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Item 81431    
BREST Old Postcard Vue pris des Glacis Place des Portes

France Vintage Picture Postcard, BREST - Vue pris des Glacis Place des Portes. Street Scene. Tramlines. Angel Statue. Monument, Memorial. Garden. L.L. No. 127. Published by LL

Item 80413    
India Old Postcard The Memorial General Nicholson Delhi, British Indian

Vintage British Indian Picture Postcard, Monument, Statue, The Memorial General Nicholson, Delhi. Published by H. A. Mirza & Sons, Delhi

Item 80332    
Forbury Gardens Lion Monument Old Tuck's Postcard Berks

Berkshire Vintage Old Tuck's OILETTE Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard, Forbury Gardens & Lion Monument, Bandstand. Flowers. Reading. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette

Item 79307    
London Old Postcard QUEEN VICTORIA MEMORIAL Angel Steps

Vintage Picture Postcard. Queen Victoria Memorial, Monument. London. Statue. Angels. Published by The Classical Series

Item 79128    
Japan 1939 Old Postcard - ZUSHI Kanagawa Stone Monument

Japanese Vintage Picture Postcard. Famous Places of Zushi. Tombstone, Stone, Memorial, Monument. 德富健次郎之碑 不如歸 逗子町.

Item 78488    
Chile Old RP Postcard Magellanes Monument, Punta Arenas

Vintage B/W Real Photo Picture Post Card, Magellanes Monument, Punta Arenas. Soldiers. Memorial, Monument, Statue.

Item 78487    
Argentina Old Postcard Buenos Aires, Balneario Municpal

Vintage B/W Real Photo Postcard. Buenos Aires, Balneario Municpal. Statue. Monument. Trees.

Item 78234    
Bruxelles Old B/W Postcard Law Courts Palace of Justice

Belgium Vintage B/W Postcard. Brussels - Palace of Justice. Palais de Justice. Street Scene. Law Courts - The most gigantous monument of the whole world. It covers 24600 square meters and has cost 52 millions francs. Commenced in 1866 it was achieved and inaugurated in 1883. Height of the Dome 122 meters. The interieur of this magnificent edifice is as remarquable as the exterieur. It is the master-piece of a genius artist Joseph Poelaert. Published by Albert

Item 78190    
Cologne Germany Old Postcard Denkmal Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Germany Vintage Postcard. Koln Cologne - Denkmal Kaiser Wilhelm I. Horse Rider Statue. Memorial, Monument. Published by KTF

Item 77833    
Germany Old Postcard HAMBURG Bismarck-Denkmal Memorial

Early German Postcard. Hamburg - Bismarckdenkmal. Statue of Bismarck. Memorial. Monument. Published by Wilh. Flohe

Item 76996    
Russendenkmal Schoellenen Old Postcard Russian Memorial

Switzerland Old Real Photo Swiss Picture Postcard, Russendenkmal Schoellenen. Russian Memorial. Russia Monument. Published by Wehrli

Item 76863    
Africa Old Postcard Street Tram Garden Park & Palm Tree

North Africa Tunisia Algeria Morocco Vintage Picture Postcard, Street Scene, Park, Gardens, Statues, Monuments, Palm Tree, Tramway & Trams. Published by R. & C.

Item 75841    
Portsmouth - TOWN HALL from VICTORIA PARK Old Postcard

Hampshire Vintage Sepia Picture Post card, Portsmouth Town Hall form Victoria Park, Clock Tower. Monument, Memorial. KGV 1/2d
Published by Valentine's Series

Item 75538    
Japan Old Postcard THE OKA PARK KIRYU Lion Statue Gunma

Vintage B/W Japanese Picture Postcard. THE OKA PARK KIRYU Lion Statue Gunma. Lion Statue, Memorial, Monument. 桐生 岡公園. Published by 東京圖案印刷株式會社

Item 73411    
Devon Old B/W Postcard Plymouth Sound LIGHTHOUSE Statue

Vintage Picture Postcard, Plymouth Sound, Lighthouse. Statue, Monument, Memorial, Bandstand, Pnorama. Boats. Lighthouse. (Let us all strive without failing in faith or in duty - The Prime Minister). Plymouth is a city in the Westcountry of England, situated at the mouths of the rivers Plym and Tamar in the traditional county of Devon.
Published by Valentine PHOTO BROWN

Item 73256    
Defender of Right 1937 Postcard Memorial to Andre Thome

France Vintage Old Postcard. 20 Mai 1937. Le Circuit des Forts. ML Verdun - Le Soldat du Droit, eleve a la memoire du Depute Andre Thome le 10 mars 1916. Denkmal des Deputierten Andre Thome Den 10 Marz 1916. The defender of Right, a memorial erected to the memory of Andre Thome : depute Member of the French Parliament. CEuvre du sculpteur Descatoire. Sculptor.

Item 73240    
France VERDUN 1937 Old Postcard Memorial to Andre Maginot Monument Souville

France Vintage Old Postcard. 20 Mai 1937. Le Circuit des Forts. ML Verdun - Le Monument d'Andre MAGINOT sur les pentes de SOUVILLE. Denkmal Andre Maginot nebenseitz der Feshing von Souville. CEuvre de MM. Gaston Broquet. statuaire A. Jasson et N. Chappey, architectes Demenois, entrepreneur, Renaux sculptur Sculpture. The Memorial erected to the memory of Andre Maginot on the slops of Souville. Steps.

Item 73192    

France Early Picture Postcard, Street Scene, Vintage Motor Cars. Monument, Statue. Cyclist. Paris et ses Merveilles. La Rue de Rivoli, Rivoli Street Scene. Published by Editions d'Art A. Leconte GUY

Item 73146    
Egypt Old Postcard PORT SAID - Ferdinand de Lesseps

Vintage Egyptian Colour Postcard. Port-Said - Statue de Ferdinand de Lesseps. Monument. / Suez Canal engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps (1805 - 1894). Lighthouse, Jetty. Port Said is a northeastern Egyptian city near the Suez Canal, with an approx. population of 500,000.
Published by THe Cairo Postcard Trust

Item 71846    
Iceland Old RP Postcard REYKJAVIK Austurstraeti & HOTEL

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Iceland. Street Scene. Panorama. Monument, Memorial. HOTEL HEKLA, Vintage Motor Car. REYKJAVIK Austurstraeti. Published by Mod Einkarjetti Helgi Arnason Rvik Iceland

Item 71579    

Germany German Vintage Picture Postcard. Frankfurt a. M. Street Scene. Statue, Monument. Fountain, Statue. Am Garkuchenplatz. ROSEN ECK. Published by Jacobs Photogravur-Kupferdruck

Item 71577    
FRANKFURT a.M. Old Postcard GOLDHUTGASSE Funffinger Eck

Germany German Vintage Picture Postcard. Frankfurt a. M. Street Corner Scene. Statue, Monument. Children. Goldhutgasse Fuenffinger Eck. Published by Jacobs Photogravur-Kupferdruck

Item 71551    
Firenze Old Postcard Tempio S. Croce Monumento Carlo M.

Italy Vintage Picture Postcard. Firenze Florence, Tempio di S. Croce - Monument, Monumento a Carlo Marsuppini - Desiderio da Settignano (Fot. Brogi). Published by LAM

Item 71245    
Egypt Old Real Photo Postcard Egyptian Horse Rider Statue Gardens Building

Vintage Black and White Real Photo Picture Postcard. Africa, Middle East. Egypt. Monument. Horse Rider Statue. Gardens. Building.

Item 71217    
Egypt Old RP Postcard Bird Wreath Monument WAR MEMORIAL

Vintage Black and White Real Photo Picture Postcard. Africa, Middle East. Egypt. Palm Trees. Flowers, Flower Wreath. Bird. Military. Monument. War Memorial.

Item 70650    
Luxembourg - BETTEMBOURG - Railway Station Old Postcard

Vintage Novelty Embossed Picture Postcard. Luxembourg - Bettembourg - La Gare (perron). Locomotives. Locomotive Steam Train. Railroad. Railway Station. With Embossed Lions & Eagles Birds Coart of Arms, Crown Statue, Monument, Memorial, etc. Monum. Dickx-Leutz, Monum. Prinzess Amalie. Monum. Wilhelm II. L'aigle romaine. Bettembourg, or Bettemburg is a town in southern Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette.
Published by Artist Atelier H. Guggenheim & Co. Zurich Zuerich 19

Item 69505    
Gibraltar Old Color Postcard GENERAL ELIOTT'S MONUMENT Children sitting on Steps

Vintage Colour Postcard. Gibraltar - The Monument of General Eliott. Statue. Children, little boys and girls sitting on Steps. Published by V. B. Cumbo Gibraltar

Item 69494    
Gibraltar Old Postcard - Monument of Duke of Wellington

Vintage B/W Postcard. Gibraltar - The Monument of the Duke of Wellington. Statue. Cannons. Published by V. B. Cumbo

Item 69418    
JUETERBOG Old Postcard Market, Rathaus & Kriegerdenkmal

Germany Vintage Colour Postcard. Juterbog, Jueterbog, Town hall, Market, Rathaus, Kriegerdenkmal, Memorial, Statue, Monument. Jüterbog is in north-eastern Germany, located in the Teltow-Fläming district of Brandenburg.
Published by S & S

Item 68842    
USA Old Postcard Muir Woods National Monument C.W. Finn

Vintage B/W Postcard. Muir Woods National Monument. National Park Service Department of Interior. Entrance to Muir Woods... this famous natural monument, named for the great naturalist John Muir, contains a fine stand of sequoia sempervirens, the mighty redwood of California. Standing at the entrance to this grove in the Redwood Empire, is Custodian Walter Finn. / Redwood Empire Association News Bureau, Photo 85 Post Street San Francisco. 4. Published by J. C. Bardell