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Item 215528    
Singapore Old UB Multiview Postcard Native Fruit Seller Native Stall Women Girls

Vintage Old Undivided Back Colour Multiview Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore. Ethnic Life. Native Fruit Seller, Native Stall, Seller Vendor Merchant, Fruits, Bananas, Pineapples. Women and Girls. Children. Costumes. Published by C.A. Ribeiro & Co. Stationer, Printers & Stampdealers, Singapore

Item 215320    
USA Old Real Photo Postcard US Navy Target Butts and Ranges Soldiers Shooting NY

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Postcard. USA. US Navy, Target Butts and Ranges, Military, Soldiers, Shooting. Published by M. Moser N.Y.

Item 215292    
Japan Old Postcard Ayu Fishing Boat Gifu Cormorant Bird Tamaiya Hotel Imakomachi

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview post card. Japan. Ayu Fishing with Birds Cormorants on The Nagara River, Gifu, a sport which has been practised for more than a thousand years. The crew of each boat handle a flock of 16 birds. Fisherman, Fishing Boat Canoe. Fishery. Ethnic Life. Tamaiya Hotel, Imakomachi, Gifu. 岐阜 長良川 鵜 鵜飼 岐阜市今小町 玉井屋旅館 電話長六十五番.

Item 214991    
China Shanghai Local Post 1c Old Postal Stationery Postcard Tea House, Pig, Junk

Vintage Old Postal Stationery Card Postcard, China PSC 1 Cent. Shanghai Municipality Local Post one cent. Shanghai Local Post 1c. Mint Unused. Artist Drawn Multiview, Lady Woman and Pig on Wheel Barrow Wheelbarrow. Coolie. Chinese Junk Sailing Boats. Chinese City Willow Teahouse Tea House. Lake. Published by Hirsbrunner & Co. Shanghai 永昌

Item 214958    
Palestine Old Colour Postcard Bethlehem Grotto of The Nativity, Grotte, Krippe

Vintage Old Colour Multiview Postcard, Middle East, Palestine Israel, Holy Land, Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Church of the Nativity. La Grotte de la Nativite. Geburts Grotte. Interior. The Manger. Geburtskrippe.

Item 214725    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Happy Valley U.S.S. Monterey American Fleet Boats Warship

Vintage Colour Multiview Old post card. Hong Kong China, American Fleet before entering the Harbour of H.K. Torpedo Boats before entering the Harbour of HK, Public Gardens, V.S.S. Moneterey, Warship, Battleship. Happy Valley, Panorama View & Queen's Road Central. Street Scene, Peak, Mountains. Military Vessel. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 213926    
Canada Dues 1908 Old Postcard Paris Ont Grand River English Church G.T.R. Bridge

Vintage Canadian Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Best Wishes from Canada, Man and Woman Holding Hands Across Paris Ont. Ontario. Grand River Scene and Grand Trunk Railway G.T.R. Bridge. English Church Cathedral, Public Library and Baptist Church, Post Office and Grand River Street Scene. Town Hall Tower. Maples. Coat of Arms. Maple Leaves. Postally Used in 1908 with King Edward 7th 1c stamp, with postage due 1d F.B.A. and T10 in circle on back. Addressed to London England with arrival postmark. Published by The Valentine & Son Publishing Co. Ltd

Item 213747    
St. Andrews Postcard Sands Beach, Paddling Pool Castle Ruins Scottish Dancer Man

Larger Colour Multiview Picture Postcard. Scotland. We're having a sling at St. Andrews. Scottish Man Dancer. Harbour, Boats, Street Scene. Bathing Pool. Beach, Seaside. Sands and Paddling Pool. General View. Castle Ruins. QEII 13p
Published by Whiteholme of Dundee Kelvin Way Colourmaster SAN206

Item 213568    
Seychelles Old Postcard Gaffing Fish Giant Tortoises Trap Fisherman Piroque Mahe

Vintage Old Tuck's Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Postcard. Seychelles, Gaffing Fish, Fishing Boat, Giant Tortoises, Trap Fisherman, Fisherman and Piroque, Beach View, Mahe. Palm Trees. Seaside Panorama. Fishery. Seychelles is an archipelago nation of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. Nearby island countries include Madagascar, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Réunion, Comoros and Mayotte, and the Suvadives of the Maldivest. Seychelles has the smallest population of any sovereign state of Africa.
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd Real Photograph

Item 213418    
Gibraltar Old Postcard Signal Station, Rock Casemate Square Galleries Lighthouse

Vintage Multiview Colour Old Post card. Souvenir of Gibraltar. The Rock, Lighthouse Europa Point, Gate Gates, The Moorish Castle, The Market, Street Scene, Signal Station, Rock Casemate Square Galleries Lighthouse. Published by Millar & Lang Ltd Glasgow

Item 213388    
China Old Postcard Yi, A Young Lolo Man Girls Women, Newly Married Lady Costumes

Vintage Multiview Old picture post card, French China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Jeune mariee Lolo. A newly married Lolo Lady. Jeune homme et jeunes filles Lolos. Yi People, A Young Lolo Man & Girls Women. Traditional Costumes. Barefoot. 彝族 倮倮 玀玀. The Yi or Lolo people are an ethnic group in China. Numbering 8 million, they are the 7th largest of the 55 ethnic minority groups officially recognized by China. They live primarily in rural areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guangxi, usually in mountainous regions. Most Yi are farmers, herders of cattle, sheep and goats, and nomadic hunters.
Published by Missions-Etrangeres de Paris 138 rue du Bac

Item 212881    
South Africa Durban Multiview Old RP Postcard Ricksha Boy Street Scene Railroads

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Larger Old Postcard. South Africa, Ricksha Boy, Rickshaw Coolie, Street Scene, Railroads. Bathing Pools. Bathers. Park, Gardens. Clock Tower. Published by Artco Art Publishers

Item 212801    
Egypt Old Postcard Tahrir Bridge Great Sphinx Pyramids Railway Station S&S Hotel

Vintage Egyptian Colour Larger Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza, Sunset near Pyramid. Prayer in the Desert. Camel. Sand Dunes. Opera Square and Continental Hotel, Fountain and River - Side Drive, Shepheard and Semiramis Hotel - Tahrir Bridge. Midan el Tahrir, Prayer near the Great Sphinx. Railway Station and Ramses II Statue. Camel Rider. Boats. Street Scene. Published by Lehnert & Landrock

Item 212728    
Australia, Sydney University Museum Hospital Custom House, Glitters Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Australia Australian. Sydney. New South Wales NSW N.S.W. Novelty with Glitters. The Museum, St. Mary's Cathedral. Sydney University, Victoria Markets, Sydney Hospital, St. Andrew's Cathedral, Custom House. Town Hall. Published by J. Beagles & Co.

Item 212455    
Canada Old UB Postcard Boating on North-West Arm, Halifax, Embossed Coat of Arms

Vintage Undivided Back Multiview Old Postcard. Private Post Card. Canada, Embossed Coat of Arms. Boats. Boating on North-West Arm, Halifax. Published by W.G. MacFarlane Toronto

Item 212452    
Canada Old UB Postcard Rockwood Park, St. John, N.B. Lake, Embossed Coat of Arms

Vintage Undivided Back Multiview Old Postcard. Private Post Card. Canada, Rockwood Park, St. John, N.B. New Brunswick. Lake, Embossed Coat of Arms.

Item 212119    
Egypt Old U.B. Postcard Alexandrie Rue Rosette Street Alexandria Roadside Seller

Vintage Egyptian Colour Old Undivided Back Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Alexandria, Alexandrie, Rue Rosette Street Scene. Building with Au Print. Native Seller Vendor Merchant, Turkey Birds in Cage. Barefoot Arab Man with stick. Ethnic Life. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, Alexandria (in Arabic, الإسكندرية — al-Iskandariyah) is the chief seaport in Egypt, and that country's second largest city, and the capital of the Al Iskandariyah governate.

Item 212092    
China 5s 1963 Old Postcard Roadside Sweet Potato Seller Chinese Return from City

Vintage Colour Multiview Old post card. Ethnic Life. China. Gates. Roadside Sweet Potato Seller Vendor Merchant. Sweet Poteto. Men, Women, Children, Group of Chinese Return from City. 支那風俗 燒芋賣 歸揃家一街 With Japan Japanese Fan stamp 5s on back. Commemorative cachet 38.5.12. 茨城 結城 National Holidays and Festivals of Japan. Mother Day, Haha No. H1 1963.5.12. Woman. 日本之祝祭日及祭味醂具 Snowman, grapes, plum and cherry flowers, fish flag, grasshopper, snail, hanetsuki, hourglass, fireworks, etc.

Item 211964    
MAP of South West Scotland, Moffat Ram, Galloway Cattle Newton Dumfries Postcard

Early Larger Multiview Colour Postcard. 10.4cm x 14.9cm. MAP of South West Scotland. Smiley Sun. The Ram Statue Moffat. Cumnock, Burn's Cottage, Ayr, Girvan, Culzean Castle, Ballantrae, Stranraer, Luce Bay, Wigtown Bay, Solway Firth, Annan, Castle Douglas, Thornhill, Newton, Wigton, etc. Published by E.T.W. Dennis

Item 211622    
Indo-China Old Postcard Cochinchine Soctrang Tribunal Tribune des Courses, Court

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. French Indochina Indo-China Indochine Indo-Chine. Vietnam, Cochinchine - Sóc Trăng Soctrang, Le Tribunal et la Tribune des Courses. The Court and the Race Tribune.

Item 211319    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas Onchan Head Derby Castle Loch Promenade The Bay

Vintage Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Isle of Man I.O.M. Douglas, Onchan Head and Derby Castle, Loch Promenade Gardens, The Bay, Panorama, Pier, Jetty, Breakwater, Sunken Gardens. Published by The Norris Modern Press Ltd Douglas

Item 211139    
Arundel Castle, Gate, Towers, Lawn, West Sussex Multiview Larger Colour Postcard

Larger Multiview Colour Picture Postcard, West Sussex, Arundel Castle. Gate, Towers, Lawn. Published by J. Salmon Ltd

Item 211080    
Hong Kong Old Postcard HK Bank Princes Building Peak Tramway Station Chater Road

Vintage Multiview Colour Old Picture Post Card. Ethnic Life. Hong Kong Hongkong China. H.K. Bank & Prince's Building, Peak Tramway Station, Rickshaw & Coolies, Chater Road and Queen's Statue. Street Scene. Railway, Railroads. Sedan Chairs. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 210858    
Japan Old Postcard Oita Higher Commercial School 7th Regiment Infantry 大分47聯隊 學校

Vintage Multiview Old Japanese Picture Postcard. Japan. The Main Gate of The 7th Regiment of Infantry Oita. The Oita Higher Commercial School, Oita. Soldiers Guards. Military. 大分名勝 大分第四十七聯隊正門,實業立國 大分高等商業學校.

Item 210595    
Isle of Wight 1907 Old Postcard New-Port Cannot Bottle, Cowes Can't Milk, Needle

Vintage Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Peculiar Properties of the Isle of Wight. Newport New-port you cannot bottle. Street Scene. Cowes, you cannot milk, Sailing Boats Yachts. Freshwater You cannot drink. Needle you cannot thread. Rocks. Cliffs. Boats. Seaside Panorama. 1907.

Item 210463    
Malta 1917 Old Postcard Royal Opera House Custom House Barracca Lift Fish Market

Vintage Colour Multiview Real Photo Hand-coloured Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Malta Maltese. Greetings from Malta. Flowers. Royal Opera House Valletta, Custom House Barracca Lift, Fish Market Marina. Harbour. Boats. Fountain. St. Antonio Anton Garden. 1917.

Item 210092    
Japan 1912 Old Embossed Postcard A Street Scene in Tokyo Osaka TRAM Tramway Bird

Vintage Colour Art Artist Drawn Embossed Novelty Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Japan. Birds Flowers. Beautiful Silver Colour background. TRAM Trams Tramway. A Street in Tokyo. A Street in Osaka. Street Scene. TRAM Tramway. Bamboo. 東京市街 大阪市街. Postally Used in 1912 with Great Britain King George 5th Downey Head 1/2d stamp, tied Holloway N. Sent from Holloway N.. Published by Issued by The Imperial Government Railways of Japan The Tokio Printing Co. 鐵道院

Item 210091    
Japan 1916 Old Postcard Nippon Yusen Kaisha SS Kanagawa Maru Steam Ship Yokohama

Vintage Japanese Old Undivided Back Multiview Picture Postcard. Japan. The Nippon Yusen Kaisha S.S. Kanagawa Maru Steam Ship Steamer. Shipping. Yokohama Street Scene. Postally Used in 1916 with Great Britain King George 5th 1/2d stamp.

Item 210072    
St. Ives Old Postcard Cats Kittens, Harbour, Carbis Bay Porthminster Beach Boats

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. Cornwall. Good Luck from St. Ives. Cat Cats Kittens Kittens. The Harbour, Boats. Carbis Bay, Porthminster Beach Seaside Panorama. Cliffs. The Beach. St. Ives (Cornish: Porthia) is a seaside town in Cornwall, UK, north of Penzance, and west of Camborne. In former times it was commercially dependent on fishing as an industry. The decline in fishing, however, has caused a shift in commercial emphasis and the town is now primarily a holiday resort.
Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd

Item 209994    
North Wales Passes, Nant Ffrancon Llanberis Sychnant Tal-Y-Llyn, Flower Postcard

Colour Multiview Postcard. Welsh. North Wales Passes, Nant Ffrancon, Llanberis, Sychnant, Tal-Y-Llyn. Yellow Flower. Hills, Mountains, Valley. Published by Photo Precision Limited St. Ives Huntingdon