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Postcards > Europe > Italy > Lombardy / Lombardia > Milan

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Item 215962    
Japan to Milano 4s 1907 Old Hand Tinted UB Postcard Yokohama Park, Fountain 橫濱公園

Vintage Japanese Old Colour Hand Tinted Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Japan, Yokohama Park. Fountain. Children. 橫濱公園 噴水 Postally Used in 1907 with 4s stamp. Yokohama to Milan Italy with Milano arrival postmark. 4s
Yokohama (Japanese: 横浜市; -shi) is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan. It is Japan's largest incorporated city and largest seaport, and a commercial hub of the Greater Tokyo Area.

Item 215688    
Italy Old Real Photo Postcard Caratteristico Carro Ticinese, Cattle Cart, Milan

Vintage Italian Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Italy, Milan Milano, Caratteristico Carro Ticinese. Cattle Wagon Cart. Published by Superfot-Extra

Item 212657    
Italy Old Postcard Milan Milano Scala Theatre Interior Ballet Dancers Ballerinas

Vintage Italian Old Undivided Back Postcard. Italy, Milan, Milano, Interno del Teatro alla Scala, Theatre la Scala Interieur, Das Scala Theater Inneres. Scala Theatre Interior. Ballet Dancers Ballerina Dancing. Dance. Published by Stab Arti Grafiche Galileo Milano

Item 199702    
The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci Il Cenacolo Milano S Maria Grazie Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci, Il Cenacolo, Milano S. Maria delle Grazie. In the Gospels, the Last Supper (also called Lord's Supper) was the last meal Jesus shared with his Twelve Apostles before his death.
Published by Medici Society Ld. London

Item 198210    
Italy Old Real Photo Postcard Milan Cathedral Front, 8,000+ Pieces, 5 Years Work

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Front View, Milan Cathedral, Scale 1 in 100. Over 8,000 Pieces, 5 Years Work.

Item 198209    
Italy Old Real Photo Postcard Milan Cathedral, Scale 1 in 100, Over 8,000 Pieces

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Milan Cathedral, Scale 1 in 100. Over 8,000 Pieces, 5 Years Work.

Item 191902    
Italy 1929 Old Postcard Italian MAP Sicile Mediterranee Naples Rom Milan Palermo

Vintage Old Postcard. 1929. Italy. MAP. MAP showing Sicile, Mediterranee, Naples, Rome, Milan, Mer Tyrrhenienne, Mer Ionienne, Palermo, Tunis Tunisie Algerie, Bizerte, etc. Ischia is a volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It lies at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, about 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the city of Naples. It is the largest of the Phlegrean Islands. It is almost entirely mountainous, the highest peak being Mount Epomeo at 788 metres (2,585 feet). Procida is one of the Flegrean Islands off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. The island is between Cape Miseno and the island of Ischia. With its tiny satellite island of Vivara, it is a comune of the Metropolitan City of Naples, in the region of Campania. The population is about ten thousand.
Published by Edit. G. Rinquet Bruxelles

Item 173136    
R.R. Wichera Artist Signed 1909 Old Postcard Glamour Lady, Collie Dog Puppy Lamb

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Old Postcard, Italy. Animals. Flowers. Forest. Beautiful Glamour Lady Glamourous Woman Girl. Collie Dog Puppy. Lamb, Sheep. Postally Used in 1909 with Italian 5c Pair of 2 stamps, tied Milano Partenze. Milan. Sent from Milano Partenze. Milan to Asnières Seine France. Italy 5c x 2
Published by M.M.Vienne M. Munk

Item 150367    
Italy Old Postcard Milan Milano Central Railway Station, TRAM, Stazione Centrale

Vintage Italian Postcard. Italy, Milan, Milano - Stazione Centrale. Central Railway Station. Train Station. Clock Tower. TRAMWAY. Tram TRAMS. Street Scene. Published by Esare Capello Milano

Item 136717    
Italy Milan Milano Castello Sforzesco Castle Old Real Photo Postcard Clock Tower

Vintage Italian Real Photograph Photographic Larger Postcard. Italy, Milan, Milano, Castello Sforzesco. Round Tower & Clock Tower. Bridge. Published by Pace & C. - S.E.F.A. Stampa Edizioni Foto Arte

Item 136119    
Italy Old UB Postcard Milano Piazza del Duomo Mon a Vitt Eman Horse Rider Statue

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Italy, Italian, Milan Milano, Piazza del Duomo. Memorial, Monument, Horse Rider Statue. Mon. a Vitt. Eman. Clock Tower. Published by Fotocromo Milano C. Bassani

Item 121069    
Italy Milan Milano Old Postcard Ottagono Galleria Caffe

Italy Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Milano Milan - Ottagono Galleria. Caffee. Restaurant Cafe. Published by Fotochromo - Milano

Item 120947    
Italy Old U.B. Postcard MILAN Milano, Panorama & Towers

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Milano - Panorama. Street scene, Arch, Gate, Clock Tower. Cathedral, Church. Published by Fotochromo Milano C. Bassani

Item 110119    
Minalo 1906 ART Postcard Duomo Cathedral Altar Maggiors

Italy Vintage Italian Colour Old Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Cathedral. Church Interior. Milan Milano - Interno del Duomo - Altar Maggiors. 5c x 2
Published by Off. Graf. Pilao & Rocco & C. Milano

Item 106675    
Milano Old UB Postcard Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II

Italy Vitage Italian Colour Picture Postcard, Milan. Milano - Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II. Horse Rider Statue. Monument Memorial. Lion. Moonlight. Moon. Night.

Item 87541    
Italy, Milano - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Old Postcard

Italy Vintage Italian Sepia Postcard. Milan Milano - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Gallery Interior.

Item 87538    
Italy Old Postcard Milano Corso Vittorio Emanuele TRAM

Vitage Italian Sepia Picture Postcard, Milano Milan. Corso Vittorio Emanuele Street scene, Church, Pharmacia, Pharmacy Chemists, Tramlines, Tramways, TRAM.

Item 77116    
Milano Old Postcard FOOTBALL STADIUM Amphitheatre Arena

Italy Vintage Postcard. Milano Milan Anfiteatro dell'Arena. Amphitheatre des Arenes. Amphitheatre of the Arena. Amphytheater der Arena. Sport, Sports. Published by Cesare Capello Milano

Item 71520    
Italy Milano - Sposalizio di MARIA VERGINE Old Postcard

Italy Vintage Artist Drawn Postcard. Milano, Sposalizio di Maria Vergine - Raffaello Sanzio. R. Pinacoteca di Brera. N.R.M. Cachet on back R. R. Gallerie Milano. Milan.

Item 68065    
Italy Old Postcard Milan Tempio di S Maria delle Grazie

Vintage Italian B/W Undivided Back Postcard. Milano - Tempio di S. Maria delle Grazie. Temple.

Item 68044    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Milano Arena Bullring Panorama

Vintage Italian B/W Undivided Back Postcard. Milano - Arena. General View. Published by D. Rainier Milano

Item 68038    
Italy MILANO Old UB Postcard Torrione del Castello Sforzesco Castle

Italy Vintage Italian Undivided Back Postcard. Torrione del Castello Sforzesco. Milan. Milano. Round Tower. Published by D. Raineri Milano

Item 63776    
Italy Milano Old Postcard Arch Peace Littoria Tower CAR

Vintage Italian Picture Postcard, Milan. VINTAGE CAR. Arco della Pace e Torre Littorla. Arch de la Paix et Tour Littorla. Arch of Peack and Littoria Tower. (Friedenstor) und der Littoria Turm. Published by Stab. Grafico Cesare Capello Milano

Item 57001    
Altarpiece Old ART Postcard THREE SAINTS Milan - Altar

Old Religious Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Altarpiece (Three Saints). Cima da Conegliano (Milan, Brera Gallery). Angel playing guitar. Published by The Medici Society Ltd

Item 49837    
CARLO CRIVELLI Madonna Crivelli Art Drawn Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. Madonna Della Candeletta. Crivelli. Milan, Brera Gallery. Carlo Crivelli (c. 1435 � c. 1495) was a Venetian Renaissance or Quattrocento painter.
Published by The Medici Society Ltd

Item 44579    
Italy Old Artist Drawn Postcard MILAN Piazzo Camposanto

Vintage Art Drawn Colour Postcard. Milano - Piazzo Camposanto.

Item 44328    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Milano Largo Cairoli Monument

Vintage B/W Postcard. Milano - Largo Cairoli. Statue. Published by G.G.G.M.

Item 35216    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Dome DUOMO Interior / Window

Old B/W Postcard. Milano - Interno del Duomo. Stained Glass Window. Published by Esare Capello Milano

Item 34460    
Italy Old Postcard Milano CHURCH - Chiesa delle Grazie

Early B/W Postcard. Milano - Chiesa delle Grazie. Milan.

Item 33410    
Italy Old Postcard MILAN Milano L' Arena Bullring Sport

Early B/W Postcard. Milano - L'Arena. Published by Esare Capello Milano