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Item ID: 213081  

Egypt, N. Hodden 1914 Old Tuck's Postcard Pilgrimage to Abu Seri'A Tombs, Helwan

Vintage Colour Art Drawn Egyptian Tuck's Oilette Old Picture Postcard. Africa Egypte Egypt. Artist Signed by N. Hodden 1914. Pilgrims. Camels. Donkeys. Goat. Camel Riders. Animals. Panorama. Desert.

The Pilgrimage to Abu Seri'A, situated in the desert, about 40 miles East of Helwan, the sacred tombs of Abu Seri'A are the object of a great Annual Pilgrimage. Pilgrims. Thither, at the time of the fullj-moon in March, flock crowds of pilgrims - Bedouin and Felaheen - both mounted and on foot, making their way from all parts of Egypt, and gathering in the great Wady Abu Salama (the Valley of Greeting), from whence they travel on to the tombs. Many of the Pilgrims passing through Helwan, make a halt, and encamp there for the night. This affords visitors an opportunity of seeing one of the most typical and picturesque sights in al Egypt. On the return journey no halt is made, the pilgrims being eager to reach their homes. Satisfied with having accomplished their pilgrimage, and tired out with their week of excitement and festivities.

Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons Oilette Wide Wide World Picturesque Helwan
Series No: 8963
Faults: Tiny wear


Egypt, N. Hodden 1914 Old Tuck's Postcard Pilgrimage to Abu Seri'A Tombs, Helwan

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