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Item 222581    
German 5pf 1910 Old Postcard Munich Lenbachplatz Künstlerhaus Synagoge Synagogue

Vintage Old Postcard. Germany German. Lenbachplatz mit Künstlerhaus und. Synagoge. Synagogue. Jew Jewish. Judaism. Muenchen Munich. Leinfelder. Street Scene. Square. Horse Carts. Postally Used in 1910 with Bavaria Bayern 5pf stamp, tied Muenchen. Bayern 5pf

Item 214628    
International Munchner Stamp Days, Flying Dragon Bird 2002, Advertising Postcard

Larger Colour Advertising Postcard. Advertisement. Lieber Sammler Als Jager. Flap! Flap! Flying Dragon Bird. Int. Münchner Briefmarkentage. Int. Munich Postage Stamp Days. 7-9 Marz. Internationale Munchner Briefmarkentage. Dragon Stamp. Addressed to Burgdorf.

Item 212134    
Mueller Jun Munchen Artist Signed Old Postcard Beautiful Hunting Dog, Animal ART

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Postcard. Artist Signed by Mueller Jun Munchen, A Beautiful Hunting Dog, Pet Animal.

Item 212132    
Mueller Jun Munchen Artist Signed Old UB Postcard Black Hunting Dog Caught a Fox

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Postcard. Artist Signed by Mueller Jun Munchen, a Black Hunting Dog Caught a Fox. Hunt.

Item 210128    
German 1910 Old Tuck's Postcard Munich Munchen Residenz vom Hofgarten aus STREET

Vintage Old Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Germany. Munich Munchen Residenz vom Hofgarten aus. Street Scene. Bayern 10pf stamp 1910. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Weite Weite Welt Muenchen Munich

Item 204342    
Germany Old Postcard Muenchen Munich, Hofbrauhaus Festsaal Banquet Hall Ballroom

Vintage Old Postcard. Germany, Muenchen, Munich. Hofbräuhaus Hofbrauhaus, Festsaal. Ballroom. Banquet Hall. Munich is a city in the south of Germany in the federal state of Bavaria.
Published by Karl Beck (L. Haile) Muenchen

Item 179719    
Fish Fisher's Daughter Ferdinand Wagner, Fischers Toechterlein 1909 Old Postcard

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Old Picture Post card. 1909. Künstler München. Muenchner Kuenstler. Ferdinand Wagner. Fischers Töchterlein. Postally Used with Belgian 5c stamp, tied Namur. Sent from Namur to France Lille. Belgium Belgian 5c
Published by K.K. & M. Serie I Bild 10 H.K. & Co. Muenchen.

Item 172388    
Irish Setter Dog Puppy Pet Artist Signed M. Mueller Munich 1905 Old ART Postcard

Vintage Old Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Pets Pet Animal Animals. Irish Setter Dog Puppy. Artist Signed by M. Mueller Munich 1905.

Item 171005    
Germany Munich Old R.P. Postcard Bridge Isarpartie mit Zugspitzgruppe Isar River

Vintage German Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Germany, Munich, Muenchen, River Scene & Bridge Bridges. Isarpartie mit Zugspitzgruppe, Isar River Scene and Mountains. Street Scene. Munich is a city in the south of Germany in the federal state of Bavaria.

Item 168389    
Fritz Klee Artist Signed Child Riding a FISH Munich Exhibition 1908 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard. German. Artist Signed by Fritz Klee. Children, Child, Little Boy or Girl Holding a Bunch of Flowers, Riding a Big Fish. Ausstellung Muenchen 1908. Munich Germany Exhibition. Published by Oscar Consee Muenchen

Item 160441    
Dachshund German Sausage Dog Purzl Dogs Puppies 20p 1951 Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Pets. Pet Animals. Dachshund German Sausage Dog Puppy Dogs Puppies. Purzl. Germany. Postally Used in 1951 with Deutsche Post 20pf, tied Munich Muenchen. Funkfernsprechen nach Südamerika für jedermann zugelassen. Remote radio communication to South America admitted to anyone. Sent from Munich to Munich. 20pf
Published by Amag

Item 153886    
A Mueller Muenchen Artist Signed Long Hair Dog Puppy 1903 Old Art Drawn Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Postcard. Pets Pet Animals. Dogs Puppies. Pet Animal Pets Animals. Artist Signed by A Mueller Muenchen, Munich. Germany. A Long Hair Dog Puppy,. Sent from Northampton to Cheshire. KEVII 1/2d
Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd

Item 146316    
Germany 1907 Old Postcard Reifschwung Gruppe Schaefflertanz Munich Muenchen

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Germany German, Reifschwung Gruppe, Der Schaefflertanz 1907. Munich Muenchen. Dancers Dancing Swing Group. Costumes. Clowns. Performers. Entertainers.

Item 146173    
Lobster Apples Lemon Knife Bread Herbs Artist Signed 1908 Old Colour Postcard

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, German Artist Signed. Munich. Muenchen. Lobster Apples Lemon Knife Bread Herbs. Sent from Norwich to Portsmouth. KEVII 1/2d

Item 139488    
GRAF ZEPPELIN, LZ 127 AIRSHIP, Munich Muenchner Frauenkirche 28.9. 1928 Postcard

Reproduced Larger Picture Picture Postcard, Germany Muenchner Frauenkirche. Church. Clock Tower Towers. Graf Zeppelin LZ-127 LZ 127 Airship Aircraft ueber Muenchen am 28.9. 1928. Published by Verlag und Bildarchiv Sebastian Winkler

Item 129826    
Germany Old Colour Postcard Munich Muenchen Siegestor GATE Street Scene Cyclists

Vintage Colour German Picture Postcard, Germany Muenchen. Munich. Siegesthor (Siegestor). Street scene. Cyclists. Published by Buntdrudt II

Item 109582    
Germany Old Postcard Muenchen Haus Westgipfel ZUGSPITZE

Vintage Real Photo German Postcard. Munich Muenchen-Haus a.d. Westgipfel ZUGSPITZE (2964m). Rocks. Published by Phot. H. Huber

Item 90287    
German Munich 1965 Postcard Odeonsplatz Theatinerkirche

Germany Vintage Real Photo Larger Postcard. Muenchen - munchen Am Odeonsplatz Theatinerkirche. Clock Tower. Fruits Merchant, Vendor, Fruit Seller, Street Stall M JE 318. Street scene. Sent from Paddington. QEII 3d
Munich is a city in the south of Germany in the federal state of Bavaria.
Published by Foto-Technik A. Stefsky Wien IX 1929

Item 76999    
Prinzregenten Theaterkaffee Gaststaette Old Postcard

Germany Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Trees, Munich, Prinzregenten-Theaterkaffee-Gastatte. Max Riedel. Restaurant Garden, Theatre Cafe. Published by Farbenphotographic Muenchen

Item 75214    
Germany MUNICH France PARIS 1962 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover Tour EIFFEL Tower

TOUR EIFFEL TOWER Illustrated Airmail First Flight Luftpost air mail envelope. Erstflug Germany Muenchen Munich Munchen - Stuttgart - Paris France. LH 156 am 1.4.1962. Lufthansa Viscount 814. Luftpost Drucksache Deutsche Lufthansa AG. 21-23 rue Royal Paris 8 Frankreich. With stamp 1961 Famous Germans 25pf Balthasar Neumann. 25pf
Balthasar Neumann was a German Baroque architect who designed the Vierzehnheiligen and several churches in W�rzburg.

Item 74726    
Frankfurt - Asuncion 1971 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airplane Illustrated Airmail First Flight envelope. Erstflug LH 508 Germany Frankfurt - Asuncion Paraguay. Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen 13.5.71. Erstanflug von Paraguay. Frankfurt am Main - Munchen Munich Muenchen - Asuncion Paraguay. Flugbestatigung. Paraguay 14 Mayo 1971 postmark on back. With stamps 1969 Airplanes 50th Anniversary German Airmail Services. 50 Jahre Deutscher Luftpostverkehr 30pf Boeing 707 Airliner & 1971 New Traffic Regulations 2nd Series 30pf Pedestrian Crossing. 30pf 30pf

Item 35414    
Germany Hungary 1967 Lufthansa LH194 First Flight Cover

Budapest boats Illlustrated Airmail Envelope, Lufthansa Streckeneroeffnung LH 194. Frankfurt - Muenchen - Budapest - Belgrad. With stamps from West Berlin 1967 Broadcasting Exhibition Broadcasting Tower and T.V. Screen 30pf & 5pf Stettin / Pommern. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Budapest Hungary.

Item 30847    
Germany 1923 PPC MUNICH Nationalmuseum Hubertusbrunnen

Early German Postcard. Muenchen, Nationalmuseum und Hubertusbrunnen. Munich is a city in the south of Germany in the federal state of Bavaria.
Published by Ottmar Zieher Munchen

Item 13781    
Munich Old Postcard - NYMPHENBURG PALACE - Pagodenburg

Germany Muenchen - Schloss Nymphenburg. Pagodenburg. The Nymphenburg Palace (German: Schloss Nymphenburg) is a Baroque palace in Munich, Bavaria, Germany.
Published by Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen.

Item 13780    
Germany Old Postcard MUNICH CASTLE Schloss Nymphenburg

Muenchen - Schloss Nymphenburg. Magdalenenkapelle. Published by Heliocolorkarte von Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen

Item 13688    
Germany Postcard MUNICH CASTLE Nymphenburg Amalienburg

Old PPC Muenchen - Schloss Nymphenburg. Amalienburg. Published by Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen.

Item 11298    
Postcard MUNICH 1952 Maximilianeum Bavarian Parliament

Munich / Das Maximilianeum, Sitz des Bayerischen Landtages. Bavarian Parliament. Amtliches Postgebuhrenheff bei allen Postamtern. Sent from Munich to London, England. 20pf Red
Published by Ludwig Simon Munchen Pullach

Item 11256    
Germany 1953 RP Postcard NUREMBERG Hans Sachs Memorial

Nuernberg - Hans-Sachs Denkmal. Exhibition 20 June - 11 October Deutsche Verkehrs Austellung Munchen 1953 Commemorative cachet postmark. Sent from Nurnberg to England, London. 20pf Posthorn
Published by Ansichtskartenfabrik Schoening & Co., Luebeck.

Item 9121    
Germany 1904 Undivided Back PPC MUNICH Karlsplatz TRAM

Early German Old Picture Postcard, Coloured, Muenchen, Karlsplatz. Tramways, Tramlines. Sent from Muen... to Nottingham, England, with arrival postmark July 13th 1904. removed
Published by Wilhelm Hoffmann A.-G. Dresden

Item 8918    
Germany 1922 PPC MUNICH FOUNTAIN Wittelsbacher Brunnen

Old German PPC, Munich (Muenchen) - Wittelsbacher Brunnen. Sent to Innsbruck. removed
Published by Ottmar Zieher, Muenchen. 1922