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Item 197002    
USA NY Saratoga Springs, Race Track Horse Racing Thoroughbreds 1968 Old Postcard

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. 1968. Meter Mark. USA, New York. Union Avenue. Saratoga Springs. Horses. Racecourse Race Course. Saratoga. A field of Thoroughbreds driving through the long stretch at famed Saratoga Race Track, where the greatest racing in america is seen each year during August. With the recent completion of a 500-foot, three and a half million dollar grandstand extension, Saratoga can comfortably accommodate crowds of more than 30,000. Published by Paul-Art Press

Item 195893    
PHQ Card Horse Racing The First Spring Meeting Newmarket 1793 11p. 1979 Postcard

PHQ Card Postcard, Stamp Card. PHQ Card, 11p. The First Spring Meeting Newmarket 1793 Horse Riders. Horses. Horse Racing. Race. Reproduced from a stamp designed by Stuart Rose CBE FSIAD and issued by the Post Office on the 6 June 1979. Price 8p. Published by A Post Office Picture Card Series PHQ 36 (c) 4/79

Item 137219    
Horse Racing, John Jones Indian Pony Race American Red Indians 1911 Old Postcard

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Ethnic Life. USA. Native American Red Indian Men. Sports. Sport. Indian Pony Race, Poines Horses, Animals. Camp. Tents. Artist Signed by John Jones. Highlands Station. / The Indian is a born gambler. Horse-Racing is one of his favorite pastimes. The race in an Indian Village, besides being exciting, is extremely picturesque. Sent from Denvor Colo. to Belgium Pepinster. US 2c
Published by Troilene Indian Series W. G. MacFarlane