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Item 201553    
The Bullfinch Bird Birds, Pyrrhula europa, Flowers Art Artist Drawn Old Postcard

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Animals. Bullfinch Bird Birds, Pyrrhula europa, Flowers. The bullfinch (length 6 inches, wing 3'25 inches) is a handsome bird and not common. His short thick head and parrot beak mark him out, no less than hsi brick-red waistcoat and sharply defined blue-black cap. The hen is much plainer in her brownish suit. The nest is made of twigs and usually built low down. The eggs, four or five in number, are greenish and blue spotted. Berries and insects form the chief part of the birds' diet. Published by Birds of Britain, J.L. Bonhote M.A.

Item 196406    
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Hold it Pluto Now You Have Your Notes Old Postcard 4448

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard, Comic, Animation. Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse. Donald Duck. Parrot Bird. Dog. Hold it Pluto! Now you have your notes. No. 4448. Published by Valentine & Sons Ltd By Permission of Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Ltd.

Item 193003    
A.E. Carnell 1927 Old Postcard Black Cat Kitten Parrot Bird The Old Maids Lament

Vintage Old Comic Humour Picture Postcard, Artist Signed by A.E. Carnell. Black Cat Kitten. Parrot Bird. The Old Maid's Lament. O I'm a single lady and my heart is like to break, for not a "single" gentleman will on me pity take. Of sweethearts I have had a score it almost makes me cry. For when they offered me their hand "twas just to say "Good Bye". Allan Junior. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 189763    
BONZO DOG GE Studdy 1930 Old Postcard Bird I Love Having Someone To Talk To 1288

Vintage Old Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Picture Postcard. Art Drawn by George Ernest Studdy, Animal. Bonzo Dog Puppy. Parrot in Bird Cage Birdcage. I Love having someone to Talk To. No. 1288. Sent from Bristol to Cardiff. KG5 1d
Published by Valentine's Bonzo Series

Item 189747    
BONZO DOG G.E. Studdy Old Postcard Keep Your Pecker Up Parrot Parakeet Bird 1126

Vintage Artist Signed Colour Comic Humour Old Postcard. Drawn by George Ernest Studdy, Animal. Dog, Bonzo. Puppy. Parakeet Parrot Bird. Keep your pecker up. No. 1126. In July 1927 Bonzo made his last appearance in The Sketch, but his image was to continue to appear on postcards even after George Studdy's death and Bonzo will have a spot in the minds and hearts of people forever.
Published by Valentine's BONZO Series

Item 189404    
G.M. Payne Old Postcard They All Love Jack Jack Comes Home Monkey Bird Cage SHIP

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Postcard, G. M. Payne Artist Signed. Comic Humour. Seaman. Sailor. Monkey. Parrot Bird, Birdcage. Ship. Glamour Lady Glamorous Woman. They All Love Jack. Jack Comes Home. Published by G&P Gale & Polden Ltd

Item 181140    
Exmoor Scenic MAP Doone Lynton Selworthy Minehead Horse Fish Bridge Old Postcard

Early Old Colour Picture Postcard, Devon, Scenic MAP of Exmoor, The Doone Country. Map including : Lynton, Selworthy, Minehead, Horse Rider, Fish, Bridge, Brendon Hills, Heather, Blue Anchor Bay Porlock Bay and Hill, Doone Valley, Pirate with Parrot Bird on shoulder, Exmoor Pony Horse, Foxhounds, Bampton, Pony Fair. etc. Published by WHS

Item 166690    
Blue and Yellow Macaw Bird Parrot Parakeet, EC Artist Signed Old Postcard Animal

Vintage Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Animal. Blue and Yellow Macaw Bird Parrot Parakeet, EC Artist Signed. Published by Ernest Nister London E.P. Dutton & Co. New York

Item 164991    
Donald McGill Old Postcard Birds Parrot Parakeet I Live near Golf Course No.2111

Vintage Comic Humour Old Art Drawn Postcard, Artist Signed by Donald McGill. No. 2111. Birds Parrot Parakeet. No, I've Never Been to Sea, I Live near the Golf Course!. Published by D. Constance New Donald McGill Comics

Item 143014    
Girl feed Jam to Bird Parakeet Parrot Budgie, Better Not Tell! 1909 Old Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Picture Postcard. Comic Humour. Children. Little Girl feeding Bird with a spoon of Jam. Parrot, Parakeet, Budgie. Better Not Tell!. Sent from Canterbury to Canterbury. KEVII 1/2d
Published by The Philco Publishing Co.

Item 137114    
Parrot Perroquet Papagaai Bird Cages Lyon Parc de la Tete d'Or 1909 Old Postcard

Vintage Postcard. France, French. Parrot Perroquet Papagaai Bird, Budgerigar. Budgie, Parakeet. Cages Lyon Parc de la Tete d'Or. Men, Women, Baby Pushchair. Sent from Lyon to Ain. 5c
Published by Aqua Photo Paris

Item 135551    
Parakeet Parrot Bird Paroquet Paraquet Old Real Photo Postcard Animal Photograph

Vintage Real Photographic Postcard. A Parakeet Parrot Bird Paroquet Paraquet Animal.

Item 135085    
Macaw Parrot Perroquet Ara Papagaai Bird, Antwerp Anvers Zoo Animal Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Belgium. Bird. Budgerigar. Budgie, Parakeet. Macaw Parrot, Perroquet Ara, Ara Papagaai. Bird, Anvers Zoo. Jardin Zoologique. Zoological Gardens. Dierentuin Antwerpen. Antwerp. Published by P.I.A. Bruxelles

Item 127357    
DINAH Artist Signed 1944 Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard GOOD EGGS Parrot Bird & Cat

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette ARt Drawn Picture Postcard. Artist Signed by DINAH. Little Girl, Egg, Egg Cup, Parrot Bird, Black Cat, Kitten. GOOD EGG! (We shall continue steadfast in faith and duty till our task is done - The Prime Minister). Postally Used. Sent from Haslemere Surrey to Local. GB KGVI 2 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. Oilette

Item 119460    
BULLDOG Bull Dog Puppy Parrot Bird Cage Birdcage 1906 Old Tuck's Postcard

Vintage Colour Tuck's Pretty Puppies Postcard. Pet Pets Animals. Bulldog Bull Dog. Black Dog. Parrot Bird in Birdcage. Cage. What did they put you in that thing for?. Tuck's Pretty Puppies. Sent from Ilkley to Southport Lancashire. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Photochrome Pretty Puppies.

Item 91439    
Parrot Bird Told On Little Girl Old Postcard Wee Rogues

Vintage Colour Postcard. Comic. Humour. Children. Little Girl with tears. Parrot, Bird. I'm just as worried as can be, Ma says a Bird has told on me, we have a parrot who talks, 'tis true, but I can't tell how in Hellenue?. Published by Inter-Art Co. WEE ROGUES Series