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Item ID: 147714  

New Zealand Ohinemutu Maori Women Washing in a Hot Pool 1912 Old Tuck's Postcard

Vintage Colour Embossed Tuck's Framed Gem Glosso Maori Life Picture Postcard. New Zealand. Ethnic Life. Women & Little Girls. Washing in a Hot Pool. Ohinemutu. Washerwomen. Maoris Washing in Hot Spring. The Maoris in New Zealand number about 40,000. They belong to the Polynesians, and tradition has it that they came to New Zealand about 30 generations ago (then) from Hawaiyi, Hawaii, a small island in the Pacific. They live in small buts constructed of wood, and utilise the hot springs for various purposes, one of which, as the picture depicts, is washing.

Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons Framed Gem Glosso Maori Life
Series No: 736
Faults: Minor surface wear near edges & tips
Sent from: Moray Place Dunedin
Addressed to: London England
Stamp: 1d
Condition: Used
Background: The word Māori refers to the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. Māori came to New Zealand from eastern Polynesia before 1300. They spread throughout the country and developed a distinct culture.


New Zealand Ohinemutu Maori Women Washing in a Hot Pool 1912 Old Tuck's Postcard

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