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Item 123127    
Algeria Old Postcard El-Kantara L'Oued 3 Native Women Ladies By River Scene

Algeria Africa Vintage Old Postcard. Ethnic Life. El Kantara, El-Kantara, L'Oued. Stream. River. 3 Native Women. Published by A.D.I.A.

Item 121643    
Egypt Old Postcard Fishermen Fishery Naval Exercises Nautique Fishing Boat Canoe

Vintage Egyptian Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Ethnic Life. Exercices Nautiques. L'Egypte Antique. Naval Exercises. Native Canoes, Boats. Fishermen catching fish, Fishery, Fishing. Fish.

Item 121160    
Algeria Constantine MAP Old Postcard Tebessa Biskra etc

Africa Algeria Vintage Colour Postcard. Constantine, Bone, Bougie, Djemila, Environs de Setif Waterfall, Marche arabe market, Ethnic Life, Costumes, Type de Femme, Woman Girl Lady, Dance Danse d'Ouleds Nails, Dancers, Dancing, Biskra, Musician au Desert Camel Riders, Tebessa, Timgad, La Grande Cascade, Arrondissement de Guelma, Philippeville, Bone Sailing Boats, etc. Algerie. Published by Combier Imp Macon

Item 119649    
PERAK Malay Old Postcard SAKAI Women, Gunong Batu Puteh Straits Settlements

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Old Postcard. Perak Malay Malaya Straits Settlements. Ethnic Life. Native Women, Little Girls & Little Boys. Children. Sakai near the Gunong Batu Puteh. Perak. Perak Darul Ridzuan (Jawi: ڨيرق) is one of the 14 states of Malaysia. Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. It is bordered on the north by Kedah and Thailand, on the east by Kelantan and Pahang, on the south by Selangor and to the west by the Strait of Malacca.

Item 118495    
Eritrea Old RP Postcard BARIA WOMEN Drawing Water, WELL

Eritrea Asmara Asmera Ethiopia Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Ethnic Life. East Africa - Donne Baria che si recano ai pozzi. Baria women who come to the pits. Native Women Drawing Water from Well. Countainers Shoulder Poles. Women. Children. Little Boys. Africa Orientale. Published by Fotostampa A. Traldi Milano. Serie extra AUROSMALTO Cartoleria G.B. Taro Asmara Foto A. Comini.

Item 117819    
Comic Humour Sunny Bottoms Camp Got Hair Down 1960 Old Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Old Postcard. Saucy Comic Humour. Trow Artist Signed. Man & Woman. Sunny Bottoms N. Camp - She : My husband Got my Hair Down last night! He : Yes, I noticed the change!. Sent from Newport Isle of Wight to London. QEII 1/2d & 2d
Published by C. Richter

Item 113093    
TROW Artist Signed Old Postcard SEA-VIEW CAMP Glad to Meet You Comic Humour

Early TROW Artist Signed Colour Picture postcard, Saucy Humour. Comic. woman & man. Seaview Sea-View N. Camp. He : I am new here and glad to meet you. SHE : Yes, I can see you are. Published by Brook Publishing Company Ltd

Item 112141    
QUIP Artist Signed Old Postcard Surgery Only Leg Supposed to Jump Up Comic Humor

c.1970 Early QUIP Artist Signed Art Drawn Comic Humour Picture Postcard. Saucy. It's Only Your Leg That's Supposed to Jump Up! Nurse and Patient, Old Man. Surgery. Sent from Dover to Swindon. QEII 9p
Published by A Sapphire Card

Item 112104    
Dudley Artist Signed Old Postcard Colony End's Been Red, Frost Got at it Winter

Vintage Art Drawn Comic Humour Old Picture Postcard, Artist Signed by Dudley. Men. Red Nose. Smoking Pipe. The End's Been Red - Ever Since the Frost Got at it in the winter. Published by Comicard E. Marks Fine Art Publishers

Item 112096    
Sin Artist Signed Old Postcard Camp I Liked Little One's Face Comic Humour

Early Art Drawn Postcard. Saucy Comic Humour. Sin Artist Signed. Men & Women. I Liked the Little One's Face. Published by A Sapphire Card

Item 111998    
Ceylon Old Colour Postcard Rural Street Scene, Boralesgamuwa Colombo

Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon Vintage Colour Old Picture Post card. Ethnic Life. Boralesgamuwa - A Rural Street Scene. Native Hut, House. Bullock Cart. Native with Umbrella. Nudes. Colombo. Published by Plate Ltd Plate's Art

Item 108618    
Sierra Leone Protectorate Old Postcard ANT HILL, A Large Anthill Native Children

c.1905 Vintage Postcard. Africa. Sierra Leone Protectorate - Large Ant Hill, Anthill. Native Children, Girl, Woman & Young Boys. Published by Lisk-Carew Brothers Photo Freetown Sierra Leone

Item 106388    
V.W.S. Artist Signed Old Postcard Give Me Moonlight Girl & Leave Rest Romance

V.W.S. Artist Signed Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Comic, Humour. Children. Romance. Little Boy & Girl. Moon. By Night. Palm Trees. Beach. Give Me the Moonlight, Give Me The Girl, and Leave The Rest to Me. Published by The Regent Series

Item 102196    
India Old Postcard Vazrapani Cave 1 Ajanta Princess in a Beautiful Slender Poise

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Vazrapani Cave No. 1. Ajanta. Ajanta Princess in a Beautiful Slender Poise. Woman, Lady with Flower. Royalty. Published by Beauty Photo House Aurangabad

Item 101459    
Sierra Leone Old Postcard ANT HILL Anthill, Native Children Black Girl Woman Boy

Vintage Postcard. Sierra Leone - Ant Hill - Black Woman, Girl. Children. Little Boys. Sierra Leone Protectorate. Rocks. Published by Lisk-Carew Brothers Photo Freetown Sierra Leone

Item 101456    
Sierra Leone Old Postcard Native Women Girls - Dyeing Threads Ethnic Life

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa. Sierra Leone - Ethnic Life - Natives, Black Women Girls - Dyeing Native Threads for Making Coths. Sierra Leone Protectorate. Huts, Houses. Published by Lisk-Carew Brothers Photo Freetown Sierra Leone

Item 97156    
Les Trois Graces E.M Falconet Musee Louvre Museum Old Real Photo Postcard Statue

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Les Trois Graces E.M. Falconet. Museum Musee du Louvre. Women Sculpture. France. Published by A.N. Paris

Item 73101    
GUELMA 1936 Old Postcard Roman Ruins Commercial God Statue Ruines Romaines

Algeria Vintage Old Postcard. Guelma - Ruines Romaines, Le Dieu du Commerce. Roman Ruins Statue of God of Commercial. Trade, Business. Sculpture. Sent from Guelma. 25

Item 71710    
Comic Humour O. Hudey? Man Watching Women Bathing Artist Signed Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard. Artist Signed by O. Hudey? Women bathing. Man watching behind the rock. Published by Ges. gesch S. No. 323 II

Item 70713    
PERAK Old Postcard SAKAI on SUNGEI SUNGKEI River Native Man & Women Girl

Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard. ETHNIC LIFE. Straits Settlements Malay Malaya. Native Man & Woman Girls Sakai on the Sungei Sungkei River, Perak. Perak Darul Ridzuan (Jawi: ڨيرق) is one of the 14 states of Malaysia. Perak is the second largest state in Peninsular Malaysia. It is bordered on the north by Kedah and Thailand, on the east by Kelantan and Pahang, on the south by Selangor and to the west by the Strait of Malacca.

Item 70711    
Malaya Singapore Old Real Photo Postcard Native MALAY WOMAN, BABY CHILD Children

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. Lying Native Malay Women, little Baby Boy, Malaya. ETHNIC LIFE.

Item 68816    
GREINER Mother's Joy Woman Mother Child Old Real Photo Postcard Statue Sculpture

Vintage B/W Real Photo Picture Postcard. Woman. Mother and Child. Greiner Mother's Joy. Statue. Sculpture. Published by Alpha Alphalsa Publishing Co.

Item 68806    
Rudolf Kaesbach - Die Badende Bather Old Postcard Girl German Fine Art Sculpture

Vintage real photo B/W Postcard. German Fine Art Sculpture Rudolf Kaesbach (1873-1955), Woman, Girl Statue. Die Badende. Bathing. Bather.

Item 68804    
Tiziano Vecilli Old Postcard Roma Amore Sacro e Profano Galleria Borghese

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Woman. Rom, Rome, Roma - Galleria Borghese - L'Amore Sacro e l'Amore Profano. Tiziano Vecelli. Published by G. Bluemlein & Co.

Item 67102    
Switzerland Swiss Old Postcard NEUCHATEL Monument de la Republique Statue Woman

Switzerland Vintage Old Postcard. Swiss. Neuchatel - Monument de la Republique. Statue. Woman. I MARS 1848. Published by Office Attinger Edit. Neuchatel

Item 50776    
Fra Vigelandsanlegger Old Photo Postcard Children Sculpture Statue tree baby Art

Early Real Photo B/W Postcard. Fra Vigelandsanlegger. Statue, Trees. Baby, Children & Men. Sculpture. ART.

Item 46520    
FLORENCE Old Postcard Boys Museo di S. Maria del Fiore Bassorilievo della Canto.

Italy Vintage B/W Postcard. Firenze - Museo di S. Maria del Fiore. Bassorilievo della Cantoria del Donatello. Museum. Published by STA

Item 22870    
Monument du Musee des Beaux Arts Sculpture Old Postcard Belgium Brussels

Early B/W Postcard. Monument du Musee des Beaux Arts. Statue.. Museum. Belgium. Brussels. Bruxelles. Published by W. V. S. Bruxelles

Item 22865    
Netherlands Old PC UTRECHT Herdenkingsmonument Domplein

Early B/W Postcard. Herdenkingsmonument Domplein. Dom Tower of Utrecht. Bare Breast Woman Torch Runner.

Item 22839    
Netherlands 1940-1945 Old Postcard UTRECHT Woman Torch Runner Statue Dutch

Early B/W Postcard. Woman Statue. Verzetsmonument Domplein, Utrecht. 1940-1945. Torch Runner.