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Item 24722    
France Old B/W Postcard HAZEBROUCK Petit Seminaire

Old B/W Postcard. Hazebrouck - Le Petit Seminaire Entree principale.

Item 24701    
Belgium Old B/W Postcard Laeken BRUSSELS Palais Royal

Old B/W Postcard. Brussels. Lion Statue. Palace Entrance Gate.

Item 24646    
India c1900 Old Postcard The View in Paget Park Umballa

Early Indian Coloured Picture Post card. View in Paget Park, Umballa. Trees. Lake. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Umballa

Item 24583    
Japan Old Postcard Bridge Trees Wakayama Mountain Park

Early Coloured Japanese Picture Postcard, Wakayama Park. 和歌山公園一橋大樟. Published by Taisho Shashin Osaka Japan 和歌山市役所發行

Item 24528    
Japan Old Postcard Western Visitors / Rickshaw & Coolie

Early Black and White Framed & Embossed Postcard. Foreign Visitors in Japan. PPC used in the UK. KG5 1/2d Green
Published by Picturesque japan / Alfred Stiebel & Co. London

Item 24525    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Coast Isles Islands Rock Channel

Early Black and White Japanese Picture Postcard, Trees. 嗚戶海峽銚子口.

Item 24523    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Japanese Park Monument - Benches

Early Black and White Japanese Picture Postcard, Park. 嗚戶公園御座所.

Item 24506    
Japan Old Postcard Mount Emperor Imperial Shrine

Early Japanese Picture Postcard, Mountains. 桃山御陵.

Item 24487    
Sweden Old B/W RP Postcard HUSABY KYRKA Church Interior

Old B/W Postcard. Husaby kyrka, interior. Husaby, near Kinnekulle, is a village belonging to Götene municipality in the province of Västergötland, Sweden. It is most known for the old stone church Husaby Church. Olof Skötkonung, the first Christian king of Sweden, is rumoured to have allowed himself to be baptised at a well by the church in 1008.
Published by Axel Ericssons

Item 24484    

Old B/W Postcard. Frederiksborg Slot. Published by J. Chr. Olsens Kunstverlag

Item 24483    
Sweden Old B/W Postcard FLOATING LOGS Timmer i Dalalven

Old B/W Postcard. Timmer i Dalalven. Logs, Sweden. Published by Forlag Persborg. Rattvik

Item 24475    
Sweden Artist Signed Old Postcard - WILD RIVER & BRIDGE

Early Art Drawn Coloured Picture Postcard. A. Disen 012. Hogfjall. La Montagne. . Published by Axel Eliassons Konstforlag, Stockholm

Item 24471    
Sweden Old R.P. Postcard HELSINGBORG KARNA General View

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Halsingborgs Karna. General View.

Item 24466    
Sweden Old B/W Postcard Direktoersbostaden Trycksaker

Early Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Direktoersbostaden, Direkt�rsbostaden. Trycksaker. Sweden. Published by Foto & Foerlag Frida Elfwing

Item 24445    
Egypt L.L. 69 Old Postcard Port Said General View SHIPS

Early B/W Postcard. Panorama. Vue Generale sur la Ville et le Canal. LL. Published by S. Levy & Cie Alexandrie

Item 24288    
Canada Old Postcard St. Andrews Locks Winnipeg Manitoba

Early Colour Tinted Postcard. Bridge, Boats, St. Andrews Locks near Winnipeg, Manitoba. Published by PECO Ottawa

Item 24285    
Canada Old Postcard Horseshoe Falls Oakes Gaden Theatre

Early Canadian Picture Post card, Horseshoe Falls Waterfall View from Oakes Garden Theatre. Niagara Falls. Coat of Arms. Published by F. H. Leslie, Niagara Falls

Item 24253    
Portugal Old Postcard LISBON Statue Estatua - Adamastor

Old Postcard. Lisboa - Estatua do Adamastor. Sculpture. Published by G. & F.

Item 24225    
Bermuda c1910 Old Tinted Postcard Beach - South Shore

Early Coloured PPC. Cliffs, Rocks. Bermuda was first settled in 1609 by shipwrecked English colonists headed for Virginia. Group of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Published by Wm. Weiss & Co.

Item 24181    
Austria Old B/W Real Photo Postcard INNSBRUCK Panorama

Old B/W Postcard. Innsbruck. Mountains. Sent to England. 10c
Published by Much Heiss Nachf. Alpiner Kunstverlag, Innsbruck.

Item 24179    
France Haute-Savoie 1909 Postcard SERVOZ Gorge - Bridge

Early B/W Postcard. Servoz - Gorges de la Diosaz vue prise du Pont Naturel. Bridges, Gorge. Sent from Caux to England. Swiss 5c Green Pair of 2
Published by Jullien Freres

Item 24168    
Italy 1943 Postcard MADONNA DEI GUIRLI Lake & Mountain

Old B/W Postcard used in Switzerland. Campione D'Italia. Madonna dei Guirli. Sent from Zurich to Zuerich. Swiss 1843 - 1943 Centenarium 4 / 6 Helvetia
Published by vietata Mangill

Item 24160    
Germany Old Real Photo B/W Postcard LINDAU General View

Old B/W Postcard. Lindau - Generalansicht vom Turm Bad Schachen. General View. Lindau is a German city and an island in the eastern part of the Lake Constance, the Obersee. It is located in the Bundesland of Bavaria and is also capital of the district of Lindau.

Item 24154    
Germany Old Postcard DRESDEN Friedrich-August-Bruecke

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Dresden - Friedrich-August-Bruecke, Bridge. Steamer Boat, Ship. . Published by J. Bettenhausen, Dresden

Item 24151    
Germany Old Colour Postcard WIESBADEN Kurhaus Fountain

Old Colour Postcard. Wiesbaden - Curhaus m. Blumengarten, Kurhaus. Foutains. . Published by Carl v. d. Boogaart, Wiesbaden. 1223

Item 24149    
Austria Old Photo Postcard BREGENZ Bodensee Lake & Ship

Early B/W Real Photograph Postcard. Bregenz a. Bodensee. Lake, Mountains, Ship. General View. Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, the westernmost federal state of Austria. The town is located on the shores of Lake Constance, the largest freshwater lake in Europe. It is especially famous for the annual summer music festival Bregenzer Festspiele.
Published by Foto Risch-Lau

Item 24148    
France Old B/W Postcard COLMAR Fountain Statue / a Girl

Old B/W Postcard. Colmar - Kaufhaus Schwendi. Fountain, Girl.

Item 24145    
Germany 1919 Old Postcard NEUSS Park Woman Girl Statue

Old B/W Postcard. Neuss - Partie a. d. Stadtgarten. Statue, Garden, Park. Neuss is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located west of the Rhine right opposite to Düsseldorf. Population: 150,000.
Published by Cramers Kunstanstalt K.G.Dortmund

Item 24144    
Germany Old BW Postcard SIEBENGEBIRGE Insel Nonnenwerth

Early B/W Postcard. Blick auf das Siebengebirge und Insel Nonnenwerth. Mountains. Sent to England.

Item 24121    
India Old RP Real Photo Postcard Palace Horse Carriage

Early Indian Postcard. ETHNIC.

Item 24104    
USA Old Postcard New Gryphon Building Rutland - Vermont

Early Colour Postcard. New Gryphon Building Rutland, VT. Howley Corner, Shopfronts.
Published by Chas. W. Hughes Mechanicville NY

Item 24102    
Austria Old Undivided Back Postcard TRAUNKIRCHEN Kanzel

c1900 Early B/W Postcard. Traunkirchen, Kanzel.

Item 24097    
Germany Old Postcard GLADBECK Town Hall Clock / Tramway

Old B/W Postcard. Gladbeck i. W. Rathaus. Clock Tower. . Published by Cramers Kunstanstalt K.G.Dortmund. Cekade.

Item 24090    
Germany 1919 Old Postcard NEUSS Alter Turm an Promenade

Old B/W Postcard. Neuss am Rhein, Alter Turm an der Promenade. Neuss is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is located west of the Rhine right opposite to Düsseldorf. Population: 150,000.
Published by Wwe. C. Lucas, Neuss a. Rh.

Item 24086    
Germany Old Postcard WIESBADEN General View Panorama

Old B/W Postcard. Wiesbaden - Gesamtansicht von Sueden. Published by Kunstverlag R. Konrady. Wiesbaden

Item 24085    
Germany 1923 Old Sepia Postcard MUNICH - Bavaria Statue

Early sepia Postcard. Muenchen - Bavaria Statue. Munich is a city in the south of Germany in the federal state of Bavaria.

Item 24070    
Egypt Old B/W Postcard CAIRO Ethnic Arab Street Scene

Old B/W Postcard. Cairo - Arab Street Scene. Published by L. C.

Item 24046    
Germany c1900 Old B/W Postcard NUREMBERG Kaiserstallung

Old B/W Postcard. Nuernberg, Kaiserstallung. Published by Anton Hilbert, Kunstverlag, Nuernberg

Item 24040    
Germany Old Photo Postcard - RUEDESHEIM Nationaldenkmal

Early B/W Real Photograph Postcard. Ruedesheim mit Nationaldenkmal. Published by Kunstverlag F. G. Zeitz

Item 24038    
Artist Drawn c1911 Old Postcard - Schacht Einsame Weide

Early Art Drawn Colour Postcard. "Schacht Einsame Weide", Cows, Fields, Little boy shepherd. Published by B. G. Teubner

Item 24036    
Germany Old sepia Postcard WIESBADEN General View

Old B/W Postcard. Wiesbaden, General View.

Item 24034    
Germany Old Colour Tinted Postcard COLOGNE - Hahnentor

Old Colour Postcard. Cologne am Rhein, Hahnentor.

Item 24033    
Germany Old Photo Postcard - ESSLINGEN Church & Castle

Old B/W Postcard. Esslingen. Blick zur Burg und Dyanisiuskirche.

Item 24012    
Switzerland Old Postcard GLACIER du Gorner et Breithorn

Early Black and White Swiss PPC, Glacier du Gorner Gornergletscher et le Breithorn 4171m. Snowy Mountains. Published by Phototypie Co. Neuchate

Item 23986    
Belgium c1900 Old Postcard NAMUR Donion de la Citadelle

Early Colour Tinted PPC, Namur, Le Donion de la citadelle. Published by Ser Lux MB CP

Item 23957    
Norway 1937 Old Postcard Utsikt fra Tryvandsbanen LAKE

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Utsikt fra Tryvandsbanen, Norway. Published by Ekte Fotografi Norsk arbeide K.H.

Item 23949    
Belgium Old Postcard Anvers Tour de l'eglise St Jacques

Early B/W Postcard. ANTWERP - Church, Cathedral. St. Jacques. Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen, French: Anvers) is a city and a municipality in the province of Antwerp (and its capital), in Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.
Published by G. Hermans Anvers

Item 23948    
Belgium Old Postcard ROCHEFORT Panorama Railway Bridge

Early Picture Post card, Rochefort Vue Generale. General View. Bridges. Railroad, Tunnel. River. Published by Nels

Item 23946    
Norway Old B/W Postcard MOUTAIN ROAD Noerodalen i Sogn

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Norway, Mountains Road Sogn. Scandinavia.

Item 23898    
France Old B/W Postcard Le Palais du LUXEMBOURG PALACE

Old B/W Postcard. Paris - Le Palais du Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Palace in Paris, north of the Luxembourg Garden, is where the French Senate meets.