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Item 225366    
Worthing Beach Promenade Splash Point Heene Terrace Denton Gardens Pier Postcard

Colour Multiview Picture Postcard, Sussex. The Beach and Promenade, Splash Point, Heene Terrace, Denton Gardens. Seaside Panorama. Pier, Jetty. Worthing is the largest town and a local government district in West Sussex, England.

Item 224941    
Holy Island, Lindisfarne Priory Castle, Causeway Main Street St. Mary's Postcard

Colour Larger Multiview Postcard, 1980. Northumberland, Holy Island, Lindisfarne Priory & Castle Ruins, The Causeway Beach Seaside Panorama, Main Street Scene, St. Mary's Parish Church. QEII 12p
Lindisfarne Castle is a 16th-century castle located on Holy Island, near Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England.
Published by Bamforth & Co. Ltd

Item 224255    
Japan Old Genuine Hand Painted Postcard Gold Embossed Flowers, Mt. Fuji Lake Hut

Vintage Japanese Multiview Genuine Hand Painted Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, c.1910. Japan. Novelty. Unique Card. Gold Embossed Flowers. Native House Hut, Pine Trees. Lake Scene. Mountains. Mount Mt. Fuji Mountain.

Item 224187    
Hong Kong Old Colour Postcard Chinese Monk Queens Road Clock Tower Country Women

Vintage Multiview Old Colour Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Ethnic Life. Chinese Monks, Native Chinese Working Coolies, Country Women, Children, Fruits sellers vendors in the Street Scene. Queen's Road and Clock Tower. Rickshaws. Coolies. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 223950    
China Russo-JapanWar Old Postcard General Kuroki Staff River Ai Kohmatang Battle

Vintage Embossed Multiview Old Picture Postcard. Military Soldiers, Russo-Japanese War, Russia Japan War. China. General Kuroki and His Staff at the River Ai, Kohmatang after the Battle, First Army at the River Ai. Battle Scene in China, Flag. Flowers. 第一軍司令部沒盧愛河 戰後之蛤蟆塘 第一軍渡涉盧愛河. Published by 遞信省發行 東京印刷株式會社製

Item 223948    
Korea Russo Japan 1904 Old Postcard Our Ships River Tadong Drifting Ice 大同江沫中我艦船

Vintage Multiview Undivided Back Old Picture Postcard. Korea Japan Russia. Russo-Japanese War. 1904 - 1905. Military Battleship. Our Ships at the River Tadong, Drifting-Ice. Taedong River. Artist Drawn Flowers. 大同江沫中我艦船. Published by 遞信省發行 東京印刷株式會社製

Item 223907    
Australia Old Postcard National Park Woy-Woy Bulli Pass Illawarra Distr. Zig-Zag

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Australia Australian. Greetings from New South Wales NSW N.S.W. Warrnambool Warrambul National Park, Woy-Woy, Bulli Pass Illawarra District, The Zig-Zag, Street Scene, Coat of Arms. Holly. Published by AL Series Aristophot Co. London

Item 223728    
South Africa Old Postcard Cape Town Docks No.2, Adderley Street, Rhodes Memorial

Vintage Multiview Old Colour Postcard. South Africa. Cape Town. Adderley Street Scene, Rhodes Memorial, Docks No. 2, Camps Bay, House of Parliament. Steamer, Steam Ship. Table Mountain. Panorama. Published by The Valentine & Sons Publishing Co. Ltd.

Item 223610    
Morecambe Old Postcard Midland Hotel West End Promenade Bandstand Slopes Heysham

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. Lancashire, West End Morecambe. Harbour Promenade and Bandstand. West End Promenade, Promenade and Midland Hotel. The Lake, Sunny Slopes, Heysham. Lake. Seaside Panorama. Morecambe is a resort town in the Lancaster district of Lancashire, England.
Published by Valentine Silveresque

Item 223609    
Flamborough 1944 Old Postcard Lighthouse, Coastguard Station Caves North Landing

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Postcard. Yorkshire, Flamborough. King and Queen Rocks, Lighthouse, North Landing, The Caves, The Coastguard Station. Rocks. Cliffs. Seaside Panorama. 1944.

Item 223608    
Lincoln Old Postcard Potter Gate Stone Row Street, Newport Arch Castle Cathedral

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. Lincolnshire. Greetings from Lincoln. Potter Gate Street Scene, Castle Entrance and Cathedral Tower. Cathedral S.W. Stone Row. Newport Arch. Published by M and L National Series

Item 223606    
Ireland 1912 Old Postcard Blarney Castle, Lakes of Killarney Ancient Bridge Cork

Vintage Irish Colour Multiview Old Post Card, Ireland, Blarney Castle, Lakes of Killarney, Ancient Bridge. Rocks. Boat. River Scene. 1912. Blarney Castle is one of Ireland's oldest and most historic castles, an ancient stronghold of the McCarthy's, Lords of Muskerry, and one of the strongest fortresses in Munster. Blarney Castle is famous for its stone - The Stone of Eloquence - which is traditionally believed to have the power to bestow the gift of eloquence on all those who kiss it.

Item 223594    
Jersey 1956 Old Postcard St Helier Weighbridge Gardens Queen Victoria Statue etc

Vintage Old Multiview postcard. 1956. Greetings from Jersey, Channel Islands, St. Brelade's Bay, The Beach, La Corbiere Lighthouse, St. Helier, Statue of Queen Victoria, Weighbridge Gardens, Victoria Avenue Promenade, Portelet Bay. QEII 2d
Published by Photochrom

Item 223593    
Jersey Old RP Postcard Coast Line from Grosnez Point towards Plemont Needle Rock

Vintage Old Multiview Real Photo Photograph Photographic postcard. Jersey, Channel Islands, Mont Orgueil Castle Gorey, Boats, Harbour. Needle Rock, St. Brelade's Bay, La Corbiere Lighthouse, Coast Line from Grosnez Point towards Plemont. QEII 2d
Published by Valentine's

Item 222572    
Bahamas Old UB Postcard Nassau NP Cumberland Street Public Library Fishing Fleet

Vintage Multiview Undivided Back Old Postcard. Bahamas, Greetings from Nassau, N.P. Cumberland Street Scene. Public Library, Fishery Fishing Fleet Fishing Boats, Harbour. Art Artist Drawn Palm Trees. Bird. Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas. It is the commercial and cultural centre of the Bahamas.

Item 222570    
Ceylon Multiview Old UB Postcard Kandy Temple, Queen's Hotel, Across The Lake

Vintage Undivided Back Old Multiview Postcard. Ceylon Ceylan Sri Lanka. Kandy Temple, Queen's Hotel, Kandy Across The Lake. Palm Tree. Street Scene. Published by Plate & Co.

Item 222476    
Tahiti 1908 Old UB Postcard Avenue de Tipacrui, Rue de la Petite Pologne, Market

Vintage Old Undivided Back Multiview Postcard. Tahiti. Avenue de Tipacrui Tipaerui, Rue de la Petite Pologne. Place de Marche. Streets. Street Scene. Market Place. Native Sellers, Vendors. Palm Trees. Postally Used in 1908 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp. Sent to Scotland. GB KE7 1/2d
Published by F. Homes, Tahiti.

Item 222469    
Tonga 1d 1906 Postcard Gate to Place of Old Sacred Kings & Trees of Flying Foxes

Vintage Old Undivided Back Multiview Postcard, Toga Tonga. Gate to The Place of The Old Sacred Kings of Tonga. Trees of the Sacred Flying Foxes of Tonga. Postally Used in 1908 with 1d tree stamp, addressed to Parnell, Auckland. New Zealand. Sent from Tonga to Parnell, Auckland. 1d Tree
Nukuʻalofa is the capital of Tonga. It is located on the north coast of the island of Tongatapu, in the country's southernmost island group.

Item 222235    
Ireland Old Postcard Dublin Airport Aer Lingus Aeroplane Plane, Shelbourne Hotel

Vintage Multiview Colour Irish Old Postcard. Ireland. County Co. Dublin. O'Connell Street Scene. Buses. St. Stephens Green and Shelbourne Hotel. Nelson Pillar, Monument, Memorial. The People's Park, Dublin Airport. Aer Lingus Airplane Aircraft. Dublin (Irish: Baile Átha Cliath) is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Ireland, located near the midpoint of Ireland's east coast, at the mouth of the River Liffey in the County Dublin.
Published by Valentine & Sons Ltd.

Item 222225    
London Old Postcard New County Hall from Air and Earth Thames River, Aerial View

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. New County Hall from Air and Earth, Street Scene, Aerial View. Boats. Thames River Scene. Advertising Advertisement on back : St. Paul's Hospital Competition. £1000 for 1d. (Penny) 64 Prizes. Published by Air Photo Aerofilms Ltd Series A.

Item 222224    
London Old Postcard Admiralty Arch from Air and Earth, Street Scene, Aerial View

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Admiralty Arch from Air and Earth, Street Scene, Aerial View. Cars. Advertising Advertisement on back : St. Paul's Hospital Competition. £1000 for 1d. (Penny) 64 Prizes. Published by Air Photo Aerofilms Ltd Series A.

Item 222223    
Jersey 1956 Old Postcard Cat Kittens Ann Port La Collette Walks Elizabeth Castle

Vintage Old Multiview Real Photo Photograph Photographic postcard. Greetings & Good Luck from Jersey, Channel Islands, Cats Kittens in Basket. Ann Port, La Collette Walks, Elizabeth Castle, Mont Orgueil Castle Gorey. PIer, Jetty, Harbour, Seaside Panorama. QEII 1d x 2
Published by B.B. London

Item 221863    
China Hong Kong Old Postcard Pottinger Street Stone Steps & Chinese Junk Kowloon

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. H.K. HK Hong Kong Hongkong China. Ethnic Life. Stone Steps of Pottinger Street, Street Scene, Native Woman & Children, Little Boys and Girls. Qing Dynasty. Costumes. Glass Shop. Sailing Boat, Chinese Junk Carrying Cargo near Kowloon. 大小玻璃. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 221457    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Canton Steamer Wharf Sweetmeat Seller Chinese Temple Boys

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Post Card, Ethnic Life. China, Hong Kong Hongkong. Chinese Temple, Canton Steamer and Wharf, Native Children Playing, Little Boys. Chinese Woman Tailor Lady in the Street. Chinese Sweet Meat Sellers on the Street Scene. Boat. Ferry. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 221236    
Japan Old Postcard Dragon Drum Nara Park Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion Kyoto 奈良公園金閣寺

Vintage Old Japanese Embossed Artist Drawn Multiview Old Postcard. Japan. Head of Dragon, Drum with Bird Drawing. Flowers. Nara Park Street Scene, Stone Lanterns, Trees. The Kinkakuji or Golden Pavilion Kyoto. 奈良公園 金閣寺. Published by The Tokio Printing Co. The Imperial Government Railways of Japan 鐵道省

Item 221209    
China Ja Marco Polo Bridge Incident July 1937 Old Postcard Soldiers Station 北支事變

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. 1937 July. China Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Lugou Bridge Incident. Military Marching Imperial Japanese Soldiers. Street Scene. Rickshaw Coolie. Cyclist. Bicycle. Horses. Railway Station. Train Station. 驛到著皇軍部隊 行進中之皇軍精銳 陸軍省檢閱濟 昭和十二年七月 北支事變 (七七事变, 盧溝橋事變) 軍事郵便. The Marco Polo Bridge Incident, also known as the Lugouqiao (Lugou Bridge) Incident (盧溝橋事變) or the July 7th Incident (七七事變), was a battle between the Republic of China's National Revolutionary Army and the Imperial Japanese Army, often used as the marker for the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945).
Published by Matsumura Co.

Item 221116    
China Old Colour Postcard 5 Beautiful Chinese Women Ladies Girls Foot Binding 纏足

Vintage Chinese Colour Multiview Old post card. China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Native Beautiful Chinese Women Ladies Girls Beauties. One woman showing Small Feet. Foot Binding. 支那美人. Foot binding was the custom of binding the feet of young girls painfully tight to prevent further growth.The tiny narrow feet were considered beautiful and to make a woman's movements more feminine and dainty. It was not until the early 20th century that footbinding began dying out.
Published by Camel trademark on back

Item 221115    
China Old Colour Postcard Chinaman Men with Birds Bird Cage Birdcage 小鳥 之為朝起 弄老爺

Vintage Chinese Colour Multiview Old post card. China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Chinaman Chinese Man with Bird Cage, Birdcage Bird Cage. 小鳥之為朝起 小鳥弄老爺. Published by Camel trademark on back

Item 221105    
China Old Postcard Chinese Woman Setchoanese Lady Young Boy & Girl Fan DOG Puppy

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. French China. Chinese Ethnic Life. Beautiful Traditional Costumes. French France. Petit garcon, Dame Setchoanaise, Petite fille. Peke DOG, Puppy. Chinese Woman Setchoanese Lady with Binding Foot. Young Boy and Young Girl. Children. Little girl holding a fan. Antique Chair. Published by Missions-Etrangeres de Paris 128 rue du Bac

Item 220988    
Germany BERLIN 1905 Old Multiview Postcard Tiergarten Zoo, Never See Lake, Gnome

Vintage Old Multiview Postard, Germany German. Gruss aus Berlin. Wasserfall im Tiergarten. Waterfall in the Zoo. Rolandbrunnen Fountain, Tiergarten. Gothe-Denkm. Never See Lake, Gnome, etc. Postally Used in 1905 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp, tied Cheltenham, addressed to Polperro, redirected to Plymouth. GB KE7 1/2d