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Item 186958    
Ceylon Old Postcard Colombo by Moonlight Moon Boating Boat Night Lake Palm Trees

Vintage Old Picture Post card, Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon. General View Panorama. Colombo by Moonlight. Full Moon, Boating Boat, Night, Lake, Palm Trees. Panorama. Published by Plate & Co.

Item 183938    
Ceylon Old Postcard Colombo by Moonlight Moon Night Native Canoe Boat Palm Trees

Vintage Old Post card, Sri Lanka Ceylon Ceylan. Ethnic Life. Colombo by Moonlight, Moon Night. Native Canoe Boat. Palm Trees. Panorama. Badulla is a major city situated in the lower central hills of Sri Lanka. It is the capital city of Uva Province and the Badulla District.
Published by Plate & Co.

Item 181760    
Isle of Man Old Tuck's Postcard Bradda Head, Port Erin, Moonlight Moon Rough Sea

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Tuck's View 781 Old Postcard, Isle of Man, Bradda Head, Port Erin. Lighthouse on Cliffs. Night. Moonlight, Moon. Rough Sea. Birds. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons View Series Isle of Man

Item 179517    
Sheep in Moonlight Full Moon Night, Rural Life Series, Artist Drawn Old Postcard

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. Animals. Sheep in The Moonlight. Full Moon Night, Rural Life Series. Published by S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd Rural Life Series

Item 178777    
South Africa Pretoria 1909 Old Postcard The Weir nr Dasspoort Daspoort Moonlight

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. South Africa, Pretoria, The Weir near Dasspoort Daspoort, Moonlight Moon Night. Hill. Postally Used in 1909 with Transvaal King Edward 7th 1d stamp, tied Pretoria. Sent from Pretoria to Bradford. KEVII 1d
Published by Hallis & Co. Port Elizabeth

Item 177777    
Ceylon Old Postcard Colombo by Moonlight Moon Night Palm Trees Panorama Lake 350

Vintage Old Picture Post card, Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon, Colombo by Moonlight Moon. Night. Palm Trees. Panorama. Published by Plate & Co.

Item 177044    
Oxford, Christ Church Night Street Scene, Elmer Keene Artist Signed Old Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Art Drawn Postcard. Oxfordshire, Christ church, Oxford. Street Scene. Elmer Keene Artist Signed. By Night, Moonlight. Full Moon. Horse Cart. Published by Chic Series Charles Worcester & Co. Bristol

Item 177021    
Bournemouth Invalid's Walk by Night Moonlight Full Moon Dorset Old Postcard D.F.

Vintage Old Postcard. Dorset, Bournemouth, The Invalids' Walk by Night, Moonlight, Full moon. Trees. Published by The D.F. & Co. Series Delittie Fenwick & Co. York

Item 177020    
Portsmouth St. Mary's Church Cathedral by Night Moonlight Old Postcard Hampshire

Vintage Old Postcard. Hampshire, St. Mary's Church, Cathedral, Portsmouth, by Night. Moonlight. Published by D.F. & Co. Series Delittle Fenwick & Co. York

Item 177008    
Isle of Wight The Needles Rocks Lighthouse, Moonlight Night Moon Old RP Postcard

Vintage Old Handcoloured Colour Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Isle of Wight, The Needles Rocks and Lighthouse, Rock. I.O.W. Panorama. Cliffs. I.W. By Night. Full Moon. Moonlight. Clouds. Published by Nigh Ventnor I.W.

Item 175712    
Northern Ireland CARRICK-A-REDE Rope Bridge Moonlight by Night 1904 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Irish Colour Picture Postcard. Northern Ireland, A Man on Carrick-a-Rede, The Rope Bridge. Carrick a Rede. Cliffs. Rocks. Near Giant's Causeway. County Co. Antrim. Panorama. By Night, Full Moon. Moonlight. Sent from Belfast to Londonderry. KEVII 1/2d
Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge is a rope suspension bridge near, Ballintoy, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Published by Valentine's Moonlight Series

Item 175672    
Northern Ireland 1903 Old Tuck's Postcard Portrush Harbour Moonlight Effect Boat

Vintage Irish Old Undivided Back Tuck's View Picture Postcard, Northern Ireland, County Co. Antrim. Portrush Harbour, Moonlight Effect, Boats, Night Scene. Pier, Jetty. Panorama. Sent from Worthing to Worthing. KEVII 1/2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons View Series 951 Moonlight Effects

Item 175669    
Northern Ireland Belfast On Lagan River Bridge Night Moon Co Antrim Old Postcard

Vintage Irish Old Picture Postcard. Northern Ireland, On The Lagan River Scene. Bridge, by Night, Moonlight, Moon, Belfast. County Co. Antrim. Panorama. Belfast is the largest city in, and capital of Northern Ireland.
Published by WR&S Reliable Series

Item 175667    
Ireland Kerry Killarney Old Postcard Meeting of The Waters, Night Full Moon Boat

Vintage Old Irish Picture Postcard, Ireland County Co. Kerry, Boat. Boating, Moonlight Moon, Meeting of the Waters, Killarney, By Night. Reed. Killarney is a town in Co. Kerry, south-western Ireland.
Published by Irish Picturial Post Card Co. Eagle Works South Mall Cork, Emerald Series

Item 173212    
China Old Color Postcard Chinese River Junk Sailing Boat By Night Moon Moonlight

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard, China. Ethnic Life. Shipping. Chinese River Junk. Native Sailing Boat by Night. River Scene. Moon. Moonlight. Published by Chrom Edit Kingshill Shanghai

Item 171929    
Hong Kong HK HARBOUR BY NIGHT Old Real Photo Postcard Moonlight Moon Illum China

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Picture Postcard. China. Hong Kong Hongkong H.K. Harbour by Night. Moonlight, Moon. Harbour. Illuminations. Panorama.

Item 171587    
South Africa Old Postcard Cape Town & Table Bay by Moonlight, Illumination Night

Vintage South Africa Old Picture Postcard, Capetown Cape Town and Table Bay by Moonlight, Illumination Night. Panorama. Published by The Newman Art Publishing Co. Cape Town C.T. Ltd

Item 169450    
India Old Postcard MOON Moonlight on Lake Nainital Naini-Tal Naini Tal, by Night

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Picture Postcard, India, Nainital Naini Tal. Naini-Tal. Moon, Moonlight on Lake, By Night. Nainital is a district of the state of Uttaranchal, India.

Item 166155    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL 1931 Old Postcard Hikers HIKING in MOONLIGHT Moon Night 1987

Vintage Old Valentine's Colour Art Drawn Picture Post card, 1931. Artist Signed, Comic Humour. Genuine Mabel Lucie Attwell Postcards Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Little Boy and Girl go Hiking in the Moonlight. That's where I'd like to be, Hiking in the starlight - with you along o' me. Moon. Hikers. No. 1987. Sent from Leeds to Whitley Bay. KGV 1d
Published by Valentine & Son Ltd. ATTWELL Post Cards

Item 165070    
Isle of Man Old Postcard Douglas Bay by Night Moon Moonlight Pier Jetty Harbour

Vintage Old Postcard. Isle of Man, Douglas Bay by Night, Moon Moonlight Pier Jetty Harbour. Published by Valentine's Real Photograph

Item 164643    
Japan Official Military Old Art Drawn Postcard Soldiers on Boats Night Moonlight

Vintage Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Japan. Japanese, Official Military Post Card. Soldiers on Boats. Night Moon Moonlight. 軍事郵便.

Item 164069    
Palestine F. Perlberg Old Postcard Garden of Gethsemane in JERUSALEM Night Moon

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard, Middle East, Holy Land. Moonlight. Moon. Garten Gethsemane. Garden of Gethsemane. Jardin de Gethsemani. Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem. Jardin, Garten. Prayers. Night Scene. Moon. Moonlight. Artist Signed by F. Perlberg. Published by CA & Co.

Item 162183    
China Russo-Japanese War Old Postcard Naval Battle in Korean Street Sea Warships

Vintage Old Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. U.B. China Russia Japan Russo-Japanese War. Military. Bombing Battle Scene on the Sea. Fire. Moonlight. Moon. Night. Battleship Warship Military Vessels. Russisch-Japanischer Krieg. Seeschlacht in der Koreastrasse. Naval battle in the Korean street. Published by B.K.W.I.

Item 161094    
New Zealand Old Colour Postcard Lake Rotorua by Night Moonlight Moon Panorama NZ

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. New Zealand. Lake Rotorua by Night, Moonlight Moon, Panorama. N.Z. Palm Tree. Maoriland. Rotorua is a town on the southern shore of Lake Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand. It has a population of 53,000, of which one third is Māori. It is 60 km south of Tauranga, 105 km south-east of Hamilton and 82 km north-east of Taupo.
Published by Tanner Bros Ltd

Item 161037    
South Africa Cape Town 1904 Old Tuck Postcard Standard Bank, General Post Office

Vintage Old Tuck's Undivided Back Postcard. South Africa, Cape Town, Capetown. Standard Bank and G.P.O. GPO General Post Office. Tram, Tramway. Moon Moonlight, Night. Postally Used in 1904 with Cape of Good Hope King Edward 7th 1d stamp. Sent from Simonstown to Hants. KEVII 1d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Capetown

Item 155657    
Northern Ireland 1910 Old Postcard Amphitheatre Giant's Causeway Elmer Keene ART

Vintage Irish Real Photo Photograph Photographic Art Drawn Picture Post Card. Northern Ireland, County Co. Antrim. The Amphitheatre, Giant's Causeway. Rocks, Cliffs, Rough Sea. By Night, Moonlight, Moon. Artist Signed by Elmer Keene. 1910. Sent from Whitehead Co. Antrim to Ireland Bushmills. KGV 1/2d
The Giant's Causeway has been dubbed by many as the 8th Wonder of the World. Situated on the Northern coast, in County Antrim, Northern Ireland, made up of 40,000 polygonal columns of basalt, forming stepping stones, some of which are up to forty feet in height. They are packed tightly together and the vast majority of them are hexagonal in shape.
Published by Chic Series Charles Worcester & Co. Bristol

Item 152329    
USA Timpkin Building by Night 6th & S. Streets San Diego California Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. USA, Timpkin Building by Night, 6th Street & South Street S. Streets San Diego California. Moon. Moonlight. Street Scene. Panama - California Exposition San Diego. 1915. Published by Eno & Matteson San Diego Cal. 4022

Item 151715    
USA Electric Fountain City Plaza San Diego California Moon at Night Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Postcard. USA, Electric Fountain, City Plaza, San Diego, California. Moon at Night. Moonlight. Published by Edward H. Mitchell San Francisco

Item 151476    
Ceylon Old Postcard Colombo by Moonlight Moon Lake or River Panorama Plate &Co 3

Vintage Picture Post card, Ceylan Sri Lanka Ceylon. Colombo by Moonlight Moon, Night, Lake or River Scene. Panorama. Published by Plate & Co.

Item 150938    
P. & O. S.S. MOLDAVIA Mail Passenger Steamer Steam Ship Old Postcard India China

Vintage Artist Signed by J.S. Art Drawn Colour SHIPPING Postcard. P. & O. S.S. Moldavia. 16,000 Tons, 13,250 H.P. Mail Steamer. Steam Ship, Boats. Moon. Night. Moonlight. India China Australia Mail and Passenger Services. Ships, Boats. Published by Burlington Hotel Eastbourne