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Item 26117    
Cumbria 1924 Postcard DARLINGTON South Park, Embankment

Old B/W Postcard. The Embankment, South Park, Darlington. Clock Tower. . Sent from Harrogate to Harrogate. KG5 1d
Darlington is an industrial town in the North East of England. In 2001 it had a resident population of 98000.
Published by The Pelham Series Boots Pure Drug Co. Ltd.

Item 26114    
Yorkshire 1925 Old Postcard FILEY BRIGG Stony Beach Rocks Seaside Coast

Old B/W Postcard. Filey Brigg. Sent from Filey to Harrogate. KG5 1d
Filey is a small town in North Yorkshire in the borough of Scarborough, between Scarborough town and Bridlington. Although it started out as a fishing village, it has a large beach and is a popular tourist resort, known locally for its quality fish and chip outlets.
Published by J. Salmon SEPIC Series

Item 26101    
Austria OAS Old Real Photo Postcard MARIA-RAIN Rosental

Early B/W RP Postcard. Blick von Maria-Rain ins Rosental. On Active Service. Snowy Mountains. . Sent to Co. Durham.

Item 26097    
WESTMINSTER HALL 1946 Old Postcard Stained Glass Window

Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Interior, Statue, Westminster Hall, London. (307). This ancient hall was originally built by William II in 1097. It has been the scene of many historic events and famous trials. Charles I was condemned to death in it in 1649, William Wallace, Sir Thomas More and Guy Fawles also were condemned to death here. For centuries it was the principal English Law Court. . Sent to Sussex Seaford. KG6 2d orange
Published by Valentine

Item 26046    
Actress MISS LILY HAUBANY Old Coloured Post Card

Old Colour Postcard. Miss Lily Haubany. Actress.

Item 25956    
Comic 1925 Old Colour Postcard - Schoolgirl Complexion

Old Funny Colour Postcard. "I know he loves me - cause he said I'd got that schoolgirl complexion!" Clown. Sent from Harrogate Yorks to Harrogate. KG5 1/2d Pair of 2
Published by Inter-Art Co. COMIQUE Series

Item 25946    
Flowers 1908 Old Postcard - FLOWER BUSH with White Buds Misch & Co., London 629

Early Colour Postcard. Flower. 1908. Sent from Darlington to Darlington. KE7 1/2d
Published by Misch & Co., London

Item 25843    

Old Funny Artist Signed Colour Postcard. "Mamma, how did he know it was a Blood Orange?". Comic, Humour. . Sent from Blackpool to Staffs. KG5 1d
Published by Regent Publishing Co. Ltd. London

Item 25839    
Artist Signed 1923 Postcard HANTS - ON THE TEST Cottage

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. On the Test, Hants. Oil Painting texture on surface. Sent from York to York. KG5 1d
Published by The Linden Series

Item 25825    
Sussex c1900 Old Postcard LAMBERHURST Natural Landscape

Old Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Lamberhurst, Sussex. Niemann. Sent from Keighley to Keighley. KE7 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co.

Item 25788    
V.W.S. Artist Signed Children 1919 Old Postcard Little Thing I can do for you?

Early Comic Humour Colour Postcard. V.W.S. Little Boy & lovely girl with parasol sitting on a bench. 3 boys behind (one smoking). Is there any little thing I can do for you?. Sent from Longton Stone to Blackpool. KG5 1d
Published by Regent Series

Item 25776    
Devon 1930 Artist Drawn Old Postcard BABBACOMBE SLOPES

Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Babbacombe Slopes. Froman Original Water Colour Drawing by W. W. Quatremain. . Sent from Torquay Devon to Ashford Kent. KG5 1d
Published by J. Salmon

Item 25740    
Germany Art Drawn Old Postcard BURG LIEBENSTEIN / Boat

Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Die Feindlichen Brueder. Ships, Mountains, Church. Liebenstein & Sterrenberg, Bornhofen. Feindliche Brueder. SHIPPING. Mountains. Published by Hoursch & Bechstedt Koln

Item 25736    
Artist Drawn Old ART Postcard ENFIELD - The Lovers Walk

Early Colour Postcard. The Lovers Walk, Enfield. Boating. Boat. Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. Picturesque Enfield Series

Item 25717    
Art Drawn Old Postcard FARMER Family Bird Bridge SUNSET

1926 Early Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Wenau-Delila. Published by Wenau Delila

Item 25706    
Northern Ireland PPC Portstewart Co Londonderry HARBOUR

Irish Postcard, Portstewart Co. Londonderry. The Harbour. Boats. Published by N.P.O.

Item 25678    
Artist Drawn Old Postcard YOUNG BULL Lamb Cow & Farmer

Early Artist Drawn Postcard. Cows, Lambs, Farmer. Museum Mauritshuis, Den Haag. P. Potter. The young bull, Der jung Stier, Le jeune taureau, De jonge stier. Animals.

Item 25611    
Kent Old Multiview Postcard MARGATE Marine Harbour, etc

Old B/W Postcard. Margate. Pier. Beach, Marine Terrace, Sunken Gardens. Ships, Boats. Pavilion and Winter Gardens. . Published by A. H. & S. Paragon Series Margate

Item 25602    
Actress 1906 Old Postcard GOOD LUCK Actresses Horseshoe

Old B/W Postcard. Good Luck, Actresses. kE7 1/2d

Item 25592    
Actress IRENE VANBRUGH 1909 Old PPC Builder of Bridges

Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Miss Irene Vanbrugh as Dorothy Faringay. "The Builder of Bridges". Actor Mr. Harcourt Williams as Walter Gresham. Dame Irene Vanbrugh DBE (1872–1949), born Irene Barnes, was an English actress, born at Heavitree, Exeter. In 1901 she was married to Dion Boucicault Jr., an actor. She was created a Dame Commander of the British Empire (DBE) in 1941.
Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 25591    
Actor WALTER CLARKE One Eye Galss Old B/W Postcard

Old B/W Postcard. Mr. Walter Clarke, Actors. Published by John Waddington Ltd Printers Gt. Wilson St. Leeds.

Item 25585    
Actress MRS. CECIL RALEIGH Old B/W Real Photo Postcard

Old B/W Postcard. Mrs. Cecil Raleigh. Hat. Langfier London. Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 25577    
Actress MISS RALPH & Musical Instrument Old Postcard

Old Colour Postcard. Miss Ralph, actress. With Glittering Powder decoration. (Langfier). Published by Millar & Lang, Ltd. National Series

Item 25568    
Actress Miss Drina Verchesi Old Postcard HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Old B/W Real Photo Postcard. Greetings Happy Birthday to you. "May joy and gladness, gleaming bright and clear, shine o'er you now and in the coming days, and sunny happiness be ever near to cheer and bless you, dear, in all your ways.". Published by Rotary Photo

Item 25498    
EGYPT Old Real Photo Postcard Cairo The ENGLISH BRIDGE

Early Black and White Real Photograph Picture Postcard. River. English Bridge.

Item 25471    
Comic 1909 Postcard Adult School Song Hail Smiling Morn

Funny Old B/W Postcard. Adult School Songs. Hail Smiling Morn. KICKING THE ALARM CLOCK. Sent from Kettering to Yks. KE7 1/2d

Item 25465    
Sketch Drawing 1907 Postcard WHEN MRS MEEKER ENTERTAINS

Old Funny B/W Postcard. "When Mrs. Meeker Entertains.". Hats with numbers. Pencil Sketch. Published by James Henderson & Sons

Item 25447    
Artist Signed CHILDREN 1911 Postcard Boys, Girl HARBOUR

Early Coloured Artist Drawn Postcard. "Out of it". Children. Little Boy hugging girl, looking at the sea & sailing boat. Costume. Artist's signature EM or FM?. Sent from Leeds to Leeds. KE7 1/2d
Published by C. W. Faulkner & Co. Ltd

Item 25445    
Comic Humour 1909 Old Postcard THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT

Old Funny Colour Postcard. "The Long & Short of it. If we had another sixpence we'd stay another week.". KE7 1/2d
Published by Coronation Series

Item 25439    

Old Funny B/W Postcard. "Truth's Stranger Than Fiction.". Early Real Photo Picture Postcard. kE7 1/2d
Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 25423    
Humour 1907 Postcard Sweetheart - Don't Crow about it

Old Funny Colour Postcard. "Though you've a Sweetheart Don't crow about it". Crowing Cork. . Sent to Staffs. KE7 1/2d
Published by Cynicus Publishing Co.

Item 25399    
Canada 1927 Postcard Montreal from Mount Royal Carriage

Early Coloured Canadian Picture Postcard. Seeing Montreal by Horse Carriage from Mount Royal. KG5 20c
Published by International Fine Art Co. Ltd.

Item 25393    
Canada Old Postcard Houses of Parliament Hull AIRPLANES

Early Canadian Picture Postcard. Canadian Houses of Parliament Buildings from Hull, P.Q. 3 Planes in the Air. Published by PECO

Item 25376    
Western Canada University College ONT. London Postcard

Early Coloured Picture Postcard. University College with Middlesex Memorial Tower, University of Western Ontario, London. Published by Victor Aziz London

Item 25364    
Canada Old Postcard Agricultural College Winnipeg Man.

Early Canadian Coloured Picture Postcard. School, Agricultural College Buildings. Winnipeg. Man. Published by Valentine

Item 25359    
Canada Old Postcard Interior of Church Emmanuel / Cross

Early B/W Real Photo Picture Postcard. Emmanuel.

Item 25356    
Canada Old Postcard Alberta Mountains The Great Divide

Early Canadian B/W Real Photo Picture Postcard. Mountain. Alberta, The Great Divide, British Columbia, Altitude 5332 feet. Entrance Gate, Monument. Published by Along the line of Canadian Pacific Railway / Byron Harmon Banff Canada

Item 25341    
Comic Humour Old Colour Postcard - I'll Be 8 on Monday

Early Colour Comical Postcard. "I'll be eight on Monday an' Mum says I'd have been ten if Dad hadn't been so bashful!". Girl & Boy. Children. Published by Docks Series Blackpool

Item 25327    
Wales Old Colour Postcard LLANGOLLEN Horse Shoe Falls

Old Colour Postcard. Horse Shoe Falls, Llangollen. Denbighshire. Llangollen is a small town in Denbighshire, north Wales, famous for the Llangollen International Eisteddfod, the Llangollen Canal (whose Pontcysyllte Aqueduct is nearby), and the Llangollen Railway.
Published by Valentine

Item 25313    
Essex England Old Coloured Postcard - COLCHESTER ABBEY

Old Colour Postcard. Colchester Abbey. Colchester is an historic town in the north of the English county of Essex, with a population of about 160,000. It is the main town in the borough of Colchester, is one of the towns which claim to be Britain's oldest town (but is the oldest recorded Roman town) and is home to the prestigious Colchester Royal Grammar School.
Published by Christian Novels

Item 25223    
TUNBRIDGE WELLS Old Postcard View from Rocks Mt EPHRAIM

Kent Early Picture Postcard, General View from the Rocks, Mt. Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells. Published by E. A. Sweetman & Son, Solograph Series De Luxe Photogravure

Item 25217    
Margate Kent 1926 Old Colour Tinted Postcard THE CLIFFS

Early Coloured Postcard, Margate. The Cliffs. (British Goods Are Best). Sent from Margate to London. King George 5th 1d

Item 25201    
EGYPT 1938 Old Real Photo Postcard Village on the Nile

Early Black and White Real Photograph Picture Postcard. Village on the Nile, March 1938.

Item 25189    
Egypt Old Postcard Pier Ships Boat Port Said LIGHTHOUSE

Early Egyptian Post Card. Coloured. Ships, Boats. Harbour. Published by Lichtenstern & Harari Cairo

Item 25150    
Switzerland c1900 Old Postcard WASSEN Mayenreussbruecke

Early Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Wassen und mittlere Mayenreussbruecke. Railway, Railroad. Mountains. . Published by Photoglob

Item 25122    
Cornwall Old Colour Postcard LION'S DEN & BUMBLE Cliffs

Early Coloured Postcard. Lizard Lights, Lion's Den and Bumble, Cornwall. Published by Peacock Autochrom Colour Photo Pictorial Stationery Co. Ltd.

Item 25109    
ARGENTINA Rep. Old Colour Postcard The Plaza Hotel CARS

Old Colour Postcard. Plaza Hotel - Buenos Aires (Rep. Argentina). Vintage Cars. . Published by LUNE

Item 25102    
ARGENTINA Old Real Photo Postcard Countryside Panorama

Early B/W Photo Postcard. Argentina.

Item 25090    
ARGENTINA Old BW Real Photo Postcard Bridge & Mountains

Early B/W Real Photograph Postcard. Argentine.

Item 25072    
Cuba Old Colour Postcard SANTIAGO DE CUBA Normal School

Early Coloured Postcard. Escuela Normal de Oriente, Santiago de Cuba. Normal School. Santiago de Cuba is the capital city of Santiago de Cuba Province in eastern Cuba.
Published by Renacimiento Santiago de Cuba