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Item 134507    
Gruss aus BERLIN Old Postcard Schleusenbruecke im Tiergarten Bridge Boats in Zoo

Germany German Vintage picture postard, Schleusenbruecke im Tiergarten, Bridge & Boats in Zoo. Boating. River Scene.

Item 133469    
Germany Old U.B. Postcard Gruss aus Cobern, Kobern, River Scene, Mountains Hills

Vintage German Undivided Back Postcard. Germany. Gruss aus Cobern, Kobern, River Scene, Mountains Hills. Panorama. Published by 1905 Stengel & Co. Dresden

Item 95853    
Germany Old Postcard Gruss aus dem HARZ Wood Stags Deer

Vintage German Postcard. Gruss aus dem HARZ. Woods. Stag & Deer. Published by Carl Greve Blankenburg Harz

Item 77852    
Germany Eutin Schloss Castle Bridge 1955 Old Postcard

Vintage Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Gruss aus BAD HOMBURG Totale. Panorama. Sent from Buckingham to Surrey. GB QEII 2d
Published by Ferd. Lagerbauer & Co.

Item 71779    
Gruss aus ZELL i WIESENTAL German Old Postcard Panorama

Vintage Colour Germany Undivided Back Picture Postcard. Gruss aus Zell i. Wiesental. Mountains. Panorama. General View, Railroads. Railway Station. River, Bridges. Zell im Wiesental is a town in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It is situated in the Black Forest, on the river Wiese. The town is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart's wife Constanze.
Published by K. Muller Schreibwhdlg Zell i. W.

Item 71581    
Gruss aus FRANKFURT a.M. 1898 Postcard Kaisersaal Romer

Germany Vintage B/W Old Undivided Back German Postcard. Gruss aus Frankfurt am Main. Kaisersaal in Romer. Statue. Memorial. Sent from Frankfurt to England. Published by Garde & Loeb

Item 53224    
Gruss aus St. Goar Germany 1900 Old Postcard Rheinfels

Vintage Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Gruss aus St Goar - Rheinfels. Sankt Goar.

Item 45717    
Gruss aus BASEL Switzerland 1901 UB Postcard Spalenthor

Vintage Swiss Undivided Back Colour Postcard. Gruss aus Basel. Spalenthor. Gate. Sent from Basel. 5c Pair of 2
Published by PVK Z

Item 39495    
Gruss aus Ems UB Postcard TRAIN COG RAILWAY Malbergbahn

Germany Vintage Undivided Back Old B/W Postcard. Totalansicht von der Malbergbahn. Gruss aus Ems. Zahnradbahn. Malbergbahn Bad Ems. Bridge. COG Mountain Railway. Published by Edgar Schmidt, Dresden-Budapest 3941D

Item 32009    
Gruss vom SEMMERING Austria Old Postcard Mountain Pass

Early Undivided Back B/W Postcard. Gruss aus Semmering. Suedbahnhotel am Semmering. With 2k stamp. Unstamped. The Semmering is a mountain pass in the Eastern Northern Limestone Alps connecting Lower Austria and Styria between which it forms a natural border.
Published by Verlag v. M. Riegler, Muerzzuschlag

Item 32006    
Gruss aus BAD BERTRICH Germany 1900 Postcard Hotel Pitz

Old B/W Undivided Back Postcard. Gruss aus Bad Bertrich. Sent to Holland. Published by Schaar & Dathe, Trier

Item 13628    
Germany Old Multiview Real Photo Postcard of KARLSRUHE

Gruss aus Karlsruhe. Foutains,. Published by Peter Peters, Malsch/Karlsruhe.