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Postcards > Thematics > Animals > Giraffes

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Item 211995    
Trow Artist Signed Old Postcard Rabbits Giraffe Slide Having Lots of Fun Flowers

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Old Picture Postcard, Artist Signed by Trow. Comic Humour. Rabbits Giraffe Slide Having Lots of Fun. Flowers. Published by Harvey Barton

Item 193367    
Young Giraffe London Zoo Animal Zoological Gardens Photo by FW Bond Old Postcard

Vintage Old Post card. Young Giraffe. Zoo Animal, London Zoological Gardens. Photo by F.W. Bond. Published by From the Gardens of The Zoological Society of London, Regent's Park N.W.

Item 184438    
BARINGO GIRAFFE, Whipsnade Park, Zoo Animal 1938 Old Postcard Empire Exhibition

Vintage Old Post card. Animals. Baringo GIRAFFE, Photo by F.W. bond F.R.P.S. From Whipsnade Park, Dunstable, the property of the Zoological Society of London. Postally Used in 1938 London with Boxed : Empire Exhibition Glasgow May - October 1938. Sent from London to Paris France. KG6 1 1/2d
Published by From Whipsnade Park, Dunstable, the property of the Zoological Society of London.

Item 184365    
Giraffe at Bristol Zoo Animal 1961 Old Colour Postcard Harvey Barton and Son Ltd

Colour Post card, Zoological Gardens, Zoo Animal. Giraffe at Bristol Zoo. 1961. Sent from Bristol to Sale Cheshire. QEII 2 1/2d
Published by Harvey Barton and Son Ltd

Item 184074    
Giraffes Baby Giraffe Animals Art Artist Drawn Old Colour Postcard J Salmon 1792

Vintage Art Artist Drawn Colour Old Postcard. Giraffes. The Baby Giraffe. Animals. (Help to make the world a better place and life a worthier thing. His Majesty King George VI.). Published by J. Salmon

Item 179604    
Harrods Ad Postcard Chinese Giant Panda Teddy Bear Pig Dog Elephant Giraffe Lion

Larger Advertising Post Card. Advertisement. HH Harrods. Love Rewards. Heart. Animals. China Chinese Giant Panda, Giraffe, Dog, Puppy, Duck Bird, Monkey, Elephant Elephants. Dog, Pig Piglet, Lion, Kangaroo, Penguin, Hedgehog. Find Something You love with your reward. Steiff Soft Toys. Hape Walk-Along Puppy.

Item 175641    
Egypt A Giraffe in GIZA Zoological Gardens Zoo Animal Old Postcard Africa Egypte

Vintage Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Egyptian. A Giraffe in GIZA Zoological Gardens - Zoo Animal.

Item 157072    
GIRAFFE, Kruger National Park, South Africa Old Real Photo Postcard Animal K.852

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Giraffe - South Africa, African Animals. Kruger National Park.

Item 156662    
Giraffes Giraffe - Zoo Animals 1954 Old Colour Swiss Postcard Switzerland No. 47

Vintage Colour Swiss Old Picture Postcard. Switzerland. Giraffes Giraffe Zoo Animals. Sent from Stoke on Trent. QEII 1/2d & 1 1/2d
Published by Edition Stehli

Item 146192    
GIRAFFES Giraffe London Zoo Animals Regents Park Old Postcard Photo by F.W. Bond

Vintage Picture Post card. London Zoo Animals. From the Gardens of The Zoological Society of London, Regents Park, N.W. GIRAFFE, Giraffes. / The Giraffe is in many ways the most striking of living animals, and is found only in Africa, it has very long forelegs and neck and sometimes reaches 20 feet high. The pattern and colour of its coat is very peculiar, and a close scrutiny of the animal is most interesting. Published by The London Stereoscopic Company's Series

Item 143355    
Beckmann Artist, Little Black Girl Riding Giraffe Boy on Zebra 1959 Old Postcard

Vintage Beckmann Artist Signed Art Drawn Picture Colour Postcard, Black Comic Humour. Ethnic. Animals. Race. Racing. Little Black Girl Riding Giraffe, Black Boy on Zebra. Palm Trees. De grote wedstrijd gaat beginnen. Wie van beiden zal het winnen? The big game is about to begin. Which of the two will win? Postally Used with Nederland 2c x 2 stamps. Sent from Netherlands. 2c x 2
Published by EMNA

Item 137774    
Gnomes Gnome Riding Giraffes Giraffe Riders, Monkeys Cat Kitten ART Old Postcard

Vintage Artist Drawn Colour Picture Postcard. Netherlands. Holland. Dutch. Gnomes Gnome Riding Giraffes Giraffe Riders, Monkeys, Cat Kitten. Art Deco Style. Published by Edition J. Philip Kruseman La Haye (Hollande) PN42

Item 134195    
GIRAFFE GIRAFFES London Zoo Animals Old Postcard Zoological Gardens by F.W. Bond

Vintage Picture Post card. London Zoo Animals. From the Gardens of The Zoological Society of London, Regents Park, N.W. GIRAFFE, Giraffes. Photo by F.W. Bond F.R.P.S.

Item 116457    
Giraffe - Whole of Africa Zoo Animals Old R.P. Postcard

Vintage Real Photo Photograph Postcard. Zoo Animals. The Giraffe, Giraffa camelopardalis. Inhabits nearly the whole of Africa. The colouring of Giraffes from different localities varies. Published by Wildt & Kray W & K 3

Item 77992    
Giraffe, Chessington Zoo's Giraffes Surrey Old Postcard

Early Colour Postcard. Animals. Giraffe, Chessington Zoo's Giraffes Surrey. Giraffa camelopardalis. Chessington Zoo. Surrey. Published by A Cotman-Color Series Postcard Jarrold & Sons