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Item 221858    
Japan Old Postcard Minomo Water-Fall Bridge & River Scene Settsu Osaka 攝津 箕面公園溪流

Vintage Old Japanese Colour post card, Japan, Minomo Water-Fall Water Fall Waterfall, Bridge over River Scene, Settsu, Osaka. Maples, Maple Trees. Rocks. 攝津 箕面公園溪流.

Item 221328    
Japan Old Postcard Sitting Room of Private Suite, NARA HOTEL, Photo by Kurimoto

Vintage Japanese Advertising Old Post card, NARA HOTEL, Interior, Sitting Room of Private Room, Photograph by Yamashita, Osaka. Cable add Hotel. Tel. Nos. 153 & 166. Under Direct Management of Japanese Government Railways, Superior Accommodation, Quiet Surroundings.

Item 219241    
Japan Old Postcard Sumiyoshi Shrine Temple Torii Gate Osaka, Stone Lanterns 住吉神社

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Front View of The Sumiyoshi Shrine, Where the worshippers coming continually. Osaka. Torii Gate, Stone Lanterns. The Famous Place of Osaka. 大阪 住吉神社. Published by Kurimoto Post Card Store Osaka

Item 219234    
Japan Old Postcard Minomo Park Osaka Ryoan-ji Buddhist Temple 大阪府箕面公園楓溪 龍安寺表門觀音堂

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan Bridge at Minoo Park, The Minomo Park, Ryoan-ji Ryōan-ji Buddhist Temple, Osaka. Lion Statues. 大阪府箕面公園 楓溪 龍安寺表門 觀音堂 望.

Item 217479    
Japan Airmail 25s Plane 1959 Old Colour Postcard Osaka Castle 大阪城 Par Avion 航空郵便

Vintage Old Colour Japanese Postcard, 1959. Japan, Osaka Castle. 大阪 大阪城 Postally Used in 1959 with 25s Air Stamp Airplane and pagoda. Air Mail. Airmail. Par Avion 航空郵便. 神戶中央.

Item 216063    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Sumadera Temple Suma Whole View Settsu Osaka攝津須摩寺

Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Old Japanese picture Postcard. Japan, Sumadera Temple. Buddhist Temple. Suma, Settsu Osaka. 攝津 須摩寺全景. Published by Lion trademark at bottom right

Item 215299    
Japan Old Postcard Dojima Building aside The River Bridge Osaka Boats Car 大阪堂島川畔

Vintage Old Japanese Postcard. Japan, Fine View of Dojima Building situated aside The River Dojima. Bridge, Boats, Car. Osaka. 大阪名所 堂島.

Item 215298    
Japan Old Postcard Nakanoshima Park Nanba Bridge Osaka TRAM Tramway 大阪 難波橋 中之島公園

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard, Japan, The View of Nakanoshima Park and Nanba Bridge, Osaka TRAM Trams Tramway, River, Street Scene. Panorama. 大阪 難波橋 中之島公園.

Item 213459    
Japan 1933 Old Real Photo Postcard Red Cross Hospital Osaka Aerial View 日本赤十字社病院

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Japan Japanese Red Cross Hospital, Osaka Branch. Aerial View. Air View. Chimeys. Medical. Photo taken on 20th December 1933. 日本赤十字社大阪支部病院 昭和八年十二月二十日攝影.

Item 211864    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Osaka Dotonbori Dotombori Street Scene Flag 大阪道頓堀

Vintage Japanese Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Japan, Dōtonbori Dotombori Street scene, Osaka. Advertising Flags. 大阪 道頓堀.

Item 210092    
Japan 1912 Old Embossed Postcard A Street Scene in Tokyo Osaka TRAM Tramway Bird

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Embossed Novelty Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Japan. Birds Flowers. Beautiful Silver Colour background. TRAM Trams Tramway. A Street in Tokyo. A Street in Osaka. Street Scene. TRAM Tramway. Bamboo. 東京市街 大阪市街. Postally Used in 1912 with Great Britain King George 5th Downey Head 1/2d stamp, tied Holloway N. Sent from Holloway N.. Published by Issued by The Imperial Government Railways of Japan The Tokio Printing Co. 鐵道院

Item 210034    
Japan Old Postcard Famous Osaka Castle Built in 1584 by Hideyoshi Moat Walls 大阪城

Vintage Old Japanese Postcard, Japan, Osaka Castle, Moat, Walls, Trees. Osaka. 大阪名所 大阪城. Written on back : This Castle is the most famous in Japan. Osaka Castle, Built in 1584 by HIDEYOSHI, was one of the grandest and strongest castle in Japan. The donjon, reconstructed a short time ago in reinforced concrete, contains various exhibits of historic interest in connection with Old Osaka. 大阪城.

Item 209142    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Umeda Railway Station Osaka Street Scene 大阪 梅田停車場

Vintage Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Old Picture Postcard, Japan, Osaka, Mumeda Station, Umeda Railway Station, Train Station. Street Scene. Rickshaw & Coolie. 大阪 梅田驛 梅田停車場.

Item 208676    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Osaka Pier Harbour Steamer Steam Ship Boats 大阪 棧橋

Vintage Japanese Old Colour Hand Tinted Picture Postcard, Japan, Shipping. Osaka Pier, Jetty, Harbour, Steamers Steam Ship Boats. Crane. 大阪 棧橋.

Item 208434    
Japan Old Postcard Stone Bridge over River Dojima Osaka TRAM Tramway Lion 大阪 難波橋

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Stone Bridge over The River Dojima Osaka, TRAM Tramway, Lion Statue. 大阪 難波橋.

Item 205995    
Japan Old Postcard Koyasan Mt. Koya Temple Shrine 高野山一切經藏 本尊文珠菩薩高麗本一切藏 石田三成慈母菩提

Vintage Japanese Old Post Card. Japan, Mt. Mount Koya Koyasan Kōyasan. Osaka. Stone Lantern. Steps. 高野山 一切經藏 本尊文珠菩薩高麗本一切藏 石田三成慈母菩提之為創建.

Item 205796    
Japan Old Postcard Osaka Street Scene TRAM Tramway 1000 Days Ago 大阪千日前 年百年中 活動寫真

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Osaka Street Scene TRAM No. 92. Tramway. 1000 Days ago. 大阪 千日前 年百年中 活動寫真.

Item 205794    
Japan Old Postcard Shitennoji Temple Torii Gate Osaka 大阪 四天王寺 鳥居 聖德太子之御建立 佛法最初古寺

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Shitennoji, Buddhist Temple, Torii Gate, Osaka 大阪 四天王寺 鳥居 聖德太子之御建立 佛法最初之古寺.

Item 205793    
Japan Old Postcard Shinsai Bridge Shinsaibashi Osaka TRAM Tramway Streets 大阪 心齋橋

Vintage Old Japanese Post Card, Japan, Shinsaibashi Shinsai Bridge, Osaka, Tram Tramway, Street Scene. 大阪 心齋橋 四橋交叉點 電車 東西南北通.

Item 205791    
Japan Old Postcard Osaka Dotonbori Dotombori Street Rickshaw Tickets 大阪道頓堀 人力車切符

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, Dōtonbori Dotombori Street scene, Osaka. Flags. Rickshaw Tickets. 人力車切符 大阪 道頓堀 北新地 歌舞伎芝居 浪花座 中座角 朝日座 角座 橫町 千日前.

Item 205790    
Japan Old Postcard Shitennoji Temple Shrine Osaka, Pagoda Large Bell 大阪 四天王寺 大釣鐘

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, The Buddhist Temple of Shitennoji, Shrine, Osaka. 5-storied Pagoda, Large Hanging Bell. 大阪 四天王寺 大釣鐘.

Item 205572    
Japan 1919 Old H Tinted Postcard Tennoji Temple Osaka Torii Gate Toy Shop 大阪四天王寺

Vintage Japanese Old Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Japan, Tennoji Temple Shrine, Osaka. Torii Gate, STreet Scene, Tea Toy Shop Store. Lanterns. Restaurant. 大阪 四天王寺 御料理 玩具 小賣 茶.

Item 205557    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Tenjin Bridge Tenjin-Bashi River View Osaka 大阪天神橋

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Hand Tinted Post Card, Japan, Tenjin Bridge, Tenjin-Bashi Bridge. Osaka, Truss Bridge. River Scene. 大阪名所 天神橋.

Item 202966    
Japan Old Postcard Osaka Imperial University Branch Hospital Ishibashi 大阪帝國大學 石橋

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Post Card, Japan, The Whole View of The Osaka Imperial University Branch Hospital Ishibashi , Osaka-fu. Medical. General View, Panorama. Hills, Mountains, Lake, River Scene. Street Scene. Campus. 大阪帝國大學石橋分院全景.

Item 202959    
Japan Old Postcard Shitennoji Temple Shine Pagoda Osaka, Boys Rocks Lake 大阪 四天王寺

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, The Buddhist Temple of Shitennoji, Osaka. 5-storied Pagoda, Lake, Children, Little Boys playing on Rocks by Lake. 大阪名所 四天王寺.

Item 202957    
Japan Old Postcard Sanbashi Osaka Harbour Construction, Pier Ships Boats 大阪 築港棧橋

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan, View of Sanbashi at The Osaka Harbour, Construction. Osaka. Shipping, Steamers Steam Ships Boats. Wharf, Pier. 大阪 築港棧橋.

Item 201373    
Japan Old Postcard Osaka East Region Private Girls' School Steps 大阪百景學校四十七 東區女學校

Vintage Old Japanese Postcard, Japan, Osaka East Region, Private Girls' School. 大阪百景學校四十七 東區 女學校. Published by 橋本書店謹製

Item 200609    
Japan Old Postcard Tennoji Chausuyama Park Bridge Swans Great Osaka 大阪 天王寺 茶臼山公園

Vintage Japanese Old Postcard. Japan. The View of Great Osaka. Tennōji-ku Park Bridge. Swan Swans Bird Birds. Pine Tree. 住友男寄贈 天王寺公園一部 新裝茶臼山公園之一部 大阪.

Item 200049    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Dojima Building Bridge Osaka, Tram Tramway River 大阪 堂島

Vintage Old Colour Japanese Postcard. Japan, Dojima Building, Bridge, Tram Tramway, River Scene. Osaka. 大阪名所 堂島.

Item 200048    
Japan Old Colour Postcard Shinsai Bridge Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Clock Tower 大阪 心齋橋

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Post Card, Japan, Shinsaibashi Shinsai Bridge, Osaka, River Scene, Clock Tower. 大阪 心齋橋.