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Item 206494    
Biplane EAPC Motorflug Gebr. Wright DDR 20pf 17.12. 1958 Flight Cover Lufthansa

Airmail Flight Cover Envelope, East Germany DDR 20pf stamp. 5 Jahre EAPC Europaeischer AERO Philatelisten Club. 55 Jahre Motorflug Gebr. Wright 17.12.1958. Gedaechtnisflug Stuttgart. Biplane. Berlin 5.12.58. Deutsche Lufthansa. Luftpoststelle. Bis Stuttgart - Echterdingen am 17.12.1958 Befordert.

Item 205147    
Lufthansa Airbus A310 Airplane Aircraft Postcard Length 46,67m, Wing Span 43,90m

Larger Colour Postcard. Lufthansa Airbus A310 Airplane Aircraft. Aviation. Clouds. Length 46,67m. Wing Span 43,90m. Cruising speed 860 km/h. Maximum range 7,520km. Fuel consumption 5,300 l/h.

Item 185250    
Air France Bloch Lufthansa Condor Aircraft On The Tarmac Croydon c.1939 Postcard

Real Photo Postcard. Airplane Warplane Aeroplane Aircraft. On The Tarmac at Croydon c.1939. Air France, Bloch F-AQNP. F-AOHB. Lufthansa - Condor D-AMHC. Airport. Published by Pamlin Prints Croydon

Item 131360    
Germany 1936 Old Postcard CHEMNITZ FLUGHAFEN Airport, Lufthansa, Aviation, Slogn

Germany Vintage German Postcard. Chemnitz Flughafen, Airport Building. Lufthansa. Postally Used. (Kauft Wohlfahrts Briefmarken fur die Winterhilfe! - Buy stamps for welfare assistance the winter!). Sent from Chemnitz to Freiberg. 6pf

Item 75214    
Germany MUNICH France PARIS 1962 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover Tour EIFFEL Tower

TOUR EIFFEL TOWER Illustrated Airmail First Flight Luftpost air mail envelope. Erstflug Germany Muenchen Munich Munchen - Stuttgart - Paris France. LH 156 am 1.4.1962. Lufthansa Viscount 814. Luftpost Drucksache Deutsche Lufthansa AG. 21-23 rue Royal Paris 8 Frankreich. With stamp 1961 Famous Germans 25pf Balthasar Neumann. 25pf
Balthasar Neumann was a German Baroque architect who designed the Vierzehnheiligen and several churches in W�rzburg.

Item 74726    
Frankfurt - Asuncion 1971 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airplane Illustrated Airmail First Flight envelope. Erstflug LH 508 Germany Frankfurt - Asuncion Paraguay. Frankfurt Am Main Flughafen 13.5.71. Erstanflug von Paraguay. Frankfurt am Main - Munchen Munich Muenchen - Asuncion Paraguay. Flugbestatigung. Paraguay 14 Mayo 1971 postmark on back. With stamps 1969 Airplanes 50th Anniversary German Airmail Services. 50 Jahre Deutscher Luftpostverkehr 30pf Boeing 707 Airliner & 1971 New Traffic Regulations 2nd Series 30pf Pedestrian Crossing. 30pf 30pf

Item 74418    
Leipzig Philadelphia 1965 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Building Illustrated First Flight Airmail Envelope, Anschlusspost. LH 420 Germany Frankfurt / M - Boston - Philadelphia USA. Leipzig. East Germany. Philadelphia postmark on back. With 1965 stamp 20pf August Bebel Geboren 1870. 125th Birth Anniversary of August Bebel (founder of Social Democratic Party). 20pf

Item 74410    
Frankfurt aM Mallorca 1965 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airplane flying over Church and Boats Illustrated Airmail Envelope, Aufnahme des Liniendienstes mit Jet Europa Boeing 727, 1. April. 1965, Germany Frankfurt /M. Palma de Mallorca Spain. With Palma de Mallorca postmark on back. LH 362. With stamps 1964 Scientific Anniversary 1st Series 10pf Diagram of Benzene Formula, centenary of publication of Kekule's benzene formula & 20pf Gas Engine (Centenary of Otto-Langen internal-combustion engine). 10pf 20pf

Item 73932    
Rabat - Dakar Senegal 1975 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Lufthansa Erstflug, LH 504, Boeing 707, Vol Inaugural. Airmail Envelope First Flight. Route Frankfurt Germany - Rabat - Dakar - Buenos Aires Argentina - Santiago de Chile, With 1973 stamp King Hassan and Arms Royaume du Maroc 50f. With Dakar YOFF Senegal postmark on back. 50f

Item 46005    
Germany Hannover Wuertt 1973 LUFTHANSA 747 Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope Taufe einer Boeing 747 der Lufthansa auf den Namen Niedersachsen. With stamps 20 pf Tag der Briefmarke 1972 & 25pf Wilhelm Loehe. Sent from Hannover to Lorch Wuertt.

Item 46004    
Germany Barcelona 1973 Lufthansa 176 First Flight Cover

Bull's Head Illustrated Airmail Envelope, Erstflug LH 176, Boeing 727, Koln - Barcelona. v.v. Spain. With stamps Berlin 5pf 1925 Vorvortbahn Train, Railways & 40pf Synode 72 Dom. Sent from Koln to Barcelona with arrival on back.

Item 22491    
Argentina 1978 Mendoza FOOTBALL LUFTHANSA Flight Cover

Air Mail Luftpost airmail envelope first flight XI. Fusballweltmeisterschaft in Argentinien Befordert mit Lufthansa Buenos Aires - Frankfurt Germany, Grusspost aus Mar del Plata, Sports. Francia 1 Italia 2. 2 Junio 1978. World Cup. Sent from Buenos Aires. to Frankfurt Main. 200p Vista del Centro - Mar del Plata

Item 21206    
Switzerland - Germany 1978 LUFTHANSA First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope, Erstflug LH 215, Shorts 330, 1.11.78. With stamp from 1977 Regional Folk Customs 80c Vogel Gryff Basel 80c. Sent from Basel to Frankfurt Am Main.

Item 21175    
Morocco Bogota 1975 LUFTHANSA FIRST FLIGHT Cover Hassan

South America map & Airplane tail Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Envelope. Royaume Du Maroc, Lufthansa Erstflug LH 516, Boeing 707, 2.4.1975. Frankfurt - Casablanca - Caracas - Bogota, with stamps from 1968 King Hassan 40f & 30f. Sent from Casablanca to Eldorado Airport.

Item 21154    
Munchen - Leningrad RUSSIA 1984 Lufthansa First Flight

Illustrated Airmail First Flight Card LH 352 Boeing 737, Germany Munich - Leningrad. 31.3.1984. With stamps from 1984 Art Objects in Berlin Museum 60pf Goddess with pearl turban (Ethnology Museum) & 1975 Industry and Technology 10pf Electric Train. Sent from Munchen to Leningrad UdSSR.

Item 21113    
Germany Morocco Tanger 1981 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Muslim woman with veil Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 382, Boeing 727, Frankfurt - Tanger - Casablanca Marokko. With stamp 80pf Berlin. Sent from Frankfurt to Tanger.

Item 21100    
Frankfurt Main Leipzig 1991 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Fountain Illustrated Airmail Eroffnung des Nachtluftpostdienstes von und nach Leipzig First Night Flight card, Germany LH 8084, A310. 2.4.91. With stamps Plants in Rennsteiggarten (Botanical Garden). Androsace 30pf x 2. Flowers. . Sent from Leipzig to Frankfurt.

Item 20725    
Germany Koln to Basel 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Flags Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card LH 5522, Saab Fairchild SF 340, Germany Koln - Basel Switzerland. 12.11.1990. With stamp 1986 Famous German Women Dorothea Erxleben (first German woman Doctor of Medicine) 60pf. Sent from Koln to Basel Schweiz.

Item 20724    
Dusseldorf Graz 1990 LUFTHANSA LH5450 First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 5450, De Havilland DHC 8, Germany Dusseldorf - Graz Austria 29.10.1990. Stamps of With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Cilly Aussem (tennis player) 20pf & 1987 Tourist Sights 45pf Rastatt Castle. Sent from Duesseldorf to Graz Osterreich.

Item 20723    
Germany Malmo Sweden 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight DANCER

Swedish Dancers in Traditional Custome Dancing illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card LH 5426, Saab Fairchild SF 340, Germany Koln - Malmo Schweden. 11.11.1990. With stamp 125th Anniversary of German Lifeboat Institution 60pf. Sent from Koln / Bonn to Malmo Sturup Sweden.

Item 20720    
Germany London Gatwick 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

British Royal Guard with gun Illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card LH 1628, Boeing 737, Germany Berlin Tegel - London Gatwick UK. 28.10.1990. With stamp 1986 Famous German Women Dorothea Erxleben (first German woman Doctor of Medicine) 60pf. Sent from Berlin to London Gatwick Horrley Surrey.

Item 20717    
Frankfurt Berlin 1990 LUFTHANSA B747 First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 700, Boeing 747, Germany Frankfurt - Berlin Schonefeld - Tokyo. 29.10.1990. DBP60 Deutsche Bundespost postage label. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Berlin.

Item 20713    
Germany Hamburg Berlin 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug Card LH 407, Airbus A310, Newark - Hamburg - Berlin Schonefeld. 29.10.1990 With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Paula Modersohn-Becker (painter) & 1990 Reunification 50pf German Unity and National Colours. Sent from Hamburg to Berlin (30.10.1990).

Item 20711    
Germany USA Newark 1990 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

US flags New York World Trade Centre Twin Towers, Airmail Erstflug LH 402, Airbus A310, Frankfurt - Newark. 25.3.1990. With stamps 1986 Famous German Women Emma Ihrer (politician and trade unionist) 5pf & 25 Jahre Jugend Forscht 25th Anniversary of Youth Research Science Competition 100pf Maze. Sent from Frankfurt Am Main to Newark United States.

Item 20709    
Germany Nizza France 1986 LUFTHANSA First Flight Card

Beach Coast illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 154 Boeing 737,Hamburg - Nizza. 30.03.86. With stamps 1985 Birth Centenary of Egon Erwin Kisch (journalist) 60pf. Sent from Hamburg to Nizza Frankreich.

Item 20708    
Munich Boston USA 1986 LUFTHANSA B747 First Flight Card

Yachts Boats illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 422 Boeing 747, Munchen Germany - Boston Mass United States. 30.03.86. With stamps 1975 Industry and Technology 40pf Space Laboratory Space Shuttle & 1985 300th Anniversary of Edict of Postdam (admitting Huguenots to Prussia), Seal of Brandenburg Prussia and Preamble of Edict 50pf. Sent from Munich to Boston United States.

Item 20683    
Germany 1976 LH 901 A 300 Lufthansa - First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 901 Airbus A 300, Frankfurt - Dusseldorf. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf.

Item 20681    
Germany 1976 LH 730 & 726 Lufthansa First Flight Card

Airmail Erstflug LH 730 Airbus A 300, Dusseldorf - Frankfurt. Flug - Nr. geandert in LH 726. With stamps of 400th Death Anniversary of Hans Sachs (poet and composer) 40pf. Cover pages, from Hans Sachs' Books & 1975 Telecommunication Satellite 5pf. Sent from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt Flughafen.

Item 19711    
Yugoslavia ART Vase 1973 Lufthansa Voloder Flight Card

Airmail Flight Card, Voloderska Jesen Voloder 23.9.1973, Deutsche Lufthansa / Jugoslav Airlines. With stamp from 1972 Yugoslav Art, Still Life. 50p. Painting Flowers, Fruit Dish and Broken Majolica Vase (Milos Tenkovic). Sent to Zagreb Jugoslavija / Hotel Esplanade Intercontinental.

Item 19709    
Switzerland Olympic HQ 1986 Lufthansa First Flight Card

illustrated Airmail Erstflug Card, LH 221, Boeing 737, Geneve - Munich Germany. 30.3.86. With stamps from 1984 Publicity Issue Olympic rings and Lausanne 80c, Permanent headquarters of International Olympic Committee at Lausanne.. Sent from Geneva to Munchen.