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Item 16807    
Germany Old Postcard OBERWESEL Church Schoenburg, SHIPS

Oberwesel Rh. Blick auf die rote Kirche und Schoenburg. Ships, River, Castle, Mountains. Published by Fritz Wagner, Kunstverlag, Heimbach-Weis Rh.

Item 16761    
France Postcard VERSAILLES Latone's Basin & Great Canal

Old PPC, Versailles - Le Bassin de Latone et le Grand Canal. Latone's Basin and the Great Canal. Fountain.

Item 16749    
France Old Postcard STRASSBOURG CHURCH Muenster Munster

Strassburg, Muenster.

Item 16618    
England Old Coloured Post Card COUNTRYSIDE ROAD

Countryside Road.

Item 16615    
England Old Real Photograph Postcard - MOUNTAINS


Item 16614    
England Old Real Photo Postcard CHURCH ENTRANCE


Item 16577    
Cornwall GRANO Old Postcard TRURO CATHEDRAL The Reredos

Truro Cathedral Reredos. Published by Photochrom Co. Ltd.

Item 16575    
Wales Old Real Photo Postcard - CAPEL CURIG and SNOWDON

Genuine Photograph PPC, Capel Curig & Snowdon. Mountains. Capel Curig is a village in Conwy, Wales. It lies in the centre of Snowdonia, on the River Llugwy. The village is a popular centre for walking, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking and other outdoor pursuits.
Published by Photo-Precision Ltd. St. Albans.

Item 16571    
England Old Real Photo Photograph Card Sea MAN ON CLIFF

Man of Cliff. Coastal Area.

Item 16550    

Undivided Back Old 1947 PPC, S. Augustines Church Brookland, Kent. A.W. Hodge. Pencil Sketch.

Item 16543    
Wales Old Real Photo Postcard - SNOWDON FROM LLANBERIS

Snowdon from Llanberis. Mountains. Beautiful view. Llanberis is a village in Gwynedd, Wales, lying beside the Llyn Padarn lake in Snowdonia.

Item 16535    
Artist Signed Old Postcard - MILLBANK - Under The Hills

Early PPC, National Gallery, Millbank. Under the Hills. Farm, Countryside, E. Neilbert White Artist Signed. CDLXXVIII.

Item 16488    
Italy 1922 PPC MILAN Piazza della Scala Palazzo Marino

Early Coloured Picture Postcard, Statue, Milano - Piazza della Scala col Palazzo Marino. Sent from Porta Nuova to England.

Item 16483    
Italy Postcard - MONREALE Chiostro Benedettini FOUNTAIN

Old Coloured PPC, Monreale - Chiostro dei Benedettini. Fountain. Monreale is a small city in the province of Palermo, in Sicily, Italy. It has approximately 30,000 inhabitants and is located among mountains, 2 km (12 mi) south of Palermo. The town is famous for its 12th century cathedral.
Published by G.B.P. Esare Capello Milano

Item 16478    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Monument Garibaldi & Castello

Milano - Monumento a Garibaldi ed Il Castello. Horse Rider Statue.

Item 16461    
Italy Postcard SANREMO Castello Marsaglia, Sailing Boat

Old Coloured PPC, Sanremo - Castello Marsaglia. Sailing Boat. Sanremo (sometimes wrongly written "San Remo") is a town of some 50,000 inhabitants on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in northwestern Italy. It provided the location for the inter-Allied conference of 19-26 April 1920.

Item 16439    
Italy Postcard PISA CATHEDRAL Facciata della Cattedrale

Old Coloured PPC, Pisa - Facciata della Cattedrale, Italy.

Item 16436    
Italy Old Postcard NAPLES Castello dell'Uovo - S. LUCIA

Napoli - Castello dell'Uovo e, S. Lucia. Published by Ed Raimondo Renza Napoli

Item 16435    
Italy Milan Old Coloured Postcard A WOMAN by the RIVER

Italy, Woman at River. Possibly in Milan. Published by Con Appr. Ufficio Rev. Stampa Milano

Item 16429    
Italy Postcard ROCK Rivelloni presso Collalbo sul Renon

Old Coloured PPC, Rivelloni presso Collalbo sul Renon, Italy. Published by Jon. Filisert Amonn Bolzano

Item 16421    
Italy Old Colour Postcard TIBERINA ISLAND Bridges Boats

Tiberina Island, Italy. Bridges.

Item 16411    
FISH & FLOWERS Animals 1935 Old Photographic Postcard

Fish & Flowers Postcard. Published by P-C Paris

Item 16378    
Birthday Greetings 1924 Old Postcard YOUNG WOMAN Lady

Birthday Greetings, Girl. With fond love and thoughts so true, comes this birthday wish, to you, may your future pathway hold Happiness and joy untold. Sent from Norwich to Norwich. KG5 1d

Item 16369    
Roses Rose Flowers Old Postcard - On Your 21st Birthday

To wish you health and happiness on your 21st Birthday. Flowers. Rich in Health, Wealth, Humour, Be the Store of years before, Such is my wish to you, Manning. To wish you health and Happiness on your 21st Birthday. Published by W & K London EC

Item 16362    
BIRTHDAY WISHES Greetings Postcard - Natural Landscape

Framed & Embossed PPC, Best Birthday Wishes, Sunny may your Birthday Be, From the lightest shadow free, and as hours and days depart, Always sunshine in your heart. Sent to Norwich. Published by W & K, Wildt & Kray

Item 16315    
USA Vintage Old Postcard PRINCETON UNIVERSITY - The McCosh Walk

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. McCosh Walk, Princeton University, USA. McCosh Walk is named in honor of James McCosh, 11th President of Princeton, with whom it was a favorite walk. The beauty of the fine old elms, spreading their kindly shade over this pathway, was a source of joy to the revered educator.
Published by Nassau Tavern Princeton N.J.

Item 16311    
Austria Old Photo Postcard - INNSBRUCK Unter den Lauben

Early Real Photograph PPC, Innsbruck, Unter den Lauben. Bicycle. Published by KTV

Item 16270    
AFRICA Old Photo Postcard Small Village Mountains Huts

Africa. Mountains.

Item 16219    
Sketch Postcard - FORD MADOX BROWN Coat of Many Colours

Old PPC, Ford Madox Brown. The Coat of Many Colours. British Museum. Artist Signed Postcard. XIV. 10. Published by Phot. Oxford University Press.

Item 16162    
France Old Postcard EVIAN-LES-BAINS River General View

Evian-les-Bains. Évian-les-Bains or Évian is a commune of France, in the Haute-Savoie département. Population: 7,300.
Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg-Schiltigheim.

Item 16157    
France Old Photo Postcard SAINT-RAPHAEL Harbour ANGLER

Saint-Raphael - Le Port. Coast. Fishing. Anglers. Boats. Sent to Bucks UK. 15f
Published by La Cigogne 83.118.34

Item 16152    
France Postcard AVIGNON Tour Philippe-le-Bel - Vaucluse

Old PPC Avignon (Vaucluse), Tour de Philippe-le-Bel. Sent from Avignon to England. Avignon is a commune in southern France with some 88,300 inhabitants in the city itself and 155,500 in the Greater Avignon area.
Published by Yvon

Item 16137    
France Old Postcard - FONTAINEBLEAU - Facade of Chateau

Fontainebleau - Facade du Chateau sur la Cour des Adieux. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg-Schiltigheim.

Item 16126    
France Old Levy Postcard - CATHEDRALE DE DOL Cote Nord

Cathedrale de Dol - Cote Nord (XII siecle). Cathedral. Published by Levy

Item 16108    
France Old Postcard - LE PUY MARY Cantal Mountain Road

Cantal - Le Puy Mary (1787 m) vu des Rochers de Peyre-Arse. Published by Argra Les Arts Graphiques Toulouse

Item 16104    
France Old Postcard - Lac Rond et le Col de la Vanoise

Le Lac Rond et le Col de la Vanoise, France. Snowy Mountains. Sent from Savoie to Kent. 5c & 25c

Item 16103    
France 1908 Postcard Gironde BORDEAUX Statue de Tourny

Old French PPC used in the UK, Bordeaux - Statue de Tourny. Wishing you a Happy Christmas. TRAM No.40. Sent to Balham. KG7 1/2d yellow green
Published by Phototypie Charles Chambon Bordeaux

Item 16090    
France Old Postcard - PARIS - Chapelle des Invalides

Paris - Chapelle des Invalides. Published by Edition des Monuments Historiques Grand Palais Paris

Item 16079    
France Old Postcard PARIS Pantheon - Pantheon & Statue

Paris, Pantheon. Published by Pantheon RF Paris

Item 16074    
France Old Art Drawn Coloured Postcard LAKE OF BOURGET

Environs d'Aix-les-Bains - Lac du Bourget. L'Abbaye d'Hautecombe - ND. France. Artist Drawn Postcard. Published by Levy

Item 16073    
Belgium Old Postcard MODAVE Pont de Vyle River Bridge

Modave, Pont de Vyle. Modave is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège. On January 1st, 2004 Modave had a total population of 3,713 (1,848 males and 1,865 females). The total area is 40.32 km² which gives a population density of 92.08 inhabitants per km².
Published by Hotel du Pont de Bonne Bonne Modave. NELS

Item 16070    
France Real Photo Postcard LYON Aerial View Boat Bridge

Early RP PPC, River, Bridges, Lyon - Le nouveau pont Clemenceau sur la Saone, l'entree du Tunnel routier de la Croix-Rousse et la Colline de Fourviere. Lyon is a city in east central France. Together with its suburbs and satellite towns, Lyon forms the second largest metropolitan area in France after Paris, with 1,648,216 inhabitants at the 1999 census, and approximately the 20th to 25th largest metropolitan area of Western Europe.
Published by Photographies aeriennes J. Cellard LYON

Item 15985    
Sussex England Old Postcard - PEVENSEY - Westham Church

Westham Church, Pevensey, Sussex.

Item 15959    
SUSSEX England Postcard - Abingworth Hall - Storrington

Abingworth Hall, Nr. Storrington, Sussex. 2257 Reception Tel. West Chiltington 3153 Visitors.

Item 15886    
France Old Postcard BEAUVAIS La Caisse d'Epargne ND 65

Beauvais - La Caisse d'Epargne. Beauvais is a city of northern France, préfecture (capital) of the Oise département. Population (1999): city: 57,355 (beauvaisiens); city and suburbs: 59,003; urban area (in French: aire urbaine): 100,733. It lies about 90 kilometers north of Paris.

Item 15883    
France Old Postcard BEAUVAIS L'Ancien / Ancient Museum

Beauvais - L'Ancien Musee, Cour interieure. Beauvais is a city of northern France, préfecture (capital) of the Oise département. Population (1999): city: 57,355 (beauvaisiens); city and suburbs: 59,003; urban area (in French: aire urbaine): 100,733. It lies about 90 kilometers north of Paris.
Published by ND Phot.

Item 15879    
France Old Colour Postcard VERSAILLES Park & Flower-Bed

Early Coloured PPC, Versailles. Facade sur le Parc - Les Parterres. Front on to the Park. The flower-bed. Published by LYS

Item 15878    
France Old Postcard ABBEY MARMOUTIERS Grots Street-Gate

Environs de Tours - Abbaye de Marmoutiers (I.-et-L.) Porte d'entree des Grottes. Grots Street-Gate. A.P. France. Published by A. Papeghin Paris Tours

Item 15877    
Germany Old Real Photo Postcard Schlos LINDERHOF CASTLE

Early Photograph PPC, Castle, Schloss Linderhof. Published by Verlag Martin Herpich & Sohn, Muenchen.

Item 15874    
France Old Real Photo Postcard - BESANCON Doubs Citadel

Besancon (Doubs). Le Doubs au Pied de la Citadelle. Boats. Besançon is a French city in the département of Doubs, of which it is the préfecture. Population (1999): 122,308.
Published by Yvon