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Item 198143    
MABEL LUCIE ATTWELL KG6 2d on Old Postcard Ar'n't You Ever Norty Sometimes? 1542

Vintage Valentine's Colour Art Drawn Picture Post card, Artist Signed. Comic Humour. Mabel Lucie Attwell. Have the Artist's Signature thus. Children. Little Girl with tears. Well - Ar'n't You Ever Norty Sometimes? No. 1542. With King George 6th 2d stamp on back, unstamped. Published by Valentine & Son Ltd. ATTWELL Series

Item 192084    
Seychelles 12th May 1937 SG132-134 KG6 Coronation Full Set of 3 First Day Cover

SG132-134, King George 6th Coronation Complete Set of 3 stamps on 12th May 1937 FDC, tied Bay St Anne Praslin Seychelles 12-5-37., addressed to Richard Man-Cham Mahe Seychelles. Sent from Bay St Anne Praslin to Mahe Seychelles.

Item 179707    
Royal Wedding British Royalty King George 6th Bride Bridegroom Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic old Postcard. British Royalty. Royal Wedding, King George 6th and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Wedding Dress. The Bride and Bridegroom. Published by The Photochrom Co. Ltd

Item 179190    
Last Farewell to King George VI in St. George's Chapel Windsor Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. British Royalty. Royal. Church Interior. Stained Glass Window. Last Farewell to King George VI in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Berkshire. In Memoriam. His late majesty King George the Sixth Born 14th 1895, Ascended the Throne December 11th 1936. Passed peacefully away February 6th 1952. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd

Item 173411    
Gervase A. Gregory Artist Signed, Hythe Pier Ferry Train Railway Bridge Postcard

Larger Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard. Hampshire. From an original watercolour by Gervase A. Gregory. Artist Signed. Hythe Ferry Train. Beach, Seaside, Seagulls, Birds. The narrow gauge electrically driven railway came in 1992, and on one carriage seatback is a raised wooden "bump" making the spot where King George VI sat. Hythe Pier, 2,100 feet long, was opened on 1st January 1881. Genuine Artist's Signature on back. Published by GG Pictures Hampshire Series 1991

Item 159852    
Croydon 1949 Old Postcard Swan & Sugar Loaf Hotel, Street Library Traffic Police

Vintage Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Tuck's Picture Postcard. London Surrey Croydon, Swan and Sugar Loaf Hotel, Page & Overton. Street Scene, Library, Traffic Police, Vintage Motor Cars. Private Car Park. Patrons Only. Postally Used in 1949 with King George 6th 2d stamp, tied Croydon Surrey and Fly by British Airlines. Sent from Croydon Surrey to Glos. KGVI 2d
Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd

Item 153315    
Penang Malaya KG6 8c 1951 Old Real Photo Postcard Ayer Itam Buddhist Temple Step

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Postcard. Straits Settlements Malaya Malay. Ayer Itam Temple, Penang, Ayer Itam Temple. Buddhist Temple, Steps. 檳城 極樂寺 南無阿彌陀佛 Postally used with Malaya Penang King George 6th 8c stamp, tied Penang 27 SEP 51. 1951. Sent from Penang to Maidenhead Berks. KGVI 8c
Penang (in Malay Pulau Pinang, Jawi:بينانج) is an island on the north-west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The offical name of the Penang island is Prince of Wales Island and the town is Georgetown, but neither of these names is in general use. Penang was founded 17th July, 1786, having been ceded to the East India Company by the Sultan of Kedal, in return for an annuity in 1785. At this time the island was almost uninhabited, Penang has an excellent harbour and is the centre of considerable trade.

Item 151407    
I.R. OUTHWAITE 1938 Old Postcard Fairy Frolic Bubble Tiptoes Spiderweb Fairyland

1938 Vintage I.R. & G. OUTHWAITE Artist Signed Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, By Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Fantasy. ELVES and FAIRIES. From FAIRYLAND. Little Fairy Girl with Wings, Holding a Ball Bubble, Tiptoes on Spider Web Spiderweb. Morning Glory Flowers. Fairy Frolic. No. 71a. Postally Used with Great Britain King George 6th 1d stamp, tied Bristol, and Boxed Empire Exhibition Glasgow May - October 1938. Sent from Bristol to Bristol. KGVI 1d
Published by A. & C. Black Ltd

Item 148969    
IR & G OUTHWAITE 1943 Old Postcard Periwinkle Painting Petals Elves & Fairies 75

Vintage I.R. & G. OUTHWAITE Artist Art Drawn Colour Picture Postcard, Fantasy. Annie R. Rentoul and Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. ELVES and FAIRIES. From "The Little Fairy Sister". Mushrooms. Little Girl Fairy with wings. Flowers. Periwinkle Painting The Petals. Postally Used with King George 6th 2d stamp. Sent from Leatherhead Surrey to Essex Westcliff on Sea. KGVI 2d
Published by A. & C. Black Ltd

Item 141372    
2 Cuddly Cats Kittens, Cheek To Cheek Pets Old Postcard Pets Animals, Cat Kitten

Vintage Picture Postcard. Pets Pet Animals. Cat Kitten. 2 Beautiful & Cuddly Cats Kittens - Cheek To Cheek. King George 6th 2d stamp attached on back, Not Postally Used. Published by Photochrom

Item 141050    
Algeria Algerie Franco-British Exhibition London 1908 Used in 1950 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Postcard, Franco-British Exhibition, 1908, London. Algeria. Algerie. PPC Postally Used in 1950 with King George 6th 1d x 2 stamps. Sent from Bristol to Leamington Spa Warwickshire. KGVI 1d x 2
Published by Bonnett & Srum (L.P.A. Ld)

Item 136816    
Ceylon Aden KG6 2as 1951 Old Real Photo Postcard Temple of The Tooth, Lake Kandy

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Picture Post card. Temple of The Tooth across The Lake Kandy, Panorama, R.P. Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon. Postally Used with Aden King George 6th stamps 2as x 2. By Air Mail Airmail Label. Sent from Aden to Surrey England. KGVI 2as x 2
Published by Plate Ltd

Item 124596    
Their Majesties KING GEORGE VI and4 Queen Elizabeth British Royalty Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Picture Postcard. Their Majesties King George VI. and Queen Elizabeth. British Royalty. Published by Excel Series Real Photograph

Item 96628    
Elephants Baby Cub Elephant, Artist Signed Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Postcard. Elephants in Wild. Baby Cub Elephant. Zoo. Animals. Artist Signed by George R... "...Help to make the world a better place and life a worthier thing." His Majesty King George VI. Published by J. Salmon

Item 72163    
Japan 1951 Old Postcard House Residence - Nogi Maresuke

Vintage Japanese Colour picture post card. House Residence of Nogi Maresuke. 舊乃木大將邸 postall used with Great Britain King George 6th 2d stamp. Sent from New Romney Ashford to Hampstead. GB KGVI 2d