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Item 15878    
France Old Postcard ABBEY MARMOUTIERS Grots Street-Gate

Environs de Tours - Abbaye de Marmoutiers (I.-et-L.) Porte d'entree des Grottes. Grots Street-Gate. A.P. France. Published by A. Papeghin Paris Tours

Item 15877    
Germany Old Real Photo Postcard Schlos LINDERHOF CASTLE

Early Photograph PPC, Castle, Schloss Linderhof. Published by Verlag Martin Herpich & Sohn, Muenchen.

Item 15874    
France Old Real Photo Postcard - BESANCON Doubs Citadel

Besancon (Doubs). Le Doubs au Pied de la Citadelle. Boats. Besançon is a French city in the département of Doubs, of which it is the préfecture. Population (1999): 122,308.
Published by Yvon

Item 15869    
France Old Real Photo Postcard VAISON-LA-ROMAINE Maison

Vaison-La-Romaine. Maison "du Buste en Argent". Vaison-la-Romaine (Latin: Vasio Vocontiorum) is a charming and interesting town in Provence. It is part of a commune of the same name, in the Vaucluse département, a part of the ancient French province of Comtat Venaissin.
Published by SEPT

Item 15864    
Switzerland Old Coloured Postcard DENTS DU MIDI Flowers

Les Dents du Midi. Flowers. Published by A. Kern

Item 15859    
France Postcard - VAISON-LA-ROMAINE La Maison des Messu

Real Photo PPC, Vaison-La-Romaine. La Maison des Messu. Vaison-la-Romaine (Latin: Vasio Vocontiorum) is a charming and interesting town in Provence. It is part of a commune of the same name, in the Vaucluse département, a part of the ancient French province of Comtat Venaissin.
Published by SEPT

Item 15857    
France Old RP Postcard - VAISON-LA-ROMAINE Roman Bridge

Vaison-la-Romaine. Le pont Romain (1er siecle avant J.-C.). Vaison-la-Romaine (Latin: Vasio Vocontiorum) is a charming and interesting town in Provence. It is part of a commune of the same name, in the Vaucluse département, a part of the ancient French province of Comtat Venaissin.
Published by SEPT

Item 15851    
France Old Postcard - THIERS - General View of REMPART

Thiers (P.-de-D.) Vue prise du Rempart. Published by Ideal

Item 15787    
France Old Postcard THIERS RIVER La Durolle au Moutier

Thiers (P.-de-D.) La Durolle au Moutier. Mountains. River. Published by Edition Tijoux

Item 15770    
France Old Colour Photo Postcard GIRONDE Beach Seaside

Early Hand Coloured PPC, Real photograph, Bassin D'Arcachon (Gironde). Le Pyla - Coucher de Soleil sur la Grande Dune (la plus d'Europe 107m) et sur le Bassin. Gironde is a département in the southwest of France named after the Gironde Estuary.
Published by L. Chatagneau 92' Cours Victor Hugo Bordeaux

Item 15764    
France RP Postcard SAINT-MALO Le Chateau et les Jardins

Early Real Photo PPC, Flag, St-Malo - Le Chateau et les Jardins. Saint-Malo is a walled port city in Brittany in northern France on the English Channel. It is a a sous-préfecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine département.
Published by CAP

Item 15732    
France AL 153 Old Postcard PARIS - The Luxemburg Palace

Paris - Le Palais du Luxembourg. The Luxemburgh Palace. Published by A.L.

Item 15721    
France Old Postcard PARIS BOURSE The Exchange TRAM Cars

Paris - La Bourse. A.L. The Exchange. A.L. Published by A. Leconte, Paris.

Item 15717    
France Old Postcard PARIS Le Petit Palais LITTLE PALACE

Paris - Le Petit Palais. A.L. Published by A. Leconte, Paris.

Item 15662    
France Old Postcard THIERS P.-de-D ROCK La Roche percee

Thiers (P.-de-D.). La Roche percee. Thiers, Puy-de-Dome, Auvergne, France. Rocks.

Item 15628    
France Old RP Postcard - VAISON-LA-ROMAINE The Cloister

Early Real Photo PPC, Vaison-la-Romaine - Le cloitre. Vaison-la-Romaine (Latin: Vasio Vocontiorum) is a charming and interesting town in Provence. It is part of a commune of the same name, in the Vaucluse département, a part of the ancient French province of Comtat Venaissin.

Item 15625    
France Old Postcard VAISON-LA-ROMAINE Statue of Sabine

Early Real Photo PPC, Vaison-La-Romaine. Le Portique de Pompee et la statue de Sabine, France. Published by SEPT

Item 15623    
France Old Postcard VERSAILLES MERVEILLES Inside Chapel

Real Photo PPC, Versailles et ses Merveilles. Le chateau. Interieur de la chapelle. Castle. / Reboiser. Sent to Surrey, England. Published by GUY, A. Leconte.

Item 15622    
France Postcard LE VERCORS French Alps - Grands-Goulets

Old Coloured Real Photo PPC, Les Belles Alpes Francaises. Le Vercors. Route des Grands-Goulets. France. Sent to England.

Item 15610    
Germany Old Postcard ANDERNACH NEAR RHINE Round Tower

Real Photo PPC, Andernach am Rhein, Runder Turm. Andernach / Rhine , Round Tower. Germany. Published by Schoening & Co., Luebeck.

Item 15609    
France Old Postcard ABBAYE DE JUMIEGES Abbey Ruins

Abbaye de Jumieges, France. Les Ruines. Nef de l'Eglise Notre-Dame vue prise du Choeur. CHURCH. Published by Arts Photomecanique

Item 15580    
Germany BERLIN Pencil Sketch Postcard Zitadelle Spandau

Weihnachtsmarke Berlin, Erstausgabetag. West Berlin St. Nicholas Christmas 50+20pf

Item 15576    
Germany 1989 Flieger in Zwickau Flight BIPLANE Postcard

East Germany GDR Post card, Airplane above the city. Exhibition. 1. Bezirks Luftpost Ausstellung. Sent from Zwickau. DDR 5pf Airplane

Item 15519    
USA DEER 1951 RP Postcard DEER Heights on Houghton Lake

Early Real Photo PPC, Animal, The Heights on Houghton Lake, Michigan, USA. Deer. Sent from Mich. to Norfolk, England. US George Washington 1c Bottom Marginal Strip of 3

Item 15514    
USA Old Postcard 1949 Mount Vernon Mansion, West Front

The Mount Vernon Mansion, West Front. Mount Vernon is owned and maintained by the Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union, founded 1853 for the preservation of the home and tomb of Washington. USA. Published by M.V.L.A.

Item 15512    
USA Old Postcard CALIFORNIA Mission San Juan Capistrano

Mission San Juan Capistrano, California, USA. Published by Edward H. Mitchell San Francisco, Cal.

Item 15455    
USA Coloured Postcard - CALIFORNIA Fireside Restaurant

The Fireside, California. Published by AMES

Item 15449    
USA Postcard US Flag - AVON CONNECTICUT - Old Farms Inn

Old Farms Inn. 1757. Avon, Conn. USA Avon is a town located in Hartford County, Connecticut. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 15,832. It was settled in 1645 and was originally a part of Farmington. In 1830, Avon incorporated as a separate town. It is generally considered a suburb of Hartford. Avon Old Farms School, a prestigious boarding school, is located there.
Published by Dextone

Item 15436    
USA Coloured Postcard NEW ENGLAND Flowers, Park & Lake

New England, USA. Published by Tichnor Gloss

Item 15431    
USA Postcard MASSACHUSETTS The Common, Leominster Flag

The Common, Leominster, Massachusetts. American Flag. Published by NATCO Natural color Cards Co. Ridgefield Park N.J.

Item 15430    
USA Postcard ST. PAUL MINNESOTA State Capitol Building

State Capitol Building, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. This impressive building with its wide expanse of lawn was completed in 1904 and first occupied by the Legislature January 3, 1905. Published by Little Press, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

Item 15421    

Early Real Photograph PPC, Sunset near Centre Island. Canada. Published by AZO

Item 15420    
USA 1907 Old Postcard - DEER IN BUSHES by W.F. Kendrick

Undivided Back PPC, Scenting Danger. Deer. By W.F. Kendrick. Animal. Sent from Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA to Sussex, England. removed
Published by 1903 W. F. Kendrick

Item 15415    
USA Postcard SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls Waterfall, Church

Greetings from Sioux Falls, Co. Dak. South Dakota, USA.

Item 15404    
USA Old Postcard WATKINS GLEN New York State - Entrance

View at Entrance, Watkins Glen, N.Y. USA. Fountain. Park.

Item 15388    
Nora Davidson Artist Signed Comic Old Postcard A LEG UP

Early Coloured Art Drawn Drawing PPC, Children, Humour, Eve got the blame, but someone must have her a leg up! CHILDREN LADDER GRABBING APPLE. Published by Nora Davidson Series.

Item 15371    
VERA PATERSON Artist Signed Regent Postcard I'se Got a Baby Sister Dog Puppy

Artist Signed Early Regent's Series Picture Post card, Children, girl, dog, "I'se got a baby sister.". Published by The Regent (Series) Publishing Co. Ltd. London NW1

Item 15359    
House At Pooh Corner Isn't Close Pencil Sketch Postcard

Ernest Howard Shepard (1879-1976). "It isn't close". Pencil Sketch for illustration to "The House At Pooh Corner". (Publ.1928) Chapter 1, Original drawings provided by Victoria and Albert Museum. (Dog, Doggie) Published by Disney / printed in England Reflex Marketing Ltd. Wellingborough

Item 15316    
PEACEFUL EASTER Embossed Bell Greetings Silky Pattern Novelty 1908 Old Postcard

A Peaceful Easter. Silky pattern nice quality card. Sent from Lewiston ME. to Maine. US 1c
Published by Franz Huld, New York.

Item 15311    
Netherlands Old Postcard CHILDREN Traditional Costume

Holland Coloured PPC, Children in traditional clothes. Zondagmiddag op den dijk (Marken). Published by D.B.M.

Item 15310    
France Postcard LES SABLES-D'OLONNE Chenal Tour Arundel

Old Coloured PPC, Les Sables-d'Olonne. Le Chenal et la Tour d'Arundel. Boats. Les Sables-d'Olonne is a seaside town of western France, by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a commune and a sous-préfecture of the Vendée département. Population (1999): 15,532.
Published by CAP, Strasbourg - Paris.

Item 15302    
Artist Drawn Old Postcard NOCE DE BOJARES Feast - Goose

Undivided Back, Early Coloured PPC, Noce de Bojares. Published by Wezel & Naumann AG, Leipzig.

Item 15287    
Greetings Old Postcard NEW YEAR GREETING Winter Scene

A New Year Greeting. May this jolly celebration of one more happy year hold much joy and pleasure and bring you goodly cheer. Winter Scene.

Item 15273    
France Old Multiview Postcard LOURDES Gavarnie Fort etc

Early French Multiview PPC, Le Cirque, La Basilique vue du Chateau Fort, Le Lac de Gaube, La Basilique et let Pic du Jer. Lourdes. Published by Cie des Arts Photomecaniques.

Item 15237    
USA Old Postcard OKLAHOMA High Bluffs on Cimarron River

High Bluffs on Cimarron River, Oklahoma, USA. Published by Oklahoma News Co., Tulsa, Okla. ONC 68

Item 15234    

Early Coloured PPC, Bells, Campanario and Sacred Garden, USA. Mission San Juan Capistrano. Founded 1776. The Sacred Garden with fountain back of the Campanario or bell wall between the great Stone Church and the original rectory. The two larger bells are dated 1796 and the smaller ones 1804. Published by Artchrom

Item 15229    
USA Old Colour Postcard ST LOUIS New Catholic Cathedral

Early Coloured PPC, New Catholic Cathedral, St. Louis, Mo. USA. Cars. Lindell and Newstead Aves. One of the greatest examples of ecclesiastical architecture. 365 feet long by 212 feet wide, designed by Geo. D. Barnett, cost over $2,750,000 Published by Beacon Series.

Item 15228    
USA Old Postcard Colorado Echo Lake and Mt. Evans

Echo Lake and Mt. Evans, Elevation 14260 Feet Denver Mountain Parks, Colorado. Couple, Lovers. Highest mountains in Colorado. The Highway is the higest automobile road in North America.

Item 15219    

Old Coloured PPC, Washington's Mansion, Mt. Vernon, Va. Virginia, USA. The second story end window is of the room in which Washington died. The window above is of the attic room occupied by Mrs. Washington after her husband's death and chosen because this window overlooked his tomb. Sent from London to Herts. Great Britain KG6 2c orange
Mount Vernon was the home of George Washington. Built of wood in neoclassical Georgian style, the estate is located near Mount Vernon, Virginia in Fairfax County, on the banks of the Potomac River.
Published by Scenic Art Series B.S. Reynolds Co. Washington DC

Item 15214    
USA 1948 Postcard VIRGINIA - Royal Terrace Motor Court

Old PPC Royal Terrace Motor Court, Front Royal, Virginia (USA). Sent from Portsmouth, USA to Oxford, England. 3c