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Postcards > Europe > Great Britain > Northern Ireland > County Antrim > Portrush

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Item 185835    
Northern Ireland Old Color Postcard Dunluce Ruins Castle Portrush Co Londonderry

Vintage Old Colour Irish Postcard. Northern Ireland, Dunluce Castle, Ruins, County Co. Londonderry Coast. Panorama. Cliffs. Rocks. Dunluce Castle is one of the most extensive ruins of a medieval castle in Northern Ireland. It is located on a basalt outcropping in County Antrim, and is accessible via a bridge connecting it to the mainland. The castle was built by Richard de Burgh, Earl of Ulster, in the 16th Century. It was beseiged on numerous occasions, and in 1584 Sorley Boy MacDonnell took the castle from the English, keeping it for himself.
Published by Chas. L. Reis & Co. Dublin Belfast & Glasgow

Item 185809    
Northern Ireland Co Londonderry Ladies Bathing Place Portrush Old Color Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Irish Postcard. Northern Ireland, County Co. Londonderry, Ladies Bathing Place, Portrush, Beach, Seaside Panorama, Coast, Rocks. Published by Chas. L. Reis & Co. Dublin, Belfast & Glasgow

Item 179534    
Northern Ireland Old Colour Postcard Elephant Legs White Rocks Cliffs Co. Antrim

Vintage Irish Colour Old Postcard. Northern Ireland, County Co. Antrim. Elephant Legs, Elephant Rock, White Rocks, Portrush. Cliffs. Coast. Published by Valentine, Dublin

Item 175672    
Northern Ireland 1903 Old Tuck's Postcard Portrush Harbour Moonlight Effect Boat

Vintage Irish Old Undivided Back Tuck's View Picture Postcard, Northern Ireland, County Co. Antrim. Portrush Harbour, Moonlight Effect, Boats, Night Scene. Pier, Jetty. Panorama. Sent from Worthing to Worthing. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons View Series 951 Moonlight Effects

Item 155484    
Northern Ireland Portrush, Beach Seaside Panorama Co. Antrim Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Irish Colour Old Postcard. Northern Ireland. County Co. Antrim. Portrush, Beach Seaside Panorama. Published by View & Portrait Co. Shurey's

Item 144659    
Ireland 1947 Old Postcard Sands & White Rocks Portrush Beach Cliffs Brian Gerald

Vintage Old Colour Art Drawn Picture Post Card, Northern Ireland, The Sands & White Rocks Portrush, Beach White Cliffs, Seaside Panorama. From an original water colour drawing / painting by Brian Gerald. Sent from Portrush Co. Antrim to Derby England Little Eaton. KGVI 1d x 2
Published by Valentine's Art Colour

Item 90459    
Portrush Co. Antrim Old Postcard WHITE ROCKS and ARCHES

Northern Ireland Vintage Colour Irish Picture Post Card, Cliffs, Beach, The White Rocks and Arches Portrush. County Co. Antrim. Seaside Panorama. Published by Valentine Valcolor Series

Item 77596    
N Ireland Antrim 1904 Old Postcard WHITE ROCKS PORTRUSH

Northern Ireland Vintage Colour Irish Picture Post Card, Cliffs, Arched Rock, White Rocks, Portrush. County Co. Antrim. Arch. Panorama. Sent from Liverpool to Scotland Newton-Stewart. KEVII 1/2d
Published by the NATIONAl Series

Item 77580    
N Ireland Antrim Old R.P. Postcard Ramore Head Portrush

Northern Ireland Vintage Irish Real Photo Picture Postcard, Coast. Ramorehead, Ramore Head, Rocks, Portrush. County Co. Antrim. Panorama. Published by Real Photograph

Item 76125    
Co. Antrim 1906 Old Postcard PORTRUSH Giant's Head Rock

Northern Ireland Vintage Colour Postcard. Coast, Rocks, Giants Head Rock. Portrush, Co. Antrim. Aug. 6. 1906. Portrush (Port Rois in Irish) is a town in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, beside the border with County Londonderry. Rois is the Irish word for headland and the main part of the old town, including the railway station, most hotels, restaurants and bars, is built on a peninsula pointing north-northwest.
Published by Millar & Lang Ltd National Series

Item 69325    
Antrim 1906 Old Postcard - Jenny's Washing Tub Portrush

Northern Ireland Vintage Irish Colour Picture Postcard, Coast. Cliffs. Jenny's Washing Tub, Man Sitting on top of cliff. Rocks. Portrush. County Antrim. Sent from Portrush. KE7 1/2d
Published by Valentine