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Item 212380    
Dampfer, President Lincoln, Hamburg Amerika-Line Steam Ship Steamer Old Postcard

Vintage Old Shipping Colour Postcard. Dampfer, President Lincoln, Hamburg Amerika-Line Steam Ship Steamer. Harbour. Published by Verlag : Schr.

Item 209752    
Germany Old Real Photo Postcard Hamburg Rhein Linie Harbour Hafen Train Railway

Vintage Shipping Old Real Photo Photograph Photographic Postcard. Germany. German Shipping. Steamers, Steam Ships, Boats, Harbour. Hamburg. Blick auf den Hafen. Railroad. Railway. Rail. Train. Clock Tower. Hamburg - Rhein Linie. Published by Photo Hartz Verlag: Hans Andres Hamburg 1

Item 207612    
Germany 2pfx2 1902 Old Postcard Gruss aus dem Winterhunder Faehrhaus Boat Bridge

Vintage Old Undivided Back Postcard. Germany German. Hamburg - Gruss aus dem Winterhunder Faehrhaus, Ferry Boat, Bridge, River and Street Scene. Postally Used in 1902 with 2pf strip of 5 stamps, tied Hamburg. Sent from Hamburg to South Lowestoft England. 2pf x 5
Published by Verlag Ad. Knuppel, Winterhude

Item 172742    
Hamburg Einschleppendes Hapag Motorsciffes St. Louis Steamer Ships Old Postcard

Vintage Shipping Old Postcard. Germany. German Shipping. Steamers, Steam Ships, Harbour. Hamburg. Einschleppendes Hapag Motorsciffes St. Louis. A Towing Hapag Coaster St. Louis. Published by Foto Hartz Hans Andres Hamburg 1

Item 171248    
Germany Hamburg 1907 Old Postcard St. Pauli Landungsbruecken Bridge TRAM Street

Vintage German Colour Old Postcard. Germany, St. Pauli Landungsbruecken Bridge, TRAM Tramway Street Scene. Steamers, Steam Ships, boats. Tramlines. Postally Used in 1907. Sent from Hamburg to Somerset. 10pf

Item 110036    
Hamburg 1928 Postcard St Pauli Faehrhaus Seewarte Boats

Germany Vitnage German Colour Undivided Back Old Postcard. St. Pauli Faehrhaus, Seewarte, Bridge, Boats, Kosmos, Baschy & Co. Sent from Hamburg to Malta Valette. 10pf
Published by Gustav A. Schmidt Hamburg 22

Item 88007    
Hamburg Old Postcard ELBTUNNEL Eingang St Pauli Landung

Germany Vintage Postcard. Hamburg. Elbtunnel. Eingang u. St. Pauli Landungsbruecken. Clock Tower. Street Scene. Published by C. Worzedialeck

Item 83377    
HAMBURG Old Postcard Bismarck-Denkmal v. Prof. Lederer

Germany Vintage Postcard. Hamburg, Bismarck-Denkmal v. Prof. Lederer. Statue. Memorial. Monument. Published by Knackstedt & Naether

Item 77833    
Germany Old Postcard HAMBURG Bismarck-Denkmal Memorial

Early German Postcard. Hamburg - Bismarckdenkmal. Statue of Bismarck. Memorial. Monument. Published by Wilh. Flohe

Item 71747    
Hamburg Old Postcard St. Pauli Landungsbrucken & TRAM

Germany Vitnage German Postcard. Hamburg, St. Pauli Landungsbruecken. Street Scene, Tramlines. Tramways & Trams. Clock Tower. JETTY. Jetties. Published by K.W.H.

Item 62703    
Germany Old Postcard HAMBURG Alter Jungfernstieg Boats

Undivided Back Vintage German Postcard. Hamburg, d. Alter Jungfernstieg. Boats, Ships. Published by Verlag & Lichtdruck v. Knackstedt & Naether, Hamburg

Item 47668    
Germany 1909 Old Postcard HAMBURG Lombardbruecke BRIDGE

Old Colour Postcard. Hamburg - Lombardbruecke. Sent to Aberdeen. GB KE7 1/2d
Published by Heinrich Lehmann

Item 37756    
German Postcard 1956 Meter Mark HAMBURG Hotel Reichshof

Early B/W Postcard. Hotel Reichshof - Stadt-Restaurant, Hamburg. Vintage Cars. Cyclist, Bicycle. Street Scene. With Meter Mark Postmark. Published by Edmund Kummer

Item 8539    
Germany Sweden 1970 LUFTHANSA LH 214 First Flight Cover

Airmail envelope Hamburg - Goeteborg - Oslo v.v. Sent from Hamburg to Schweden Goteborg With arrival postmark UTRB 1 on back. 5pf H Zille 1875 Droschkenkutscher & Women 30pf Franz Krug Berlinerinnen

Item 6729    
United Nations Germany UNO 1965 LUFTHANSA Flight Cover

LH 401. Airmail envelope. UNO Luftpost Ausstellung Exhibition in the Hamburg University. Sent from New York to Hamburg. UN 20th Anniversary 15c hand in hand, Germany postman 50+25 Pair of 2

Item 5427    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Airmail Envelope. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Vienna Austria. Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane. Stamps of Satellite & Hans Sachs 1494 / 1576. With arrival.

Item 4336    
Germany Hamburg Wien 1976 Lufthansa First Flight Cover

Envelope with "Day of the Stamp 1975" (Tag der Briefmarke) and "Lucas Cranach" stamp. Itinerary Hamburg - Stuttgart - Wien (Vienna). Boeing 727. LH 260. Airplane.

Item 4043    
Germany 1905 Undivided Back Old Postcard SAALBURG WELL

PPC Die Saalburg, No.6090 Auto-Chrom Louis Glaser Leipzig 1904. Brunnen im Atrium (Well in courtyard). Red 10 Pf Germania stamp cancel by Homburg (Hamburg) v.d. Hoehe cancel. Addressed to Kent, England.

Item 2375    
France Germany Hamburg 1960 Bridge of Friendship Cover

German Poem from Ernst Moritz Arndt, Mit Luftpost Airmail Philatelic Cover. Camp de la Jeunesse Abbeville. With Hamberg Airport Flughafen arrival on reverse.