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Item 220988    New
Germany BERLIN 1905 Old Multiview Postcard Tiergarten Zoo, Never See Lake, Gnome

Vintage Old Multiview Postard, Germany German. Gruss aus Berlin. Wasserfall im Tiergarten. Waterfall in the Zoo. Rolandbrunnen Fountain, Tiergarten. Gothe-Denkm. Never See Lake, Gnome, etc. Postally Used in 1905 with Great Britain King Edward 7th 1/2d stamp, tied Cheltenham, addressed to Polperro, redirected to Plymouth. GB KE7 1/2d

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Item 220954    New
Germany Gruss aus Baden-Baden 1902 Old Postcard Ruine Yburg, Schlossterrasse etc

Vintage Undivided Back Old Multiview Artist Drawn Postcard. Germany German. Gruss aus Baden Baden. Ruine Yburg, Baden-Baden v.d. Schlossterrasse, Conversationshaus, Altes Schloss. Flower. Castle. Postally Used in 1902 with 5pf x 2 stamps. Published by G. Grether Conditor Badenweiler

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Item 220686    New
Pakistan India Old UB Postcard Lahore Tum Tum and Ekka Horses Horse Carts Driver

Vintage Old Multiview Undivided Back Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Ethnic Life. Lahore - Tum Tum and Ekka, Horses Horse Drawn Carts and Native Drivers. Lahore is the capital of the Punjab and is the 2nd largest city in Pakistan after Karachi. It is also often called the Gardens of the Mughals or the City of Gardens. It is located near the Ravi River and Wagah, close to the Pakistan-India border. It was under British rule during 1849-1947.

Item 220683    New
Japan Old Postcard Kousou Hachimangu Moji Shrine Temple - Whole View 門司 甲宗八幡宮 全景

Vintage Japanese Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Japan. The Kousou Hachimangu Moji Shrine Temple. Whole View. General View. 門司 甲宗八幡宮全景. Published by 要塞認可

Item 220578    
India Old Postcard Crawford Market Victoria Terminus High Court Yacht Club N.485

Vintage Multiview British Indian Old Picture Postcard. Crawford Market, Municipal Office, Victoria Terminus G. I. P. R., High Court Law Courts, View of Bombay from Malabar Hill, Apollo Bunder, Yacht Club, Jackeria Musjid, Pydownie, etc.

Item 220530    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Bank & Prince's Building Peak Tramway Station Chater Road

Vintage Multiview Colour Old Picture Post Card. Ethnic Life. Hong Kong Hongkong China. H.K. Bank & Prince's Building, Peak Tramway Station, Rickshaw & Coolies, Chater Road and Queen's Statue. Street Scene. Railway, Railroads. Sedan Chairs. Published by M. Sternberg Hongkong

Item 220424    
Gabon Libreville 1907 Old Postcard Pahouins Agence generale des Chargeurs Reunis

Vintage Multiview Undivided Back Old Postcard. 1907, Africa, Gabon - Libreville, Ethnic Life. Palm Trees. Pahouins. Native Black Man and Woman. Spear. Agence generale des Chargeurs Reunis. Boats. Pier, Jetty. General Agency of Chargeurs Réunis. Postally Used in 1907 with Gabon 5c stamp, tied Libreville Gabon. Addressed to Paris XVII. The Fang people, also known as Fãn or Pahouin, are a Central African ethnic group found in Equatorial Guinea, northern Gabon, and southern Cameroon. Libreville is the capital and largest city of Gabon, in west central Africa. The city is a port on the Komo River, near the Gulf of Guinea, and a trade center for a timber region.
Published by C. Woermann Hamburg

Item 220321    
Australia 1913 Old Postcard Flemington Racecourse Race Course & Botanic Gardens

Vintage Australian Colour Multiview Embossed Old Postcard. Commonwealth of Australia - Flemington Racecourse Race Course, Crowd, Botanic Gardens Botanical Garden. Greetings from Melbourne. Victoria. 1913. Flemington is an inner suburb of Melbourne, Australia, 4 km north-west of Melbourne's central business district.
Published by HB

Item 220260    
South Africa Museum Houses of Parliament Table Mountain Breakwater Old Postcard

Vintage Multiview Old Postcard. Greetings from South Africa Museum, The Avenue and Houses of Parliament, Cape Town, Capetown, Table Mountain from the Breakwater. Coat of Arms.

Item 219868    
Hong Kong Old Postcard Kowloon Godowns Victoria Jail Police Station Praya E Peak

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China. Kowloon Godowns, Harbour, Quay, Boats. Praya East Building on the Peak. Police Station. Victoria Jail. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 219681    
St. Helena Old UB Postcard General Cronje and Staff, Boer War Boer Camp Deadwood

Vintage Undivided Back Multiview Old Post Card. Saint Helena St. Helena. General Cronjé Cronje and Staff. Boer War Boer Camp, Deadwood. Pieter Arnoldus "Piet" Cronjé was a South African Boer general during the Anglo-Boer Wars of 1880–1881 and 1899–1902. Saint Helena - The Island In The South Atlantic Ocean.

Item 219672    
St. Helena 1904 Old Postcard Condensing Works Ruperts' Valley Boer War Boer Camp

Vintage Undivided Back Multiview Old Post Card. Saint Helena St. Helena. Condensing Works at Ruperts' Valley. St. James' Church and Main Street Scene. Church Tower. Boer War Boer Camp (Broadbottom) Tents. 26/1/04. 1904. Saint Helena - The Island In The South Atlantic Ocean.

Item 219657    
Sudan 1922 Old UB Postcard Landing Place at Wady Halfa, Wadi Halfa, Boat Coolies

Vintage Old Undivided Back Multiview Postcard. Africa, Sudan. Souvenir of Wady Halfa. Landing Place at Wady Halfa, Boat, Wadi Halfa. 9 III 22. 1922. Wādī Ḥalfā is a city in the Northern state of Sudan on the shores of "Lake Nubia" near the border with Egypt.
Published by Johs Rominger Stuttgart Khartoum-Omdurman

Item 218752    
Japan Old UB Hand Tinted Postcard Geisha Girl Woman Lady Ginza Upper House 銀座上方屋

Vintage Japanese Undivided Back Hand Tinted Colour Multiview Old Postcard. Japan. Ethnic Life. Geisha Girl Woman Lady Ginza Upper House. Kimono Traditional Costumes. Man with Fan. 銀座上方屋.

Item 218527    
Japan Old Postcard Mausoleum Iyemitsu Temple Main Shrine Nikko Yashamon Gate 三代廟

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview Postcard. Japan. Mausoleum of Iyemitsu Temple Shrine. Sandaiko Yajinmon Gate. Niohmon. Nikko. 日光 三代廟 夜叉門 本殿.

Item 218266    
Canada 2c 1905 Old Postcard Post Office Merchants Bank Winnipeg Man Coat of Arms

Vintage Canadian Multiview Old Postcard. 1905. Private Post Card. Canada. Post Office and Merchants Bank, Winnipeg, Man. Buildings. Embossed Coat of Arms. Postally Used in 1905 with King Edward 7th 2c stamp. Published by Canadian Souvenir Cards. W.G. MacFarlane Toronto

Item 218265    
Canada KE7 2c 1904 Old Postcard Vancouver B.C Street Scene Embossed Coat of Arms

Vintage Canadian Multiview Old Postcard. 1904. Private Post Card. Canada. Vancouver B.C. Street Scene, Panorama. Postally Used in 1904 with King Edward 7th 2c stamp. Published by W.G. MacFarlane, Toronto

Item 218264    
Canada 1905 Old UB Postcard RKYC Club House, Yachting St. John N.B. Coat of Arms

Vintage Canadian Undivided Back Multiview Old Postcard. 1905. Private Mailing Card. Canada, R.K.Y.C. Club House, Yachting St. John. New Brunswick N.B. Embossed Coat of Arms. Yachts. Sailing Boats. Postally Used in 1905.

Item 218263    
Canada KE7 2c 1904 Old UB Postcard St John River Boat N.B. Embossed Coat of Arms

Vintage Canadian Undivided Back Multiview Old Postcard. Private Post Card. Canada, Glimpses of The St. John River, Boats, Ships. New Brunswick N.B. Embossed Coat of Arms. Postally Used in 1904 with King Edward 7th 2c stamp, St. John West N.B. to London.

Item 218262    
Canada QV 2c 1902 Old UB Postcard St. John River Boat New Brunswick Coat of Arms

Vintage Canadian Undivided Back Multiview Old Postcard. Private Mailing Card. Canada, Glimpses of The St. John River, Boats, Ships. New Brunswick N.B. Embossed Coat of Arms. Postally Used in 1902 with Queen Victoria 2c stamp. Via New York to Worthing.

Item 218090    
Malta Old Postcard Maltese Lady Faldetta Milk Seller Lace-Worker S.J. Cathedral

Vintage Maltese Colour Multiview Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Picture Postcard. Greetings from Malta. Maltese Lady Woman wearing Faldetta Costumes, Milk Seller Milkman, Lace-Worker Lacemaking Lace Maker. St. John's Cathedral Church. Flowers. Sent from Bristol to Cambridge. KG5 1d

Item 217848    
Hong Kong Old Multiview Postcard Chinese Labouring Woman Children Farmers Coolie

Vintage Multiview Old Picture Postcard, Hong Kong Hongkong China. H.K. HK. Chinese Labouring Woman, Coolie Carrying Baskets with Shoulder Pole. Native Farmers & Children, Boys. Agriculture. Ethnic Life. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 217775    
Hong Kong Old Postcard V.S.S. Monterey American Fleet Torpedo Boats Happy Valley

Vintage Colour Multiview Old Picture post card. Hong Kong China, American Fleet before entering the Harbour of H.K. Torpedo Boats before entering the Harbour of HK, Public Gardens, V.S.S. Moneterey, Warship, Battleship. Happy Valley, Panorama View & Queen's Road Central. Street Scene, Peak, Mountains. Military Vessel. Published by M. Sternberg

Item 217750    
Tibet China Court Size 1903 Old UB Postcard Giabaree Reverse, Lama, Bhutia Woman

Vintage Old Multiview Undivided Back Postcard. Court Size. 8.9cm x 12.2cm. Tibet China India. Chinese. Ethnic Life. Greetings from Darjeeling Himalaya. Giabaree Reverse. Mountains. Bhutia Woman Lady, Traditional Costumes. Lama with Prayer Wheel and Beads. 1903. Sent from Darjeeling to Madras. Published by Th. Paar Photogr. Darjeeling

Item 217626    
Harrogate War Memorial, Prospect Place, Valley Gardens, Royal Baths Old Postcard

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. Yorkshire, Harrogate, War Memorial, Prospect Place, Valley Gardens, Royal Baths. Street Scene, Panorama. Frith's Series. Harrogate is a town in North Yorkshire, England, with a population of 70,000.
Published by Horner, Royal Parade, Harrogate

Item 216610    
Weymouth 1953 Old Postcard Lighthouse Portland Bill, Donkeys Beach, Combe Valley

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard, Kindest Remembrances. Dorset, with Love from Weymouth, The Lighthouse, Portland Bill. Women Girls Boy Riding Donkeys. Donkey Ride, Beach Seaside, Combe Valley, Clock Tower and Promenade. 1953. Postally used with slogan on back : Blood Donors are Still Urgently Needed.

Item 216285    
Netherlands 1937 Old Multiview Postcard Groeten un Bloemendaal, Steps, Deer Stag

Vintage Old Multiview Postcard. 3/9/37. 1937. Holland Netherlands Dutch. Greetings from Bloemendaal. Steps. Deer. Stag. Animals. Bezoekt Het Kopje te Bloemendaal, gelegen in schitterende omgeving, zoals ommestaande beeldjes U aantonen. Wethouder JC Laan 1932. Bloemendaal is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Bloemendaal is, together with Wassenaar, the wealthiest place in the Netherlands.
Published by Uitg. G. Hoffschlag, Hooge Duin en Daalscheweg 6, Bloemendaal

Item 215528    
Singapore Old UB Multiview Postcard Native Fruit Seller Native Stall Women Girls

Vintage Old Undivided Back Colour Multiview Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Singapore. Ethnic Life. Native Fruit Seller, Native Stall, Seller Vendor Merchant, Fruits, Bananas, Pineapples. Women and Girls. Children. Costumes. Published by C.A. Ribeiro & Co. Stationer, Printers & Stampdealers, Singapore

Item 215320    
USA Old Real Photo Postcard US Navy Target Butts and Ranges Soldiers Shooting NY

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Multiview Postcard. USA. US Navy, Target Butts and Ranges, Military, Soldiers, Shooting. Published by M. Moser N.Y.

Item 215292    
Japan Old Postcard Ayu Fishing Boat Gifu Cormorant Bird Tamaiya Hotel Imakomachi

Vintage Japanese Old Multiview post card. Japan. Ayu Fishing with Birds Cormorants on The Nagara River, Gifu, a sport which has been practised for more than a thousand years. The crew of each boat handle a flock of 16 birds. Fisherman, Fishing Boat Canoe. Fishery. Ethnic Life. Tamaiya Hotel, Imakomachi, Gifu. 岐阜 長良川 鵜 鵜飼 岐阜市今小町 玉井屋旅館 電話長六十五番.