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Item 20781    
Swiss 1910 Postcard Bruenig-Hohfluh - HOTEL WETTERHORN

Old Switzerland Colour Postcard. Bruenig-Hohfluh-Strasse, Hotel Wetterhorn, Plattenstock, Gummenalp. Sent from Hohfluh to Zuerich. 5c Green Tell's son
Published by Urler, Hotel Wetterhorn, Hochfluh

Item 20774    
Swiss 1911 Old BW PPC Ed. Jeanmaire Sous les sapins COW

Early Switzerland Black and White Artist Drawn Picture ostcard. Museum / Musee de Neuchatel - Ed. Jeanmaire - Sous les sapins. Sent from Neuchatel to Zurich. 5c Green Tell's Son
Published by E. Chiffelle phot.

Item 20764    
AARETAL BRUENIG Kurhaus Schweibenalp 1927 Old Postcard

Early Switzerland B/W Postcard. Kurhaus Schweibenalp - Blick von der Terrasse auf Aaretal und Bruenig. Mountains. Sent to Zurich / Redirected to Hotel Titlis Engelberg. 10c William Tell

Item 20756    
Swiss Old RP Postcard SCHWYZ Klingenstock SPORT HOTEL

c.1939 Old B/W Postcard. Kurhaus Sporthotel Stoos ob Schwyz mit Klingenstock 1929 m. Sent from Schwyz. 10c
The town Schwyz is the capital of the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland.
Published by RS Rud. Suter Oberrieden Zch

Item 20678    
Switzerland 1933 Old Postcard BERGIDYLL Girl, Mountains

Early Swiss Postcard. Little Girl, Children. Water Fountain. Idylle de montagne. Sent from Zurich to Dornach bei Basel. 10c
Published by Frobenius A.C. Basel

Item 20677    
Switzerland 1934 Old Postcard ZUERICH and ALPS Panorama

Old B/W Postcard. Zuerich und die Alpen. Aerial View. Sent from Zuerich to Menton. 20c
Published by Photo-Rotation Wilhelm Pleyer, Zuerich

Item 20655    
India 1916 Old Postcard BOMBAY The Municipial Buildings

Early Colour Tinted Postcard. Bombay, the Municipial Buildings. Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and is located on an island off the west coast of India.
Published by D. Macropolo & Co. Calcutta

Item 20651    
Egypt Africa Old Sepia Postcard CAIRO Le Caire Minaret

Early Postcard. Le Caire, Minaret. Published by Maison d'Art 15 Rue du Midi Bruxelles

Item 20620    
USA Old Colour Tinted Postcard MASSACHUSETTS Worcester

Old Colour Postcard. South High School, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Published by SL & Co.

Item 20611    
Czechoslovakia Old RP PC SPINDLERMUEHLE Spindleruv Mlyn

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Spindlermuehle. Mountains. Špindlerův Mlýn (in German Spindlermühle) is town in the Czech Republic. It has 1,300 permanent inhabitants. The town is one of the most well-known and most frequented mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, with year-round use and with accommodation capacity of 10,000 beds.
Published by W. Pfohl, Spindlermuehle

Item 20603    
Czechoslovakia Old RP Postcard SPINDLERMUEHLE Spindler

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Spindlermuehle. Špindlerův Mlýn (in German Spindlermühle) is town in the Czech Republic. It has 1,300 permanent inhabitants. The town is one of the most well-known and most frequented mountain resorts in the Czech Republic, with year-round use and with accommodation capacity of 10,000 beds.
Published by Schindler Foto.

Item 20572    
Austria Old Postcard Cachet & LIECHTENSTEINKLAMM Gorge

Early lightly colour tinted Postcard. Liechtensteinklamm. M. Uray, St. Johann i. P. Cachet on back LIECHTENSTEIN. Liechtensteinklamm (Liechtenstein Gorge) is a particularly narrow gorge with walls up to 300m high, located in the Austrian Alps 50km south of Salzburg. It is around 4km long and named after Johann II of Liechtenstein who had walkways built in 1875.
Published by Wuerthle & Sohn, Wien, Salzburg, Muenchen

Item 20552    
France Old Postcard Route GRANDE CHARTREUSE Guiers Mort

Early B/W Postcard. Route de la Grande-Chartreuse. Entree du Desert et le Guiers mort. River. Mountain road. Commemorative Hotel cachet ISERE Couvent de la Grande Chartreuse. The Grande Chartreuse is the head monastery of the Carthusian order. It is located in the Chartreuse mountains, to the north of the city of Grenoble, in the commune of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse in the Isère département of France. Originally, the house belonged the see of Grenoble, and Saint Hugh gave it to Saint Bruno and his followers in 1084. With that house, Bruno founded the Carthusian Order.
Published by Cl. A.V.

Item 20539    
France Old Postcard DAUPHINE Pic de l'Oeillette / HOTEL

Early B/W Postcard. Dauphine - Route de la Grande-Chartreuse, Le Pic de l'Oeillette. Commemorative Hotel cachet ISERE Couvent de la Grande Chartreuse. Dauphiné is a former province in southeastern France, roughly corresponding to the present départements of the Isère, Drôme, and Hautes-Alpes.
Published by M. Bourcier, Grenoble

Item 20535    
Switzerland Old Postcard LUCERNE Gletschergarten Bridge

Early Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Gletschergarten, Luzern. Hotel Cachet Gletschergarten Lucerne.

Item 20533    
France Ain Old B/W Postcard PEROUGES Panorama Meximieux

Early B/W Postcard. Perouges - Porte d'en bas - Panorama de Meximieux. Red commemorative cachet LOGIS DU CADRAN SOLAIR, Bird / Dragon. PEROUGES.

Item 20528    
France Coloured Postcard COTE D'AZUR Pont Saint - Louis

Colour Postcard. La Cote d'Azur, miracle de la nature EZE (Alpes-Maritimes) Vue generale, au loin le Cap-Ferrat. Cachet - Le Perroquet Tobac Pont Saint-Louis. Frontiere Franco Italienne. Published by E.K.B. / Yvon

Item 20521    
France Ain Old Postcard PEROUGES La Porte Logis Cadran

Early B/W Postcard. Perouges - La Porte. Red commemorative cachet LOGIS DU CADRAN SOLAIR, Bird / Dragon. PEROUGES. Sent to Nottingham, England. Inscription placee en memoire du siege de Perouges en 1469. Perogioe, Perogiarum, Urbs imprenabilis! Coquinati Delphinati voluerunt prehendere illam, ast non potuerunt. Attamen importaverunt portas, gonos cum serris et degringolaverunt cum illis. Diabolus importat illos.
Published by Vialatte Phot Oyonnax

Item 20517    
France Ain Old Postcard PEROUGES Remparts & Porte, GATE

Early B/W Postcard. Perouges - Les Remparts et Porte exterieure. Red commemorative cachet LOGIS DU CADRAN SOLAIR, Bird / Dragon. PEROUGES. Published by F. Vialatte

Item 20515    
Germany Black Forest Old PPC HOCHBLAUEN Belchen / HOTEL

Early German Black and White Postcard. Blick vom Hochblauen auf den Belchen. Hotel u. Pension 1170 muM. Hochblauen b. Badenweiler o. im Schwarzwald. Mountains. Published by Original Eigentum Gebr. Metz. Tubingen

Item 20506    
Scotland Old Real Photo Postcard The GLASGOW CATHEDRAL

Early B/W Postcard. Glasgow Cathedral. Glasgow is Scotland's largest city, located on the River Clyde in West Central Scotland.
Published by Ralston Series / W. Ralston Ltd. Galsgow

Item 20500    
BUTE Scotland Old Postcard Bridge Pier ROTHESAY from W.

Early Postcard. Rothesay from West. Boats. The town of Rothesay is the principal town on the Isle of Bute, in the county of Bute, Scotland. It features a late medieval castle surrounded by a moat and can be reached by ferry from Wemyss Bay which offers an onward rail link to Glasgow.
Published by Valentine's PHOTOTYPE postcard

Item 20486    
Scotland Old Multiview Postcard Dee BALMORAL CASTLE etc

Early Real Photo Postcard. Royal Deeside, Braemar Castle, Crathie Church, Balmoral e Lochnagar, Linn of Dee, Braemar, Balmoral Castle. Balmoral Castle is a large mansion built by Queen Victoria in the Scottish baronial style on the River Dee in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, current summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II, who stays there for 12 weeks from August. It is built of granite and dominated by a square tower and circular turret.
Published by Valentine

Item 20437    
Scotland Old B/W Postcard - AYR Auld Brig O'Doon Bridge

Early Postcard. Auld Brig O'Doon, Ayr. Published by Davidson's Silver Tone Series / D.&S./K.

Item 20430    
Scotland Old B/W Postcard BOATS, RIVER, BRIDGE, FLAGS

Early Postcard. River, Boats, Bridge, Flags.

Item 20426    
Italy Old R.P. Postcard ROCKS Cinque Torri Torre ingles

Early B/W Postcard. Cinque Torri, Torre inglese. Published by G. Ghedina Cortina

Item 20424    
Italy Old Photo Postcard Mountains HOTEL SALIGO-SIUSI

Early B/W Postcard. Hotel Saligo-Siusi. Bolzano.

Item 20418    
Germany Old B/W Postcard TAMBACH-DIETHARZ Napoleonstein

Early B/W Postcard. Tambach-Dietharz, Napoleonstein. Mountains. Published by Paul Seyfarth

Item 20412    
Leonardo HEAD OF CHRIST Milan Italy Old Colour Postcard

Early Religious Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Head of the Christ. Milan : Brera.

Item 20393    
France Old Colour Tinted Postcard ARGELES General View

Early Coloured Postcard. Argeles - Vue generale. Published by Les Belles Editions Francaise / ADIA

Item 20386    
France Old Postcard MASSIF DE LA VANOISE / Grande Casse

Old French B/W Postcard. Col de la Grande Casse / Great Breakage - Massif de la Vanoise. Mountain Climbing.

Item 20318    
Devon Old Postcard CLOVELLY from Hobby Drive Beach Clif

Early Postcard. Clovelly from Hobby Drive. Cliffs.

Item 20297    
Somerset Old Milton Photo Postcard - BATH Circular Bath

Early Real Photograph Postcard. Circular Bath, Bath. Published by The Milton Series Renowned for Local Views Woolstone Bros.

Item 20292    
Signed / Actress in Costume Old B/W Real Photo Postcard

Early Black and White Postcard. Actress. Best Wishes Nubienne Peek, "Pat" to "Uora".

Item 20261    
Canada Old PPC - Jack Fish Tunnel Lake Superior Railway

Early B/W Postcard. Jack Fish Tunnel, Lake Superior, Ontario. Published by Canadian Pacific Railway Company News Department.

Item 20240    
Canada Old Colour Tinted Postcard PEACH ORCHARDS Garden

Early Coloured Postcard. Peach Orchards, Garden of Canada. Published by Valentine's

Item 20236    
Canada Old Coloured Postcard EDMONTON In the Woods ALTA

Early Colour Postcard. A favourite Walk, Edmonton, Alta. Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province of Alberta, situated in the north central region of the province, an area with some of the most fertile farm land on the prairies.
Published by Valentine

Item 20234    
Canada 1947 Old Postcard Mt. ATHABASCA Brewsters Lodge

Early Colour Postcard. Mount. Athabaska and Brewsters Lodge. Mountains. Sent from Lake... to Whitby, England.

Item 20206    
India Uttar Pradesh Old Postcard LUCKNOW - Kaisor Bagh

Early B/W Postcard. Kaisor Bagh - Lucknow. Lucknow is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.
Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons, Ambala. Thos. Bell.

Item 20199    
India Old B/W Postcard DELHI Qutb-Minar TOWER

Early Postcard. Delhi - Qutb-Minar. Published by Archaeological Survey of India

Item 20198    
Czechoslovakia Old RP Postcard Bicycle BOHEMIAN FOREST

Early Real Photo Postcard. View Near Bohemian Forest. Motobike.

Item 20196    
Czechoslovakia Old Real Photo Postcard BOHEMIAN FOREST

Early Postcard. BOHEMIAN FOREST. Published by Photo Wolf R. Krumau

Item 20192    
Italy Undivided Old Postcard Castore e Polluce-Palatino

Early Real Photo Postcard. Castore e Polluce-Palatino. Italy. / Prof. Marcelliani

Item 20185    
Czechoslovakia Old R.P. Postcard BOEHMERWALD Teufelssee

Early Real Photo Postcard. Boehmerwald, Teufelssee. Czech Republic.

Item 20179    
Czechoslovakia 1937 Old RP Postcard PLOECKENSTEINER SEE

Early Postcard. Plesne jezero, Ploeckensteiner See 1090 m. Czech Republic. Real Photograph. A. HOCHHOLDINGER, Chata u Plesncho jezera oval cachet.

Item 20173    
Czechoslovakia Old Photo Postcard SUMAVA Lake, Cottage

Old B/W Postcard. Sumava - Staetni chata u cerneho jezera 1008 m n. m. Czech Republic. Published by Foto Fon

Item 20145    
Cornwall Old RP Postcard TRURO CATHEDRAL Chancel, Nave

Early Real Photo Postcard. Truro Cathedral The Chancel and the Nave. Published by Penpol Picturecards

Item 20142    
Yorkshire Old Judges' RP Photo Postcard HOW STEAN GORGE

In How Stean Gorge. Early Real Photograph Postcard. Published by Judges Ltd., Hastings

Item 20135    
Berkshire 1940 Old FRITH Colour Postcard WINDSOR CASTLE

Early Frith's Coloured Postcard. St. George's Chapel, Choir West. Windsor Castle. Published by F. Frith

Item 20104    
Switzerland 1901 Old U.B. Postcard WENGERNALP Mountains

Undivided Back Early Swiss Postcard. Wengernalp, Mountains. Sent from Ambulant / Luzern to London, England. Published by Photoglob Co. Zuerich.