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Item 208687    
India Old Colour Postcard Trooping The Colours, Chakrata, Troops Military Parade

Vintage British Indian Colour Old Picture Post card. India, Soldiers, Troops on Chakrata Hill. Military Parade. Trooping the Colours. Chakrata. Chakrata is in Dehradun district, state of Uttarakhand, India. It was originally a cantonment of British Indian Army. The cantonment was established in 1866, and the troops and officers first occupied the cantonment in April 1869. In the west lies Himachal Pradesh, and in the east are Mussoorie and Garhwal.
Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 205335    
Peru 1903 UB Postcard Military Parade Division Colonel Yessup Merced Chanchamayo

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Peru Perú, Ethnic Life . Parada Militar de la Division del Colonel Yessup Merced Chanchamayo, Peru. Military Parade of the Division of Colonel Yessup Merced Chanchamayo, Peru. Soldiers. Drum, Drummer. Church with Cross. Postally Used in 1903 with Peru Franqueo 2c stamps, tied Lima. addressed to Barcelona Spain, via Panama. Sent from Lima to Barcelona Spain. 2c x 2
Published by Eduardo Polack, Lima Peru

Item 200675    
Hong Kong Jul 1919 Peace Celebrations of Army & Navy Cricket Ground Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard. Hong Kong Hongkong China. Peace Celebrations 18th and 19th July 1919. Chinese. The Celebration of Army and Navy, Soldiers Troops Marching. Military Review on Cricket Ground. Parade. Street Scene. Panorama, General View. Published by K.M. & Co. Hongkong

Item 196441    
Malta Old Colour UB Postcard Main Guard Square i Valletta Military London Studio

Vintage Maltese Colour Old Undivided Back Postcard. Malta. Main Guard Square i Valletta, Military Parade, Review, Guards. Horse Rider. London Studio. Published by John Critien Malta 34 Strada Reale

Item 163045    
Pakistan KE7 1a. 1909 Old Postcard Rawalpindi Manoeuvre Military Parade Soldiers

Vintage Old Postcard. Pakistan British India Indian. Soldiers, Uniform. Rawalpindi. Rawal Pindi. Military Parade. Horses, Horse Riders. Postally Used in 1909 with King Edward 7th 1a stamp, addressed to London with Paddington FEB 12 09 arrival postmarks. Sent to London. KEVII 1a
Rāwalpindi is a city near Islamabad, Pakistan. It is the military headquarters and also served as the nation's capital while Islamabad was being constructed in the 1960s. The city is home to many industries and factories. The population of Rawalpindi is approximately 1,400,000
Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Umballa

Item 157614    
Egypt Old Postcard Cairo Citadel, Military Parade Procession Horses Horse Riders

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Le Caire, Citadelle. Cairo, The Citadel. Military Parade Procession, Horses Horse Riders. Published by Gravure-Incavo Brunner & Co. S.A. Zurich Suisse J.H.

Item 155639    
Indo-China Old Postcard Saigon, 14 July 11th Colonial, Salut au Drapeau Soldiers

Vintage French Indo-China Indochina Picture Postcard. Vietnam. Saigon, Le 14 Juillet au 11e Colonial Le Salut au Drapeau. Soldiers, Military Parade. Horse Riders. Barracks. Tower. Published by Edition La Pagode Saigon

Item 132720    
Liberia Monrovia Military Parade Soldiers Guards Liberian Flag Old U.B. Postcard

Vintage Old U.B. Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Liberia Monrovia - Military Parade. Soldiers or Guards with Guns. Liberian Flags. Flag.

Item 132169    
Liberia Monrovia Military Parade Soldiers Court Size Old Undivided Back Postcard

Vintage Old U.B. Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Liberia Monrovia - Military Parade & Pre-1900.

Item 131530    
WW1 Military Parade Horses Riders Soldiers Paris Old RP Postcard ARC DE TRIOMPHE

France Vintage French Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Paris, Arc de Triomphe, Triumphal Arch. Military Parade on Street Scene. Horses. Horse Rider. WW1 First World War.

Item 131405    
Military Parade Soldiers Guns Horses Horse Rider Belfort Old Real Photo Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. France French. Military Parade, Soldiers with Guns, Uniform. Horses. Horse Riders. Published by E. Feugeres 12 Faubourg des Ancetres Belfort

Item 87894    
Troops Francaises Avenue President Wilson 1918 Postcard

France Vintage French Old Postcard. Revue du 4 Juillet 1918. Defile des Troupes Francaises Avenue du President Wilson. Flags. Soldiers. Military Parade Review. Flags. Street scene. Published by Papeghin editeur Tours-Paris A.P. Vise Paris

Item 87863    
Military Parade Defile devant Grand Palais Old Postcard

Vintage Old Post Card. Military Procession Parade. Soldiers with Flags. Horse Riders. Palace. Defile devant le Grand Palais. Published by George Lang Imp. Paris

Item 40480    
Military PARADE SS Old Postcard American Tabac Buvette Soldiers on Street Scene

Vintage Real Photo B/W Postcard. Military Parade. Soldiers. Street Scene. House with American Tabac Buvette Alimentation.

Item 32447    
France 1904 Postcard MILITARY PARADE La Parade Soldiers

Old French B/W Postcard. La Parade. Sent from Mourmelon Le Grand to Paris Seine. 5c
Published by Photographie Galien Mourmelon Le Grand

Item 26479    
MILITARY PARADE Soldiers Old PPC Saint-Cyriens Defilant

France Early Military B/W Postcard. Saint-Cyriens Defilant Devant Le Soldat Inconnu. Flags. . Published by Georges Lang, Imp., Paris