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Postcards > Oceania > New Caledonia

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Item 203784    
New Caledonia, Noumea Old Postcard Bank of Indo-China, La Banque de l'Indo-Chine

Vintage Old Postcard. Nouvelle Caledonie, Nouméa. New Caledonia, Noumea. La Banque de l'Indo-Chine. The Bank of Indo-China. Street Scene. Published by B. Gubbay Noumea Imp. E. Le Deley Paris

Item 192624    
New Caledonia 1959 Old Postcard East Coast Centenary of Tieti Nouvelle Caledonie

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Nouvelle Caledonie, Cote Est Centenaire de Tieti. New Caledonia. Native House Hut. Ethnic. 1843-1943, 1853-1953. East Coast, Centenary of Tieti. 1959. Published by Gipsy Noumea

Item 191901    
New Caledonia 5c. 1916 Old Postcard Prison en Nouvelle Caledonie, Prisoners Jail

Vintage Old Postcard. Nouvelle Caledonie. New Caledonia. Prison en Nouvelle Caledonie, Prisoners Jail. Postally Used in 1916 with Republique Francaise et Dependances 5c stamp, tied Nouvelle Caledonie. Republique Francaise et Dependances 5c
Published by W. Henry Caporn editeur

Item 188335    
New Caledonia Noumea Camp Moineaux Vallee du Tir Abattoir Municipal Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Nouvelle Caledonie. New Caledonia, Noumea, Camp des Moineaux, Vallee du Tir et Abattoir Municipal. Sparrow camp, Tirage Valley and Municipal Slaughterhouse. Mountains, Hills, Street Scene. Panorama,.

Item 188319    
New Caledonia Old Postcard Sea Cow Manatee Native Boys After Fishing, Boat Canoe

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, New Caledonia, La Nouvelle-Caledonie, Colonies Francaises, French Occupation Colony. Missions des Peres Maristes en Oceanie. Oceania. Apres la peche. En Nouvelle-Caledonie. Ethnic Life. Native Children, Young Men Boys, Boat, Canoe. After the fishing. Large Sea Cow Manatee Animal. Published by sous-procure des missions 6 rue de Bagneux Paris VIe

Item 187273    
New Caledonia Old Postcard Noumea La Rue de l'Alma Street Scene Horse Carts Hill

Vintage Old Picture Postcard, New Caledonia, La Nouvelle-Caledonie, Colonies Francaises, French Occupation Colony, Noumea - La Rue de l'Alma. Alma Street Scene. Building with : L. Ballande. Hill. Native Horse Carts. Published by Edition veuve G. de Bechade Noumea

Item 185166    
New Caledonia MAP Noumea Lifou Native Man Mineral Nickel Cobalt etc Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Nouvelle Caledonie. Colonies Francaises. New Caledonia. French Colonies. Native Man. Ethnic Life. Minerais de Nickel, de Cobalt, de Chrome, de Cuivre, etc, Cafe, Coprah, Nacre. Minerals of Nickel, Cobalt, Chrome, Copper, etc., Cafe Coffee, Copra, Nacre. MAP showing Iles Loyalty Loyaute, Noumea, Lifou, I. des Pins, Ouvea, Mare Tadinou, Canala, Grand Recif de Cook, etc. Published by A. Meunier

Item 133998    
New Caledonia Old Postcard River Level Crossing Saramea View, River Scene Bridge

Vitnage Picture Postcard, Nouvelle Caledonie, New Caledonia - River Level Crossing, Saramea, View showing River Scene Bridge. Panorama.

Item 118310    
New Caledonia Old Postcard NOUMEA, Harbour Bay Panorama

Vintage Picture Postcard, Nouvelle-Caledonie, Colonies Francaises, French Occupation Colony, Vue generale sur la Baie. Boats. Noumea - Panorama General View of the Bay. New Caledonia. Church. Boats. Published by Braun & Cie Imp. Editeurs Concessionnaires Paris France

Item 90090    
New Caledonia Old Postcard Le Mont Panier - Highest Summit Nouvelle-Caledonie

Vintage Real Photo Old Picture Postcard, Nouvelle-Caledonie, French Colonies, Le Mont Panier, le haut sommet et Nouvelle-Caledonie. Mountain. Published by Gipsy Noumea Hoa Qui