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Item 6116    
Devon GB Old PPC EXETER Ancient Courtyard in the Close

England Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Ancient Courtyard in the Close, Exeter. A379/1118. Unused. Published by The Arcadia Series.

Item 6056    
Austria PPC SEMMERING Mountain Pass HOTEL Erzherzog Joh

Old Picture Postcard, Trees. Semmering - Hotel Erzherzog Johann. No.506 Unused. The Semmering is a mountain pass in the Eastern Northern Limestone Alps connecting Lower Austria and Styria between which it forms a natural border.

Item 6044    
Germany Old PPC Mainau LAKE CONSTANCE Palm Trees CASTLE

Early Picture Postcard, Insel Mainau (Bodensee). Palmengruppe beim Schloss. Unused. 142 / 12. Unused. Lake Constance (German Bodensee, also known as Schwäbisches Meer (informally) and sometimes written Lake of Constance) is a lake on the Rhine between Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Published by Verlag Erwin Burda, Freiburg i. Br. Agfa.

Item 6042    
Germany Old RP Postcard CONSTANCE Rathaushof TOWN HALL

Real Photo PPC Flags, Konstanz (Constance) am Bodensee - Rathaushof. Unused. 146 / 589 Published by Gebr. Metz, Tuebingen

Item 6026    
Germany Old PPC Drawing HAMELN Forsthaus Heisenkueche

Picture Postcard, Painting, Hameln - Forsthaus Heisenkueche. Nach Zeichnung von Professor Otto Ubbelohde. With Artist's Signature printed on bottom right. Published by Sued-Hannoversche Landeszeitung, GmbH, Hameln, Baeckerstrasse.

Item 6025    
Germany Old PPC Art Drawing HAMELN STREET Emmernstrasse

Picture Postcard, Painting, Hameln - Blick in die Emmernstrasse. Nach Zeichnung von Professor Otto Ubbelohde. With Artist's Signature on bottom right. Unused. Published by Sued-Hannoversche Landeszeitung, GmbH, Hameln, Baeckerstrasse.

Item 6015    
Germany Old PPC Aerial View RIVER & DAM Versetalsperre

Early Picture Postcard, Luftbildaufnahme der Versetalsperre bei Luedenscheid - Stauinhalt 33 Millionen cbm. Bridge. Unused. Published by Cramers Kunstanstalt KG, Dortmund. Agfa. Cekade.

Item 6012    
Germany Old Postcard Drawing HAMELN Marktkirchenchor

Hameln - Blick auf Marktkirchenchor und Hochzeitshaus. Nach Zeichnung von Professor Otto Ubbelohde. Flag. With Artist's signature printed on bottom right. Unused. Published by Sued-Hannoversche Landeszeitung, GmbH, Hameln, Baeckerstrasse.

Item 5978    
Germany Old Postcard KOBLENZ Deutsches Eck SHIP & HORSE

Koblenz - Deutsches Eck (Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal). Tear at bottom. Steam Boat. Statue, Monument, River. Sent to Cologne, Germany.

Item 5894    
Germany Old Real Photo Postcard MAINZ Ships in Harbour

Mainz a. Rh. River. Boats. Aufnahme von Rolf Kellner, Karlsruhe i.B. Very minor surface rub on the bottom right, approx. 1cm. Unused. Published by Nr. 4245 J. Velten Verlag, Karlsruhe i.B. Rolf Kellner.

Item 5885    
Germany Old Postcard MAINZ CHURCH Barock - Chorgestuehl

Der Dom zu Mainz. Barock-Chorgestuehl im bischoefl. Chor. Verfertiger Ludw. Herrmann um 1767. Cathedral. Unused. Published by Bromsilber, M Jacobs, Frankfurt a.M. Jaco Photographie Nr. 2589

Item 5882    
Denmark Old Postcard - CARLSBERG GLYPTOTEK Vinterhaven

Old Photo PPC Nr. 81Garden. Park, Trees, Sculpture Statue, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Vinterhaven IV. Unused. Published by Vilhelm Trydes Forlag.

Item 5824    
Germany Old Coloured Postcard Monastery KLOSTER ETTAL

Kloster Ettal. Bottom right Corner creased. Unused. Published by Kuenstlerphotochrom von Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen. 1922

Item 5801    
Germany Postcard MUNICH Muenchen Old PINAKOTHEK - TRAM

Munich (Muenchen) Koenigl. alte Pinakothek. Art Gallery. Unused.

Item 5796    
Germany Old Postcard DUESSELDORF - Kaiser Wilhelmpark

Duesseldorf - Kaiser Wilhelmpark. Park. Trees.

Item 5745    
Belgium Undivided Back PPC BRUSSELS Les Etangs POND

Old Picture Postcard - Bruxelles - Ixelles - Les Etangs (Pond), Trees, Boat, Lake. Sent from Brussels, Belgium to Southsea, Portsmouth, England. Belgian stamp 10c red King Leopold II
Published by L.L.B. 239

Item 5732    
Germany Undivided Back Old Postcard - HEIDELBERG CASTLE

Early PPC Heidelberg - Das Schloss von der Terrasse gesehen. Unused. Published by u. Originalaufnahme von Edm. von Konig in Heidelberg. 1900 (Gegen jede Nachbildung ges geschutat 1051.)

Item 5697    
Germany Old Postcard TRIER Panoramic View River Bridge

Trier. Unused.

Item 5486    
France Old Postcard TOULON Vue generale du Quai Cronstadt ATLAS Fishing Boats

Vue generale du Quai Cronstadt. Fishing boats, mountains. Unused. Published by C F M. l'aget, papeterie, 20 rue Nutionuale.

Item 5483    
France 1914 Postcard OLLIOULES Les Gorges Roche Taillee

Gorge. Rocks, Mountains. Old PPC used in UK. No.1 Sent from Kensington to England (Liverpool). Great Britain 1/2d green KG5

Item 5468    
Ireland 1943 Old Postcard Lower Lake View - Glendalough

Early Irish Real Photo Picture Post card, Mountains, addressed to England. Surface rubs on the picture side. Published by Valentine's PHOTOTYPE Series. Dundee and London. Printed in Scotland.

Item 5423    
France Old Postcard CANNES Croisette Rocks Sailing Boat

Old Colour Postcard.

Item 5386    
Old RP Photo Postcard ENGLISH GUEST HOUSE Hotel Parasol

Unused. Published by Forrania

Item 5378    
Germany PC LAZI BLACK FOREST CREEK Schwarzwaldbaechlein

Old Postcard Schwarzwaldbaechlein. Unused. Published by Lazi Bilderverlag, Stuttgart-Freudenstadt. Nr. 122

Item 5332    
Germany Old Postcard GREETINGS FROM COLOGNE Flowers

PPC with silvery glitterring powder. Koln.

Item 5324    
Germany Old Postcard HARZ Feuersteinklippen SCHIERKE

The Harz is a mountain range in northern Germany. Rocks. Unused. Published by 6529 Louis Glaser, Leipzig

Item 5250    
Switzerland Old Postcard Aerial View MOUNTAIN VALLEY

Real Photo PPC. Snowy mountains. Unused. Published by J. Burlington - Darjeeling - Smith.

Item 5243    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard Lake URNER SEE & SEELISBERG

Real Photo Photograph PPC 26716 Urner See und Seelisberg. Snowy Mountains. Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.) Fabrication Suisse.

Item 5241    
Swiss Photo Postcard Mountains GITSCHEN & URIROTSTOCK

Switzerland Real Photograph PPC Flowers, lake. Unused. Published by Wehrliverlag Kilchberg (Zch.). Fabrication Suisse.

Item 5196    
British Royalty Old Real Photo Postcard H.R.H. The Duke of Cornwall as CHILD

Real Photograph by Marcus Adams (701). With Hearty Greetings. Unused.

Item 5148    
Switzerland Old Postcard GB stamp Lausanne et Les Alpes

1955 Swiss Coloured Picture Post card, snowy mountains, flag, lake.

Item 5146    
Switzerland 1953 Postcard Mountains Gersau mit Pilatus

Old Swiss Picture Postcard, Snowy Mountains, Lake. Sent to England. 25 helvetia Red
Published by d 3647 Photoglob Wehrli AG., Zurich.

Item 5136    
Czech Old Undivided Back PPC Maehrische Schweiz

Old Picture Postcard, Verlag. O. R. Bruun.

Item 5133    
Switzerland Old Postcard Luzern Rathaus Town Hall Clock

Early Swiss Coloured Picture Post card Clock Tower, Riverbank, No.2169 Edition Photoglob Co. Zurich. Unused.

Item 5067    
Canada Old Postcard Trees St. James Cathedral Montreal

Early Coloured Picture Post card, hand tinted, from Montreal Import Co., No.107. Very slight paper fold in the centre. Unused.

Item 5056    
Canada Old Postcard Montreal and Jacques Cartier Bridge

Early Coloured Picture Post card, Jacques-Cartier bridge, river from the Mont Royal. PPC made in Canada, Unused.

Item 5044    
Canada Old Postcard City Hall Halifax Clock Tower Flag

Early Canadian Picture Post card, fountains, trees. Published by H. H. Marshall Ltd, Halifax N.S.

Item 5037    
Canada PPC Mink Tunnel Lake Superior Railroads Railways

Old Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Mink Tunnel North Shore, Lake Superior, Ontario, Cliffs, No.10 From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 5034    
Canada Old Postcard General View Quebec City from Levis

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Vue generale de Quebec - de Levis. No.49. From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 5033    
Canada Old Postcard General View Quebec City from Levis

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Vue generale de Quebec - de Levis. No.49. From PECO Ottawa Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Unused.

Item 4858    
Old JUDGES Postcard 1927 ELY CATHEDRAL Nave SW Transept

Photo PPC Ely, Into the Nave from S.W. Transept. Ely is a cathedral city in east Cambridgeshire, East Anglia. The population was 11,760 in 1994. It is the main town in the Isle of Ely. Sent to Norfolk. King George 5th 1d stamp, tied MARCH.
Published by By Judges' Ltd Hastings, England. No.4847

Item 4809    
GLADYS COOPER & Her Son Child Boy Old Photo PPC Actress

Real Photograph PPC with her signature printed on the bottom right corner. A British Beauty.

Item 4704    
Norway Old Photo Postcard FLOWER ARRANGEMENT Gardens

Roses, Trees, Unused PPC.

Item 4699    
Belgium Old PC BRUSSELS Picture Galery Palais des Beaux

Postcard No.62 Palais des Beaux-Arts. Sent to Sussex (England). Phototypie, A. Dohmen, Bruxelles. Stamp removed, with Palace Hotel postmark.

Item 4692    
Switzerland UK 1907 Old Postcard LUCERNE Glacier Garden

1508 Luzern - Gletschergarten. PPC used in the UK. Sent to Hastings (Great Britain). 1/2d green King Edward VII
Published by Photographie-Verlag Wehrli A.-G. Kilchberg, Zuerich.

Item 4515    
Italy Old Postcard Mosaique et allee de l'Hercule Park

mountain, Hercules. dans le parc.

Item 4511    
Italy Old Postcard Bridge Waterfall Cascade in the Park

La cascade dans le parc. Waterfalls. Trees. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC.

Item 4510    
Italy Old Postcard Dans le Parc The Waterfall Cascade

La cascade dans le parc. Bridge. Trees. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC.

Item 4508    
Italy Old Postcard Trees Hercules et Licca dans le parc

Hercule and Licca in the park. Brunner & Co, Como. PPC. Statue.

Item 4268    
MILAN Old Postcard Castello Sforzesco Torrino d'Angelo

Moonlight, moon, Old Postcard MILANO - Castello Sforzesco, Il Torrino d'Angelo. Trust della Cartolina Illustrata - Milano. IPACT Fotocolor trademark. Unused.