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Item 176381    
London Old Colour Postcard Mansion House Bank of England Street Scene Statue Bus

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Mansion House, National Provincial Bank, and Bank of England. Buses. Horse Rider Statue. Horse Carts. London. / The Mansion House is on the left, in centre the National Provincial Bank, and on the right a wing of the Bank of England. Published by E. Gordon Smith Publisher Stroud Green Road

Item 168578    
Hold To The Light London Sweden QV 1d 1901 Old Postcard Mansion House, Cheapside

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. U.B. London, Novelty. HTL. Hold this card to a very Bright Light, You'll see lovely night views of Mansion House and Cheapside, Street scene, Horse Cart, New Moon, Night Scene. Postally Used in 1901 with Queen Victoria 1d stamp, tied Earl's Court S.W. No. 34, Addressed to Sweden Stockholm, with arrival postmarks. Sent from Earl's Court to Sweden Stockholm. Q.V. 1d
Published by WH Berlin

Item 129022    
London MANSION HOUSE Horses Old Postcard Official Residence Lord Mayor of London

Vintage Postcard. The Mansion House, London. Official Residence of The Lord Mayor of London. Mansion House is the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London. It is used for some of the City of London's official functions, including an annual dinner, hosted by the Lord Mayor, at which the Chancellor of the Exchequer customarily gives a speech – his "Mansion House Speech" – about the state of the British economy.

Item 91049    
London Old Colour Postcard - THE MANSION HOUSE Building

Vintage Colour Postcard. The Mansion House, London.

Item 18844    
London Old Coloured Postcard Carriages - MANSION HOUSE

Old Colour Postcard. Mansion House, London.

Item 11033    
London Old Colour Tinted Postcard of THE MANSION HOUSE

The Mansion House (London). Published by Printed at the works in Germany.