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Item 227762    
China Old Postcard Dairen Branch Office of Chosen Bank Money Market TRAM 大連 朝鮮銀行

Vintage Old post card, Japanese Occupation of China. Street Scene, Dairen. DALIAN. Tarien. Manchuria. Tramway. TRAM. The Dairen Branch Office of the Chosen Bank, (Korean Bank), The Principal organ of money market. 大連 金融界之霸 朝鮮銀行大連支店.

Item 227713    
Korea Old Postcard Native Korean Farmers Houses, Dogs Large Mortar & Pestle 韓人農家

Vintage Old post card, Korea. Ethnic Life. Native Korean Farmers Houses, Dog Dogs, Large Mortar and Pestle. 韓人農家 Postally Used with stamp removed.

Item 227686    
Korea Old Hand Tinted Postcard Korean District Governor Sedan Chair Coolies 郡守外出

Vintage Korean Colour Hand Tinted Old post card. Korea. Ethnic Life. A Corean Korean District Governor OUting, on Sedan Chair, Native Coolies. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮 郡守外出. Published by 仁川澁川商店發行

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Item 227627    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Geisha Girl Kisan Dancer, Dance of Nuns, Seungmu 朝鮮 僧舞

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea. Ethnic Life. Korean Custom. Korean Kisan. Native Geisha Lady Girl Woman. Traditional Costumes. Dancer Dancing Dance of Nuns. Seungmu. 朝鮮民眾風俗 僧舞. Seungmu is a Korean dance performed by Buddhist monks.

Item 227626    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Korean Geisha Girl Woman Kisan Traditional Costumes 妓生

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea. Ethnic Life. Korean Custom. Korean Beauty, Kisan. Native Geisha Lady Girl Woman. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮民眾風俗 明眸皓齒狹斜之花 妓生.

Item 227625    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Geisha Girl Musician Taishogoto Nagoya Harp Mirror 大正琴

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea. Ethnic Life. Korean Custom. Korean Beauty, Kisan. Native Geisha Lady Girl Woman. Mirror. Flowers. Traditional Costumes. Musician playing taishogoto Taishokoto Nagoya Harp in front of a Mirror. Musical Instruments. 朝鮮民眾風俗 大正琴彈美人. The taishōgoto (大正琴), Taishokoto, or Nagoya harp, is a Japanese stringed musical instrument.

Item 227624    
Korea Old Postcard Korean High Glass Woman on Sedan Chair Native Coolies 朝鮮貴婦人乘轎

Vintage Old Colour post card. Korea Ethnic Life. Korean High Glass Woman on Sedan Chair, Girl. Women. Native Coolies. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮風俗 朝鮮貴婦人乘轎. Published by Hinode Seoul Hinode-Shoko Seoul Korea

Item 227623    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Wine Egg Manufacturing Dep.Native House Girl 朝鮮 酒玉製造塲

Vintage Old Colour post card. Korea Ethnic Life. Korean Wine Egg Manufacturing Dep. Native House. Woman, Girl. Worker Men. Traditional Costumes. 朝鮮風俗 酒玉製造塲. Published by Hinode Seoul Hinode-Shoko Seoul Korea

Item 227622    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Korean Military Officer with Sword Costumes 朝鮮風俗 舊式官正裝

Vintage Old Colour post card. Korean Military Officer of Korea. Traditional Costumes. Sword. 朝鮮風俗 舊式官正裝. Published by Hinode Seoul Hinode-Shoko Seoul Korea

Item 227621    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Temple & Monk Religious Traditional Costumes 朝鮮寺本堂 僧侶

Vintage Old post card. Korean Temple and Monk of Korea. Ethnic Life. Religious Traditional Costumes. Buddha Deity Statues. 朝鮮風俗 朝鮮寺本堂 僧侶. Published by 釜山吳竹商店發行

Item 227620    
Korea 1916 Old Postcard Fusan Wharf Old Pier Steamer Steam Ship Railroad 釜山舊棧橋光景

Vintage Korean Old post card. 1-12-16 1916. Korea, Fusan Wharf Pier, Steamers, Steam Ships, Shipping. Fusan. Rail Railroad. 釜山舊棧橋之光景. Published by 釜山吳竹商店發行

Item 227619    
Korea Vintage Postcard Korean Old Couple Native Man Woman Costumes Chosen 朝鮮 老夫婦

Vintage Old Picture Postcard. Korea. Korean Ethnic Life, Korean Old Couple Native Man Woman. Traditional Costumes. Chosen. 朝鮮風俗 鮮人老夫婦 耕田野叟 汲水山繒斗月. Published by 釜山吳竹商店發行

Item 227618    
China Mongolia Korea 10c 1910 Old Postcard A Mongolian Family Korean Woman Girls

Vintage Old Postcard. China Chinese Mongolia Korea, Korean, Ethnic Life. Traditional Costumes. Une Famille Mongole. A Mongolian family. Postally Used in 1910 with France French Sower 10c stamp, tied Coulon Deux Sevres, addressed to Niort, with Niort Gare Deux Sevres arrival. French Sower 10c
Published by Phot. Francisc. Miss. Vanves Seine

Item 226912    
Korea Old Postcard Chosen Government Hospital Keijo Clock Tower Garden 京城朝鮮總督府醫院

Vintage Old Korean post card. Korea, Korean. Chosen Government Hospital, Keijo, Clock Tower and Garden 京城朝鮮總督府醫院.

Item 226348    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Man Leading Cow Cattle, Pine Leaves Seller 朝鮮 牛 松葉賣 18

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea. Korean Ethnic Life, Leading Cow, Korean Man and Cattle, Street Scene. Pine Leaves Seller Vendor. 朝鮮風俗 牛 松葉賣.

Item 226251    
Korea Old Postcard Temple of Heaven, Chosen Hotel Grounds Keijo Seoul 京城朝鮮 構內園丘壇

Vintage Korean Old post card. Korea, Temple of Heaven - in the Grounds of the Chosen Hotel. Keijo (Seoul). Chosen. Pagoda. Entrance Gates. Steps. 京城朝鮮 構內園丘壇. Advertising Advertisement. Hotels & Dining Car Service under the management of the Government Railway of Chosen. Chosen Hotel Keijo. etc.

Item 226092    
Korea Old Postcard Korean Tablet Seoul Turtle Tortoise Grave Monument Keijo 京城龜碑

Vintage Korean Old Postcard. Korea, Ancient Korean Tablet, Seoul, Turtle Tortoise Carrying Monument. Grave of Tortoise Seoul. Keijo. Native Children. Boys. 京城龜碑.

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Item 226034    
Korea Old Postcard Native Korean Farmers Working in Paddy Field, Chosen 朝鮮 鮮人之田植

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea, Ethnic Life. Native Korean Farmers at Work, Threshing Wheat. Ethnic Life. Agriculture. Costumes. Peasants. Hills, Mountains. 韓國 朝鮮風俗 鮮人之田植 農夫. Published by 釜山吳竹堂書店發行

Item 225943    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Stone Pagoda Park Mon Seoul Korean Men & Boy 朝鮮 宮城 石佛塔

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Korea, Stone Buddhist Pagoda Tower, Pagoda Park, Temple, Gazebo, Korean Man and Children, Traditional Costumes. Ethnic Life. Children. Little Boy. Seoul. Chosen. 朝鮮名所 京城 宮城 公園六角堂 水石佛塔. Published by 京城日之出商行發行

Item 225832    
Korea Old UB Postcard Korean Postman La Poste Costumes Flag 5mn stamp Illustr.

Vintage Old Undivided Back Art Artist Drawn Picture Postcard. c.1900., Ethnic Life. Native Korean Postman. Traditional Costumes. Men Smoking Long Pipes. La Poste en Coree. The Post in Korea. Flag. Illustration of 5mn at lower left (五文) Chosen.

Item 225521    
Korea Old Postcard Rock Steam near Kyuryuen Outer Kongo Mountain Chosen 朝鮮外金剛九龍淵

Vintage Korean Old Postcard. Korea. Outer Kongo. Mount Mt. Kongo Kougo Kumgang. Mount Kongo (Outside), Kumgang. Diamond Mountain. View of the Wonderful Rock Stream near Kyuryuen. Rive Scene. Rocks. 朝鮮金剛山 外金剛 清淨森嚴 九龍淵附近溪流.

Item 225520    
Korea Old Postcard Nandaimon South Gate Keijo Seoul Street Scene Chosen 京城南大門崇禮門

Vintage Old Korean Postcard, Korea Keijo - Seoul - Nandaimon - South Gate. Street Scene. 朝鮮名所 京城南大門 崇禮門. Published by 京城 日之出商行發行

Item 224055    
Korea Old Colour Postcard Native Korean Man Smoking Pipe House Hut Chosen 朝鮮風俗喫煙

Vintage Colour Old Postcard, Korea Ethnic Life. Native Korean Man Smoking Pipe, House Hut, Chosen Custom. 朝鮮風俗 喫煙. Published by 京城 日出商行發行

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Item 223948    
Korea Russo Japan 1904 Old Postcard Our Ships River Tadong Drifting Ice 大同江沫中我艦船

Vintage Multiview Undivided Back Old Picture Postcard. Korea Japan Russia. Russo-Japanese War. 1904 - 1905. Military Battleship. Our Ships at the River Tadong, Drifting-Ice. Taedong River. Artist Drawn Flowers. 大同江沫中我艦船. Published by 遞信省發行 東京印刷株式會社製

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Item 223947    
China, Johnston's Russo-Japanese War MAP Manchuria Korea Japan 1904 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Old Picture Postcard, 1904 - 1905. Russisch-Japanischer Krieg. Johnston's Russo-Japanese War MAP, showing Korea, China, Russia, Japan, Mongolia, Manchuria Manchukuo. Vladivostok Vladivostock, Whang Hai or Yellow Sea, Sea of Japan, Tsinan, Yang-tsi-Kiang, Mukden, Peking, Nankin Nanking, Seul Seoul, Tokio Tokyo... etc. Published by W. & A.K. Johnston, Limited, Edinburgh & London

Item 223874    
Korea Old Postcard Festival Dancing, Native Dancers Dancing Costumes Chosen 肩乘曲舞

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea Korean Ethnic Life. Festival Dancing. Native Dancers, Dancing Costumes. Native Houses Huts. Traditional Costumes. Chosen Custom. 朝鮮風俗 肩乘曲舞.

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Item 223871    
China Korea Old Postcard Sail Skating at Yaluchiang River Iron Bridge 鴨綠江 冰上帆掛滑走

Vintage Old Postcard. China Korea. Truss Bridge, Iron Bridge over The Yaluchiang Yale Yalu River Scene. Skaters. Skating on Ice with Sail at the Yaluchiang. Icy River Scene. 鴨綠江 鐵橋 冰上帆掛滑走.

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Item 223404    
Korea Old Postcard Chosen Hotel Keijo Seoul 京城朝鮮旅館 Government Railways of Chosen

Vintage Korean Old post card. Korea, Chosen Hotel. Keijo (Seoul). Chosen. 京城朝鮮旅館. Published by The Government Railways of Chosen 朝鮮總督府鐵道局發行

Item 223219    
Korea Old Postcard Public House Shogen Changwon Bicycle Cyclist Street View 昌原郡廳

Vintage Old Postcard. Korea Korean. The Public House, Shogen, Changwon, Bicycle Cyclists, Street Scene. 昌原郡廳. Published by Seiundo Printing Co. Ltd. 山城屋商店發行

Item 223196    
KOREA Vintage Korean Stamps Illustration Stamp Card OttmarZieher Old UB Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Undivided Back Postcard. Korea. Vintage Korean Stamps illustrated on Stamp Card. Illustration. Ottmar Zieher. Published by D.R.G.M. Ottmar Zieher Munich Baviere 222 744