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Item 33402    
Italy Old Postcard ROME Monumento a Garibaldi / Statue

Early B/W Postcard. Roma - Monumento a Garibaldi. Horse Rider Statue. Monument. Published by STA

Item 33327    
ALLOWAY 1950 Old Postcard Burn's Monument Banks O'Doon

Ayrshire Scotland Early B/W Real Photo Postcard. Burn's Monument and Banks O'Doon, Alloway, Ayr. Sent from Ayr to Staffs England. KG6 2d
Alloway (Scottish Gaelic: Allmhaigh) is a village and suburb of Ayr on the Doon, in Scotland. It is best known as the birthplace of Robert Burns, and is also where he set Tam o'Shanter. The ruined Alloway church features in the poem--as the scene of the witches' dance--as does the local Brig o'Doon. There is a memorial to Burns in the village, and several museums.
Published by Valentine SILVERESQUE

Item 30970    
Germany Old Postcard - RUEDESHEIM - Niederwald Memorial

Early German Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Niederwald-Denkmal.

Item 24939    
Luxembourg Old Art Drawn PPC - Monument Princess Amelie

Early Coloured Artist Signed Picture Postcard. Monument de la Princesse Amelie. Statue de la Princesse Amelie de Saxe-Weimar, epouse du prince Henri des Pays-Bas, lieutenant du roi, grand-duc pour le Grand-Duche de Luxembourg (1830-1872). Published by P. Worre Mertens

Item 24523    
Japan Old B/W Postcard Japanese Park Monument - Benches

Early Black and White Japanese Picture Postcard, Park. 嗚戶公園御座所.

Item 23233    
Italy Old UB Postcard MILAN Monumento Vittorio Emanuele

Undivided Back Early B/W Postcard. Milano - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Horse Rider. Statue.

Item 22909    
Switzerland Old Sepia Postcard Geneve Monument Brunswig

Early Swiss B/W Postcard. Geneve - Monument Brunswig. Published by B. G. B. edit. Geneve

Item 22419    
Italy Old Postcard TURIN Torilievo Prince Amedeo Horses

Undivided Back Early B/W Postcard. Torino - Al Torilievo del Monumento al Principe Amedeo di Savoia. Monument. Published by Societa Editrice Cartoline - Torino

Item 22119    
JAPAN Old Postcard A Girl & Stone Pagoda Monument, KOBE

Early Black and White Japanese Picture Postcard, A little girl. The Stone Pagoda, a monument erected for Taira-No-Kiyomori Kobe. Published by 神戶元町榮屋印行

Item 22034    
Scotland Old PPC STIRLING Wallace Monument Abbey Craig

Early Stirlingshire Coloured Multiview Postcard. Stirling, Old Bridge, Wallace Monument, Abbey Craig. Stirling is a city in central Scotland, in the district of Stirling.
Published by E.T.W. Dennis & Sons Ltd. London & Scarboro.

Item 19815    
Switzerland Old RP Multiview Postcard BASEL Harbour etc

Early Real Photo Multiview Postcard. Basel, Kleinhueninger-Rheinhafen, Die 3 Rheinbruecken, Kunstmuseum Brunnen, Muenster, St. Jakob-Denkmal. Bridges. Statue, Fountains. Ships Boats. Published by Wehrli

Item 19440    
Italy Old Postcard GENOVA A Cristoforo Colombo Monument

Genova - Monum. a C. Colombo. Cristoforo Colombo Statue. La Patria. Genoa is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of Liguria. It has a population of ca. 700,000.
Published by F. Cali - Genova. / Esare Capello Milano

Item 19434    
Italy Old Colour Postcard GENOVA Monumento dei Mille

Old Colour Postcard. GENOA - Il Monumento dei Mille, Statue, Mountains, Coast. Genoa is a city and a seaport in northern Italy, the capital of Liguria. It has a population of ca. 700,000.
Published by L. B. G.

Item 16478    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Monument Garibaldi & Castello

Milano - Monumento a Garibaldi ed Il Castello. Horse Rider Statue.

Item 12724    
France Old LL PPC St-Etienne Monument Combatlants 1871

Old French Picture Post card, Saint - Etienne, Monument des Combattants de 1870-1871. L.L. Published by Louis Levy

Item 12713    
France Old PPC - Monument Freres Joseph Xavier CHAMBERY

Early French PPC. Savoie Tourisme. Monument des Freres Joseph et Xavier de Maistre et entree du Chateau. Castle. Published by L. Blanc, Phot. Edit Montmelian

Item 12428    
France Old Postcard TOULON - Monument de la Federation

Early French PPC, Children, Women. Pushchair. Place de la Liberte. Fountain, Statue.

Item 11256    
Germany 1953 RP Postcard NUREMBERG Hans Sachs Memorial

Nuernberg - Hans-Sachs Denkmal. Exhibition 20 June - 11 October Deutsche Verkehrs Austellung Munchen 1953 Commemorative cachet postmark. Sent from Nurnberg to England, London. 20pf Posthorn
Published by Ansichtskartenfabrik Schoening & Co., Luebeck.

Item 11016    
Italy Old Postcard ROM Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Roma - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Rome. Published by Fototipia Alterocca - Terni.

Item 10046    
France B/W Old Postcard AMIENS Monument de Rene Goblet

Amiens - Monument de Rene Goblet. Amiens is city in the north of France, 120km north of Paris. It is the préfecture (capital city) of the Somme département. Population: 120,000.

Item 10044    
France Old PC SAINT-QUENTIN L'Esplanade Monument Vaison

Early French Picture Postcard, St Quentin - L'Esplanade et le Monument Vaison. Saint-Quentin is a commune of northern France. Population (1999): 61,092.
Published by Alsacienne des Arts Photomecaniques - Strasbourg.

Item 6531    
Germany Old PPC NIEDERWALD MEMORIAL Rudesheim am Rhein

Picture Postcard, National-Denkmal auf dem Niederwald (Rudesheim am Rhein). Monument, Statue.

Item 6411    
Italy Old Postcard ROME Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele

Roma - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele. Flags. Architect. Statues. No.89 Rip. interdetta. Published by Enrico Verdesi - Corso d'Italia 34 Telef 82-035 Roma Fotocelere Torino EVR

Item 5978    
Germany Old Postcard KOBLENZ Deutsches Eck SHIP & HORSE

Koblenz - Deutsches Eck (Kaiser Wilhelm Denkmal). Tear at bottom. Steam Boat. Statue, Monument, River. Sent to Cologne, Germany.

Item 3421    
France Postcard CHURCH in ORGON L'Eglise et le Monument

des Morts pour la France. Old PPC. Steps, stairs.