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Item 202633    
India Old Postcard Daulatabad Fortress Pillar of Victory or Chand Minar, Devgiri

Vintage British Indian Old Post card. India. Daulatabad Fortress. Fort. With the Pillar of Victory or Chand Minar. One of the finest of the invincible fortress of India situated at old Devgiri, 9 miles to the North-West of Aurangabad. A.H.S. Mohamedbhoy. Photo House, Aurangabad Dn. Phone : 402. Published by Photographer and Photographic Dealer

Item 201435    
China Old Postcard Port Arthur Inner N Battery Tungkikuanshan Empeibu 東雞冠山北砲台掩兵部

Vintage Old Postcard, Chinese China Japan Russia. Russo-Japanese War. Military, Port Arthur. Fort Break of Keekwanshan, Ruins. North Battery. Inner Part of Empeibu. 旅順 東雞冠山 北砲台掩兵部內面. Published by Tokyo Kanda 旅順 小川寫真店發行

Item 201365    
Taiwan Formosa China Postcard Tainan Anping Fort, Zee-landia Royal Palace 臺南安平古堡

Tainan Anping Fort, Fortress. Anping Fort, also called Fort Zee-landia, was built by the Dutch in 1624. After the Dutch surrendered, Koxinga established his administration in the fort. For this reason, it is also called "Wang Cheng" (Royal Palace). Tower. 臺南安平古堡,西元一六二四年荷人所創建,亦稱熱蘭遮城,鄭成功復臺後置蕃幕於此,故又稱王城,今僅留有古牆聳立,以供憑弔 Larger Colour Postcard from a collection of scenic cachets and cards of Taiwan and Fukien Area, Republic of China. (臺閩地區 風景郵戳 風景明信片全集). China Formosa Taiwan Taiwanese. 臺灣 中華民國明信片 Carte Postale. Including a small card with picture, info and a punch hole (approx : 9.6cm x 10.4cm). Postcard is approx. 14.7cm x 10.4cm. Published by Directorate General of Posts Republic of China 交通部郵政總局發行

Item 200772    
Malta Old Real Photo Postcard Fort Tigne, Maltese Fortress Panorama, S.L. Cassar

Vintage Maltese Real Photo Photograph Photographic Old Postcard. Malta - Fort Tigné, Fort Tigne Fortress. Panorama. General View. Published by S.L. Cassar Phot.

Item 199839    
India Old Colour Postcard Khas Mahal Summan Burj Agra Fort, by Akber the Great

Vintage British Indian Colour Old Post card. India, Sunset, The Khas Mahal and Summan Burj in Fort Agra. Built by the Akber the great in 1599 A.D. Published by H.A. Mirza & Sons Delhi 33967

Item 199836    
India Old Colour Postcard Jhansi Fort Fortress General View Panorama H. A. Mirza

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard, India, Jhansi Ihansi Fort. Fortress, Panorama. General View. Published by H. A. Mirza & Son Delhi

Item 199780    
India Old Postcard Dewane Deewan Khas Fort Delhi Fortress, General View Panorama

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India, Dewane Deewan Khas, Fort Delhi, built by Emperor Shahjahan between 1638 & 1648 A.D.

Item 199756    
India Old Postcard Dalhousie Barrack, Fort William, Military Barracks, Calcutta

Vintage Old British Indian Picture Postcard. India, Calcutta, Building. Dalhousie Barrack, Fort William.

Item 199507    
India Old Colour Postcard Club Road Avenue Fort Belgaum Fortress Street Scene 8.

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard. India. Club Road Avenue, Fort, Belgaum, Fortress Street Scene. Published by S. Mahadeo & Son Belgaum

Item 199506    
India Old Colour Postcard Double Bastion Fort Belgaum Fortress Moat Palm Tree 5.

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard. India. Double Bastion, Fort, Belgaum, Fortress, Moat, Palm Tree. Published by S. Mahadeo & Son Belgaum

Item 199503    
India Old Colour Postcard Jain Temple Fort Belgaum Fortress Ruins S. Mahadeo Son

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard. India, Jain Temple, Fort. Fortress Ruins. Belgaum. Published by S. Mahadeo & Son Belgaum

Item 199495    
India Old Postcard Belgaum Western Fort Gate, Fortress Entrance S. Mahadeo & Son

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard. India, The Western Fort Gate, Big Tree, Belgaum. Entrance. Wall. Published by S. Mahadeo & Son Belgaum

Item 199392    
Mauritius 6c. 1911 Old Postcard Port Louis, Fort Adelaide Fortress, La Citadelle

Vintage Old Postcard. Mauritius Ile Maurice - Port-Louis. Port Louis. Fort Adelaide, La Citadelle on Hill. Mountains. Hills. Palm Tree. This 19th-century military fortress features a walled courtyard & panoramic city views. Postally Used in 1911 with 6c Coat of Arms stamp, tied Curepipe Road Mauritius. Sent from Curepipe Road Mauritius to France. 6c
Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. In addition to the island of Mauritius, the republic includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands.
Published by Cliche Gentil, Collection C. Guillemin & Cie Port-Louis & Curepipe Ile Maurice

Item 199157    
India Old Colour Postcard Imperial Procession from Fort to Camp Delhi Horse 1383

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Post Card, India, Horse Coach, Carriage, Horses Riders. Imperial Procession from Fort to Camp. Delhi. Soldiers, Guards. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons, Ambala

Item 199156    
India Old Postcard Imperial Procession from Fort in Readiness Delhi, Horses 1384

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Picture Post Card, India, Horses, Imperial Procession from Fort in readiness. Delhi. Panorama. Horse Riders. Horses. Street Scene. Guards. Soldiers. Military. Published by Harnam Dass & Son Ambala

Item 199150    
India Old Embossed Colour Postcard The Fort Delhi, Fortress Entrance Gate Bridge

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Embossed Postcard. India, The Fort, Delhi, Fortress Entrance Gate and Bridge. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 199148    
India Old Embossed Colour Postcard Moti Musjid Pearl Mosque Fort, Delhi Fortress

Vintage Colour British Indian Old Embossed Postcard. India, Moti Musjid, Pearl Mosque, The Fort - Delhi. Fortress. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 199147    
India Old Embossed Colour Postcard Dewan Khas Fort Delhi Fortress Moorli D. 1319

Vintage Colour Old Embossed British Indian Postcard. India, Fortress, Dewan Khas Fort - Delhi. Published by Moorli Dhur & Sons Ambala

Item 197986    
Martinique Old Postcard Fort-de-France Fortin et Semphore de la Pointe des Negre

Vintage Old Postcard. Martinique, Fort-de-France - Fortress. Fortin et Semphore de la Pointe des Negres. Published by Collect. A. Benoit-Jeannette

Item 197738    
India Old Colour Postcard State Elephant Jaipur Jeypore Fort Fortress Gate Walls

Vintage British Indian Old Colour Postcard, India, Jaipur Jeypore, Ethnic Life. Native Men sitting on Top of Elephant. Fort Fortress Gate. Walls. Street. Natives. A State Elephant. Jaipur (जयपुर), also popularly known as the Pink City, historically sometimes rendered as Jeypore, is the capital of Rajasthan state, India. Jaipur is also the capital of Jaipur District. Jaipur is the former capital of a princely state of the same name. The city was founded in 1728 by Maharaja Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber. The population in 2003 was approximately 2.7 million.
Published by Clifton & Co. Bombay

Item 197640    
Egypt Old Postcard Alexandria Sidi Kayed Bey Fortress La Fortresse Boats Boys 10

Vintage Egyptian Old Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Alexandrie - La fortresse sidi Kayed Bey. Alexandria, Sidi Kayed Bey Fortress. Fort. Port. Men Children Boys & Boats, Harbour. Panorama. Located on the Mediterranean Sea coast, Alexandria (in Arabic, الإسكندرية — al-Iskandariyah) is the chief seaport in Egypt, and that country\'s second largest city, and the capital of the Al Iskandariyah governate.
Published by B. Livadas & Coutsicos Cairo

Item 197573    
China Old Postcard Ryojun Fortress Port Arthur Mountain Summit Peak 旅順大案子山堡壘山頂一部

Vintage Old Postcard, China. Japan, Russo-Japanese War. Military, Battery, Ryojun. Port Arthur. Mountain Summit Peak. The North Rltimzon Duanchsu-au. 旅順 大案子山堡壘山頂之一部. Published by 旅順東京堂

Item 197169    
India Old Postcard Pearl Mosque in Fort Delhi Built by Aurangzeb Fortress Garden

Vintage British Indian Old Post card, India, Pearl Mosque in Fort Delhi, Built by Aurangzeb, Fortress, Garden.

Item 197168    
India Old Postcard General View Delhi & Lahori Gate Fort Delhi Fortress Panorama

Vintage British Indian Old Post card. India, General View, Delhi & Lahori Gate, Fort Delhi Fortress, Panorama.

Item 197167    
India Old Postcard A General View Tomb of Emperor Tuglaq and Fort Fortress Delhi

Vintage British Indian Old Postcard, India. Panorama. A General View Tomb of Emperor Tuglaq and Tuglaq Fort Fortress Delhi. Tuglaq / Tuglak Shah's Tomb, Delhi. A General View Tomb of Emperor Tuglaq and Fort, Delhi. Tomb built by Malak Fakhruddin jona son of Tuglaq in 1307 A.D. and Fort built by him 1303 A.D. Panorama. General View.

Item 197130    
Malta Old Colour UB Postcard Fort St. Angelo Fortress Schooner Warships Panorama

Vintage Maltese Colour Undivided Back Old Postcard. Malta - Fort St. Angelo Fortress, Schooner, Sailing Ship, Harbour, Ships Boats, Military Vessels, Warships Battleships. Published by Vincenzo Galea di Antonio

Item 196915    
India M. Artist Signed Old Postcard The Fort Agra Fortress General View Panorama

Vintage Art Drawn Old Colour British Indian Postcard, India, M. Artist Signed. The Fort, Agra, Fortress, General View Panorama. Published by The Calcutta Phototype Co.

Item 196744    
Portugal Vintage Colour Postcard Madeira, Old Fortress Pico dos Frias, Fortaleza

Vintage Old Colour Postcard. Portugal Madeira - Fortaleza do Pico dos Frias, Madeira, The Old Fortress Pico dos Frias. Panorama. Hills, Mountains. The Madeira Islands is a Portuguese archipelago in the north Atlantic Ocean.
Published by Athen & Haupt Hamburg

Item 196606    
Ceylon KE7 6c 1905 Old Postcard Fort Frederick, Trincomallee Trincomalie, Beach

Vintage Old Postcard. Sri Lanka Ceylan Ceylon. Fort Frederick, Trincomallee Trincomalie Trincomalee, Beach Seaside Panorama. Postally Used in 1905 with King Edward 7th 6c stamp, tied Colombo. Trincomalee is a port city on the east coast of Sri Lanka, about 110 miles northeast of Kandy. The city is built on a peninsula, which divides the inner and outer harbours. It is one of the main centers of Tamil speaking culture on the island. Historically referred to as Gokanna, or Gokarna it has been a sea port that has played a major role in maritime and international trading history of Sri Lanka.
Published by Plate & Co.

Item 195275    
Russia 10k 4k 1975 Early Postcard Leningrad, View of SS Peter and Paul Fortress

Early Colour Russian picture Post card. 1975. Russia, Leningrad. View of SS Peter and Paul Fortress. Fort. Panorama. Postally Used with 4k and 10k stamps. Boxed Par Avion. Airmail. Air Mail. 4k 10k
Published by Aurora Art Publisher Leningrad