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Item 199061    New
North Korea Old Postcard Large Jetty Pier Genzan Gengzan Steamer Ship Boat 元山大棧橋

Vintage Old Postcard, North Korea, Korean, The Large Jetty Pier Genzan Gengzan Wonsan Gensan. Steamers Steam Ships Boats. 元山大棧橋 永興灣要塞點撿濟. Wŏnsan previously known as Wŏnsanjin (元山津), Port Lazarev, and Gensan (元山), is a port city and naval base located in Kangwŏn Province, North Korea.
Published by 元山繪葉書組合發行 東京松聲堂製 Shoseido Tokyo Japan

Item 199060    New
North Korea Old Postcard Diamond Inn Hotel SY Yun Onseiri Outer Diamond 外金剛溫井里旅館

Vintage North Korean Old Postcard, North Korea. Diamond Inn Hotel, Proprietor Prop. S.Y. Yun Onseiri, Outer Diamond Mts. Mountains. Steps. Rocks. River Scene. 朝鮮 外金剛溫井里 金剛旅館後景 主人 尹聲烈.

Item 199002    New
Korea Old Postcard A Korean Priest First Mission de Taikou Father Mother Parents

Vintage Old Postcard. Ethnic Life. Korea. Korean. Coree. Le premier Pretre Coreen ordonne dans la Mission de Taikou, avec son Pere et sa Mere. Korea. Priest ordered the first Korean Mission in Taikou with his Father and Mother. Religious. Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Jeune Pretre coreen, son pere et sa mere. A New Korean Priest and His Parents. Published by Missions-Etrangeres de Paris 128 rue du Bac

Item 198951    
Korea Old Postcard Dangjin, W. Beach Bathing Place Nishinohama Karatsu 唐津西之濱海水浴場

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea Korean, Ethnic Life. Dangjin West Beach Seaside Resort, Bathers. The Bathing Place at Nishinohama Karatsu. 唐津名所 唐津西之濱海水浴場. Dangjin is a city in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. It stands on the south shore of the Bay of Asan. Dangjin borders Incheon, Pyeongtaek, and Hwaseong by sea, and Seosan, Yesan, and Asan by land. Its name means "Tang ferry," and refers to the historic role of Dangjin's harbour in connecting Korea to the other side of the Yellow Sea.
Published by 研思堂發行

Item 198497    
Korea Old Real Photo Postcard Dabotap Bulguksa Temple Gyeongju, Kyung-Joo 慶州 多寶塔

Vintage Real Photo Old Postcard, Korea. Korean. Dabotap, Tower, Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju. Ta Bo Tap (Kyung-Joo), 21 feet high, is in the precinct of the temple of Bul Kook Sa and is celebrated for its artistic decorations showing. 慶州 多寶塔. Dabo Pagoda, also known as pagoda of many treasures, is located in the temple of Bulguksa in Gyeongju, South Korea.
Published by Ministry of Transportation, Republic of Korea

Item 198496    
Korea Old Postcard SEDAN CHAIR SEOUL Korean Men Traditional Costumes Street View

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea. Native Korean Men, Traditional Costumes. Ethnic Life. Street Scene. Sedan Chair, Seoul.

Item 197755    
Korea Stereo Camerascopic View Old Real Photo Seoul Chosen Shrine Entrance Steps

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Card. Korean. Camerascopic Views of Korea. 8.3cm x 11.5cm. Seoul, Chosen Shrine, Entrance Steps. Torii Gate. Stone Lanterns. Published by Sunbeam Tours Ltd. London J. Dearden Holmes

Item 197753    
Korean Vintage Old Empty Holder for 12 Camerascopic Views of Korea Photographs

Vintage Old Empty Holder for 12 Camerascopic Views of Korea. Korean Photos. Lifelike Pictures for the Wonderful Camerascope. Empty Holder only, no photos inside. Published by Sunbeam Tours Ltd. 37 Bedford Street Strand W.C.2

Item 197341    
Korea Russo-Japanese War Old Postcard General Autistic, Korean Minister in Seoul

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Korea Russia Japan. La Guerre Russo-Japonaise Russo-Japanese War. Military. é général japonais Autiste et le ministre de Corée à Séoul. General Autistic Japanese and the Korean Minister in Seoul. Published by Colliers Weekly

Item 195815    
Korea Old Postcard The Basket Seller, Native Korean Vendor Merchant Smoking Pipe

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea Ethnic Life. The Basket Seller. Native Korean Vendor Merchant of Baskets, Smoking Pipe. Korean Customs. Costumes. Chosen. 朝鮮風俗 籠賣. Published by Hinode Seoul Hinode-Shoko Seoul Korea 京城 日出商行發行

Item 194992    
Korea Old Postcard Temple of Heaven Grounds of Chosen Hotel Keijo Seoul 京城 構內園丘壇

Vintage Korean Old post card. Korea, Temple of Heaven - in the Grounds of the Chosen Hotel. Keijo (Seoul). Chosen. Pagoda. Entrance Gates. Steps. 京城朝鮮 構內園丘壇. Advertising Advertisement. Hotels & Dining Car Service under the management of S.M.R. Chosen Hotel Keijo. etc.

Item 194038    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Village Street CHUSAN, Korean Children & Native Houses

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Mountains in background, Native Korean Little Boys & Girls. Children. Women & Men. Ethnic Life. Houses. Village Street Scene in CHUSAN.

Item 194037    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Sedan Chair Street Scene Native Korean Men in Costumes

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard, Korea. Native Korean Men, Traditional Costumes. Ethnic Life. Street Scene. Sedan Chair, Seoul.

Item 193729    
Korea Old Hand Tinted Postcard Native Korean Boy Child Traditional Costumes 韓國童子

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. Korea. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Boy Child, Children. Traditional Costumes. Chosen. 朝鮮 韓國童子 Japanese 10s stamp attached at top left.

Item 193447    
Korea Old Hand Tinted Postcard Tansan Spring Sanbangsan Mountain Jeju-do Jeju Is

Vintage Old Colour Hand Tinted Postcard. South Korea Korean. Tansan Spring, Sanbangsan Mountain, Jeju-do Jeju Isand. 濟州島.

Item 193439    
Korea Old Postcard Street Masan Korean Street Scene Panorama Chosen Cooli 朝鮮馬山市街

Vintage Old Postcard. South Korea. Near Busan. Street Masan, Korean Street Scene and Panorama, General View. Hill Mountain. Houses. Native Coolie. Masan City. 朝鮮 馬山市街. Masan was a formerly an municipal city in South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. The city was situated on Masan Bay (마산만, Masan-man), approximately 35 km west of Busan. It was known for its textile industry, and it was the site of Hite Brewery's production facilities.
Published by 山城屋商店發行 Seiundo Printing Co. Ltd

Item 193433    
Korea MAP China Manchuria Far East War Zone Seoul Fusan Tsushima Old UB Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Undivided Back Postcard. La Corea, Teatro della Guerra nell'Estremo Oriente. Far East War Zone. Korean Map showing Korea, China Manchuria, Manciuria.Ven-San (Ghen-San), Cinnampmo, Phieng-Jang, Seul (Seoul). Tai-Ku. Fu-San (Fusan), Mar Giallo. Mar del Giappone. Tsu-sima. Tsushima Island, etc. (1st It d'Arti Grafiche Bergamo).

Item 193290    
Korea Old Postcard Street Stall Native Korean Roadside Seller Daikon Mooli 朝鮮大根賣

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea. Ethnic Life. Street Stall, Native Korean Roadside Seller Vendor Merchant. Daikon Mooli. 朝鮮風俗 大根賣. Published by 京城日之出發行

Item 193288    
Korea Old Postcard Music Korean Musicians Chosen Yanggeum Haegeum Geomungo 朝鮮 音曲

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea. Chosen. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Musicians, Music. Men and Women. Traditional Costumes. Musical Instruments. Yanggeum 洋琴, Haegeum 奚琴, Geomungo 玄鶴琴, Sogeum Flute 小笒. 朝鮮風俗 音曲. Published by 日之出

Item 193287    
Korea Old Postcard Tinker, Chosen Native Korean Man at Work Mending Costumes 鑄懸屋

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Tinker. Chosen. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Man at Work, Mending. Traditional Costumes 朝鮮風俗 鑄懸屋. Published by 日之出

Item 193286    
Korea Old Postcard Zan Seller Korean Bargain Sale Vendors Merchant Costumes 朝鮮膳賣

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Chosen. Ethnic Life. Zan Seller, Native Korean Bargain Sale Sellers Vendors Merchants. Traditional Costumes 朝鮮風俗 膳賣. Published by 日之出

Item 193285    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Sedan Chair, Chosen, Native Coolies Costumes 朝鮮風俗 旅之乘轎

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Chosen. Ethnic Life. Native Transport, The Sedan Chair, Chosen, Native Korean Coolies. Traditional Costumes. Chosen. Hills, Mountains. 朝鮮風俗 旅之乘轎. Published by 日之出

Item 193284    
Korea Old Postcard Native Korean Peasants Sifting Grains Chosen Mortar Pestle 粟篩

Vintage Old Postcard, Korea, Korean, Ethnic Life. Korean Peasants Sifting Grains, Chosen. Sifting and Grain. Native Straw House Hut. Large mortar and pestle 朝鮮風俗 粟篩. Published by 日之出

Item 193239    
Korea Old Postcard Keikwairo Keijo Keifuku-kyu Gyeongbokgung Palace Birds 景福宮慶會樓

Vintage Old Postcard, Korea, Korean, Keikairo Keituku-Kyu. Kyong Hoi Hall, Banpuet Hall in Kyong Pok Palace. Lake. Gyeongbokgung Palace. Gyeongbok Palace. Kyŏngbokkung. Seoul. Keifukukyu Keikwairo Keijo. Birds. 京城 景福宮 慶會樓. Published by The Government Railways of Chosen 朝鮮總督府鐵道局發行

Item 193207    
Korea Vintage Postcard Old Government Official Chosen Traditional Costumes 朝鮮舊大官

Vintage Old Postcard, Korea. Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Old Korean Government Official, Chosen. With decorated Painted Screen (wind wall) in background. 韓國朝鮮風俗 舊大官. Published by 日之出

Item 193206    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Upper Class Parent Child Mother & Girls Children 上流之親子

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Woman Lady, Mother Parent and Child Children. Little Girls. Chosen. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮風俗 上流之親子. Published by 日之出

Item 193205    
Korea Old Postcard Native Korean Persimmon Fruits Seller Street Stall 朝鮮風俗 路傍之柿賣

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Persimmon Fruits Roadside Seller Vendor Merchant. Street Stall. Chosen. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮風俗 路傍之柿賣. Published by 京城日之出發行

Item 193192    
China Expedition Korea 2r Old Postcard Chinese Seller Tientsin French Concession

Vintage Undivided Back Old Postcard. Ethnic Life. China Expedition. Expédition de Chine. Mercantis Chinois a Tien-Tsin. Concession Francaise. French Concession. Roadside Chinese Merchants Vendors Sellers. Chinaman. Little Girls and Boys. Children. Traditional Costumes. Native Houses. Tientsin. 天津 With 大韓帝國 Imperial Korea Korean stamp 2 Ri attached on picture side, not postally used. Published by Editions J. Brun et Cie Carpentras

Item 193191    
China Siam Korea Formosa Taiwan Amoy MAP HMS Cornwall Movement 1928 Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Old Postcard, Map showing China, Korea, Japan, Philippine Islands, Siam (Thailand), Hainan, Honan, Kuikiang, Chekiang, Canton, Amoy, Hong Kong, Formosa Taiwan, Yellow Sea, Liaotung, Peking, Shantung Province, Chefoo, Shanghai, Fusan, Pacific Ocean, etc. MAP of The Movements of H.M.S. Cornwall, from 5.9.28 1928 to 15.11.29 1929. Published by Geographical Series / Engraved by J. Bartholomew & Co. John Walker & Co. Ltd

Item 193098    
China MAP Japan Korea Mongolia Weihaiwei Pekin Port Arthur & Russia Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Map showing China, Korea, Russia Russian Territory, Manchuria, Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, Hondo, Korea Strait, Korea Bay, Desert, Sheng-King, Peking, Pe-Chi-Li. Shan-tung, Ho-Nan, Kiang-Su, Weihaiwei, Peking, Tokyo, Yellow Sea, Kirin, etc. (Anchor on back). Published by Geographical Series / Engraved by J. Bartholomew & Co. John Walker & Co. Ltd