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Item 13769    
Artist Signed Religious Postcard GENESIS After Flooding

Genesis. 12 Designs. After the Flood. Gen. VIII, 3-8. Art Drawn Painting. Published by Misch & Co. "The Holy Scripture". Design 4.

Item 13765    
Swiss Postcard - LUCERNE Glacier Garden Gletschergarten

Undivided Back Early Switzerland Old PPC, Gletschergarten (Gletscherschlifte). Luzern.

Item 13760    
Children Cute Baby 1936 Old Postcard Lovely Front Here

Early Coloured Comic PPC, There's a lovely front here. Sent from Southend on Sea Essex to Paignton Devon. KGV 1d Red

Item 13736    
Sweden 1912 Old Postcard - KALMAR City Park & Pavillon

Kalmar. Pavillonen i Stadsparken. Sent from Kalmar. 10 ore
Kalmar Municipality (population 59,308) is a municipality in southeastern Sweden, where Kalmar is the seat. It is located in the district Smalandia on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It played an important part in the history of Sweden in the medieval age.

Item 13699    
Austria Postcard VIENNA Heldenplatz Parlament Town Hall

Old Real Photo PPC, Wien, Heldenplatz mit Parlament und Rathaus.

Item 13695    
5 CATS on A Ladder Old Colour Tinted Art Drawn Postcard Kittens Pets Pet Animals

Early Coloured PPC, Animals. Published by Printed in Bavaria

Item 13688    
Germany Postcard MUNICH CASTLE Nymphenburg Amalienburg

Old PPC Muenchen - Schloss Nymphenburg. Amalienburg. Published by Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen.

Item 13682    
France Old Postcard Viaduct Wolf's Valley Paradise Path

Viaduc et Vallee du Loup (A-M) Vue prise du Chemin du Paradis (Gourdon). Viaduct and the Wolf's Valley. View taken from the Paradise's Path. Published by Edition Giletta.

Item 13679    
Germany Postcard WINE CELLAR Mayschosser Winzer-Verein

Early German Real Photo PPC, Mayschosser Winzer-Verein. Aelteste und groesste Winzer-Genossenschaft Deutschlands - Gegr. 1868 Mayschoss (Ahr). Published by Foto Segschneider, Ahrweiler.

Item 13677    
France Postcard BOULOGNE-SUR-MER Statue de Mariette

Old Embossed PPC, Boulogne-Sur-Mer. Statue de Mariette. Boulogne-sur-Mer is a town in northern France, in the Pas-de-Calais département of which it is a sous-préfecture. It is located by the English Channel.

Item 13658    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard EINSIEDELN ABBEY Interior

Early Real Photo PPC, Einsiedeln. Inneres der Klosterkirche. Einsiedeln is famous for the Benedictine monastery in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, dedicated to Our Lady of the Hermits, that title being derived from the circumstances of its foundation, from which the name Einsiedeln is also said to have originated.
Published by Kunstverlag E. Goetz, Luzern

Item 13652    
France Old Postcard Cure D'Air & Hotel Liebfrauenthal

Cure D'Air & Hotel Liebfrauenthal. Steps. Sent to Paris. Published by Felix Luib, Strasbourg

Item 13648    
France Postcard Abbaye Villers Cour dhonneur Refectoire

Old PPC, Trees, Abbaye de Villers. Cour d'honneur et Refectoire. Published by Edition du Touring Club de Belgique.

Item 13646    
France Savoie Old Postcard - MYANS Chaine de Belledonne

Abimes de Myans (Savoie). Chaine de Belledonne. Snowy Mountains. Rognier 2346m, Grands Moulins, Col de la Fraiche, Grand Miceau 2681m, Col de la Pierre, Pic du Frene 2868m. Myans, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France

Item 13643    
Germany Early Real Photo Postcard - WALCHENSEE Jachenau

Hotel Fischer am See - Urfeld a. Walchensee. Blick vom Herzogstand (1731 m) auf den Walchensee, Jachenau, Tegernseer- und Tiroler Berge. Der Walchensee ist einer der tiefsten und zugleich mit 16,4 km² auch einer der größten Alpenseen Deutschlands . Er liegt 75 km südlich von München inmitten der Bayerischen Alpen.
Published by Huber-Postkarte

Item 13638    
Switzerland Old RP Postcard Art Painting - Ruetlischwur

Early Swiss Real Photo PPC, Der Rütli-Schwur (Rutlischwur). Nach dem Wandgemaelde von Dr. Stueckelberg in der Tellskapelle am Vierwaldstaettersee. LAKE LUCERNE. Lake Lucerne (German: Vierwaldstättersee, lit. "Lake of the Four Forest Cantons", sometimes Lake Luzern) is a lake in central Switzerland, the fourth-largest in the country.
Published by Verlag Th. Rietschi, Luzern.

Item 13636    
France Old Postcard VIENNE Infantery Caserne - 99 Ligne

Vienne - Vue d'ensemble de la Caserne d'Infanterie. 99e de ligne. Vienne is a département of France, located in the center of the country, and named after the Vienne River.
Published by B & G Lyon

Item 13628    
Germany Old Multiview Real Photo Postcard of KARLSRUHE

Gruss aus Karlsruhe. Foutains,. Published by Peter Peters, Malsch/Karlsruhe.

Item 13621    
France Old Postcard Street View HAZEBROUCK Le Trocadero

Hazebrouck - Le Trocadero. Children. Published by Huyghe-Mantez Huyghe-Vasseur Succ.

Item 13620    
France Nord-Pas-de-Calais Postcard HAZEBROUCK Town Hall

Old PPC, Hazebrouck. L'Hotel de Ville. Published by Imp. E. Le Deley, Paris.

Item 13617    
Germany Postcard TEGERNSEE Bavarian Mountains Panorama

Braeustueberl. Tegernee. Oval cachet. Published by Max Stadler, Kunstverlag, Muenchen, Welfenstr. 39.

Item 13611    
Austria Postcard INNSBRUCK Leopoldsbrunnen & Hofkirche

Old PPC, Horse rider, Women, Fountain, Innsbruck - Leopoldsbrunnen und Hofkirche. Published by Wilhelm Stempfle, Innsbruck.

Item 13605    
Swiss Old RP Postcard RINGGENBERG Faulenseeli Strandbad

Switzerland Real Photo PPC, Ringgenberg, Faulenseeli mit Strandbad. Published by H. Steinhauer, Photos Ringgenberg.

Item 13590    
1931 Postcard Loving Message to my dear Mother Flowers

Greetings Old Real Photo Photograph PPC, beautifully framed, A Loving Message to my Dear Mother. Carnation. The best of Mothers, staunch and tru. You have been to me, May Birthday joys each year renew, And many may you see.

Item 13587    
Greetings Early Real Photo Postcard WOMAN WITH FLOWERS

To Greet you.

Item 13586    
Greetings Postcard I CLING Flowers Shaking Hands - Poem

I Cling quoth the Ivy. Whate'er may befall, I cling on for ever. Good Luck! said the wall, A capital sentiment one of the best Let it be our motto and this be our Crest. Published by B.B. London. Printed in Saxony.

Item 13579    
Greetings BIRTHDAY Embossed Old Postcard GIRL AT SUNSET

Happy Birthday Greetings. Flowers, Painting. A wreath of tiny tender Flowers. Culled from the dewy Spring-tide bowers. I send, and wish a Birthday glad. No thorns to make the Life-path sad. Sent to Watford.

Item 13578    
Early Postcard Greetings FLOWERS with Glittering Powder

Framed PPC. Made in France G. Picard Paris G.P. La Rose

Item 13566    
Old Colour Photo Postcard HAPPY CHRISTMAS Lake & Sunset

Happy Christmas. Published by Veritable Photographie Made in Belgium

Item 13562    
Greetings 1912 Old Postcard SIMPLE NATURE Woman & SHEEP

Old Coloured Framed PPC, Simple Nature. Wood, Go forth under the open sky, and list to nature's teachings. Sent from ---Stead to Norfolk. KGV 1/2d Downey Head

Item 13557    
Greetings Old Photo RP Postcard MANY HAPPY RETURNS Park

Many happy Returns. Wishes true are sent to you At your Birthday's dawning, Joy be with you as you wake On this happy morning. Published by The Philco Photo Birthday Series. Printed in Italy

Item 13477    
England Old RP Photo Postcard CROYLAND ABBEY West Front

Early RP PPC, West Front, Croyland Abbey. Clock tower. Crowland (modern usage) or Croyland (medieval era name) is a town in Lincolnshire, England, positioned between Peterborough and Spalding, with two major sites of historical interest. One is the unique 14th Century three-sided bridge, Trinity Bridge, the other is its ruined medieval Crowland Abbey.

Item 13434    

Undivided Back PPC, Musical Inspiration Torggler. Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. London & Manchester.

Item 13415    
England Old Photo Postcard GLOUCESTER Cloister Carrels

Gloucester - Cloister and Carrels. Gloucester is a city in south-west England, close to the Welsh border. In 1991 it had a population of 106,526. Traditionally Gloucester has been the county town of Gloucestershire.
Published by Cambria Series. W.A. Call. Monmouth.

Item 13380    
Italy Artist Signed Old Postcard Woman Rose Butterflies

Early Coloured Art Drawn PPC, Roses Flowers, Butterfly. Published by art riser Uff Rev. Stampa N. 2548 Milano / 924-2

Item 13371    
JINKY Series No.27 Dog BEE Postcard - I've Got The Hump

Early Coloured Comic Humour PPC, V.B.W. Animal, Insect. Published by Jinky Series

Item 13363    
Comic Humour Old Postcard A Girl's Cross Roads Nowadays

Early Coloured PPC, Don't have to worry about, "A girl's cross roads" nowadays.

Item 13319    
Austria RP Postcard VIENNA CASTLE Schloss Schoenbrunn

Real Photo PPC, Flowers, Wien, Schloss Schoenbrunn.

Item 13317    
Germany Real Photo Postcard ROTTACH-EGERN Lake & Church

RP PPC, Mountains, Rottach-Egern mit Wallberg. Rottach-Egern (früher Rottach) ist eine kreisangehörige Gemeinde in Bayern mit 5.174 Einwohnern im Landkreis Miesbach im Tegernseer Tal.
Published by Kunstverlag Bayernland Hans Geissler OHG, Rottach am Tegernsee.

Item 13306    
Austria Tyrol 1959 RP Postcard ZILLERTAL Bad Hintertux

Real Photo PPC, Mountains, Bad Hintertux 1500 m. Zillertal. Sent from Hintertux Tirol to England. 1.45s woman
Published by Foto Seeboeck.

Item 13304    
Austria Tyrol RP Photo Postcard ZILLERTAL Bad Hintertux

Real Photo PPC, Bad Hintertux 1500 m. Zillertal. Published by Foto Seeboeck.

Item 13302    
Austria Photo Postcard Adolf Pichlerhuette Riepenwand

Real Photograph PPC, Mountains. Glacier, Mountain Road. Published by Much Heiss Nachf. Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 13294    
Austria Postcard Alpengasthaus Frohneben mit Kalkkoegel

Real Photo PPC, Mountains, Alpengasthaus Frohneben mit Kalkkoegel. Published by Tiroler Kunstverlag, Chizzali, Innsbruck.

Item 13251    

Real Photo PPC, Dancing. innsbruck Published by Foto-Hofer, Innsbruck.

Item 13249    
Germany 1958 RP PPC Camping at LAKE WALCHENSEE Jochberg

Coloured Real Photo Picture Postcard used in Austria, Mountains, Walchensee gegen Jochberg - Camping am Walchensee. Sent from Innsbruck to England. 1.50s Woman dressing in front of mirror
Der Walchensee ist einer der tiefsten und zugleich mit 16,4 km² auch einer der größten Alpenseen Deutschlands . Er liegt 75 km südlich von München inmitten der Bayerischen Alpen.
Published by Hans Huber

Item 13244    
Germany Early Real Photo Postcard BAD HARZBURG Panorama

Bad Harzburg. O.A.S. On Active Service. Bad Harzburg ist eine Stadt im Landkreis Goslar im Süden Niedersachsens (Deutschland), am Nordrand des Harzes. Die Stadt ist auch als Soleheilbad und Heilklimatischer Kurort bekannt.
Published by Ernst Stopp, Hannover.

Item 13243    
Austria 1958 RP Postcard Pension See B. Solden I. Tirol

Real Photo PPC, Pension "See" B. Solden I. Tirol 1362 m. Mountains. Sent from OETZ to England. 1.45s Woman
Published by Much Heiss Nachf. Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 13236    
Austria Photo Postcard VIENNA CASTLE Schloss Belvedere

Real Photo PPC, Wien, Schloss Belvedere.

Item 13206    
South Africa Old Real Photograph Postcard A.C. Trandmar

Old RP Picture Postcard. Mountains, Coast. Published by A. C. Trandmar

Item 13092    
Austria Early Cosy Real Photo Postcard LAKE & CHURCH

Old RP PPC. Published by Cosy Verlag.