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Item 106749    
Italy Genova Old Postcard II PORTO, Stazione Passeggeri

Italy Vintage Colour Postcard. Genova - II Porto - Stazione Passeggeri. Harbour. Steamers, Steam Ships. Railway Station. Railroads. Street Scene. Published by F

Item 106702    
Constantinople Old Postcard Hafen Le Port Harbour Ships

Turkey Vintage Colour Postcard. General View Panorama. Le Port de Constantinople, Harbour, Shipping, Steam Ships, Sailing Boats. Der Hafen.

Item 106679    
SAINT-SERVAN Old Postcard Tour Solidor, Fort Saint-Pere

Vintage Colour Postcard. Saint-Servan - La Tour Solidor et le Fort Saint-Pere. Sailing Boats. Harbour. Pier. L.L. No. 3. Published by LL

Item 106479    
Constantinople Old Postcard Jles des Princes, Vue Halki

Turkey Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Constantinople, Jles des Princes, Vue de Halki. Harbour. Boats. General View. Panorama. Island of Princes Prinquipo Prinkipo. Published by M.J.C.

Item 106474    
PALERMO Old Postcard Monte Pellegrino, Porto Antemurale

Vintage Postcard. Palermo - Monte Pellegrino col Porto e l'Antemurale. Mountains. Harbour, Pier, Steam Ships, Sailing Boats. Palermo (Palermu or Palemmu in Sicilian) (population 680,000) is the principal city and administrative seat of the autonomous region of Sicily, Italy.

Item 105975    
Canada Old Postcard Inner Harbour EMPRESS HOTEL Vic. BC

Vintage Canadian Colour hand Tinted Real Photo Postcard. Empress Hotel and Inner Harbour from Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. Steamer, Steam Ship, Boats. Gardens. Statue. Panorama. Published by Gowen Sutton co. Ltd

Item 105181    
Torquay Old Postcard Illuminated PRINCESS PIER, GARDENS

Vintage Colour Picture Postcard, Devon, Torquay, PRINCESS PIER and Gardens. Harbour. Boats. Illuminations. Moonlight. Moon. Published by Valentine's Real Photograph

Item 103933    
Torquay Harbour Waldon Hill from Vane Hill Old Postcard

Devon Vintage Postcard. Harbour, Boats, Panorama. Waldon Hill from Vane Hill. Torquay. Published by Lilywhite Ltd Lumb Mills

Item 103110    
Norway Old R.P. Postcard BERGEN fra Floiveien, Panorama

Vintage Real Photo Postcard. Bergen fra Floiveien. Norway. Panorama, General View showing harbour & boats. Freia Selskabs Chocolade. Published by Eneberet Mittet

Item 102807    
France Old Postcard MENTON - La Vieille Ville, Panorama

Vintage Colour French Postcard. Menton - La vieille Ville, Harbour, Panorama. Published by ND Phot

Item 101884    
Torquay Harbour from Waldon Hill, Boats Old Postcard

Devon Vintage Postcard. Harbour, Boats, Panorama. Torquay from Waldon Hill. Published by Valentine's Photo-Brown Series

Item 101843    
Belgium Antwerp Anvers Old Postcard Port de la Rade Paddle Steamer Boat Ship

Belgium Vintage Postcard. Antwerpen Antwerp Anvers - Panorama du Port et la Rade. Paddle Steamer. Ships. Boats. Antwerp (Dutch: Antwerpen, French: Anvers) is a city and a municipality in the province of Antwerp (and its capital), in Flanders, one of the three regions of Belgium.

Item 101445    
ALGER Old Hand Tinted Postcard Sailing Boats Rafts Port

Algeria Vintage Africa Colour Hand Tinted Picture Postcard, Algiers, Alger. Sailing Boats. Rafts. Panorama. Published by Collection Ideal P.S.

Item 100730    
MULLION COVE Cornwall Old R.P. Postcard Piers & Harbour

Cornwall Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Mullion Cove. The Harbour. Piers. Panorama.

Item 100347    
Gibraltar - THE TOWN Panorama General View Old Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Gibraltar Picture Postcard. The Town, Panorama, General View. Harbour. Published by L. Sacarello Stationer Main Street Gibraltar

Item 100017    
Morocco Old Postcard Tangier Mole, Tanger Wharf Harbour

Vintage Undivided Back Postcard. Africa Tanger Tangier, Maroc, Africa. Panorama from the Mole. Wharf. Harbour & Boats. Published by V.B. Cumbo Gibraltar

Item 99665    
Guernsey 1931 Old Postcard VICTORIA TOWER St Peter Port

Vintage Channel Islands Picture postcard, Victoria Tower, St. Peter Port. Guernsey. Sent from Guernsey to Devon Exeter. KGV 1 1/2d
Published by Philco Series

Item 99604    
Isle of Man Old Postcard PORT ERIN BAY & Beach Panorama

Vintage Picture Postcard, PORT ERIN BAY. Beach, Sands, Seaside Panorama. I.O.M. Published by Valentine's Silveresque

Item 99135    
Sweden 1958 Old R.P. Postcard VIKEN Hamnplanen, Hoganas

1958 Vintage Colour Hand Tinted Handcoloured Real Photo Picture Postcard. Sweden, VIKEN Hamnplanen. Trees, Harbour, Boats. Postally Used with 1958 stamp Centenary of Swedish Stell Industry, 30 ore Blue, Bessemer Tilting-furnace. Sent from Hoganas to England Kent. 30 ore blue
Viken is a bimunicipal locality situated in Höganäs Municipality and Helsingborg Municipality in Skåne County, Sweden.
Published by Kiosken H. Hedin Viken

Item 98679    
India Old Colour Postcard Hooghly River - High Court, Calcutta Law Courts

Vintage Colour British Indian Picture Postcard, View of the River Hooghly, from the High Court, Calcutta. Harbour. Boats. Garden, Park.

Item 98156    
Barbados Old Postcard The Careenage Harbour B.W.I Boats

Vintage Colour Postcard. The Careenage, Barbados, B.W.I. British West Indies. Sailing Boats. Ships. Harbour. Published by Barbados Publicity Committee / Robert MacLehose & Co. Ltd.

Item 97955    
US Old Postcard Fisherman Hauling in Nets BOSTON Harbor

Vintage Colour Undivided Back Postcard. USA - Fisherman Hauling in Nets, BOSTON Harbour Harbor. Fishing Boats. Net Fishing. Fishery. Published by The Metropolitan News Co.

Item 97914    
Le Croisic Le Port Harbour Boats 1953 Old R.P. Postcard

France Vintage Real Photo Picture Postcard. Le Croisic - Le Port - Harbour Boats. Panorama. Published by Real-Photo C.A.P. Paris

Item 97882    
COTTET, Les Victimes de la Mer Old Postcard Sea Victims

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Postcard. Harbour, Sailing Boats. Victims of the Sea. COTTET, Les Victimes de la Mer. Museum Musee du Luxembourg. Published by A.N. Paris

Item 97429    
LUCHON Parc du Casino Port de Venasque Old Postcard L L

France Vintage Old French Colour Postcard. Luchon - Le Parc du Casino et Le Port de Venasque. Mountains, Park, Fountain. Trees. L.L. No. 26. Published by LL Paris

Item 96582    
Devon Torquay Harbour REGATTA DAY Boats Old UB Postcard

Vintage Undivided Back Picture Postcard, Devon, Torquay, The Harbour, Boats. Ships. Piers. Panorama. Published by Valentine's Series

Item 96560    
ILFRACOMBE HARBOUR Old Postcard Paddle Steamer & Boats

Devon Vintage Postcard. Ilfracombe Harbour. Sailing Boats. Steam Ship, Large Paddle Steamer. Pier. Panorama. Frith's Series. Published by F. Frith

Item 96403    
Vancouver Old Postcard Harbour Stanley Park Aerial View

Canada Vintage Canadian Hand Tinted Colour Postcard. Aerial View of Vancouver B.C. showing Harbour and Stanley Park, Mountains. Bridge. Vancouver is a Canadian city in the province of British Columbia. It is the largest metropolitan centre in western Canada and third largest in Canada.
Published by Gowen Sutton Co. Ltd Vancouver B.C.

Item 96278    
CLOVELLY Devon THE HARBOUR ROAD Old Tuck's Oilette Postcard Pier Boats Panorama

Vintage Tuck's Oilette Art Artist Drawn Colour Postcard. The Harbour Road, Clovelly. Harbour, Pier, Boats. Panorama. Lady Woman and Little boy. / The quaint unsophisticated fishign village of Clovelly, with its tiny harbour, is one of the most charming spots in the beautiful county of Devon. It is built in a cliff rift, and consists mainly of one street, no two houses in which are built on the same level. The quaint, unsophisticated fishing village Clovelly, with its tiny harbour, is one of the most charming spots in the beautiful county of Devon. It is built in a cliff rift, and consists mainly of one street, no 2 houses in which are built on the same level. Published by Raphael Tuck & Sons Clovelly

Item 95768    
B.W.I Port of Spain Old Postcard Holy Trinity Cathedral

Trinidad Vintage Colour Postcard. British West Indies. Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain, Trinidad. Palm Trees. B.W.I. Published by James' Book Store