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Item 204724    New
Hunan Konan Steamship Co. Lower Floor, Dining Room Old Postcard 湖南汽船株式會社 階下洋室 食堂

Vintage Old Multiview Post Card, China Japan. Hunan Steamship Co., Ltd. Shipping. Steam Ship interior. Lower Floor Western Room, Dining Room, Canteen. 湖南汽船株式會社 階下洋室 食堂. Published by Konan S.S. Co. 湖南汽船株式會社 Anchor Trademark

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Item 204711    New
Thoughts of You Many Happy Returns of the Day, Boating Lake 1913 Old RP Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Embossed Multiview Old Postcard. Greeting Greetings. Thoughts of You. Many, Many Happy Returns of the Day, Boating Lake. Boats. 1913. Published by Rotary Photographic Series

Item 204653    New
Clacton-on-Sea 1961 Old Postcard Cats Kittens West Cliff East Cliff Beach Street

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Essex, Greetings Clacton-on-Sea. Cat Cats Kitten Kittens. West Cliff, East Cliff, Street scene, Beach, Seaside Panorama. 1961. Published by H. Coates and Sons Wisbech

Item 204500    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Kowloon Wharf, German Steamer Prinz Waldemar Sampan Women

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. China Hongkong Hong Kong. Ethnic Life. European Children and Nurse in Public Garden. Steps, Stairs. Little Boy and Girls. Prinz Waldemar Military Vessel Warship Battleship. Boats. Native Chinese Samyan Sampan Women. Kowloon Wharf and German Steamer Steam Ship. Pier Quay. Shipping. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 204452    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura, Inamuragasaki Nitta Yoshisada Samurai 鎌倉 稻村崎 新田義貞佩刀

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 6. Inamuragasaki Beach Seaside, Samurai, Sword. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其六) 稻村崎 新田義貞佩刀 戰捷祈圖. Nitta Yoshisada (新田 義貞, 1301 – 1338) was the head of the Nitta clan in the early fourteenth century, and supported the Southern Court of Emperor Go-Daigo in the Nanboku-chō period.

Item 204451    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura History 2 Samurai Prince Moriyoshi 鎌倉 土牢大塔宮護良親王御最後之圖

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 2. Samurai. Torii Gate, Steps. Jail, Prison. Prince Moriyoshi. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其二) 大塔宮 土牢 大塔宮護良親王御最後之圖.

Item 204450    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura History 5 Dancer Dancing Musician Samurai 鎌倉御前舞曲義經辨慶

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 5. Samurai. Dancer Dancing Musician Music in front of Emperor. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其五) 御前舞曲 義經辨慶 腰越狀 認 圖 元曆二年五月源義經兄賴朝之不興 蒙 腰越 滯留 陳情.

Item 204449    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura History Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Kugyo 鎌倉 鶴岡八幡宮 公曉實朝公弒圖

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 1. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu. Shrine, Temple. Kugyō Kugyo Assassination. Snow. Snowy. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其一) 鶴岡八幡宮 公曉實朝公 弒圖 承久元年一月二十七日 實朝公右大臣拜賀式 鶴岡八幡宮 當日大雪 公 甥 別當公曉銀杏樹之蔭 其身又斃 源氏之正統絕.

Item 204448    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura History 7 Shichirigahama Samurai Execution 鎌倉 七里濱 斬圖

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 7. Shichirigahama Beach Coast Seaside. Samurai Execution. Sword. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其七) 七里濱 北條時宗元之使者 龍之口 斬圖 文永十一年元兵三萬對島壹岐 屠 筑前 上陸 時宗戰 時宗時年三十一歲.

Item 204447    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura Minamoto no Yoritomo Crane Birds Beach 鎌倉 賴朝公由井濱千羽鶴放

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 8. Beach, Seaside, Boats. Minamoto no Yoritomo Releasing Cranes Birds. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其八) 由井濱 賴朝公由井濱 千羽鶴放圖 建久四年八月十五日 賴朝公由井濱遊覽 千羽鶴放天下.

Item 204446    
Japan Old Postcard Kamakura History 3 Namerikawa Bridge River 鎌倉 青砥藤綱滑川錢拾圖 北條時賴公

Vintage Old Japanese Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Japan, History of Kamakura No. 3. Namerikawa. Bridge. River Scene. Men looking for money in river. Fire. 鎌倉歷史畫談 (其三) 滑川 青砥藤綱滑川 錢拾圖 北條時賴公 時錢十文 滑川落 五十文 松渡 時人其小利大損.

Item 203756    
Japan Old Hand Tinted Postcard Shirahata Temple Grave of Yoritomo Gate 白旗神社 賴朝公墓

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Japan. Shirahata Temple Shrine. Grave of Minamoto Yoritomo. Entrance Gate. 白旗神社 賴朝公廟 賴朝公墓. It is said that Shirahata Shrine was built to honor a legendary warrior named Yoshitsune (1159-1189) as the guardian god of the village a long time ago. The villagers buried Yoshitsune's head in the grave at the shrine as an expression of deep sympathy for the warrior, who died a tragic death. The Grave of Minamoto Yoritomo tower stands where there had been a sanctuary called Jibutsudo,which was called Hokkedo after Yoritomo died. The tower was reportedly rebuilt in 1779 by Shimazu Shigehide, and is designated a national historic site. When the combination of Shintoism and Buddhism was eliminated in the Meiji era, the Hokkedo sanctuary was replaced by the Shirahata Shrine,which is dedicated to Minamoto Yoritomo.

Item 203755    
Japan Old Postcard Prison Jail Daito Temple Torii Horse Rider Statue 土牢 大塔宮 御木像

Vintage Old Japanese Multiview Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Japan. Kamakura. Tsuchiro Prison. Earth Jail. Tomb of Daitonomiya. Daito Temple Shrine. Torii Gate. Steps. Cherry Blossoms. Horse Rider Statue. 土牢 大塔宮 御木像.

Item 203684    
Malta Greetings From Old Hand Tinted Postcard Fort St Angelo Chapel of Bones etc

Vintage Colour Multiview Real Photo Hand-coloured Hand Tinted Old Postcard. Maltese. Greetings from Malta. Fort St. Angelo, Chapel of Bones etc. Flowers. Photo The Grand Studio.

Item 203535    
China Old Postcard Chinese Woman, Irrigation Rice Fields, Sze Yuen Ming Shanghai

Vintage Old Undivided Back Hand Tinted Multiview Postcard. China. Ethnic life. Native Chinese Woman Sze Yuen Ming, Shanghai, Traditional Costumes, Flowers, Plants Pots. Bewaesserung der Reisfelder. Irrigation of The Rice Fields. River Scene. Bridge. Cattle Buffalo. Ladder. Gate in distance. Published by Ges. Geschuetzt

Item 203457    
India 1909 Old Postcard Bunder Wala Monkey Woman Sweeper Bearer Sweetmeat Seller

Vintage British Indian Multiview Old Postcard. India. Ethnic Life. Bunder Wala & Monkey, Woman Female Sweeper, Indian Bearer Hat, Sweatmeat Sweetmeat Seller Vendor Merchant. Traditional Costumes. Postally Used in 1909 with stamp removed, 6 Au 09 postmark. Addressed to Galashiels with arrival postmark Au 23 09. Sent to Galashiels. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi

Item 203299    
Japan 1913 Old Postcard Portraits of General Nogi Maresuke & Wife House Interior

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview Postcard, Japan, Portraits of General Nogi Maresuke and Wife. Room House Interior. 乃木將軍之机 夫人之居閒 1913 3s Tokyo 13.5.13 postmark on back. Cachet : 大正貮年四月拾參日 東京市役所乃木將軍記念. Sent to London. 3s

Item 203034    
China Old Postcard Chinese Woman Spinning Wheel Roadside Seller Smoking 農家老婆繰老商人

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard, China, Chinese Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. 支那風俗 大道小資本老商人 農家老婆糸繰之風姿.

Item 203033    
China Old Postcard Stilt Dancers Costumes Chinese Sledge on Frozen River 冬河橇 高足踊

Vintage Old Multiview post card. China, Chinese Ethnic Life. Stilt Dancers, Traditional Dancing Costumes. Dance. Performers. Chinese Sledge Sled on Frozen River. 支那風俗 高足踊 冬季結冰之際河 橇.

Item 203032    
China Old Postcard Chinese Old Man Bird Market Birds Cages Birdcages 小鳥集市 有產階級老爺

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard, China, Chinese Ethnic Life. An Old man. Pet Pets Birds Birdcage Bird Cages. 支那風俗 早朝各自寵愛 小鳥集市 街上 有產階級老爺之風姿.

Item 203030    
China Old Postcard Chinese Wedding Procession Bridal Chair, Roadside Food Seller

Vintage Old Multiview Post card. China Ethnic Life. Chinese Wedding Procession. Qing Dynasty Native Coolies carrying Bridal Chair. Street SCene. Roadside Food Seller, Vendor, Merchant. Traditional Costumes. 支那風俗 下級民之集所 露店 飲食行商人 嫁入行列.

Item 202967    
Japan Old Postcard Hozu Rapids, Rafts, Yamanaka Art Gallery, Ceremonial Tea Room

Vintage Old Japanese Colour Multiview Postcard, Japan, Hozu Rapids River Scene, Boating Boat Rafts, Rocks. Gorges. The Yamanaka Art Gallery, One of the Ceremonial Tea Rooms. Tea Room. Geisha Girl Lady Woman. Kimono Costumes. 京都 二條離宮 Cable Address : Yamanakaco Kyoto.

Item 202573    
Australia Old Postcard An Australian Country Road, Our Beautiful Bush Fern Ferns

Vintage Australian Old Colour Multiview Postcard. Australia, An Australian Country Road, Our Beautiful Bush, Kangaroo and Emu Bird Coat of Arms, Fern Trees, Ferns. Published by The H & B Series Printed in Australia

Item 202316    
Japan Old Postcard Monkeys Sleeping Cat Koshinzaru Iyeyasu Temple Nikko 日光康申猿 眠貓

Vintage Japanese Multiview Undivided Back Old Post card. Animals Monkey Monkeys and Cat. Koshinzaru. 3 Monkey's Neither See, hear nor speak any devil. Famous Carving on Oak Wood in Shinto Stable, Iyeyasu Temple. Koshinzaru. Nikko 日光康申猿. The wooden image of the sleeping cat Kitten, worked by Hidari Jingoro. Nikko. Nemuri-No-Meko. 日光名勝 名匠左甚五郎 眠貓.

Item 202185    
Australia QV 1/2d 1d 1904 Old UB Postcard Melbourne Town Hall Clock Tower Street

Vintage Old Colour Multiview Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Australia, Flowers. Panorama, General View, Streets, Street Scene, River, Ships, Boats, Harbour. Melbourne Town Hall, Clock Tower. Postally Used in 1904 with Victoria, Queen Victoria 1/2d and 1d stamps. Sent from Melbourne to Lauder Scotland. QV 1/2d and 1d

Item 202138    
Walt Disney World 1981 Postcard R.F. Irvine Steamboat, Goofy Mickey Pluto, Hotel

Colour Multiview Postcard. Walt Disney World. The Vacation Kingdom of The World. 1. Richard F. Irvine Steamboat 2. Goofy, Mickey and Pluto 3. River Country 4. Contemporary Resort Hotel. Postally Used in 1981 with 28c US Airmail, Blanche Stuart Scott Pioneer Pilot. Published by Walt Disney Productions 1980

Item 201611    
Tibet China India 1a 1903 Old Postcard Bhutia Woman, Giabaree Reverse Train Lama

Vintage Old Multiview Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Court Size Card. Tibet China India. Greetings from Darjeeling Himalaya. Ethnic Life. Tibetan Costumes. Native Bhutia Woman Lady. Train Railway Rail. Giabaree Reverse. Buddhist Priest in North India Tibetan Lama, Prayer Wheel. Postally Used in 1903 with British Indian King Edward 7th 1a stamp, tied Lebong. Addressed to Yorkshire, England. Sent from Lebong (Darjeeling, West Bengal) to Yorkshire, England. KEVII 1a
The Bhutias are people of Tibetan origin, who migrated to Sikkim, other parts of India and Bhutan some time after the 15th century.
Published by Th. Paar. Photogr. Darjeeling

Item 201210    
South West Africa 1/2d 1932 Old Postcard Namibia Festival Hotel Gobabis, Buffalo

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. South West Africa, Namibia, Feste und Hotel Gobabis, Der Schwarze Nosab zur Regenzeit bei Gobabis. Festivals and Hotel Gobabis, The Black Nosab during the rainy season at Gobabis. Buffalo Animals. African Buffaloes. Postally Used in 1932 with South West Africa 1/2d Bird x 2 stamps, tied Basserm, Okahandja S.W.A. Addressed to Rouxville O.F.S. Sent from Basserm to Rouxville O.F.S.. 1/2d x 2

Item 201018    
Morecambe 1949 Old Postcard Cat West End Promenade Sunny Slope Heysham Rough Sea

Vintage B/W Multiview Real Photo Postcard. Lancashire, Good Luck from Morecambe. Cat Kitten, West End Street Scene, Garden Gardens, West End Promenade. Rough Sea, Sunny Slopes Heysham. 1949. Morecambe is a resort town in the Lancaster district of Lancashire, England.
Published by Valentine Photo-Type

Item 200902    
Newton Abbot 1958 Postcard Queen, Courtenay Streets Park Fish Pond Bradley Woods

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Devon, Greetings from Newton Abbot. Queen Street Scene, Motor Cars, Courtenay Street Scene, Fish Pond, Courtenay Park, St. Leonard's Tower. Bradley Woods. River Scene. Cave. Tunnel. Palm Trees. Conveying all kind thoughts. 1958. Newton Abbot is a market town in Devon, England on the River Teign.