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Item ID: 220849  

Hold To The Light Germany Poland 1900 Old Postcard Gruss aus Breslau Liebichshöh

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. U.B, Novelty. HTL. Hold this card to a very Bright Light, You'll see lovely night views of Germany German Poland, Gruss aus Breslau - Liebichshöh Liebichshöhe Liebichshoeh Liebichshoehe by Night, New Moon, lights shine through windows, lights and New Moon. Postally Used in 1900 with German 5pf stamp, tied Breslau, addressed to Frankfurt with arrival postmark 28.9.00.

Liebichshöhe was the name of a famous belvedere in Breslau.

Publisher: W. Hagelberg, Akt.-Ges, Berlin D.R.G.M. 88077
Series No: 35997 Dess. 2 L
Faults: Few minor creases
Background: Wrocław, German: Breslau, is a city in southwestern Poland and the largest city in the historical region of Silesia.

Item sold.

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Hold To The Light Germany Poland 1900 Old Postcard Gruss aus Breslau Liebichshöh

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