse Riders. Procession. Published by C.W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd

Item 101630    
LOURDES Old Postcard Benediction des Malades Procession

France Vintage French Picture Postcard, Lourdes - Benediction des Malades. Street Procession. / Blessing of the Patients. Published by Cie Alsacienne des Arts Photomecaniques

Item 100954    
Japan Old Postcard Meiji Shrine Gallery Kyoto Gate 1868

Vintage Old Japanese Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Meiji Shrine Commemorative Gallery. Wall Painting. Street Procession, Parade, in front of Kyoto Imperial Royal Palace East Gate. Horses. Horse Riders. Sedan Chair. 3rd February 1868. 明治神宮外苑 聖德記念繪畫館 壁畫 明治元年二月三日 小堀革丙音 筆 男爵 三井八郎右衛門 奉納 京都二條城東大手門. Published by 株式會社便利堂謹納

Item 100928    
King Edward State Coach Opening Parliament Old Postcard

1910 Vintage Colour Postcard. British Royalty. King Edward VII's State Coach used for Opening of Parliament. Street Procession. Beefeater. Decorated Horses. Guards. Sent from London. KEVII 1/2d
Published by E. Gordon Smith